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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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announcer now, "good morning washington," on your side. larry: flame spread quickly through a d.c. restaurant. the lucky coincidence that sent fire crews rushing to the scene. tree in the road and problems for your commute right now. larry: tropical storm hermine changing track and strengthening fast, bad news for people in florida. and the good news in the last hour for your holiday weekend forecast. there you go. give youup, and we good news. 6:00. glad you were with us. i am larry smith. autria: i am autria godfrey. haven't we been talking all morning long about what a picture-perfect weekend it is going to be? veronica: yes, we have. the track changed yesterday, late in the afternoon, and it is now more toward the east.
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go changing your plans yet, because it could change again. that is the thing, we want to wait until it it moves inland. they have gotten rain already around the tampa bay area, gainesville, jacksonville. we are not going to see anything like the seven or eight inches of rain they have gotten, but rain at the coast -- there is still the chance of that. the possibility of showers coming through. 75 is the temperature. a little bit of sunshine could trigger some thunderstorms after 2:00 today. the high, 84. julie, you have been talking about area roads. they are going to get wet again. julie: we have been dealing with this accident, which occurred around 1:30 this morning, along 450, which is blocked off at
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that's right, this continues to be a problem in bowie, maryland. , marylandbile trak 7 450. prince george's county police have the road blocked off between race track road and crain highway. the road has been coned off. you see the flashing lights down the hill he? that is where this trade is blocking the roadway. we understand around 1:30 this morning, a single car accident -- still unclear why the driver crashed into the street -- but that tree came down. we are still trying to get confirmation on any possible injuries, but only one vehicle was involved. one person in the vehicle, and that treat now across a very busy stretch of roadway. this
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problem for the morning rush-hour. we have been getting a ton of rain overnight. unclear if that posed the problem. the road is very wet. starting tolready build here on 450 as folks have to make a very abrupt u-turn this morning here in bowie. autria: it looks from your live shot that they are doing so without a lot of structure. other top stories going to be metro -- the orange, blue, and silver lines. you can expect delays because of a switch problem at smithsonian. between mcpherson square and smithsonian, no service at this time. shuttle bus service has been requested. q mccray will bring you an update from there. , accidentund activity. they pulled it to the shoulder. right now it is a 13-minute ride from the triangle to the occoquan. in the next 10
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update your ride on the roads in the rails. jummy: breaking news overnight. huge frames ripping through a ceiling on north capitol street at a chinese carry out -- huge flames ripping through a ceiling on north capitol street at a chinese carry out. and amulets passing by -- an ambulance passing by called for help. >> the fire appears to have originated in the first floor kitchen of the carry out here it it quickly involved a first floor, extended up to the second floor, and showed itself through the roof with a considerable amount of fire. quickly ablewere to put out the flames, and no one was hurt. we want to tell you about a second fire. around the same time, three miles away, another fire sent one person to the hospital. this happened in the kitchen of a home on central avenue northeast. the person was taken to the hospital and evaluated for
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larry: happening now, police activity in alexandria. officers are at a pharmacy on duke street and north pickett street, looking into a robbery that happened less than three hours ago. the suspect implied they had a weapon and stole cash. no one was hurt and police are looking for the suspect. statione island metro -- the rhode island avenue metro station is back open. trains had to bypass the station until the system closed. a piece of metal and concrete fell onto the tracks, but there was no structural issue. an unborn baby is in stable condition, his mother improving after she was stabbed on a wooded path near montgomery county high school. the incident occurred after 3:00 yesterday afternoon near albert einstein high school. police arrested and 18-year-old -- police arrested an 18-year-old aspen hill student. the path used to be a rough place but it h
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popular cut through four kids and adults. >> kind of a lot to process because there is a school here. there are little kids over. ipass here all the time. notia: police have identified the man or said what led to the brutal attack. larry: support for victims of the silver spring explosion. latershop will be held this morning to help families recover and rebuild. the workshop will be held at the long branch community center. it killed seven people and left dozens homeless. coming up at 6:30, the new fear for residents living in the area now. autria: a hurricane watch is in effect for parts of florida. still ahead, a live report
