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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 30, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," huma abedin pushed into the spotlight again. and hillary clinton's top aid announcing she's separating from her husband. former congressman anthony weiner. this amid another sexting scandal. it involves pictures of his child for the first time. we'll have a fresh reaction to the news from the campaign trail just ahead. another airport scare forces a flight to be evacuated after a package was reported on board. this as we get new details surrounding the details at lax. and workers are left dangling from a bridge. their bucket tipping over as they are trapped for hours. their daring rescue in a moment. it's the mother of all festivals. tens of thousands come together in the middle of nowhere to celebrate art
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living. what's happening at this year's burning man. we'll check out later in the mix on this tuesday, august 30th. from abc news, this has "world news now." >> what doesn't it celebrate? >> was it community, self-reliance, art. alternative living, creativity. there's a long list. >> and you get all of that wile sober. it's amazing. it's a perfect place, burning man. >> i'm not sure about that last part. we'll be checking in live in a little bit. but first the race for the white house. it's getting closer. hillary clinton's once comfortable lead is nearly cut in half. >> but then we saw the latest poll which shows clinton seven points ahead of donald trump against likely voters. 46% to 439%. >> more voters have a favorable view of
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trump. get this. a record number, 35%, said they don't have a favorable view of either candidate. >> ouch. and all of this comes amid personal and embarrassing case of deja vu for clinton's top aide. >> reporter: hillary clinton's top aid is splitting from her husband. it comes hours after tabloids release anthony weiner is sexting again. >> after a long and painful consideration, i have made the decision to separate from miss husband. >> i'm hear today to again pay jol jazz. >> i make this apology to my neighbors and stents but particularly to my wife. >> reporter: two years later as he ran for
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>> let me reiterate to my wife how sorry i am -- >> reporter: abedin by his side as more women came forward with more sexting allegations. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. >> reporter: behind the scenes, cringe worthy moments. >> can we have the room for a moment. >> reporter: all released in a documentary. >> it's like living a nightmare. >> reporter: still in a recent profile, abedin praised her husband for being, quote, essentially a full-time dad to their son. the new york post reported that in 2015 weiner sectioned a woman with his son by his side. abedin has been in the clinton inner circle for two decades. she's the gate keeper to the woman in charge. >> her number one person is married to anthony weiner. he's a sleaze ball and
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pervert. >> reporter: donald trump turning her marriage into an attack. >> she's married to a guy that is uncontrolled and uncontrollable. he's a sick person, and she has access to classified information. >> reporter: trump adding who knows what weiner learned and who he told. some campaign controversy for donald trump. the former kkk leader, david duke running for senate put out a robocall urging voters to vote for him and donald trump. a swift response from the trump campaign denouncing the kkk leader. a later situation than last year when they came under fire for not disavowing him fast enough. the last week of summer could be a washout for many of the northeast. a tropical depression is expected to become a tropical storm. bringing rough surf and strong thunderstorms. in the gulf, another depression is
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northern florida. that one is also expected to become a tropical storm later in the week. that one could make land fall between tallahassee and tampa on thursday. the fbi is alerting states to keep a close eye on their voting systems after uncovering to russian hacking. they targeted voter registration in june and illinois last month. they say the system was shut down for a week to look at the hacking. no data was tampered with, but the illinois case is reportedly the first successful compromise of a state voter registration database. a big scare in albuquerque. a flight to denver was evacuated after a package was spotted in the cabin. they taxied to a remote part of the airport and was searched. nothing dangerous was found on the plane. a highway shootout left four dead and others injured.
