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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the vehicle police are looking for. larry: an out-of-control car slamming into a house in prince george's county. autria: and tracking the storm -- not one, but two tropical systems on the move right now, and they could have an impact on our area. good tuesday morning to you. i'm autria godfrey. larry: i'm larry smith. let's get to sam sweeney live in northeast with the latest. sam? we are talking about the eastbound lanes of rhode island, east of the rhode island metro station. you can still see police on the scene. we are waiting for homicide investigators to arrive and start combing for clues. a man was shot around midnight in the stomach, rushed to the hospital, where he later died. police do not have much of a suspect description, but they are looking for a blue ford with tinted windows that fled from the scene, around midnight. if you had been in the
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area or had heard something, police want to hear from you. willarea of rhode island remain closed through the rush-hour. trafficight has the around the rest of the area. julie: will be a tough commute through northeast washington because of the closure point and the ongoing investigation. the outbound lanes remain closed outbound on rhode island avenue between 10th street and 12th street northeast. inbound, the lanes are open. no problem out of cheverly in northeast. this is a crash before kenilworth avenue. as we moved to our camera by traffic land, delays are starting to creep up before 202 headed inbound to that accident scene. stick with 295 as a workaround from the north to the south to avoid
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,enning road over to 8th street metro's yellow line single tracking between huntington and landing road -- and braddock road. between'scking franconia, springfield, and van dorn street. that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes, we will update the right out of cheverly. the word of the day is hot but not too humid. much like yesterday, we will deal with temperatures topping out around 90 degrees. a little muggy for your morning commute. giving you the green light. it gets sticky by the mid part of the day, so by lunchtime we are cautionary. as you are heading to the grocery store, getting to the doctor, know that it will be a little bit of humidity for us to deal with. mostly a sunnys, start to the
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by the afternoon. 76 -- we do not have any high humidity currently. it is not going to be too high later today. we have another 90-degree day coming our way tomorrow. one reason we got relief from the humidity is the weather front moving through. another one will move through late wednesday, early thursday. all that while we track the tropics. i will show you how it can impact labor day weekend. we are following breaking news overseas. a suicide bomber attacking the chinese embassy in turkestan earlier this morning. we have learned the attacker was killed. three embassy employees were killed. ministryn's interior is saying it was a terrorist attack. a bombing in somalia.
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minutes. autria: prince george's county police are trying to find out what caused a car to crash into a house. the accident happened around 11:30 last night on crown street in capitol heights. no one in the house was injured, but they are having to stay somewhere else because the home sustained structural damage. the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. autria: beach -- and rockach drive creek park is back open after this happened. a massive tree fell down and crushed a passing car, trapping the man inside. this was during the height of her shower last night. other drivers jumped into action lp lift the tree off the car. >> the officer said 30 people at least helped to lift the tree up and slide the car backwards where they were able to extricate the man inside. he was transported
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hospital with life-threatening injuries. larry: the name of the driver has not been released. autria: fairfax county police are trying to find out who fired shots at four cars and some homes in a neighborhood in falls church. it happened early sunday morning near where falls church, arlington, and mclean all come together. falls church resident richard adams tells us he was outside in his backyard when he heard popping sounds. >> the first thing i thought was it was a car backfiring -- you hear that loud pow, pow, pow. i ducked when i heard them go off. i was standing outside at the time. somebody could have very easily been killed. hisia: he discovered that car and his house were both hit. no one was injured. larry: a heads up for parents in valleyck, the montessori charter school will be closed today because the air-conditioning is not working. autria:
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york. see the heroes who jump into action to save one woman's life. larry: two tropical depressions are taking aim on the east coast here it
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veronica: we are getting a read on the humidity, and is not too bad. yesterday was not too bad. staying on the sticky side, carbon copy back to monday. by the time we get to thursday, more pleasant conditions, even by the time we get to lunchtime. the cold front will be coming through. in the middle 70's to the upper 70's, close to 80 degrees. not too humid out there. eileen whelan is giving us a better read on that humidity. it really feels so magnificent out here this morning. it is going to be hot as we climb into 90 degreela
