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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 27, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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kimberly: did you see this video this week? a brave police officer helped a skunk with a cup trapped on its head. he fremoved the
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he got away without getting sprayed, but another officer was not so lucky. tomato juice gets that off? robert: i think so. kimberly: final check of the weather? josh: great day to get some sunshine sunday, topping out near 90 degrees. a few extra clouds, especially east of town, southern maryland. most of us, very nice day. we hang on to the hot temperatures come in the 90's, until wednesday. then a much-needed break into friday. kimberly: a good last summer weekend at the pool. stay with us.
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kimberly: thank you for joining us for saturday news extra. i'm kimberly suiters.
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to appeal to african-american voters. the way that he is doing it is mired in controversy. hillary clinton was off the campaign trail, but her e-mail scandal was not. abc news has an exclusive look at some of the e-mails. we have this vote 2016 report. reporter: hillary clinton spent two hours in an fbi office in new york today, not answering e-mail questions but getting her first top-secret national security briefing as a presidential candidate. abc news news has obtained clinton's inner circle when she was secretary of state. in the exchange, a request from the foundation for an invitation to a lunch with the chinese president. on the list, executives from three groups that donated millions to the foundation. donald trump calls it corruption. >> it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends
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begins. reporter: clinton says -- >>y worktate was not influenced why outside forces. reporter: trump is facing criticism after tweeting about the friday murder of dwyane wade upon cousin friday. >> it breaks all of our hearts to see it. it's horrible. it's horrible. reporter: he tied the killings to his recent bid for african-american votes, tweeting dwyane wade's cousin was shot and killed walking a baby in chicago. here is what i have been saying, african-americans will vote front. later, he tweeted his condolences. tim kaine in florida today took exception to the remarks. >> just overextending himself into the family. kimberly: if you were in the d c area five years ago this past week, you felt it. while there are a few signs left of the 5.8 magnitu
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that rattled the east coast, not everything is back the way it was before the earthquake for step stephen tschida shows us what still needs to be fixed. [chimes] stephen: at the national cathedral, a bell tolled for the same amount of time. >> i cannot believe what i was seeing. the national cathedral rock back-and-forth, shattering intricate stonework. d.c. took some of the biggest hits. >> as you looked up, you could see all of those fragile elements that are all overcome adorning the building. i was hearing impact of things coming loose. stephen: it left the washington monument with cracks. the national cathedral still has a lot of repair work. we have done $12 million of repairs.
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kimberly: the washington monument was closed for three years after the earthquake. repairs cost $15 million. well the issues are now fixed, the elevator has never been the same. have forcedblems the monument to close multiple times in the past two years. the monument is closed right now , until mid-september, possibly longer, to try again to fix those issues. a series of construction sites hit by thieves. it is what is being stolen from the locations in loudoun county getting extra attention. jeff goldberg explains. jeff: construction theft may not be new to loudoun county. >> it has been happening a long time. jeff: this is different. >> it seems more blatant. jeff: he is overseeing the construction of 50 homes at virginia manner. last night, thousands of dollars in windows were taken from the some.
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is there are deadlines for these houses. if large quantities of materials are stolen during construction, it sets us back. with a lot of eastern lot in the western part of the county still rural, the boom is happening here at a rapid rate. the lot in county sheriff's office has recorded 153 cases of construction property theft this year. most happening this summer in chantilly. say that these are striking at night and on weekends, mainly targeting residential sites, but some commercial, and even three schools before they were finished. hopper wiring, lumber, and roofing supplies just some of the missing materials. >> we believe there is a smaller number of individuals involved, but we are not ruling out larger scale thefts. jeff: the police wt
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>> i think if i drove by off-hours d >> hopefully it will end here. jeff: jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. kimberly: coming up -- some uber fares are going up. find out which ones, by how much, and why. and playgrounds are met for all children. how 7 on your side got involved, and the changes d.c. is now making. josh: it is still warm and muggy. some places still feel like they are in the 80's. there is a cool down in the
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kimberly: a few weeks ago we told you about million spent to without two playgrounds accommodating kids with disabilities. the city says they have a fix, but the solution will take a while. >> it's almost impossible to get a wheelchair over. ago, we: three weeks met jimmy smith, struggling to push her daughter in the park. today, things have changed. >> i'm not sure why they would have decided to put this down without replacing it. reporter: the issues are with the park in northwest. over the past two years, the district spent $2.3 million in tax dollars to
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it does not meet federal requirements. since the story aired, d.c. admitted there were problems. this park is one of them. will take 60 days to get up to code. >> i'm not sure why it take 60 days. i started letting them know last march, well over a year and a half ago. reporter: there was an accessibility survey report by the office of disability rights. dcu's tax dollars to hire an architect who pointed out the same issues that smith has. they even listed solutions. the letter is addressed to the parks and rec department and dated january 17 of this year. you could pay more the next time that you take uber in d.c. in
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sixort uber ride will cost dollars 35 cents. the riser increasingly popular during the safe track projects. >> is a to consumers like us who have a relatively cheap, safe, effective way to get around. kimberly: our area is not alone paying more. uber is raising minimum fares in two dozen cities nationwide. the uber pool service is not included in the fare hike. when riders ride together, discounted 80% during safe track, but they may take longer. still ahead -- how a woman who spent years on the streets finally collected the money that the government owed her. plus the weather forecast.