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four people in an suv riddled with bullet holes. then ended up seeking help in a grocery store parking lot. authorities say those involved knew each other and it was not a random act. the shooting is still being investigated. john kerry suggests the media can play a role in reducing terrorism by reducing the coverage of attacks. speaking he echoed comments he made last year at the united nations. he says the media might do everyone a service if it stops covering terrorism so much. he cautions there may be not be one answer as to why they become a terrorist. >> it's the most reliable platform that we have for preventing and responding to violent extremism. >> the state department would not comment on the remarks. the secretary is in india today. the u.s. is warning allies in the middle east
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fighting. this is after a series of clashes between kurdish forces and turkey. ash carter called for them to stay focussed on isis and not the kurdish fighters. it's likely to come up when the president and turkey president hold talks this weekend. an attack targeted recruits at a military camp. yes, ma'am, season in the middle of a civil war. it's allowed isis and al-qaeda to expand their reach. at home, new details about the false alarm that brought lax to a standstill. they are focusing on what prompted 9-1-1 calls reporting shots fired. >> reporter: sunday night at lax, police first responding to reports of a man dressed in black wearing a mask and carrying a sword. officers quickly surround the man ordering him to the ground.
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of gunfire. >> a shooting in progress at lax. a number of shots. >> reporter: police with guns drawn searching the airport while hundreds of passengers raced outside, some past security check points. panic spreading quickly through social media. a ground stop ordered for all flights. >> there was a flood of people. >> reporter: matt gutman was at the airport. >> reporter: everywhere people trying to get where they're going out of this airport. pretty scary here. >> reporter: actor there as well. steve gomez says you can't take any chances. >> you run, hide or fight. if you can't run away because you're in an area where you're closed off, hide. >> reporter: in the end, it was a false alarm. the street performer in the zoro costume released. he
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identity. >> i got police all around me. i'm not thinking about what he was wearing. >> reporter: two weeks ago at jfk, passengers ran to the streets after hearing loud bangs that many mistook for gunshots. three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries after they were trampled. police don't know what the noises were that prompted the initial 9-1-1 call. now to a daring rescue in rhode island as workers were dangling from a bridge. they were inspecting the bridge when their bucket tipped over leaving them stuck. after about two hours. can you imagine two hours? the men were transferred into another bucket and hoisted back up to the bridge. both men were treated at the hospital for minor injuries snmplt an accident 3.2 million years ago. a researcher believes that the human ancestor known as lucy died when she fell f
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lucy is one of the most famous discoveries in paleontology. how she died has been a mystery. that texas researcher says cracks in her bones indicate a fatal fall. other scientists say the cracks are a result of the age of the bones. >> continuing coverage over the next 2000 years on that breaking news. >> because the bones are breaking and also because it's old. it's ironic. breaking news is normally new. >> good job. the writer, nice. and a one-ton fugitive has been recaptured after five days on the loose in california. the owner of the horse named budweiser is blaming a real life scapegoat. he says the billy goat
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the stable gate allowing him to escape. >> the other horse got thirsty for water and was recaptured quickly. not the other. they were many volunteer searchers on tap. and budweiser is again bottled up. i tried to bring it around. maybe the last one is reaching. i'm surprised he didn't hop the fence. >> oh, my gosh. the props on the previous story, all the puns, let's take it back. >> bitter. >> what do you think budweiser's born on date was? no? not as -- sorry. we'll just take lloyd's jokes. coming up a little later, grab your glow sticks. year at burning man. >> first, the outrage over collcolin kaeperni kaepernick. we'll have the latest reactions ahead. >> and moving back in with some familiar roommates?
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many young adults find themselves forced to do it. could it be damaging their relationship with their parents? and remember, we're on instagram. watch our video from the u.s. open. >> very entertaining.
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white, clear as crystal. you stole fizzy lifting
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you bufferinmped into the ceili which has to be washed. you get nothing. you lose. good day, sir. >> that pivotal scene in the 1971 children's classic willy wonka and the children's factory illustrates jegene wilder's ran. >> his nephew says gene wilder died due to complications of alzheim alzheimer's disease. he was 83. >> so many great movies. a growing fire storm over colin kaepernick. >> now the white house weighing in. >> reporter: he's known
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but now it's what colin kaepernick is refusing to do on the sideline that has him in the middle of a controversy. >> i'll continue to sit. when there's change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to, i'll stand. >> reporter: the quarterback saying he's taking a stand by sitting. refusing to stand up for the national anthem. protesting, he says, police brutality against african americans. his decision met with mixed reaction from fellow athletes. >> if he encourages other people in the stands to sit down, it's going to send the wrong message. you have to look at the big picture. >> have to respect the man's opinion and his actions. i understand where he's coming from. in choosing to do what he did. >> reporter: the white house weighing in on the right to protest. >> even as objectionable as we find his perspective, he is entitled to express them.
