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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and joining us, past few days we have been talking about the storm track saying well southeast to give us a beautiful weekend. the track moved westward to keep it on land meaning it will have an effect on the weather. period of rain and pleasant weather at the beach. we'll have 60 miles per hour as a post tropical storm along virginia and the north carolina line on saturday the way it looks. it will mean a lot of rain. the preponderance of tracks here keeps it inland and go off the lower bay. it will be interesting to watch. it's interesting tomorrow to see what the spaghetti plots do. then we have the weekend and we will talk about that and the timing of the rain developing in a little bit. maureen, back
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the storm heading for florida is causing flooding there and having an impact here. as a precaution, amtrak says it is suspending rail service tomorrow and friday. that will include auto train 52 and 53 between lorton, virginia, and stanford, florida. trains will be stopped on the silver star 91 at 92 as well as on the silver meteor 97 and 98 while the storm passes. remember you can take the storm watch weather team with you when you travel. just download the free storm watch weather app. available in the itunes and the google play stores. leon: lets get to breaking news in kensington from the last hour. stephen tschida is standing by on the scene of an attack that happened there. a pregnant woman was stabbed. tell us what happened? >> the call came 3:20. thism wol was stabbed on this pathway between -- this woman was stabbed on the pathw
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months pregnant. rushed to the trauma center. they determined it was domestic in nature. they apprehended 18-year-old male and taken him to custody for questioning at this time. no word on the condition of the 19-year-old woman nor that of the fee cuss. however, -- nor that of the fetus. she has surpassed the golden hour so that bodes well for her survival. leon: thank you. keep us posted on what you learn there. now, we move to the tragedy in leesburg after a 5-year-old baby boy in a stroll erwas struck and killed by an s.u.v. the baby mother pushing the boy in a stroller across riverside parkway near seldens landing elementary school. that is where they were hit. the mother survived. but was critically hurt. the witness describe horrifying scene. >> i'm still shivering. i couldn't see the baby lying there. looks
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so small. >> breaks my heart. >> i can't think of anything worse. >> the mother was in the crosswalk at the time and the driver was making a left-hand turn. the driver did stay on the scene. it's not clear who had the right-of-way at the time. no charges have been filed. maureen: a major shift coming to every public school in maryland a year from now. >> maryland public schools to start classes after labor day and it will require them to end the school year by june 15. maureen: larry hogan has mandated a later school start date. it's similar to king's dominion law to get more tourism dollars before the end of summer. the change is already proving divisive. kevin lewis is following that part of the story. kevin?
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kevin: the students are indifferent. educators are agitated. one administrator telling me every school system would already be doing this if it actually worked. >> after labor day? wow! >> it makes more sense. >> it could be good and bad. kevin: mixed reaction to governor hogan executive order to start school avenue labor day and still complete 180 days of class by june 15. >> i don't know if it matter toes the parents. i know it concerns the teachers. kevin: within hours, howard, machine -- montgomery and prince george's school blasted the measure. the glee if parents have on a late start will be mitigated on the anger they have as the decisions that have to be made as a result of the mandate. >> this is an economic and a public safety issue. kevin: he
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post labor day start will add $74 million to the maryland economy. he cited polls that 70% of marylanders start. >> i hope it's money to go in to improve the school system. it makes sense if it is based on that. >> sometimes change is good. if it makes the kids perform better i'm all for it. kevin: a source with deep educational ties in the state of maryland called the move political theater adding that the school board don't answer to the governor's office and could defeat the measure on appeal. live in burtonsville, kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: metro safetrack work bringing changes to the marine comes marathon this year. the runners still have to navigate the 22.2-mile course but where they are going and when they will start is changg.