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very comfortable with that low humidity. let's not talk about the upcoming weekend because it is labor day weekend. -- let's talk about the upcoming weekend because it is labor day weekend. temperatures will be cooler. even though we are starting off hot with highs in the 90's, we will be in the 70's for the weekend at the beaches. friday, 79. 78 on saturday. there will be more cloud cover on sunday, 79 degrees. some of that cloud cover will be what is currently tropical depression 9. it may become a tropical storm. if it does, it will be tropical storm hermine. one thing you want to watch out for at the beaches this weekend is the high rip current. the rip currents can be so strong and deadly. aside from that, the weather is looking great. if you are headed to the beaches, julie, when is a good time to head out of town? julie:
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morning or early friday morning. a lot of folks had out in the afternoon. the better time to leave would definitely be in the morning. right now, unfortunately, we have problems moving into northeast washington. skytrak 7 is live above the scene of this crash. this will be in back -- this will be inbound 50 on kenilworth avenue. it involves a dump truck and two other vehicles. traffic is squeezing by to the left. mobile trak 7 is live at the scene. our mobile trak 7, courtesy of john lewis, is out there bank or you can see the one vehicle overturned, wheels up in the air. traffic is squeezing by on the left shoulder only. those delays are really starting in new carrollton leaving 410. a crash occurred before kenilworth avenue.
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an alternate route north to south. coming from the east, use benning road to 8th street. back in the next 10 minutes, we will update the ride coming out of maryland headed into northeast. larry: the unofficial last week of summer could be a washout for millions. the schedule change it is
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results.
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congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. jummy: we are back with more on the breaking news we told you we told you about a few minutes ago. and blast went off in mogadishu, outside the main checkpoint at the president's home at a nearby hotel. i am seeing there are reports of some people injured and even damage, but we are waiting for more confirmation from authorities. the al qaeda-linked group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility. we will keep you updated as we learn more. now we head over to veronica johnson for more on the forecast. veronica:
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tracking two tropical depressions. tropical depression number 8, outside the outer banks, is expected to power up to a tropical storm later today. southystem is 125 miles of cape hatteras, but it is bringing strong wind current and rough surf. the florida keys are getting a taste of a separate tropical depression, that one number 9. that lynn -- that one is headed to the gulf coast. another unnamed storm wreaked havoc on louisiana, bringing more than 30 inches of rain and killing 13 people. coming up, we will show you the track of tropical depression number 9. and what that could mean for here and the beaches. larry: the final preseason game with the redskins is with the buccaneers, moved from tam
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night in tampa. autria: must-see video now of a fiery 10 khiv-car pileup. 10-car pileup it you can see traffic on route 17 start to slow, when suddenly a tractor-trailer smashes into the back of a police cruiser and continues forward, demolishing nine other cars. one car burst into flames, and bystanders rushed to pull a woman from the burning wreckage. miraculously, nobody was seriously injured, and the truck driver was cited for having faulty brakes. larry: new information about a 911 outage affecting the district for several hours saturday night. an engineer pushed the wrong button, causing 911 service to be cut off. a water leak went off saturday night. we were told the engineer was trying to turn that alarm off instead. >> we are looking at ways to
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happen again. larry: that engineer is a contractor and has since been banned from working any government building. good news for metro riders in the district. there is free wi-fi service at six stations. in the next 45 days you can get free wi-fi service at metro center, gallery place, judiciary square, union station, archives, and l'enfant plaza. evaluate how it went and decide whether it should continue or be expanded. larry: apple is announcing a product launch for september 7. apple is expected to announce the iphone 7 and release dates for the new operating system. autria: an alert about a morning routine for many of us. that coupled joe is a must-have for some to start the day, but it -- that cup of joe is a must-have for some to start the day, but it could have -- it
