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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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injured. when the rescuers got here they found a 19-year-old woman, seven months pregnant stabbed repeatedly. she was rushed to a trauma center. she informed them that it was domestic in nature. an 18-year-old male has been taken into custody. we have learned this stretch of land is pathway between einstein high school and the neighborhood beyond. there is no relation to the montessori school. what prompted it? we understand it was domestic in nature. there was a relationship between the 19-year-old victim and the 18-year-old allegedly arrested in connection with the attack. still awaiting word on the condition of the v
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and her baby as well. we're reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: move to a lighter story. virginia's so-called king's dominion law replicated by ocean city ordinance in maryland. larry hogan has an executive order to send the students back to class avenue labor day. you can tell us what you think at register your ideas there. brad bell has specifics. brad: larry hogan says he is doing what the people want. drawing cheers on the oklahoma city boardwalk and signs the new rule. >> it's the law of the land in maryland. brad: next year he is demanding the schools start after labor day and end by june 15. the school year is still 180 days. what happens
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districts. >> this isn't just a family issue. it's an economic and a pun lick safety issue. an -- public safety issues and an issue that straws strong bipartisan support among the overwhelming marylanders. prez already opposition. statement from the president of the montana county school board. prohibiting schools starting before labor day ignore critical issues faced by schools and the negative instructional impact on students. the governor's response is too bad. he has the authority to make the change and he is only doing what is right for the state and that includes the ocean city boardwalk and the iconic business. harvey works at amusement park and says ocean city could use the extra week. >> you can see this
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schools have already started. influx of people already left. brad: but the for's estimate post labor day school start means $80 million in businesses statewide. in ocean city, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: montgomery county schools are not thrilled with the order. we have a closer look at what they are saying tonight at 6:00. michelle: if you are planning to take advantage of the holiday weekend, mother nature may have a say in your plans. chief meteorologist doug hill is keeping an eye on the tropical system that could change our forecast. doug: monday and tuesday i stood hoar with some confidence saying it would sunny and warmer. but during the they we're changing our tune because of the computer models that are handling the future and the genesis of this. tropical storm hermine in the gulf of mexico.
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in the afternoon we see that the track will go west. it's close to 7 miles per hour and it will make landfall early friday morning on the upper florida coast. then saturday afternoon the sustained winds of 60 miles per hour. then it cuts across the lower bay off the shore with 40-mile-per-hour winds in jersey by monday. so with that the forecast trend is about right. probably not going to have sunshine. we'll be dealing with rain across our area and awful conditions across the beaches. more to say about that in a few minutes. michelle: new information tonight after an accident killed a 5-month-old and left a mother fighting for her life. i happened this morning where riverside parkway meets kipheart drive. down the treat from seldens landing elementary school. q mccray is live with the latest on the
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q? q: we found out that the baby and the mom were dropping off on older sibling on the way home. the school sent out letters saying there is grief counselors on hand for whoever needs them. it happened in this crosswalk. the neighbors heard screams for help. >> breaks my heart. >> i can't think of anything worse to happen. q: this is the scene in the neighborhood of landsdown, virginia. >> i heard this. i saw people running. q: she encountered a mother and her baby lying in the middle of riverside parkway. according to the loudoun county sheriff this is after 8:00 a.m. the pai
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>> the driver took a heft-hand turn and struck the mom and the baby in stroller. q: the driver in the s.u.v. stayed until authorities showed up. >> i'll still shivering. i couldn't see the baby lying there. looked like a doll. looked small. q: what she witnessed haunts her. >> she couldn't move. q: a mother and her baby were hospitalized. meanwhile at the scene, the first to drop off flower. >> that is the least i could do. when i heard about it, i was devastated i go on this run every day. my heart breaks. q: the makeshift memorial has grown. the driver who stayed at the scene is cooperating 100% with the law enforcement. it's r
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will face charges or not. we'll keep you posted. that is the latest. i'm q mccray for abc7 news. leon: thank you, q. metro safetrack push will mean changes for the marine corps marathon. abc7 transportation reporter is live in arlington where they shared word of a new route. new ways to get there. what did you hear about this? >> they are training for the 26.2 miles but it might be the mile or so to get to the start of the race that is the most complicated. we are at the icoffinnic -- iconic location. but getting to the final finish line will be a change from the past. they are trying to limit the depensy on metro. it's not opening early that it has in the past. thanks to the safetrack program.
