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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 30, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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victims this year than new york and los angeles combined. the hunt for three escaped prisoners in louisiana moves to the third year. michael elliot, walshea mitchel, and williette ridge escaped. one of them is armed but all are considered dangerous. hundreds gathered to mourn the death of two nunss the district attorney says she'll consider the facts of the case and the wishes of the families before making a final decision. rodney sanders is facing several charges including two counts of capital murder. and the sister of a new york college student is speaking out about his murder. he was stabbed to death during a brawl at cornell university over the weekend. the 19-year-old was a sophomore at
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police have not revealed what started the fight, but there are details about what led to his death. >> his friend bumped a girl by accident, and he apologized. the both of them apologized. even my brother apologized and he didn't bump the girl. and she said what the [ bleep ] apologized for. you already bumped me. there's another victim who was stabbed but was treated and released from the hospital. the investigators say someone may have captured the murder on video. pope francis has his own facebook account. mark zuckerberg thought it appropriate to give him a drone. he met with the pontiff and his wife. the drone doesn't a working aircraft. just a model of a solar powered drone. facebook hopes the real thing will help expand internet access in developing countries. it ended wel
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league world series champions. it was a hero's welcome. they are back home after becoming the first american team to win that little league world series since 2012. their goal at the start of the summer was just to make the world series. check. mission accomplished. and then some. >> yeah. they made the town proud. all those people who claim that their dogs understand what they're saying may not be too far off base. new research finds k-9 broains are more capable than we thought. >> they listen to what we say and how we say it. praise also stimulates the pleasure secenter of their brai. >> and they lose the left side to process --
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to raise a dog, say nice things but you're not using the right tone, useless, but you can use a gentle tone. but if you don't say the right words, that doesn't work. they understand what you're saying. >> weird. it's almost like the dogs are playing mind tricks on us as well. >> it's like you have a family member that pretends not to understand a language everybody else is speaking and then you find out after saying bad things about them that they do understand. >> uncle mookie. >> i think the dogs are doing that. >> thanksgiving he reveals he knew everything you were saying for months? >> said some bad things about uncle mookie, huh? >> yes. coming up. how much is too much to pay for a haircut? too young woman take the same sample photo of kristi teagan to salons with wildly different price points. $50 and
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of course they say clothes make the man, and apparently they also make for trouble. >> sometimes. on sunday night a man dressed as zoro became the center of a scare at lax. visitors to tampa, florida park called police about a man in costume and a mask. >> he frightened families, and they heired him. he was there for a flash mob, and didn't know that it had been cancelled. >> oh, no.
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disorderly conduct. >> that's no fair. >> come on. >> he thought there was going to be a flash mob. he was ready to dance with his friends. >> exactly. >> where is everybody? >> that's not fair. >> we just need to find him some friends. next, another surprise from the maker of the epipen. >> after weeks of outrage, the company announced it will soon be suffering a generic version at half the price. >> reporter: milan responding to political pressure and consumer outrage after hiking prices from $100 in 2009 to $600 today, announcing its own new generic version of the life saving device for 300. about half the cost of the original. >> we're greatly concerned about the price still. $300 is quite expensive for a family. >> reporter: this mom keeps multiple epipens on hand for
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eight-year-old daughter who has a life threatening peanut allergy. in her purse and in the kitchen, two more in this drawer. >> i know of several families who have decided that they're just going to take benadryl and pray they can get to the hospital if something happens. and for us, that's just not an option. >> reporter: the new generic epipen will work like the original and will be available in pharmacies within several weeks. pharmacists can usually swap it in automatically when a patient has a prescription. ask you your doctor about the adrena click device. it has the same life saving medication. if you ask your doctor about it, get a prescription, and take it to the pharmacy, you can save yourself some real money. coming up, the skyrocketing costs of haircuts. >> so how much is too much?
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and how do you really know if that expensive haircut is worth it? you're watching "world news now." >> how much do you pay? >> i ask for the tai digs haircut.