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brianne carter is joining us from arlington with the latest on what is changes. what is new this year? brianne: a lot of preparation to get along the finish line at the iconic spot. but now the runners have to prepare more before they lace these up and hit the course. it's called the people's marathon but getting people to the start line this year is going to be more challenging. >> i specifically chose a hotel near the finish line. near a metro station so i could take the metro rail to the start. >> this year metro isn't opening two hours early for the race. so runners will have to find alternatives. >> it's prompted adjustment to the marine corps marathon and the m.c.m. 10k. brianne: organizers if for marine corps
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announced they will provide shuttle buses and additional parking options to reduce the need for trains for runners and spectators. the marathon will keep the same start time but the runners delayed will have 60 minutes following the start of the race to get onto the course. marine corps 10k runners have more time with the race starting 80 minutes later than previous years. instead of starting on the national mall, the 10k runners will do all six miles in arlington. >> it is starting in the north pentagon parking lot. >> richard says he has been looking forward to running the race again and isn't going to let a few adjustments get in his adage. >> i'm going to learn to improvise, overcome and adapt. brianne: metro is going to add additional eight-car trains on blue and yellow line, those most impacted on the start and the finish. a question mark remains. what safetrack surge going on an
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in the race? the general manager of metro expected to make an announcement in september. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. still ahead at 6:00, a former al-qaeda recruiter is now on staff at george washington university. the reason he was hired and what he says he wants to accomplish. leon: also ahead an infant locked inside a hot car saved with a sledgehammer. the retired police officer in the right place at the right time and with the perfect tool. >> first, donald trump meets with mexico's president. key part of the trump border wall not discussed next at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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maureen: a retired police officer turned hero in new jersey after he heard crying coming from a car. inside the car a 4-month-old child partially covered with a blanket. temperature well over 100 degrees. >> i had a sledgehammer in the back of the car. i got it and i smashed a window. i took the baby out and i almost started to cry. it hit me home. i have six kids. maureen: the child's mother was found inside a department store nearby shopping. she is now facing criminal charges. they believe the baby had been in the
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they say even another minute in the car could have made a difference between the baby life or death. leon: coming up next, hiring extremists. a former al-qaeda recruiter new job at the george washington university. maureen: plus, it's calm and sunny now. but a tropical storm in the gulf of mexico could change that. what it means for our labor day coming up in doug hill's complete storm watch forecast. now at havertys furniture, it's our labor day sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until september 5th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. get free delivery, plus an extra hundred-dollars off every thousand-dollars you spend. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't.
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers.
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it means "terrorize them." leon: seven years ago. george washington newest employee. at the time, the man was working at recruiter for al-qaeda. a prison sentence later, though, he is a new man going again by the birth name.
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jesse morton. now george washington university hired him as a research fellow in the program on extremerism. stephen tschida talked to those what hired him. stephen: adullah muhammad seven years ago tried to fill the rank of al-qaeda. >> jesse morton. stephen: after a degree from columbia, and years in prison, jesse morton is ready for george washington university. >> i have a background of radicalizing others. i understand how to counter that. stephen: the university stresses he won't be teaching. he is researching and writing only. >> consulted with the f.b.i., u.s. attorney office and department of justice. an individual. we down path of radicalization and got out. it's
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window of something we don't have without him. >> some are not thrilled to have a man who once vowed death to americans coming to george washington university they understand the rationale. >> it doesn't hurt. it doesn't hurt. unless he blows up the school. >> this is an opportunity for me to make amends to some degree. >> morton, former radical muslim will now put his experience and knowledge in policy papers to help u.s. fight extreme extremism. stephen tschida, abc7 news. maureen: a "7 on your side" health alert. hepatitis a outbreak linked to a popular smoothie chain has spread to four states including maryland. the initial outbreak of the tropical smoothie cafe began in virginia. it's now believed to be caused by egyptian strawberries. more than 50 people have been sickened. 40 in virginia. well, we have changes underway for the weekend coming up. what should we expect?
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doug: probably rainy and breezy. up until this point we thought it was clear and nice and the tracking of the tropical storm was offshore to the aest. now it might come up over land. it changes everything. leon: it is going to hit us. doug: hermine has some effect on us. by if time it gets here it's not a tropical storm. but it could be a prolific rain maker. live look beautiful evening at the belle haven country club in alexandria. we'll enjoy a nice evening. decent ready. 89 at the reagan national airport. it hit 91. that goes in books for the final day of august. another hot day. one of the hottest months on record around here for august. as far as what will happen in the everything hours we will stay warm and muggy. we stay in 70's overnight in most of the area because of the southerly winds and the high moisture value in the air. but clare to partly cloudy. and fog in the morning. this is the visible satellite of the tropical storm hermine. late in day. boom, boom, boom. right there. that is when they were exploding.