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veronica: a cool and cloudy start to our september. we told you we would see that tt
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we are feeling today. temperatures starting out in the mid-70's, and we will get up to about 84 today. you can see areas of howard county. montgomery county soon to see more showers coming in. gaithersburg -- you will see that in the next 20 minutes or so. the big changes take place this weekend, as we could see some rain and wind over parts of our area. eileen: that's right. likely along the beaches. we have been talking about the name -- about the latest guidance that came in from the national hurricane center. it is trending eastward. go to your app store. it is free. this is the icon. once you click on it, you will be able to see our radar. this is the rain veronica was talking about. you contract the rain, right now over the gulf of mexico, with hermine. if you go down to this layer button, and you go to
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it will allow you to actually the models. that is the latest from the national hurricane center. we keep getting these updates in every few hours, and again, that trend farther east. we will talk about the timing with veronica in a little bit. julie wright, with his rain out here, i am sure it is causing problems on the roads. you will want to be using the windshield wipers and have the umbrella. onie: and leaving extra time the highways to avoid some of those delays. the store this morning is on the rails. that is the orange, blue, and silver lines. there is no service between mcpherson square and smithsonian. they have a switch problem outside smithsonian, so they have requested shuttle bus services to help you guys get around. no service between mcpherson square and smithsonian. q mccray will be with us shortly with a live update.
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morning, on marc this you can expect a 15-minute delay in these pound direction. 450 remains closed out in bowie, shut down at in each direction at race track road. there was a tree that was knocked down at the scene. therefore, the roadway remains closed off and the delays are starting to build. that is our traffic watch. in the next 10 minutes, we are updating the roads and the rails. jummy: some breaking news right now. two planes crashed into each other in midair. we are following the collision overnight. larry: and a consumer alert -- the new ratings released involving ch
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autria: 6:15 now. stormwatch 7 is tracking severe weather from coast-to-coast. 10 million people are in the path of storms. reliefpacific, a sigh of in hawaii as hurricane madeline was downgraded overnight.
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on the way. the big concern, a storm surge and possible mudslides per don the east coast, most of florida is under a state of emergency as tropical storm hermine makes its way to the gulf. he could be near hurricane strength by the time it makes landfall. the evacuations are already underway in taylor county. that is where melissa howell joins us live. melissa? melissa: we are out here in florida.chy florida - oficials have not seen a lot -- just to give you an idea of what we are seeing, we have heard thunder in the past half hour or so. it is definitely important for folks to listen to those evacuation notices. this is a boating and fishing community. boats line the shores for miles per there are a little over -- homes line the shores for miles. there are
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many people who live here. the bit -- the department of emergency management tell me that they will be meeting tomorrow morning at around 9:32 assess the situation and see with the next step is going to be. the governor, rick scott, has declared a state of emergency. we are continuing to watch this weather developing here. the roads are quiet right now. people are preparing for what is to come. we are going to be out here seeing how things go and really hoping that people listen to those warnings and if accurate those areas along the coast. melissa howell, reporting live. larry: stormwatch 7 is tracking tropical storm hermine and how it impacts our weather this holiday weekend. you can stay up-to-date by downloading the free stormwatch 7 weather app. autria: we are following breaking news from alaska, where we have learned two planes
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collided midair. it happened in a remote area of western alaska, nearly 400 miles from anchorage. all five people on board the two planes were killed. it is still an clear what caused them to fly directly into one another. the national transportation safety board is sending investigators to the scene right now to figure out exactly what happened. airline news this morning. a midair scare, severe turbulence -- some more airline news this morning. a midair scare. violent shaking began over the atlantic. with so many injured, united flight 880 was forced to make an emergency landing in ireland. the shaking was so intense, sleeping passengers woke up terrified as the plane experienced dramatic drops in altitude. >> the first time there was such shock that it was lasting so long. by the second time, it was such a freefall that you really thought you were going down. autria: witnesses say one crew member broke her wrist during the frightening ordeal.
