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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 31, 2016 3:00am-3:29am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" the tropical storms threatening millions. >> two systems in florida are set to bring heavy wind, rains and flash floods with rip currents along the east coast. t and there are new troubles for a star chris brown. arrested on numerous charges after an hour's long stand off with the police. the details including the call for help from inside the home. a ferry crashes into kayakers. police pull them to safety and the serious injury one of them is facing. later, we're moving on up. that's a bad george jefferson walk. we're getting a taste of the good life in one of the most expensive condos in the country
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attention to detail. it's got it all. but wait until you hear about the price tag. join us as we take the elevator all the way up on this final day of august 31st. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> the dangling arms. >> it's supposed to be my george jefferson walk. it did not work out at all. >> perfect. nailed it. >> nailed it. drop mike. >> good morning. >> we're starting with the tropics and all that's turning out there. >> a lot of extreme weather this morning battering the u.s. the atlantic coast, the gulf coast and even in the pacific. >> let's forget about hurricane gaston. it's too far out to do anything besides produce rip currents.
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depression off the coast of north carolina and depression nine is heading up the gulf coast. >> eight is moving away from the north carolina coastline, and all tropical storm warnings have expired. it may still become a tropical storm just unlikely to impact the u.s. >> but right now in effect for the northern florida gulf coast, there are some tropical storm warnings as that depression become more organized. it should become a tropical storm either later today and hurricane conditions are expected by tomorrow afternoon. >> in the pacific residents of hawaii are preparing for the arrival of a hurricane and a president. >> madeline would be the first hurricane to hit hawaii in decades. and residents are stocking up and boarding up as well. despite that, the white house says president obama's speech right there in honolulu will go on. let's get more details about the storm from paul williams. good
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>> good morning kendis and diane. tracking madeline, some weakens but expected to be the first hurricane to hit the big island of hawaii. bringing with it flash flooding, mud slides, strong winds and high surf. expected to be downgraded to a category one. then downgraded to a tropical storm moving further out into the water. keep in mind we have another hurricane, lester, right behind it. paul, thank you. at least ten people are dead after a typhoon hit northern japan. nine of the bodies were found in a nursing home. >> the risk of landslides is great. more rain expected in 24 hours than normally falls in that region in the entire month of august. thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate and trains and flights have been cancelled as well. now back at home and to the campaign
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a special top today. >> he has accepted an invitation to meet with the president of mexico. it's hours before he delivers what he's described as a major address on illegal immigration. trump has faced speculation that his position on deportation is softening in an attempt to win voters. trump's son insists there's no change. >> he didn't say my policy has changed. he didn't say that. his policy has been the same for the last six months. >> he still says they all got to go. >> that's correct. you have to start with baby steps. >> reports say the invitation surprised some mexican officials. hillary clinton received a separate invitation but hasn't responded. we're learning more about the e-mails deleted from hillary clinton's private server. the justice department says as many as 30 would be related to the attention in benghazi. it's among 15,000
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recovered during the fbi probe of her server. the state department says it has not confirmed whether the new e-mails were in response to the attention or duplicates of previous material. people have survived their primary day challenges. john mccain held off three challengers to keep his hopes alive for a sixth consecutive term. the republican now faces ann kirk patrick. marco rubio won. and next up is a november battle with patrick murphy. also in florida losing her spot as the as the democratic national committee didn't hurt debbie wasserman schultz. she's expected to win her seat in the house. turning our focus overseas, isis's top spokesman has been killed in syria. this is according to a
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u.s. officials say they're unable to confirm the death of abu muhammad al-adnani. he was one of the world's most wanted terrorists. the state department put a $5 million bounty on his head. >> kayakers were rescued after being hit by a ferry. most of the injuries were minor. an instructor lost part of his arm. despite the serious injury, he's said to be in good spirits. that wasn't only the only rescue in the waters in new york. two men got stuck and had to be air lifted to safety. they were stranded for more than an hour. the waters were too rough for a rescue boat. the president cut short the sentences of 111 federal inmates. most of them convicted of nonviolent drug offenses.
