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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  August 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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more on what investigators found. brianne: investigators found in a 22-payment report that widespread employees are not properly securing or storing either rail cars or maintenance equipment in the rail yard on metro. now this investigation spurred after three different incidents. you can see them here with the roll-away sign on the map. happening here at rail yards or in between the area where the rail work was being done. in each of these, a piece of equipment or a rail car moved without anyone in it. meaning that in one case, even an operator had to get into poll the hand break to stop the equipment there on the track. this comes as there was a safety blitz in spring on metro. thisreport shows
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discourage the use of the hand brakes because of the challenge in the use. another finding showing the operator training manual aren't up to date to include the 7,000 rail cars, the newest on the system. they issued new safety directives to make sure the vehicles are properly stored. we reachedded out to metro who said metro has been working with the f.d.a. to identify the issue in the safety directtive and undertake the necessary corrective actions within f.t.a. deadline. this is coming a day ahead of a special board meeting called by the board of directors. that will meet tomorrow. the key topic they will be discussing safety on the system. back inside to you. leon: thank you.
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indiana. we learned a tornado touched down there. you are looking at video coming in the newsroom. we are getting reports of widespread damage including a starbucks being leveled. indiana governor is leahing the campaign trail to head home. we haven't heard reports of injuries but the information is changing quickly. we will keep you posted with whatever we learn as we learn it. developing overseas the death toll from a 6.2-magnitude in italy climbed to 120. many people are believed to be trapped under the rubble of the villages in the central part of the country. lack of heavy equipment is slowing the efforts to reach those who may still be alive. in many places it struck while most were asleep.
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>> i hid under the bed. i went to get help but nobody heard me. leon: pope francis asked for world's prayers and president obama promised assistance the u.s. can provide. earthquake of the same region seven years ago killed more than 300 people. meanwhile folks with ties to italy wholly in the area now are paying -- italy who live in the area now are paying close attention. the italian embassy has been busy to find out information on who has been impacted by the earthquake. we spoke to a pastor at the holy rosary church about what happened to the country. >> it's a major earthquake not long ago. when i heard it, i thought please not again. instead, it's happened and supposed to be very strong. >> if you following the situation in italy you can get the latest update on the earthquake by going online to wj.c
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developing now in the war on terror a security guard is is dead. 18 others injured. there was an attack in kabul at american university as students were eating dinner. the students and the staff barricaded themselves in buildings as the special forces swept the campus. no one has yet claimed responsibility of the attack. >> a series of construction sites have been hit by crooks and the crime citizen common. but what is being takeen away from a series of the sites in loudoun is getting the extra attention. jeff goldberg has more. jeff: construction theft might not be new to loudoun county. >> this has been happening for a long time here. jeff: but this is different. >> it seems to be more blatant now. jeff: derek is the project manager overseeing construction of the 50 homes at virginia manor. last night thousands of dollars of windows were taken from this home. >> challenging
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>> another case in a costly trends. >> there are deadlines for the houses. if large quantities of material are stolen in construction it sets us back a little bit. >> with eastern loudoun county already built out, and with much of the part of the county relatively rural, the boom is happening here in dulles south. it's happening at a rapid rate. the loudoun county sheriff office recorded 153 cases of construction property theft this year. most happening this summer in aldie and chantilly. sergeant says thieves strike at night and on weekend targeting residential sites but some commercial and even three schools before they were finished. copper wiring, lum ber and roofing supplies. just some of the missing materials. >> we believe it's a maller number of individual -- smaller number of individuals involved but we are not ruling out larger scale theft rings. >> police want he from the public.