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infrastructure. metro will not open at 5:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. will be the opening time. marine corps marathon organizers are offering shuttle buses for runners and spectators hours before the race begins. free and paid parking offers are as well. they will offer more buses on the 42 route from ballston to the pentagon. in addition to all of this, the race courses have been changed. the start time has been pushed back than in later years. they still don't know what safetrack surge will be going on with the race happens on october 30. metro is still finalizing the plans for the final five stages. the race director tells abc7 this race will go on regardless of the other changes comes their way. >> i'm not scared. not that i am looking for opportunity to fix
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problem. if it came, we are not running away from it. brianne: race organizers said this isn't the first time they had to make changes. after 9/11 they had to change the entire race course. the runners from all 50 states. one traveling from texas to be part of the race and what he said about the adjustment at 6:00. leon: metro is not starting for the marathon. they are not running late for the bruce springsteen concert tomorrow night either. that could be an issue if he does a repeat of the last show in new jersey last night. bruce and the e. street band set a recorden if the longest show in the u.s.. they ran three hours and 59 minutes. that is seven minutes shorter than the longest show ever in helsinki four years ago. michelle: turning to vote 2016. in
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joint head conference with mexican president enrique peña nieto. jonathan elias is at the "live desk" with more on the meeting. jonathan: an interesting meeting to say the least. the republican presidential candidate made a trip before delivering a much anticipated speech on immigration in arizona. that will be the focus. today trump call the dangerous journey that so many people embarks on from mexico to the u.s. hundredtarian disasters -- hundredtarian disasters -- humanitarian disasters. a reporter asked about the plan to build a wall between u.s. and mexico. he answered saying he is confident that the two countries can work together quickly to stop illegal border crossing but mexico must respect the united states right to build on its sovereign land. we'll have more at 11:00. from the "live desk," jonathan
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elias, back to you. michelle: thank you. hillary clinton spoke to thousands of shet -- veterans in cincinnati today and said donald trump's view of the world goes against the idea of exceptionallism and said it takes more than a quick trip to mexico to make up a year of insults and insinuations. leon: we want you to have a voice in vote 2016. send us questions you would ask the presidential candidates if you had a chance. we have 65 sister stations across the country and we have reached out for opportunities to speak to the candidates no matter where they are across the land. e-mail us your questions at michelle: coming up at 5:00, historic journey. why heading to cuba is easier tonight but still not a piece of cake. leon: tracking the tr
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u.s. michelle: "7 on your side" getting results about a poorly placed speed camera. we told you about this yesterday. is the fix worse than the original problem? >> the rule for drone pilots changed. i'm cheryl conner. coming up, we will
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leon: drones have become a go-to tool for news organization looking to give you a bird's eye view after a natural disaster. as cheryl conner explains there are restrictions eased to make it easier for businesses to use them. cheryl: on the runway you can hear a drone take off. as it slides up the noise goes away and we're left with images. aerial pictures and videos are appealing. now as of monday it's easier for companies to make money off the unmanned aircraft. >> it's not a big difference as far as how we operate. it's the fact we have a specific pilot license opposed to having to consult and bring someone in. cheryl: the cofounder of global air media. he has done work in the d.c. area with construction and real estate companies and just a month ago he was hired by a company to produce the images following the floods in elco
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>> so having a drone pilot license boosts credibility. cheryl: he was 29 years old and saw the potential for drones working for his dad. the drone pilots can't fly above 400 feet. they have to keep in a visual line of sight. they can't fly over people's head and they can't flight at night 679 reggie is a flight instructor to keep kids how to have fun and make money in the future. >> when we give them training even kids at 8 and 9 can understand the rule and operate the drone safely. cheryl: now that the dreaded pilot's license is not necessary, he hopes the business will soar. in ellicott city, cheryl conner, abc7 news. michelle: 7 is on storm watch tonight. rip currents are already forming off of isle of palm, south carolina. this is a live picture of the
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meteorologist josh knight is keeping tabs on that storm and three others threatening florida and hawaii. josh: hawaii saying, "aloha" to the threat of storms. this mcdonald's boarded up. businesses getting prepared covering their windows, too. not one but two hurricanes are barreling toward the island chain. businesses cooperated. >> this is very unusual behavior for the hawaiian islands. >> that is just one hot spot facing extreme weather. >> this is the heart of the hurricane season. boy are the tropics busy. >> rain pouring
