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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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good morning washington.
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turning now to the presidential race.. this morning--
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traveling to mexico. the gop nominee accepted an invite from the country's president to meet privately. it's all happening just hours before trump delivers a much anticipated speech to clarify his shifting stance on his core campaign message... immigration. abc's kenneth moton has more. our mission is to connect you to the presidential candidates.
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out to all the presidential candidates to participate in extended interviews. we want to give you a voice in this historic and important race for the white house -- so let us know what questions you would ask the candidates. share your thoughts with us in an email to your voice at breaking overnight-- two people are hospitalized following a double shooting in northeast. it happened just before 11 pm in the 1300 block of brentwood road. the victims, a man and woman, reportedly walked into a fire station looking for medical assistance. one of them is reportedly in serious condition this morning. police have not released any information on a possible suspect, or a motive for the shooting. happening now.. an investigation underway in howard county, after a ten year old girl gets on the wrong school bus, and ends up lost in a different county. kia payne says monday was her 10 year old daughter's first day at murray hill middle in laurel.
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the girl quickly realized she got on the wrong bus. she told the driver who dropped her off on the street. the school system tells us although their driver thought he was being helpful he did not do what he was trained to do, which was take the 6th grader back to murray hill. the girl ended up over the prince george's county line, before a store owner finally helped her get home. it's unclear if the driver will be disciplined. meanwhile-- a change could be coming to all school schedules in maryland for next year. governor larry hogon and comptroller peter franchot, two of the state's strongest advocates for starting the school year after labor day, say they will make a major announcement on the subject later this afternoon. so far, the governor's office is keeping tight-lipped. but, a media advisory sent out by franchot's office has triggered speculation that hogan may take some sort of executive action to delay the start of the school year st
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update you when governor hogan makes his announcement. its worth mentioning arlington, fairfax, stafford and alexandria city school districts in virginia all start after labor day. hudson river rescue. police jump into action after a ferry slams into a group of kayakers. why police say the two sides may not have seen each other until it was too late. and a simple mistake leads to a fiery crash at a quiet gas station. we'll show you how it played out.. and who investigators say is to blame.
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musician chris brown-- is facing serious charges.
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is the victim here. we will tell
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coming up. an elaborate prank on a new york train is enough to make your skin crawl. now the person behind it.. is facing criminal charges. did they go too far?
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several kayakers are recovering this morning, following
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rescue on the hudson river in new york. police say a group of about ten kayakers were traveling on the river, when a ferry struck them. investigators say the sun was low at the time, and may have hampered visibility on the water way. witnesses say one of the kayakers nearly lost an arm in the accident. the captain was reportedly tested for alcohol at the
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scene, and was completely sober. police say both the kayakers and water vessels are tasked with staying out of each others way. newly released surveillance video shows what happened when a car hit a gas pump at a gas station in farmington, connecticut. police say the 70-year-old driver backed into the pump monday, after accidentally hitting the accelerator instead of the brake. a woman pulled two children to safety as the gas caught fire. the blaze spread quickly.. destroying two cars and damaging three others. but no one was injured. it's still unclear if the driver will face charges. a brooklyn woman is in custody this morning, after a bizarre prank on a train. last wednesday, zaida pugh posed as a homeless woman selling crickets, as the train crossed the manhattan bridge. a man who was in on the prank knocked the bucket of bugs out of her hands. the insects went
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and a rider pulled the train's emergency brake. the train remained stalled on the bridge for a half-hour. pugh admits, the prank is not her first. at first, police thought she was emotionally disturbed, and took her to a hospital. but after she told the media the incident was a prank, police put out a warrant. she was arrested yesterday. charges against her include reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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495 @ 50 95 @ fredricksburg
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tuesday-- after a woman says he pulled a gun on her in his home. just a few minutes ago police confirmed that he bailed out for a quarter-million dollars. danya bacchus has more on what happened. there is much more ahead on good morning washington.
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that breaking news a pedstrian struck by a pickup truck in prince george's county. it happened on suitland parkway at naylor road - right by the dc/pg line. john gonzalez is live on the scene. hi john.


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