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another plane to continue their flight. child seatling a into older cars is apparently getting easier. a study finds that out of 170 models, the safety seat hardware evaluated, most of them earned good ratings. audi q seven,e prius,us rs, and toyota earns top ratings. that is a distention no car achieved in 2015. when properly installed, safety seats can shield children from injuries in a crash much better than ac belt alone. autria: while you were sleeping, arrived inbama hawaii. speaking in honolulu, he asked countries around the world to the planet.tect larry: that is a tough
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to the president, lake tahoe and then hawaii. veronica: next time you can go. need anything? larry: 6:20 right now. what is the story for today? we are kind of on watch, right? veronica: today we are on watch. we have rain, possibility of thunderstorms. we are looking at the weekend with what is going to happen not just with tropical storm hermine, which could be a category 1 hurricane by landfall. but i like to be optimistic about all of this. we do need some rain because things are starting to get a little dry around here. have storms coming through overnight, another chance of rain possibly this coming weekend. nice, monday is nice. the middle, kind of iffy. there is the weather front that will come
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today and bring some beautiful weather to the area tomorrow. we just have to get through today. today we'll see some occasional showers. howard county is just about ready to get some more rain. out of the woodville area, down toward eldersburg, and leesburg, what weather coming through. -- and leesburg, there is wet weather coming through. not lastorms will long, between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., our best chance. the high today, not very high at all, only in the low-to-mid 80's. get used to the cool weather because it will stick around for much of the weekend. big rain from the florida panhandle all the way up, three to six inches. here is a look at the travel weather for saturday. here is the pocket if you are traveling on saturday. right now it is looking as though it could be wet. areas of eastern and southern virginia down to the outer
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so good for saturday. improving conditions by sunday afternoon and monday. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. autria: while you were doing the forecast, i was checking the tweets coming in from wmata. service has been restored on the orange, blue, and silver lines. you can expect delays, though, on those lines between mcpherson square and smithsonian. q mccray is headed that way. he will be with us with an update shortly. signaling issues -- that is cost you time between point of rocks and dickerson. costing you time between point of rocks and dickerson. a crash occurred around 1:30 this morning, taking out a tree 450 at racek -- on track road. in the next 10 minutes, we will update the rides o
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announcer: you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. autria: two women are being held in australia after being discovered
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of cocaine. a in this morning's g.m. first look, how police say this globetrotting vacation lead to two women behind bars in an australian jail. the22-year-old and 28-year-old posted images showing an extravagant and fun filled cruise on instagram. but authorities say they discover 209 pounds of cocaine in their luggage, worth a staggering $22 million. >> this is the biggest seizure of narcotics from passengers. >> they started in the u.k. and visit 11 countries -- and visited 11 countries, until police arrested them in australia and a 53-year-old man. we will have more on the international investigation, coming up at 7:00 a.m. i am gop needs has
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gop needs has, abc news, new york
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computer night -- of commuter nightmares. this is a live look at prince george's county, where a tree came crashing down on a car, shutting down 450. we start off with jummy olabanji at the metro alert desk. at 6:30, weing learned metro service has been restored between mcpherson square and smithsonian. this comes after a switch malfunction forced metro to halt service completely along that section of the orange, blue, and silver lines. metro says you can still expect big delays in both directions. we's talked too a rider who called us to let us know he has been stuck on an orange line train outside smithsonian for 20 minutes. the train was not moving. mobile trak 7 is headed to that seem to see how all of this is impacting a morning commute. stay with us on good morning washington for the latest. now we want to get back to the story autria was talking about, the tree coming down at 450. hn
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overnight in the d.c. area, the roads very wet. it is still unclear if the weather played a factor in all of this. the initial call in bowie, maryland, came as a car went into a tree. take a look for yourself. from what we are seeing, it looks like that car was driving on the road and it was a case of wrong place at the wrong time. it looks like that tree came crashing down on to the car, bringing down power lines with it. only one vehicle involved. right now this stretch of very busy 450, maryland 450 in buoy, maryland, is closed between race track road and crain highway. crewsre waiting for more to arrive because you are dealing with a large tree, a heavy tree, and also power lines that are down. you can see bg knee crews coming out of the area. maryland state highway -- you can see
6:32 am