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statement, the nfl telling abc news, players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. >> reporter: kaepernick said it doesn't mean he's disrespecting the military. he's hoping now that people know where he's standing the issues he's bringing awareness to can be addressed. thank you. coming up, moving back in with mom and dad. >> it's a must for many cash strapped millennials. is it a good idea? you're watching "world news now."
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it's a fact of
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ma millennials these days. moving back home with mom own dad. >> for some, it's causing unexpected friction. >> reporter: after five years in the fast paced magazine industry in new york, a 25-year-old made a decision to head across the country to move back in with her parents. >> they were so excited when i said i was going to move home. >> we thought it sounded like a great idea. >> reporter: it's only temporary. she's taking premed classes before she heads to nursing school. a new months in she realized it's a small house. >> i'm an only child. they are a little bit obsessed with me. >> reporter: what guidelines would you give parents? >> clarify from the start. let them know what you are okay with, what you're not okay with. >> reporter: for example, is there a curfew? what about using the car? getting on each other's nerves is par for the
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and come back and have people watching your every move, that's been the biggest challenge. >> reporter: to make it work, the doctor says clarify expectations. like chipping in on expenses and cleanliness. she also recommends setting up household contributions, and finally act your age. >> you feel so much better if you try as much as you can to act like an adult and your parents will be happy about that as well. >> reporter: and do some soul searching ahead of time. >> if you don't think you like your kid at the stage they're in now, don't do it. >> it's been a positive experience, and so fun to get to know my parents as an result. i would do it again. well, maybe not again, but i'm glad that i did it. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. i moved home for a year after graduation. i moved out. i came back to visit. do you know what i found in pl
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every summer right about this time, all of the bay area disappears, and pops up in the middle of the desert in nevada for the right of august known as burning man. it's taking place right now. this year for the first time with we have a live picture. this is happening in the nevada desert at this hour. >> good thing we're not zoomed in or i think it might be something we couldn't show. >> you might see some naked people running around or others in tutus. it's a pop upfestival. the event promotes radical inclusion of self-reliance and i think other things. it takes place for a week. last year you had the
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katie perry who was there in the dust floating around there, and our good friend susan sarandon was there as well. >> our buddy. >> i'm going to check in with the burning man folks later. >> okay. now to a new look at barney's new york. it's sparking some outrage. they're putting out new speakers they're calling distressed. it's to the points you can see parts of them have duct tape. some are outraged at the price tag. they're $585. others are saying this is trying to mimic poverty and make poverty trendy and fashionable and that that's sort of an insult to people who are poor. others are looking at it as an opportunity. one more wrote i have a pair of shoes in a state just like that. the sole has a hole in it. yours for 499 po
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and barneys can probably sell it to people who go there to shop. take a look at this daredevil. this is in romania. don't try this at home or in romania. this trick is done atop a chimney. he lives to tell about it. >> that was scary enough when it looked like he was just walking on that ledge. >> that is really frightening. >> no. >> he sticks the landing. >> the romania gymnastics team only had one people at the olympics. he should have joined them. >> back to burning man. >> live pictures. did you see that? we had a multicolored thingy. it all started in '86 -- >> oh. now we're talking. now we're getting in on some action.
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this morning on "world news now" tropical threat. parts of the east coast bracing for heavy rains and flooding as numerous tropical systems go closer to the shore. the west coast also has a watch of its own. a distraction on the campaign trail for the hillary clinton campaign. huma abedin says she's splitting with anthony weiner as another texting scandal hits home. >> new this half hour, the first night of the u.s. open. >> while the world's number one player may be on the course, it's who is in the stands that is drawing a lot of attention. wait until you find out. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we were in the stands, but we


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