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a storm moves in there. part of the state under hurricane and tropical storm warnings. the foreboding clouds in sarasota and red flag warning at the beach in jacksonville. some residents forced from their homes. >> the major from the left evacuated. >> governor rick scott declaring a state of emergency. getting ready for the damage. >> we'll have power lines down and wind but don't drive in standing water or touch a down power line. michelle: it sounds like the labor day could be work for people. doug: in all seriousness after doing this for 40 years it's interesting and exciting, too. you see how volatile the storms are. we had been in good faith making our forecast off the coast but now the models
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coming together keeping it inland. now the hurricane center has it inland. that changes everything in the forecast for the weekend. get you started. tell you what we know and what we expect. this is a satellite image of what you would see if you were in earth orbit. you would see the thunderstorm clusters blowing up before you eyes. you can see how the storm is flaring up. this is on the move northeast. the madison regatta are playing last i heard. they moved up the game tonight because of this. but they will pick up two more inches tonight. nothing dangerous, just rainy. the storm center will cross here sometime late thursday. with the winds close to hurricane force. this is the latest on tropical storm
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45 miles per hour top winds. the center is off center but they expect it to get i was act together and intensify and move more quickly and make the landfall late thursday friday morning and moving northeast and staying over land. that is what things our forecast. as the storms get farther north and lose the support of the water over land they will change from a tropical system so what we will call extra tropical system. this is going to encounter a cold front and take the energy and spread it to a big round circle. from a tropical structure to a rainstorm. what it means for you for most of the area it's not sunny and mild. it's rather cloudy and breezied and rainy. the beaches will have a lot of rain and rough surf and riptides. it won't race awa
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i could influence the monday, labor day. this is the to getty plot with the -- spaghetti plot to look at the hurricanes. if you take the center of the road approach even that seens itland. the official track moved back to keep the center of circulation on land through southeast virginia. the rainfall through noon on saturday. look at the numbers. four inches in columbia. six inches in raleigh, north carolina. three inches in virginia beach. heaviest rains will pass north and east. keep this in mind for your plans this evening. tonight clouds and from the 80's to the mid-80's tonight. as we get through the overnight hours it's calm and muggy. tomorrow cooler and passing shower. nice weather on friday. friday night looks as though the clouds will move in. and we are
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breezy, not so current weather. we'll keep our finger crossed for sunday on monday. michelle: we have that to hope for. thank you. coming up at 5:00 -- mike: i'm mike carter-conneen from alexandria where the firefighters got sense of operation awareness and response training from norfolk southern. how new technology could save lives with a derailment involving hazardous material. leon: later the link that one four-legged friend was willing to go
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leon: 16 cars went off the track when can csx train derailed last may. no one was hurt. but incidents like that one have rail system across the country preparing for what could happen. mike carter-conneen went to alexandria for the fornoke southern emergency responder trainer. mike: at the bulk transfer facility, first responders from across the region climbed on top of and inside of tanker cars. the specialized rail training included how to stop a leak. the derailments are very rare. with 99.9% of
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without any problems but in an emergency firefighters are typically the first to arrive. with chlorine, propane and other flammable or cover rose i material containing it quickly is critical. >> a lot of response is system where they have to evaluate what they have and make sure that the public is protected. >> we are rely on the train to help us out. mike: the rail industry safety app identifies the rail car number and input it in the app they can find out whether the car is loaded or empty. how to proceed if there is an emergency and the company for that company. >> what cars are involved or the products that are involved. mike: the training included a tour of engine. >> how to hook up and unhook locate motive. >> they offer similar training to f
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agencies. 200 local first responders are expected to participate in this course. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: still ahead on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- from bad to worse. find out what happened when we asked questions about the placement of the speed camera. kimberly: history was made in the first commercial flight to cuba in 55 years. why can't americans just sit on a beach there? i'm kimberly suiters with the answer coming up.