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z23cwz zi0z y23cwy yi0y kimberly: for nearly 20 years, she lived on the streets of d.c., not cashing her social security checks because they thought they were in error and she just needed somebody to listen to prove it. jay korff explains. jay: it's hard for wanda widder to copper handle last three months of her life, now resurrected -- to copper handle last three months of her life.
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small apartment. the air mattress she says is so luxurious she has a hard time getting out of it in the morning. she was homeless for some 20 years, engaged in a bizarre battle with the government, a battle that she won. >> you are just scared to death. in 1996,moved to d.c. could not find work, and welled up in a shelter. after qualifying for social security, she disputed the check amounts. eventually the government stop sending her checks because she do not have a fixed address. she wrote letters to explain her situation, but says they were ignored. >> i know that i'm entitled to this. i know that somebody is come excuse the vernacular, screwing me here. jay: she hall three suitcases of social security documents and research. a social worker realized she was right. >>
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three months, which is incredible. jay: the legal counsel for the elderly took the case and prove that the government owed her around $100,000. friday the 19th the check was deposited into her bank account. jay: she plans to use the money to fix some health problems caused by living outside for so long, but she fears that she may waste the money and her second chance at life. >> i cannot imagine how to handle $100,000. i've never had that kind of money in my life. jay: she said after all these years she would like to renew her drivers license ,buy a car, and visit family members she has not seen in many years. we reached out to the social security administration and they declined to comment about this case. jay korff, abc 7 news. kimberly: wow, 100 grand, that added up fast. josh: i feel like just her
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nervous about the money money says a lot. kimberly: best of luck to her. a beautiful day tomorrow. josh: just a few clouds in the morning. discouraged tomorrow morning if you see the extra cloud cover. it will still be a nice day. a great day to get outside, but hot. 81 degrees right now, and the dew point is hanging in the 60's, upper 60's, low 70's, so it is still muggy and will be muggy tomorrow. the extra moisture from the atlantic thanks to the easterly breeze. that is why we are getting the extra cloud cover in southern maryland, towards the bay, basically up interstate 95. for the wes that you live, you'll start off with more sunshine. clear skies right now. the cloud cover will develop after about 2 a.m. come sticking around at least through midmorning. the reason for that is thanks to the high pressure, the same high
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today. creates the one sure easterly breeze, giving eckstrom wurster -- giving us extra moisture. is officially a hurricane, but it is not going anywhere near land. category one, bermuda not even in the cloud cover. good news from that system. the other one that more meteorologists and the hurricane center are watching is this disturbance working his way just to the north side of cuba. what's happening here is the environment just is not great for this to really become a storm. is the rough, it center of that system, basically between cuba and miami, and storms trying to form around cuba have a tough time because of the mountainous terrain. this kind of me and others into the gulf the next couple days, tomorrow at 5:00. intois kind of meanders the gulf the next couple days.
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northeast. how strong it gets come all of that is tough to figure out because the models do not even know quite what is going on with it. something we will continue to monitor. i don't expect it to be an issue on east coast and mid-atlantic, but something to watch as a gets into the warmer gulf waters. 65 degrees overnight. 73 around town with extra clouds moving in. tomorrow, topping out near 90 for d.c., 91 leesburg and frederick come into the 80's for the east. upper 80's and the shenandoah valley. the seven-day forecast shows tomorrow one of the cooler days over the next four. 93 monday. the best chance of rain will be wednesday as a cold front comes through, taking temperatures down for the end of the week. into labor day weekend, sunday and monday both looking hot but dry. kimberly:
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josh: that is what they are called, yep. kimberly: you have brought up some interesting facts today. josh: if we have a next her half, we show some cool stuff. kimberly: up next, for them it was just a low day on the job. for the people they saved, -- up next, for them it
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kimberly: 7 on your side
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with health matters and the reason it took so long for people to notice dramatic increase in the price of a life-saving allergy treatment. is nowt of an epipen $600, a nearly 500% increase in the past few years. because they are usually covered by insurance, many people do not realize the price jump. >> this is a life or death medicine. this, shebeen without may now be sitting next to me right now. kimberly: the maker defends the price increases, citing the need to remain competitive. the ceo's compensation has climbed from $5 million to $19 million over the past few years and could be called to testify when congress returns after labor day. an unforgettable image that unfolded on air in january,
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a burning apartment building in adelphi. wasr heroism this week recognized. was a four floor inferno, flames rolling from the apartments. arriving onuickly scene, the drama broadcast live on abc 7 and news channel 8. the world watching as firefighters use a big ladder truck to rescue a couple. on the latter, a career firefighter, tom rose. >> we went into action like we are trained to do. rad: he was among four firefighters honored for their hair was a mid-january, accepting citations from their ks"e chief with the "aw shucj demeanor that you would expect, but admitting this was different. >>
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house on fire, room contents on fire. arriving on scene, what we encountered, in a quick second we had to make decisions that will be life-changing. >> it's not everyday that we pull up and have people hanging on balconies. brad: two people suffered minor burns. three firefighters were treated and released. if it was not for the fire crew, it could have been worse. >> made a difference in somebody's life. brad: brad bell, abc 7 news. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things fferently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working.
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