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off-hours at night and saw people lurking around i might call them. jeff: so do builders like derek. >> hopefully it can come to an end here. jeff: in loudoun county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: loudoun county sheriff office is telling us that there will be an increased police presence on washington and the old dominion trail. this is after a woman says she was attacked by two men there. she told authorities she was walking when she was approached by two men who pulled at her clothing before physically assaulting her. then the suspects got away on bicycles. so far there are no suspects. new at 6:00, police in montgomery county want you to get a good look at the dramatic video here. this shows a suspect robbing a sunoco gas station intowntown earlier this month -- in georgetown earlier this month. the suspect entered the store and jumped over the counter and pulled a knife on the clerk. the two got in a fight ending with the clerk getting stabbed. the suspect made off wi
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cash. the clerk is expected to make a full recovery. now to the campaign trail where trump is making a push to try to attract minority voters. he appeared at an event in florida. he made no mention of his proposed deportation force to remove 11 million undocumented workers from the country. a core talking point in the primary in the past 16 months or so. in the past 24 hours trump said he is softing his position on immigration. some say it's a risky move. >> donald trump's movement on one of the hardest line areas that he enunciated is viewed with intense skepticism. wondering is this the trump trump we voted for in the primary? leon: a poll out of florida from a florida atlantic university showing trump with a two-point lead over clinton in florida. that is the first poll showing trump leading clinton in florida in more than a month. trump has had his classified briefing and nw
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clinton's turn. u.s. official said she is expected to receive the intelligence briefing saturday near her home in new york at the f.b.i. offices therement for more than 60 years the nominees of the two major parties received classifieded intel briefings. the hope is facilitate a smooth transition from candidate to commander-in-chief. a dog blind and deaf falls down a well. rescue crews move to save the pooch. another object was discovered. coming up -- why you shouldn't make plans to go to the top of the washington monument soon. and later, we know that katie ledecky is golden in the water. how will she do on the mound tonight at nats park? hopefully we hear from her later. doug? doug: another beautiful evening. anything you do outside. the weather is perfect. we check out the next few days and weekend coming up next at
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leon: a fire caused heavy damage to a home in fairfax. skytrack7 above the scene. you can see the fire and how it ripped through the roof. no reports of injuries and the cause of the fire is not known. the prince george's county fire department has awarded citations to four firefighters for specific act of heroism. one you
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air duringen in apartment complex in adelphi in january. a couple was saved off the balcony. >> we did what we are trained to do. leon: it's good they were trained to do that. three people were hurt in the fire but without the members of firehouse 834 the outcome would have been much, much worse. >> nobody to a rescue of a different kind in prince frederick maryland. i may be hard not to get emotional. this is about sam. elderly cocker spaniel who fell down a deep well. but adding to the drawma sam and blind and deaf. a first responder lowered himself down the well and discovered there was six feet of water in it. sam was found on a ledge in the well. sam was rescued. he is now back with the family
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. leon: more problems for chipotlement to. federal regulators have ruled several policy in the handbook violate labor laws that have to be changed. the national relations board rule they can no longer ban the workers from criticizing the company on social media and it has to change policy to prohibiting the workers talking about politics orrerily john. it's -- politics or religion. the washington monument long summer is about to get longer. the popular tourist attraction which is currently shut down is now going to have to stay closed until september. and d.c. bureau chief sam ford tells us you may have to wait longer than that for it to open. sam: for the past week visitors to the washi
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this sign. "closed once again, the elevator's out." >> a little disappointed. we are going to head to the next, down the road a little bit. sam: today representatives of the national park service came to delegate eleanor holmes norton's office at her request to say it will be mid-september before the monument with the lone elevator reopens if then. >> so you don't know what is causing the elevator's problems? >> i don't know. sam: still don't know. >> i can't say that we know anything more than the entire system needs to be modernized. the failures recently are, they are different each time. there is no specific pattern. sam: the official says the computer system are outdate and approaching the end of a 20- to 25-year life span and they have to open bids for a contractor and spend $2-$3 million to fix the elevator system. >> i don't have a finite timeline at this time. b
