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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  August 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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coming up. an nfl player sparking nationwide controversy for what he's refusing to do. what the team and the league are saying this morning. good morning washington.
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today's the first day of school for students in several counties in our area.
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schools in loudoun county, montgomery county, and prince william county just a few of the areas starting the school year this morning. and while that is a big day for thousands of students and teachers-- some students in silver spring are dealing with a larger problem. they are still adjusting, after the deadly explosion at the flower branch apartments. anna-lysa gayle has more. meanwhile-- prince george's county "head start" students will get
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today. the program was in limbo after funding was pulled.. following the report of a series of incidents involving teachers mistreating the young children. federal officials announced on friday, they'd step in to help offset the cost until it gets back on track. some residents are still demanding the resignations of some board leaders accusing them of covering ut
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don't forget to capture your student's big day... take some pictures.. and share them with us! log on to -- burst dot com slash wjla -- and look for the bubble that says "back to school". breaking overnight.. we are learning more about a security scare that prompted evacuations at los angeles international airport. last night-- reports of a shooter inside the airport sent passengers running. but this morning police say there was no gunman. l-a police says it appears loud noises caused the scare. the source of the noice is still unknown. happening today-- police expected to release more details about a 9-1-1 system outage in d-c over the weekend. officials say an equipment failure disrupted service for about an hour-and-a-half between 11-15 and one-15 sunday morning. there's an investigation underway now, to determine exactly what caused the failure. but investigators say they are focusing on a technical problem.
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unanswered... but officials say 40 calls were received on the alternative number set up during the outage. the city's homeland security and emergency management agency reports an average of 325-calls during that time period. right now controversy swarming around san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kapernick after he chose not to stand during the national anthem in friday's pre-season game. kaepernick says he made the decision to sit during the anthem to bring awareness to things going on in the u-s that he feels are unjust.. telling reporters that he can't stand in support of a country that oppresses people of color. kapernick says he will continue to sit, until he sees
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areas, including an end to police brutality. both the 49ers and the nfl say he will not be punished for exercising his first amendment rights. from football to baseball now. wins have been hard to come by for the nationals lately.. but they still have one of the best records in baseball.. nationals hosting the rockies in the rubber game of their 3-game series. trey turner gave fans a show in the first inning with a big home run to tie the game. but it's down hill from there. starter lucas giolito gave up 4 runs in 5 innings. bryce harper chalks up his 23rd homer of the season in the 9th inning but it's not enough though.. nats fall....5-3 coming up. an explosion-- cripples a southwest flight in
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as the pilot called for an emergency landing. welcome back, britney. the internet is still buzzing over last night's v-m-a's. we'll tell you who made music history.. coming up. z2392z zi0z
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95 @ 212 back to school
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an elementary school under fire after students play a game-- called "slavery".
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believe who came up with it. that's coming up. several people including firefighters now fighting for their lives after a chain reaction crash. what police are now saying about the driver responsible... coming up.
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firefigters were responding to one accident, when they say another vehicle sent everyone flying. and now-- police say the driver, shouldn't have been on the road in the first place. abc's marci gonzalez has more. federal investigators are trying to find out what caused an
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during a southwest airlines flight. they say the mid-air explosion on the way from new orleans to orlando was a mechanical issue. the body of the plane was damaged, causing oxygen masks to drop from the ceiling. the plane made an emergency landing in pensacola. no one on board was injured.
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the m-t-v video music awards are in the books, and plenty of people went home with some hardwear. but if you want to know who won the night-- well, they don't call her "queen b" for nothing. beyonce lead all artists with 11 nominations-- and she won 8 of them last night. with those wins-- she passes madonna for the most vma wins for any artist in history. all told-- beyonce has won 25 moon-men. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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95 in stafford back to school metro an elementary school teacher under investigation for inventing a
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"slavery" game. why parents say at least one girl
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z23cwz zi0z y23cwy yi0y of the cousin of nba star, dwyane wade. murder and attempted murder charges were filed against darwin and derren sorrels, after nykea aldridge was shot to death pushing her baby in a stroller on th
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the police commander said the sorrels intended to shoot a taxi driver who had just dropped some people off in the neighborhood. a georgia elementary school teacher now under fire for a controversial game-- played during school hours. the role-playing game is called "slavery". school officials say the teacher handed out a number scale, and the students rolled dice to see if they could escape to the woods, or have to go back to the plantation. a 10 year old girl-- the only african-american in the class-- complained to her mother after she went back to the plantation 4 times. the family says the teacher defended the game-- saying no one had complained about it before. the school says the activity was not pre-approved, and the incident is now under investigation. the movie, "don't breathe," is leaving
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gasping for air. the horror movie was number one at the box office this weekend. the film is about a group of detroit teens who chose the wrong house to rob. the movie took in more than 26-million dollars.. twice as much as most experts predicted. "suicide squad" fell to second place. "kubo and the two strings" was third.. followed by "sausage party". it's xx and xx degrees...
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districts in the region heading back to class this morning.. a look at traffic and weather every ten minutes to prepare you and the kids for the day ahead. and what went wrong? a 911 system outage across d-c causing panic over the weekend. the investigatiion happening right now. good morning washington. breaking news overnight.. loud noises causing


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