pg&e crews coming in to the area. they are now relinquishing power owie.e city of buo no word if the driver was injured. it does not look like the car was crushed. the treetimes you see come down on the vehicle and you see a pancake effect. it does not look like that happened. but we will swing around, and this is a ripple effect because of this closure. you have a lot of traffic in stop. maryland, having to we are going to need some detailers -- we are going to be some detours, julie. there is a tow truck on the scene, but again, we're still waiting for somebody to remove the tree before we can get traffic flowing here once again. let's move over to our traffic watch seven w
6:33 am
trip southbound kenilworth avenue, 16 miles an hour headed back toward east capitol street. on the slow side for those coming in down out of cheverly. to the maps. we will update the ride in virginia. we have our hands full this morning. a crash is reported on northbound 28 before you reach the dulles toll road. also, southbound george mason drive. police are on the scene of this crash. back in the next 10 minutes, we will update the ride on the roads and the rails. v.j., where is the son? some showers out there right now, nothing to bank heavy until winchester and hagerstown. yes, the wet weather, you will need the umbrella this morning. just keep it handy. it will not be raining the entire time today. a passing chance of a shower or
6:34 am
the rain risk for the upcoming holiday weekend, all from tropical storm hermine, that could become hurricane hermine before it makes landfall late tonight or early tomorrow around panama city. right now, the forecast for the upcoming weekend, calling for clouds, the possibility of rain and wind, especially on the coast saturday afternoon into sunday morning. jummy: thank you. also breaking overnight, a pedestrian hit in montgomery county. the person was walking on bells mill road near windsor drive in potomac, when they were struck. the car stayed on the scene. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. you can see the damage to the front of the car. bills phil road was closed for a few hours overnight but is now open. larry: a
6:35 am
five-month-old baby was killed and another pedestrian accident. his mother was seriously injured, but hshe is expected to survive. police say the mother was crossing the parkway with the baby in the stroller when they were struck. residents say drivers often speed on the parkway. dr. this is every parent's nightmare and every driver's nightmare. >> you think things like this only happen in other places, and when it happens right here it is shaking. larry: the driver did stay at the scene. police and prosecutors are now going evidence to decide whether to file charges. police have not released the names of the driver or the victim. autria: a workshop will be held today for the victims of the deadly apartment explosion in silver spring. it has been 22 days since the explosion. several people were killed and dozens were left homeless. many residents have been on edge. between august 16 in august
6:36 am
montgomery county fire and rescue receives 10 calls about gas odors. >> we are not surprised that we have seen this number of calls. none of them have resulted in any significant gas leaks. some of them were other odors such as food on stoves. autria: peter franchot's office will hold a workshop at the long branch center at silver spring. is undermount area man arrest for trying to carry a gun -- trying to carry a gun past the checkpoint at dulles airport. the man was taken into custody or is facing state weapons charges. autria: 6:36 now. three days before mother teresa becomes a saint officially, a big reveal today.
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veronica: it has been t
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a little while, so do you know where your umbrella is? you will needed this morning. it has also been on the cool temperatures only budging from 76 this morning to 84. while we will have some occasional showers coming through, with cold conditions and a little humidity, there is a possibility after 2:00 that we could see a thunderstorm or two move through our area. i know that you guys have plans for the labor day weekend, so what can you expect? what about labor day itself? whelan, whoeileen is out front at abc 7. eileen: the stormtrak 7 is out here with me. we are feeling muggy conditions. it is not raining right here, right now. all eyes are on tropical storm hermine. it looks like it is turning a little farther to the east. if you are headed to the labor
6:41 am
orchestra --the the national symphony orchestra is performing, sponsored by the kennedy center. here is the forecast. it will be cooler, and breezy. temperatures at 77 at 3:00 when the gates open. 6:00, 76. by 9:00, 78 degrees. cooler and breezy, right now looking like it may be a little bit cloudy. the warming trend continues into early next week. 90's are making a comeback. veronica johnson will have the seven-day forecast. let's get over to julie wright, monitoring the roadways for us. the weather and traffic. julie: with the help of skytrak 7, we are keeping a close eye on the right in bowie
6:42 am
a single car accident took out a tree. the tree is down across the highway of 450. we have to get rid of the tree before we get traffic moving there once again. there is not too much of a delay there. back over to the maps so we can put everything in perspective for you. you will find on three, the rain -- the lanes are open. a lot of green on this map. not to bank much of a backup there. we are giving folks a lot of time to seek alternate routes back towards 50. eastbound 66 approaching 28 and centreville, a crash on the shoulder, but a 40-minute commute throughout the hour. also a crash on northbound 28 before you reach the dulles toll road. back in the next 10 minutes, we will update the ride on the roads in the rails. larry: still ahead, a border war of words. autria: donald trump and the mexican president holding a me
6:43 am
veronica: over the last hour, a slight shift in the track of tropical storm hermine. what that could mean for labor day weekend.