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intentionfied and it became -- intensifieded and became a tropical storm. now it's getting stronger. the storm center in the gulf it's been pounding the west coast of florida with torrential rain. tampa especially, several inches of rain today and several more tonight. nothing violent or dangerous but rainy. as far as the storm goes, sitting and spinning and it makes a move north and it will go this way. remember yesterday we showed you the track, the tracks were here offshore. now proupon durrance pushed it inclapped -- preponderance pushed itenland. that's when you start to pay attention. it could be a hurricane before it makes landfall in the coast of florida early friday morning and track inland spreading rain. at some point it's close to the north carolina border it won't be a tropical storm. it will morph to extra tropical storm and still produce rain. still 60-mile-per-hour winds saturday afternoon. and then move off the jersey shore on monday.
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potential for a ot of rain. nasty for us. super nasty along the beaches with rain and wind. quick look at the plot shows the track most of now along or inland from thest co. interesting tomorrow at this time to see where the tracks are. by then the tracks should be consistent and competent and we can carve out a clear picture what the weekend is like. as you make weekend plans expect a lot of the rain could be nine inches over georgia and six inches in raleigh. some of the rain is headed this way for the weekend. and again tomorrow is acadia to make the weekend plans -- and tomorrow is a key day to make the weekend plans. tomorrow is nice. the weekend, not so much. erin hawksworth? erin: it's tough right now in tampa. a lot of rain. redskins rookie gets his chance to impress tonight. it could be hard to shine with all of that rain. take a look. nasty conditions there in
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erin: torrential rain continues to pound raymond james stadium in tampa this afternoon. we're now an hour and a half away from kickoff as the redskins gear up for the preseason finale against the bucs. you ca
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moved up. a wet, messy stadium. some wish the game was canceled altogether. but this is all the more reason to keep starters at home tonight. terrible conditions in tampa. despite the rain, the nate sudfeld show will go on tonight. the redskins rookie quarterback from indiana will get the first start and an opportunity to prove why he deserves the spot on the final roster. i spoke to him before the trip. he is ready for the challenge. >> i think it's also good for us to deal with adversity. not adversity but change of schedule. i mean, not everything goes perfect in a game. you have to learn how to prepare. always be ready. especially in my situation. a good thing. erin: the redskins starters will not be in tampa tonight but they were at the skins annual welcome home lunchen today in tysons corner. more than 6 600 guests
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the burgundy jackets. for the players that stayed behind and didn't go to tampa for the game it's a unique situation. >> we wish as a team we could have supported the team. the teammates were playing in a preseason game. it's more for the young guys trying to make the team. >> as a team we'll watch at a restaurant later on. still support the guys. >> sounds like a good plan. tonight at 9:00 on newschannel8, howard head coach will join me on sports talk. the bison at maryland on saturday. that's a fun game. we will preview that and talk about the upcoming season. leon: sounds good. then we will watch the skins swim home. doug: look at the holiday weekend. the weekend forecast changed. showers in the forecast. breezy conditions saturday and sunday. we might salvage sunday. view to the tropical storm hermine. steve rudin will have the latest at 11:00 and the impacts for the weekend. maureen: we'll pla
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"world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. leon: see you at 11:00.
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expect great savings and a whole lot more. breaking news tonight. donald trump's surprise trip to mexico. the high-stakes gamble. traveling south of the border. meeting with mexico's president. the gop nominee standing by building a wall, but what about mexico footing the bill? >> is there any chance mexico pays for the wall? >> what trump said, coming up. state of emergency. florida's gulf coast on alert. the tropical storm on the move tonight. and in the pacific, bracing for impact. families boarding up, closing schools, as two hurricanes target hawaii. breaking news. midair collision. the search for survivors after two planes crash into each other. plus, dangerous turbulence injuring a dozen. tonight, we'll take you inside this rough ride.


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