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michelle: hours ago the first commercial flight in 50 years touched down in cuba. it went from fort lauderdale to santa clara with plenty of journalists on board. the rules are relaxing by the day for americans looking to travel to cuba. leon: the department of transportation approved daily flights to havana. starwood became the first air rape in decades. michelle: -- the first airline in decades. michelle: but there is still a catch. it is illegal for tourists to go to cuba. how did kimberly suiters get there? leon:
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kimberly: i did this on the up and up. cuba is the fastest growing destination for american consumers but you have to go under one of 12 categories. i went on an educational people to people license with tour group of 22 americans. i recorded the entire experience on my iphone. antique american cars. hemingway's home for 20 years. 90 miles from the u.s. an embargo they closed 50 years ago. trading with the enemy act. to isolate the cuban government economically and deprive it of american dollars. but the u.s. law deprived americans from traveling
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freely. >> you hear language in spanish, german and french. two span inpeople came and asked i thought americans were not allowed to travel to cuba. >> obama legalized it and americans poured in. still an american sighting in a taxi on a hot havana night is considered novel. still, the u.s. limits what we request do. if an american tourist wanted to skip the whole day and sit on the beach can we do that? >> you can't. it's illegal for americans just to go to the beach. kimberly: who would stop me from going out on the beach for five hours tomorrow? >> certainly not me. kimberly: i did go to beach quickly. but many more hours spent like this. here where they turned roof into a
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here people pick up the food rations. here an artist dramatically transforms a neighborhood. u.s. rules require full schedule of educational actives to have contact with the cuben people, even the tiniest cubans. >> ♪ the itsy bitsy spider >> one apologized we were requires to listen to the lecture. he called the limited cuba travel a hole in a swiss cheese embargoes that cubans want to melt away. >> we're meant to be friends. >> you like our art. we love your art. we are hasn't to
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>> american credit cards don't work in cuba. we can't take out more than $100 of alcohol. the most convenient way to comply with the law is pay $3,000 and up to the u.s. tour companies and then keep the itinerary for five years asproof that we learned about communist cuba but we didn't lounge around there. it doesn't lack like the u.s. is enforcing the restrictions. we asked the treasury department how many americans have been penalized for going to cuba without the proper license or sitting on a gorgeous beach like this one like a tourist for hours? we look through the government records and in recent years and found american businesses are still being fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for
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individual travelers. michelle: one thing you have to do is keep a diary with you. kimberly: you have to keep your itinerary, diary. i have handwritten notes on mine. because you have a stamp from a communist country in your passport. u.s. border control said what are you doing there? you is to have proof. leon: this trip for you is a nice advertisement for the iphone. kimberly: right. leon: give it to you. the question i'm sure a lot of people have is what does, what changes now with the flight that happened today? kimberly: everyone got to take a quick commercial flight like to charlotte or miami or new york. when i went in july we had to go through a charter flight. get at the airport four hours in advance on both ends. not as reliable. but the flight landed 150 miles away from havana. th
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cuba. the havana airport i landed is tiny. it's about the size of the studio. they have a lot of building to do with the influx of americans. leon: very interesting. i want you to go back a year from now and i want to see what you change once the american influence gets in there. there will be a ton of change. kimberly: that is why we went now. leon: we're jealous. michelle: that is a nice office. for a week i'll take that. thank you. leon: see you. coming up at 5:00 -- a program empowering youth to transform the community through art. michelle: from al-qaeda extremist to research fellow. reaction after the george washington university hires a former al-qaeda recruiter. what he hopes to accomplish and what the man who made the controversial hire is saying ahead at 6:00.