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health. veronica: i was surprised at a couple of things. is everything in moderation, including your cup of coffee. larry: one of us really like -- wow, ok. autria: 8:00 when we head over to newschannel 8. veronica: we love our coffee. -- do not rid of the get rid of the heat completely such highgive me humidity. a perfect day. see the emoji? we have sunglasses by the afternoon. [laughter] veronica: something happening. a little bit of sweating this afternoon. not too bad. mid-70's to start the day. lunch, not
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lunch, 86 degrees. 90 by the afternoon. -- itl feel it little hot will feel a little hot. afternoon,rs this and i have pushed that area further west into winchester, woodstock, front royal, some of the higher spots there. here is a look at wednesday. late in the day, they could be a few more showers, isolated storms in the mountains, maybe even culpeper. that front doesn't come through the area until early thursday morning. the tropics are getting active with tropical depression number 9 expected to make landfall as a tropical storm late wednesday, early thursday. watch what happens as it moves off the coast, the outer banks. they will have a lot of rough surf and rip currents. 79, those temperatures. much cooler at the beaches. let me show you what we will have to deal with. the cooler water temperatures at the beach
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the rip currents, the rough surf . we will take a look at the seven-day forecast in a few. julie: we have a lot of folks taking a peek at what is happening along inbound 50. we are starting off with either mobile trak 7 or skytrak 7, which everyone we have into -- in the queue. that truck was rolled over on its side. they are in the process of getting that back up on its wheels as we speak. in down on 50, here is what it looks like. it was not a truck, it was a smaller compact sized car. this one was overturned, back up on its wheels, but inbound 50 is a mess. significant tieups out of new carrollton headed to the accident scene with only the left shoulder getting by. a big picture there from john lewis outside mobile trak 7. skytrak 7 is above the scene as well. for those coming inbound, you will find bumper-to-bumper delays from new
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headed over to that scene. only the left shoulder gets you buy. plan on using the bw parkway as a workaround. avenue is blocked between 10th street and 12th street. right now it is a 30 minute ride headed out of manassas eastbound on 66. if you leave within the next hour, almost a 53 minute commute headed eastbound on 66. 6:20 2 -- breaking right now, a stabbing street in the district. four attacks in three hours. early this morning, the crime alert you need to know about, coming up. autria: plus, a college campus murder. a student stabbed
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announcer: you are watching, "good morning washington," on your side. >> a murder mystery rocking and ivy league school. the search is on for people who stabbed two ithaca
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>> stabbed in the top of the left quadrant of the chest. >> anthony and a friend, both from ithaca college, were attending a party at nearby cornell when a brawl broke out. >> he apologized. the both of them apologized. even my brother apologized. >> police do not believe there is any current threat to safety on campus and are continuing to investigate what happened. >> we have a lot of videos submitted by folks in the area. >> we will have more on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. i am gio beneath as, abc news, benitez. >> we offer financing.
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a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: a terrible tuesday for traffic. skytrak 7 and mobile trak 7 on the scene of trouble spots. what you need to know to get around it. not exactly how you want to start your morning off as we say good morning to you on this tuesday. i'm autria godfrey. larry:
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we go to julie wright for a check on the commute. veronica: we are going -- julie: we are going to show you what it is like on the round. mobile trak 7 was at the scene of a crash on inbound 50 at kenilworth avenue. this vehicle was overturned on its roof, now back on its wheels. but traffic is still squeezing by to the left as you work your way to the new york/kenilworth avenue split. traffic is getting by using the left side of the highway. a dump truck and two vehicles involved in the crash. 7 is above the scene giving you the bird's eye view. now it looks like we have two lanes getting much of the left, inbound on 50 headed to new york avenue. the damage is done. big-time tieups out of new carrollton on 50 headed into northeast washington. as we move you back to the map, we will put it in perspective for you and show you the work around. the slowdown is at about
6:31 am
8 miles per hour. bw parkway is slowing to 29 miles per hour. do not forget about the combination of 704 at east capitol street. that could save you some time as a workaround. outbound rhode island avenue between 10th street and 12th street northeast, still tied up with a police investigation. it down 66 -- we mentioned a crash before fair oaks. whatever is there has cleared. right now, it is a 31-minute can. over an hour drive headed eastbound toward the beltway on 66. do not dillydally, veronica. just a littles muggy out there. not too bad. we always talk about the field-like temperatures. -- about the feels-like temperatures. just a little higher, those temperatures. we will be dealing with a bit of humidity today. today will be the hottest out of the next fiv