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♪ ♪
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>> it's not as fun when you don't have hair. >> not a lot of whipping going on. but taking care of these maines can be surprisingly expensive. especially when it comes to getting your haircut. you know about that, right? it can be very expensive and consider yourself lucky that you don't have to worry about that. sometimes you can pay more than $1,000 far haircut. >> i know. but do you need to shell out big bucks to look like a million bucks? >> reporter: two college age bffs from los angeles. they both want chrissy teigen layers, gorgeous model. they're taking ting the same pho two different places. first supercuts. >> the haircuts are 20. our shampoos are $5, and the blow dry is
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>> reporter: so $50? >> yes. >> reporter: not bad. this will give her hair more movement. you're halfway to chrissy tei n teigen. >> a natural every day look. >> reporter: and the results. >> i love it. >> reporter: meanwhile, the other goes to the marissa salon. >> we want to make sure it's more flow we. >> reporter: what's the cost? >> $500. >> reporter: are you cutting each hair individually? >> pretty much. >> reporter: it's not just a haircut. the fine china and cutting. even -- >> i'll have the grilled chicken. >> reporter: you serve lunch? all i can say is, wow. >> everything about the experience is amazing. i love
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>> reporter: both look cute, but is one $450 cuter? to find out, we head to the grove in los angeles. which is expensive and which is budget? >> can i get a little closer? >> reporter: come on in. i think you have the more expensive? >> which is the cheaper one. >> reporter: $55 haircut. >> this one. >> reporter: you can incorrect. no. >> wow. >> i feel like it's the one that's inexpensive. >> reporter: you are correct. >> they both look just as good as each other. >> reporter: about 60% of people in our unscientific pole correctly identified the cut. in the end, the only opinions that matter. >> i love it. >> i love it. it's natural and easy. >> reporter: how much do you pay, kendis? >> you know, i g
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♪ ♪ >> looks like a good driving song. >> yes. it's about good stuff. he was one of those very rare one in a million hollywood talents. a dramatic actor, a genius comic and an accomplished writer/director, producer. we can go on and on. >> this morning we're learning more about the final moments of gene wilder's life. the man known to many
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wonka. here's david wright. >> don't touch me. >> reporter: he was hysterically funny. >> i'm wet. i'm wet. i'm hysterical and i'm wet. i'm in pain. and i'm wet. and i'm still hysterical. >> reporter: from his first big hit "the producers" to later ones like "stir crazy". nobody could panic quite like gene wilder. he could also play it cool. >> one, two -- >> reporter: like the gun slinger in "blazing saddles". married in the 70s to gilda radner, he founded her cancer charity after she died. we learned his own health has been failing for years. for the past three years he struggled with alzheimer's but chose to
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preferring his fans to remember him in his prime as willy wonka. >> i have one question, dr. frankenste frankenste frankenstein. >> reporter: mel brooks said he blessed every film we did with his magic and blessed me with his friendship. >> we are the dreamers of dreams. >> reporter: jegene wilder was . he died peacically and listening to his favorite sing somewhere over the rainbow. >> here's a side of gene wilder many don't know. he served in the u.s. army as a medic and helped psychiatric patients at valley forge. >> a varied career. last time we saw him in public was at the u.s. ope
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he was looking
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this morning on "world news now," huma abedin pushed into the spotlight again. and hillary clinton's top aid announcing she's separating from her husband. former congressman anthony weiner. this amid another sexting scandal. it involves pictures of his child for the first time. we'll have a fresh reaction to the news from the campaign trail just ahead. another airport scare forces a flight to be evacuated after a package was reported on board. this as we get new details surrounding the details at lax. and workers are left dangling from a bridge. their bucket tipping over as they are trapped for hours. their daring rescue in a moment. it's the mother of all festivals. tens of thousands come together in the middle of nowhere to celebrate art


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