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get to construction, it's probably an eight or nine-month period of work actually on the system. sam: for tourists -- >> we were hoping to go there but it's broken down at the moment so it doesn't help. >> i'm claus phobic. i knew it was closed. i'm happy. sam: a park service veteran says there has always been stoppages. in the '80's there were times it would stop but the difference is the computer wasn't involved with it back then and there were no social media to people were not tweeting out they were stuck in the elevator. reporting from the national mall, sam ford, back to you. leon: thank you, sam. the good news is tourists who can't go up have alternatives. they can go out. it's beautiful outside. sam: absolutely. this is perfect it's great for august. if you save the vacation to visit the town in august, you win. it will get warmer and more humid but not terrible. we will start off with a time lapse from
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conveniently located in damascus, maryland. i love that they do that. the school in the same town. we have warm temperatures and fairly comfortable humidity levels though they will inch up in the next few days. officially evidence to if you are scoring at home. 86 of the high. the average is 9 --86. hit that on the nose. a pleasant stretch for the next few hours with the temperatures falling from the lower to the middle 80s. that is our range. pick a town close to yours. you find one? good. low to mid-80s around the area. things are quiet. not so much for folks watching tv right now in the indianapolis area. outbreak of tornadoes. a lot of damage reported. we have shown you the scenes there. tremendous amount of the severe storm active any in progress now. we will zoom in and show you the area in red. number of them. one, two, three, four, five, six tornado wr
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now moving through the area north of indianapolis and southeast. so we will keep an eye on that. the storms will diminish but they will keep the rain showers and it's possible that part of the area could see a shower from the remnants of this. nothing serious in our area. we'll keep an eye on this stuff tonight. tomorrow we wind up with partly cloudy skies. hot and humid around 90. a passing shower is possible. few degrees above average. we will get into friday and it will be warmer and more humid. in fact the future heat index shows the way it will feel tomorrow could approach 95. 98 in frederick. 95 in manassas. as we get through the day on friday the numbers and values go up as the temperatures head to the mid-90's. it will feel from 99 to 102 degrees around the area. the seven-day forecast calls for hot stuff. maybe thunderstorm or two with a cool front friday. saturday and sunday is dry,
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91. about the same to monday. you see the trend. another heatwave. if you are thinking of escaping to the beaches, good call. plenty of sunshine. leon: might be a good park to hit the nats park scene this evening as well. big night tonight at nats park. not just because the o's are here. gold medal hero katie ledecky will be there on the mound. she will be throwing out the first pitch tonight. scott abraham has a live report after the break.
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scott: hello, everybody. if you like baseball, nationals park is the place to be tonight. the beltway series makes its way to nationals park. orioles-nationals. the fans making their way in to the park. i tell you what. there is plenty of orange jerseys. the baltimore orioles well represented inside the park. plenty of young nationals fan taking in batting practice. batting practice wrapped up a little bit ago. this series has been a bit one-sided of late. orioles have a 35 game to
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3-game advantage in the all-time series. including a win on monday night and tuesday night at camden yards. the nationals, hey, they are a good ball club. they will get back to basics and hope for a win against the orioles. >> different atmosphere. i think you take one of their big poppers out of the line-up, you know, all their guys, they all, they have good hitters. you get one of the power guys out of the lineup. they have a good ball club. they can swing it. we have to go out and score more than they do. scott: olympic champion in house tonight as well. bethesda native and four-time gold medal winning performer in rio katie ledecky here at nationals park meeting dusty baker before the game. she will throw out the ceremonial first pitch in ten to 20 minutes. i caught
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five minutes ago. she is ready to go. >> this is the third time throwing out the first pitch. any practicing? nervous? what are you doing? >> i'm feeling pretty confident. i practiced yesterday. i have friends in the neighborhood that always warm me up. i'm ready. i think. scott: so we'll have katie's first pitch over on the abc7 facebook page. so make sure you tune in to that. it should be exciting. great night at the ballpark. back to you in the studio. leon: all right. thanks, scott. doug: she will do well. leon: i know she will. if you give her time to prepare she can do anything. doug: talk weather briefly. clear skies tonight. hot tomorrow near 90. friday is 95 with isolated shower or storm. steve rudin updating the forecast for you when he talks about the heat index and the beach tonight at 11:00. michelle: there you go. we'll be here. leon: fol, in the meantime, david muir and "world news to
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tonight, the race against time. the massive and deadly earthquake. our team on the scene in italy. the trapped, the children rescued. search teams talking to a woman through this tiny slice in the rubble. our chief foreign correspondent is there. at this hour, the tornado emergency in this country. buildings destroyed. students hunkered down in classrooms today. and we're tracking a tropical system headed to the u.s. that could become a hurricane. also tonight, american university under siege at this hour. attackers rushing in. students barricading themselves inside. martha raddatz standing by. donald trump turning up the heat on hillary clinton. b but the trump team has asked, doesn't donald trump donate to the clinton foundation himself?


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