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we will feel those temperatures step down in a big way at the end of the work week. a bit of rain in here. the will help dropped humidity and those temperatures. mid-seventies, mid-80's by recess time today. temperatures through the labor day weekend staying in the 80's. jummy has a look at the labor .ay weekend -- jummy: we have learned a string of stabbings, all in close range of each other in northwest d.c. the first stabbing is at georgia avenue and blair road just after midnight. one man was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. less than an hour later, police responded to another stabbing, this time in the 1700 block of columbia road. another stabbing was reported at 16th and lamont street, as well as another at irving street
6:33 am
14th street. these are all happening within three hours of each other. anyone has on if been arrested, but we will keep you updated. larry: developing now, a voter hacking alert. therding to an fbi warning, report comes amid new concerns that russian hackers may be trying to disrupt a number of presidential elections. the fbi is warning officials to enhance security of their computer systems. autria: now to the campaign trail. a new poll shows hillary clinton's lead over donald trump is narrowing. the poll shows clinton currently holds a seven-point lead. that is down substantially from last month when she held a 13-point advantage. in the battle for critical swing votes, 37 percent of independent voters support clinton, compared to 32% who support trump. donald trump is weighing in on the sex
6:34 am
involving anthony weiner, to attack hillary clinton. increasingrump is his attacks on hillary clinton's closest aide. abedin announced her split from anthony weiner. trump: she is married to a guy who is uncontrolled, uncontrollable, and she has access to classified information. "i have made the decision to separate from my husband." anthony weiner is back in the tablets after the "new york post" published raunchy pictures sent to a divorcee. weiner
6:35 am
apologize. >> abedin stayed by her husband's side. >> i love him, i have forgiven him. i believe in him. the relationship and her closeness to clinton has been a line of attack for months for trump. she is also at the center of newly released state department e-mails, raising questions about her role in setting up meetings between high-level clinton foundation donors and the then secretary of state. while donald trump was responding, hillary clinton is not. aedin, who has been on with hillaryswing clinton in the hamptons. larry: a crime alert in fairfax county. >> i immediately ducked to the ground when i heard them go off. autria: bullets flying and hitting homes. the scary wake up that
6:36 am
neighborhood on edge.
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to 10, i am giving us a 7 on the sweat factor today. not that bad. today and tomorrow, running around 90. if you are going to be running today, hot but not too humid, so cautionary conditions. if you are taking the dog for the walk, walk on the shadier side of the street. up to 90 degrees, dry conditions for today. oneen whelan is standing by sunday with a detailed forecast for monday. eileen: if you are looking for things to do for the labor day holiday weekend, if you were looking for something free, how about the labor day concert. that will be on sunday at 8:00. the national symphony orchestra will be performing. it is a free concert on the west lawn of the capital. the gates open at 3:00. if you're thinking of heading there, sunny, 85 degrees per just delightful, low humidity. by
6:40 am
if you have no plans already, i would highly suggest that. as far as the labor day holiday itself, looking really nice, lots of sunshine, and temperatures in the upper 80's. we do have the potential for some of those high rip currents at the beaches this weekend because of a potential tropical storm. impact ont have a big us, but it may give us some rough waters at the beaches. veronica will tell us more about that in a bit, but let's get to julie wright for another look at the roads. it sounds like a busy morning. julie: it has been. for those working their way into north is washington, mobile track is on the -- mobile trak 7 is on the scene of a crash, with one of the vehicles being pulled back onto its wheels. andcan see the dump truck the other two vehicles involved in this crash. they are still waiting for the tow truck to arrive to retrieve these accident vehicles. two left lanes are now getting by, has much improved in
6:41 am
50. coming from new carrollton headed in down to the scene, it is bumper-to-bumper slow, working around the exit to new york avenue. we will give you a couple of alternates to use to avoid this delay in down on 50. one of the options is the bw parkway, where the pace has already slowed at 25 miles per hour. you can use inbound 7042 capitol street -- you can use inbound 704 to east capitol street as a workaround. traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes, we will update your ride in virginia. autria? autria: we are still a week away from labor day, and most kids in maryland are already back in school. be changing.ould a new announcement from governor larry hogan. we are live in falls church, virginia, the
6:42 am
a number of cars and homes were peppered with shots, gunshots. take a look at the bullet hole on that vehicle right there. sam: it was a violent night in the district. overnight, four stabbings, two shootings, and one man is dead.