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steve: moving closer to the extended holiday weekend and i hate to say this this but it's not looking good for the delmarva beaches. tropical storm hermine will be overhead moving in the day on saturday and into sunday. but by monday we'll salvage the forecast a little bit. saturday and sunday, rehoboth beach, cloudy, rainy and windy. temperatures are upper 70's. a little bit of sunshine on monday with temperatures in the lower 80's. we will keep you up
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michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. right now you can only get them at stores like this in tysons corner but ma tell says you -- mattel says you will soon buy american girl doll at toys r us as well. the next american girl line, the welly wishers doll will be available in some stores on sunday and then nationwide in late october. leon: young residents in montgomery county neighborhood found a way to combat crime where they live by using art. since it start it the colorful projects improved the lighting
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created a sense of community. it makes common ground this week's "harris' hero." it wasn't long ago that parents in quebec terrace didn't feel it was safe for the children to play outside. inside a small community these days the young residents are working to improve the neighborhood through a program called common ground. run by non-profit arts on the block. >> what color will look good there? leon: they're making mosaic steppingstone to be part of a rain garden. >> i love nature. leon: previous projects had address plaques, painted windows and the largest, the pair of mosaic stairwell to the community. >> it makes me feel good. it's part of the neighborhood. i'm so proud of being i
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there the experience a powerful message. >> everything they do inspire others as well. >> how the arts can build community. a community that is art rich is rich period. a little touch can mean so much and make a difference. leon: pretty cool. michelle: yeah. leon: it allowed the kids to showcase the accomplishment. arts on the block has year-round programming. by them putting the art there out there it makes them invest in themselves in their own community so they want to preserve and take care of it. michelle: gives them a sense of ownership. they say i did that. nice. leon: way to go. michelle: still ahead at 5:00 -- >> this is the reason we do what we do. michelle: the length a dog
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family with help along the way. >> the third most profitable speed camera has been moved to a new location. why the same critics say
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"7 on your side" investigation, d.c. police moved a profitable camera. the critics said the camera made the district $7 million last year was in an unsafe location. the same critics say the new location is also unsafe. chris papst has the update you will see only on 7. chris: 24 hours ago that the district's third most profittial speed camera was located here inside the white line on the road that critics said was a safety hazard. today the same camera is located here. 100 yards north of where it was between the guardrail and the highway. critics say this location could be more unsafe. lawrence c
5:47 pm
exit one to get answers. he wanted to check out the speed camera. that recently sent him $100 fine. it tickets a lot of people. when he got here the camera was gone following a "7 on your side" investigation. it had been moved. >> it's probably in a worst spot now than in the first place. >> a.a.a. agrees. >> it's a foreign object on the side of the road. >> they say this location is in violation of the highway safety. just like lightway and the road signs this camera should be outside the guardrail. we questioned i.p.d. about the new location who said we decided to move it to the side of the road out of the abundance of caution. >> if someone has an emergency or errant motorist makes a mistake they will collide in the speed camera. >> in a dangerous spot before and dangerous spot now. chris: chris papst, abc7 news. leon: wow! see if t
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check cameras we like. jamie sullivan. jamie: we're not liking them right now. there is a huge backup for everyone extended their weekend and headed back from the beach. this is before you get to the bay bridge. two lanes blocked, overturned tractor trailer. 2 miles per hour. let's talk about how big the backup here. just over two hours. if you are taking anyone home from the beach they won't be here in time for dinner and they will miss dessert, the. no accidents, just the typical delay. 14 miles per hour. bow. michelle: the next story makes "homeward bo
5:49 pm
documentary. they were on the boat in the lake michigan when dog riley an the boat started to have mechanical problems. one went to steer and the other went to check the engine and riley went overboard. they didn't realize she was missing until ten minutes later. a search team couldn't locate riley. so they asked people on facebook to keep a lookout. >> we had 20,000 people look at the post online. i saw that and it like we'll find the dog. >> they kept receiving new posts of citings until they were able to track her down at a campground. 10-month-old melnanwaw swam six miles and walked a dozen more searching for her family. leon: doggie triathlon. michelle: glad they were reunited. leon: amazing.