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more than the previous ten presidents combined. and more than a third of them are serving life sentences. >> check out this incredible video. you can see a hawk swooping and diving over a lake. a family is there. having a picnic, watching it thinking what an amazing front row seat to nature. and then that happens. >> apparently this is what it dropped off. the hawk then takes off and so does the family. do you blame them? perhaps it was hoping someone would throw the snake on the grill for a few minutes for him or not? >> talk about food fight. you have to dislike someone to go through all that effort to catch your dinner and then say no, i'd rather throw this at you instead. >> and freak you out. heck no. apparently snakes, not that i even care to know this, but they're
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diet. they like rabbits, squirrels, other birds. >> you're a big fan of hawks unless they throw the snakes back at you. >> then no. coming up, drinking wine from spoons. we'll explain or try to. >> first, the standoff between police and chris brown. the troubled singer has been arrested after a call from a distressed woman from inside his home. and later living it up with yours truly. i'm giving you an exclusive tour of one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the world. there are some things that money can't buy, but this isn't one of them. >> find us on facebook, and twitter. you're watching "world news now."
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>> i'm not. >> pretty dramatic video. frightening moments for a georgia police officer as he tries to make this arrest. using a taser during a traffic stop struggling with the woman and wanted for violating probation. she drove away dragging the officer with her. t kind of surprising he did not fire his weapon. he suffered a concussion and other injuries. the driver facing serious charges. >> in california a fast moving wildfire forced at least 700 people from their homes. fire investigators determined the fire to be
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the fire has destroyed one building. two firefighters suffered minor injuries battling the flames. that fire is now 10% contained. also in southern california, police in los angeles had their hands full yesterday arresting chris brown after a stand off at his home. >> it started at 3:00 a.m. yesterday when police were called to his home by a woman who said he pulled a gun on her. >> reporter: chris brown using instagram to declare he's done nothing wrong. by tuesday evening, los angeles police saying something else. >> he'll be going downtown where he's booked for assault with a deadly weapon. >> reporter: police seen talking to him. they were called to the star's address early tuesday morning. >> location two
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and asking for help. >> reporter: brown just completed his probation period in 2015. in 2013 he was charged with a misdemeanor assault for hitting a man outside a washington d.c. hotel. brown was ordered to rehab, but he was later dismissed from the facility for violating the rules. this time the entertainer says this is bogus. >> what i care about is you defacing my name as a person and my character and integrity. i am a father. i am one of the best entertainers out here. >> reporter: police say brown was cooperative. abc news, los angeles. he was cooperative. it just took a while for him to leave the house, 11 hours. >> he kept saying what is all this talk about a stand off. i'm inside my house. tense moments. and he tweeted also during it that i'm off
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>> right. okay. an interesting case there. we'll be hearing more about it soon. coming up in the next half hour, see more on the fiery crash on a new york highway. good samaritans jump to the rescue of a woman inside a burning car. first how much do you think this multimillion dollar condo in new york city actually goes for? our exclusive look inside and the price tag that might surprise you in your special edition of lifestyles of the rich and some dude.
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♪ ♪ >> i was digging it until i saw how huge my head was. >> i think your icon was trying to do the jefferson walk too. new york has always been known for the high sky real estate prices. in fact, the average price of a manhattan participant topped $2 million. >> average. but for fabulous you need a lot more. eight digits as i just found out for our latest installment
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lifestyles with the rich and kendis. ♪ it's not manhattan's upper east side, but you feel like you were moving on up by moving into the swanky apartment. 10 rooms. four bedrooms. 7 1/2 baths and patio space for days. >> this is just an elevator. deborah is realtor to the elite, the stars, and us. >> let's take a look around. >> let me take you inside. >> all right. off we go on a tour of one of the most expensive participants in all of new york city. it remind me of the voice, this chair. >> it is
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let's just divert to the left for a moment to take a look at the kitchen. because the kitchen is very special. >> special. >> very subtle. beautiful marble counters. baked lava stone counters. and the original building had the barrel vaulted brick ceiling. so they did the barrel vaulted glaze tile. it reminds of the original ceilings in the building. welcome to the great room, and it is a great room. >> i don't know where it got the name great. it's huge. >> it suits this room. three exposures of glass. you're facing northeast and west fully in glass. great space. beautiful fireplace, and access to a spectacular terrace.