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overnight, shots fired just blocks from the rhode island metro station. one man is dead, and police are on the hunt for a car seen leaving the area. sam sweeney is live in north was -- in northeast d.c. with more. sam: we are waiting for homicide investigations to arrive as the sun comes up here in they will get a better clue of exactly what happened on the scene. you will see police still working the scene, waiting for the investigators to arrive. because of the ongoing investigation, you can see the eastbound lanes of rhode island between 10th and
6:46 am
12th are shut down. all of this unfolded around midnight when shots were fired. stomach,as hit in the take into a nearby hospital where he later died. this is one scene in the district. there was another shooting in southeast, and four stabbings in northwest. the majority of the took place in the columbia heights/adams morgan area, and one in upper northwest, closer to silver spring. if you were in any of these areas and may have heard or seen something, police want to hear from you. as for the scene here near the rhode island metro station, no motive yet or suspect information, but we do know that police believe a blue ford with tinted windows was involved. if you have any information about that vehicle, police want to hear from you. i am sam sweeney. back to you guys inside. now, a happening right fairfax county neighborhood is on high alert after bullets go flying. it happened early sunday morning on he can lane in falls
6:47 am
and police tell us the bullets hit several cars and even some homes. john gonzalez is live in falls church with more. good morning. this is an alarming situation. this is the neighborhood in falls church that was peppered with bullets early sunday morning, and perhaps more alarming is the possibility that the bullets came from different guns. take a look at some of the bullet holes we have found this morning. there is one there on that car in the driveway of this home, and the home itself also has able at hole. take a look. the side of the home has at least one bullet under the light there. at least five cars were struck on beacon lane. police say a number of homes. the man who lived here says he was walking in the backyard at the time. he immediately ducked. neighbors say a suspicious vehicle drove in, stopped, then they heard the gunshots. the driver took
6:48 am
were fired. fortunately, no one was injured. the vehicles were unoccupied at the time. but again, speaking to this gentleman here, he says one bullet was definitely too close for comfort. was a nine millimeter, and that was 40 millimeters. this was about five feet from where i was standing outside. someone could have very easily been killed. larry: fairfax county police are still searching for the suspect or suspects in this case. this happened just before 4:00 in the morning on sunday. it was very dark out here, so unfortunately police do not have a good description of that vehicle. john gonzalez, "good morning washington." larry: 7 is on your side, helping your family fight against crime. --ck jeb you jail check autria:
6:49 am
in prince george's county is under investigation. a car slammed into a house on crown street in capitol heights. the people inside the house were not hurt, but they are having to stay somewhere else because the home sustained damage, structural damage. he driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. larry: beach drive in rock creek -- iss open to track of open to traffic after this happened last night. a massive treat came down and crushed a passing car, trapping a man inside. it turned out to be a good thing because according to police, more than 30 people left the cars to help, lifting the tree up and sliding the car out. the driver was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. could be coming to school schedules in maryland for next year. comptrollerand the say they will make a major announcement on
6:50 am
school after labor day later today. speculation has been trigger that hogan may make an executive action to delay the start of the school year statewide. we will be following this one closely tomorrow, and we will up the u.s. and is governor hogan makes the announcement. it is worth mentioning that arlington, fairfax, stafford, and alexandria city school districts all start after labor day, exactly one week from today. " willmorning washington be there to keep your family and that back to school spirit. this is melanie's first day of kindergarten. look at her little hat there, looking all cute. withan share your videos us as well. here at 6:50, we switch gears from breaking news coming in about an accident on route one. julie, what is the latest? julie:
6:51 am
that it involves a pedestrian. this is along route one near roxas claim. this is going to be route one traveling from mount vernon in high blood valley -- in hybla valley. at route 1 near mohawk lane. we are quickly going to continue with this route, inbound 50 headed into northeast out of new carrollton, slowing at about 11 miles per hour. lewis, one of our photographers outside mobile trak 7, was live at the scene, and again, the dump truck and two other vehicles were involved in this crash, now back up on their wheels. butfic is squeezing by, significant tieups coming inbound out of new carrollton. skytrak 7 is also above the scene, checking out the ride for you. as you continue to move