5:50 pm
michelle: amazing that facebook helped. leon: way to go. you are right. that does make it the homewardbound sound like a documentary. amazing story. the weather, we can't classify that as amazing. doug: it's fairly nice tomorrow. nice on friday. i have been told to quit while you are ahead so goodbye. the weekend is not so nice. let's talk abit and the latest on tropical storm hermine. a blob of the thunderstorms in the gulf of mexico. if you look closely you can see the thunderstorm tops way high in the tropesphere. the west coast of florida, tampa bay inundated with tons of rain. torrential downward continues. tomorrow night will be worse than now but right now is heavy rain with more
5:51 pm
top winds at 45 miles per hour. moving at 7 miles per hour. it could be a hurricane before it makes landfall in the upper coast and stay inland. a new track. closer to us. so the weekend is not sunny and pleasant. it's going to rainy and down right nasty with dangerous rip currents along the mid-atlantic beaches. this is a wet forecast for saturday and sunday. worse at the beach. fingers and toes crossed for better on lay bar i do. this is projected rainfall. close to six at raleigh. trending west. so the rain and is significant rainfall is a possibility. so tonight, enjoy. have fun. find out what is happening sports wise. erin hawksworth,
5:52 pm
have for us? erin: torrential rain and it's continuing to pound the stadium in tampa. the redskins held an annual welcome home lunchen today. it was different this year as only the starters were asked at the lunchen and the rest of the team are getting ready to play the bucs tonight. scott abraham has the story. scott: the redskins in split squad mode. half if team in -- half the team in tampa and the other half here. >> you have to adjust and make the best of it. wish them well. >> the starters getting together at a restaurant later tonight to cheer on the teammates. >> it will be live. we'll have a lot of fun
5:53 pm
>> 600 guests attended the lunchen today. 25 redskins with the summer shirts pingalaling with the -- mingling with the alumni that broke out the jackets. >> talk about what is going on now and i asked about the careers and a good conversation. getting ready for the season to kick off. >> a week away from the season opener. can you taste it? >> i can't wait. feel it, breathe it. everything. red red nation can't wait. scott abraham, abc7 sports. erin: thank you. ravens held the final practice before they take off for new orleans. the starters will be on the sideline thursday for the other players battling for jobs there is plenty at stake. the nfl team has to cut the roster to 53 by saturday afternoon. a lot of dreams coming to an end. sad. abc7 has been the home for the
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ravens this preseason. it cou
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like...
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a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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michelle: only on 7, concern about neglected homes as sam ford reports a national organization says whether some banks take care of vacant foreclosed homes depends on the demographics of the neighborhood. >> bust through my mom's wall. about two or three times. then stole things out of her house. sam: he is talking about vandals that burglarized their home in district height through the vacant foreclosed house next door owned by the bank of america. >> they let the trash accumulate. >> shana smith held a nationwide webinar announcing she
5:58 pm
with hub for racial discrimination saying the bank maintains property in white neighborhoods but not in minority neighborhoods. >> they take care of them in predominantly white neighborhood. they board the lawn and secure the door. >> the property has been like this for a year. a nuisance and a teenage hang out. >> they are hiding behind the cars. late at night they want to smoke weed. >> the bushnels next door put the cameras inside their home because of the break-ins. >> we are supposed to feel safe. not go through all of this. >> the bank of america in a statement today accused the housing alliance of seeking significant money from the company saying the fact is the bank of america has neutral and uniform practices to the management of the bank-owned properties across the country, regardless of the demographic makeup of the location. any suggestion to the contrary is simply u
5:59 pm
we asked shanna smith in her opinion if any of the financial institutions was doing the right thing? she said wells fargo fixes them up and puts them on the market no matter what neighborhood it is. and the neighbor don't have the problems. reporting from district heights, maryland, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. >> now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: first at 6:00, a tropical storm threatening the mainland united states. right now tropical storm hermine gaining strength in the gulf of mexico. by the holiday weekend it could bring a big change to our area. chief meteorologist doug hill has the latest. doug: there is a chance tropical storm hermine could reach hurricane status before it makes landfall in the gulf coast over the next 48 hours. it's been building all day. now it's strong and getting stronger. a lot of thunderstorm activity. the top winds are 45 miles per hour. there has been a big change.
6:00 pm
and joining us, past few days we have been talking about the storm track saying well southeast to give us a beautiful weekend. the track moved westward to keep it on land meaning it will have an effect on the weather. period of rain and pleasant weather at the beach. we'll have 60 miles per hour as a post tropical storm along virginia and the north carolina line on saturday the way it looks. it will mean a lot of rain. the preponderance of tracks here keeps it inland and go off the lower bay. it will be interesting to watch. it's interesting tomorrow to see what the spaghetti plots do. then we have the weekend and we will talk about that and the timing of the rain developing in a little bit. maureen, back


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