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5,000 square feet of exterior space. it wraps completely around the apartment. >> this is my favorite. >> this is your favorite? i can understand why. it is temperature controlled wine cellar. >> are these real? >> they're real, but they're basically props. if somebody bought the apartment, they'd fill it with the wines of their choice. >> as long as there's 12% alcohol, we're great. look over there. this condo reflects the new york city housing market. high-rise markets go for $95 million. this place is a whopping $58 million. >> here is probably my favorite bedroom. beautiful bath. beautiful closet. and this room has three exposures.
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>> intimate and beautiful. the north view, you catch the top of the empire state building and a lot of other iconic buildings. you can see almost the river to the west and you see all the wr bridges to the east. >> this is a million dollar listing in here. >> this is one of my favorite bedrooms. >> could i afford this apartment if i had seven dry cleaner stores? >> anyone who has an eye for design and beauty and light could probably buy the apartment. >> a huge bank account. so your monthly taxes for that is about $8,265. estimate monthly payment. including mortgage, building fees and taxes, about $265,000 a month. >> that's after you've paid $58 million for it? >> well, that includes your mortgage payments and then some.
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time now for the mix. of course, lately when we talk about donald trump we're talking about his presidential run. he is still a businessman. and he is opening a new hotel in d.c. it's bragging new luxury rights. this is in the old post office building. in the federal triangle. there's luxury dining and cocktails in the bar and lounge area. there's a high end wine tasting that's draw's people's attack. you're supposed to be tasting these high end wines with a crystal spoon. they call it a presentation technique. we've never before encounters. >> why? >> it tastes better? >> i guess it does.
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like halfway between the white house and the capitol in d.c. >> all the movers and shakers. >> exactly with their crystal spoons and wine. >> equal time, i guess. there's now a hash tag going viral, hugs for hillary. erik turner is from houston, texas, a fitness model. he came out with this new hash tag on his blog called hot bod squad. he will be known from this day forth as the hot naked dude who really likes hillary clinton. you remember when we had the obama girl with a crush on obama. he invited other fitness models to do the same thing. >> oh. >> okay. this is just a look at some of the hunks for hillary. all righty. >> i like those guys. >> yeah. the one in the middle with the shirt on,
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>> the dplaglasses are bringing whole look together. >> patriotic. i guess none of them are hitting up the crystal spoon wine tasting. >> a dog goes over. boaters look. they find nothing. one of the fisherman who went out on the search party decides to tell his wife who operates a facebook page lost dogs. she puts out a message about the dog being overboard. 20,000 people come out to look for the dog and the dog is found. a 17-year-old wanted to do her senior photo on this beautiful lake. there you see her. she recently went out with a photographer to do her senior photo. they settled on this location there. guess what happened. she got photo bombed by a
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guy and his dog.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump's trip to the border is taking a slightly more southern detour. on the eve of his big immigration speech he has announced he's going to mexico. we'll have the latest including a preview of what we can expect from the campaign trail. >> a number of major storms overnight. tropical systems are putting a damper on end of summer vacation celebrations. and hawaii bracing for what could be its first direct hit ever. and new this half hour, surveillance video of what could have been a tragic scene. >> a driver backs into a gas tank knocking it over. vehicles burst into flames and in one car two children are trapped inside. we'll show you what happens next. and the new leading man named for season 21 of the bachelor. who is he?


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