6:52 am
the pace is slowly improving. do not forget the about the alternates. updateinutes, we will the traffic on route 1 at hybla valley. veronica: a summer day without extreme humidity -- we will take that. 76. the temperature at the bus stop. high of 90casting a degrees, but watch the humidity. we are still in the green. 87 is what it will feel like. we stay in the 90, more cautionary conditions, from 2:00 to 6:00. the last couple of days we have been running in the red, upper 90's throughout the area. a touch of humidity between 2:00 and six a clock p.m. labor day weekend, -- between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. labor day
6:53 am
weekend everywhere from the mountains all the way to the day and including the beach. right now your beach locations are running under 80 degrees. clouds are expected on sunday, possibly monday. we cannot rule out an isolated shower. the beach locations -- the main thing will be the rough surf, rip currents, and lower water temperatures. 71 to 75 degrees. rain thursday from late morning to early afternoon. we are dry later in the work week. seven to 10 days, stormwatch 7 likes to show you what is next. the heat comes back in wednesday, thursday, friday of next week. we are not done with the 90's just yet. thank you so much, v.j. sorry, you cannot go. you're not eligi
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going to see rascal flatts in concert. "good morning washington" is giving away tickets every day this week. and that is not all. the winner will get a private concert with the band before the show. call the number on your screen right now -- 703-528-7334. call a number 7 wins. now."get to "in the kidd: he will return with "dancing in the start -- "dancing with the stars." that he will be dancing with amber rose. i hope this is her moment to shine and show america why she is a good human being because i have yet to see why. autria: or why she is famous. kidd: also back, cheryl burke
6:55 am
who left the show in 2013. rumors are that she will be paired with ryan lochte. i think it will be in incredible season. "dancing with the stars" starts september 12 on abc 7. ryan lochte, coming on "dancing with the stars" after all that controversy. he can come back after the season. there might be an early elimination or something. not think fans are all that fond of him at the moment, so -- kidd: i am a fan. ever wonder what it is like to be a celebrity? autria: tell us all about it. kidd: you cannot go to the grocery store like everyday people. page 6 reports that she had to leave a small market in chelsea after being spotted by fans. she left a store and went back to her bat -- her black
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the security guard is pushing the cart for you. i wonder who you are. real quickly, i want to say hi to jack, who i met outside the national art gallery. he works there. they with my family when were visiting. he watches are show every morning. it is time now for your 60-second express. jummy: breaking right now, a stabbing spree in the district. four attacks in three hours. sam: a very violent night in the district to rid a man was shot in the stomach and taken to a nearby hospital, where he later died. to figureare trying out what caused a car to crashed into a house in capitol heights. veronica: tropical depression number 9 is expected to make landfall as a tropical storm, late wednesday early thursday. larry:
6:57 am
tomorrow night. surroundingersy colin kaepernick's decision not to stand during the national anthem. >> he is entitled to express them. autria: anthony weiner is losing his wife now after reports that he sent obscene photos to another woman. larry: willy wonka, we will miss you. autria: we are heading over to newschannel 8. still three more hours of "good morning washington."
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bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. i approve this message ♪ sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. only at a sleep number store.
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good morning, america. storm watch. a tropical storm warning for the consideration. one of three big systems growing in the atlantic. florida's gulf coast also on alert for heavy rain, rip currents and dangerous winds. out west, two hurricanes could be heading for hawaii. >> scandal in the clinton campaign. hillary's closest adviser huma abedin now separating from her husband anthony weiner after that new sexting scandal. donald trump already on the attack calling it a national security issue. >> he's a pervert and just a very sick guy and she's married to him. >> how clinton's campaign is reacting this morning. a dramatic rescue caught on dash cam. ten cars piled up trapping a woman inside a burning car. bystanders rush to the scene and pull her free. the all-out search for the good


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