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers.
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autria: 6:45, and we are tracking a threat this morning. tropical storm hermine is getting stronger by the minute. larry: the storm is just hours away from making landfall by florida, and a new path could impact our weather this holiday weekend. veronica johnson is tracking it all for us. isonica: most of florida under a state of emergency as tropical storm hermine makes its way to the gulf coast. overnight the storm system has strengthened fast. it is expected to make landfall very late today, early friday morning. a hurricane watch is in effect for the first time for the west part of florida. while the storm slams the gulf, better news for us. just after 5:00, a slight shift to the east for the track needs better conditions for our area here. good news for us for the upcoming weekend. of the the center
6:47 am
i will show you where panama city is. panama city is right there. sometime very late tonight or the early part of the day tomorrow, 4:00 or 5:00 a.m., the center of the storm system comes ashore. look at the rain out ahead of it. look at the wind along the coast. jacksonville, savannah, everywhere into the outer banks could see winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. then that shift to the east means that we will get grazed with the system right now. the track could shift again, but right now we could get grazed with the system late saturday into early sunday. by sunday afternoon, certainly monday, the weather here is looking pretty nice. back toe want to get another big breaking news story we are following. to anelays on metro due earlier switch problem. q mccray is live at mcpherson square metro station with more on the impact you are feeling this morning. q: the good
6:48 am
news right now is that the blue, orange comments over lines are up and running again. we are live here at the mcpherson square station. right here in the heart of downtown d.c.. 15th, northwest and vermont. here is a look at the station. we saw a group of riders. that metroswitch, says was the cause of the problem is morning, it happened 5:36 a.m. we actually heard from one of the riders who was in the train in a tunnel, on his way to the smithsonian station. he says it was very unnerving, but again, everything is back to normal now. i am surprised we are not seeing people walking out of the station at the moment. the silver, orange, and blue lines at the mcpherson square station are
6:49 am
again. back to you guys in the studio. the rhode island avenue metro station is back open after debris fell from the ceiling around 8:30 last night. trains bypassed that station until the system was closed to a piece of metal and concrete fell onto the tracks, but there was no structural issue found. autria: all department of agriculture offices will reopen today. facilities in five states were briefly closed tuesday after an unspecified e-mail threat. some offices reopened yesterday, including one in beltsville. the rest of the offices will reopen today with increased security enhancements. the fbi is investigating the threat. donald trump is back on the campaign trail after delivering a fiery speech -- heing his hard-line unveiled a plan after meeting with the mexican president. his strong words showing he has
6:50 am
immigration. instead, he is doubling down and promises to deport illegal residence and build a wall on the u.s.-mexico border. trump: we will build a great wall along the southern border, and mexico will pay for the wall. they do not know it yet, but they will pay for it. larry: mexican officials say they have no plans to foot the bill for the wall. hillary clinton's campaign is on attack, saying his rhetoric is an attempt to divide communities and demonize immigrants. abc 7 wants you, the voters, to have a voice in 2016. earlier this week, we got the gop perspective from ben carson. this morning, we are hearing from the democratic side, a dem -- a maryland, richmond coming up on newschannel 8. today, thepening official canonization of mother
6:51 am
national shrine in washington. none and -- the world-famous nun and nobel peace prize winner died in 1997. car,: a tree downed on a and we are back out to john gonzalez for the latest. john? john: traffic is really starting to back up here in bowie, maryland. we got word that cornerstone christian academy is on a two-hour delay. that is on annapolis road just i justthe cones here beyond the accident scene that maryland highway patrol has all lanes closed. you can see that tree coming .own right on top of that suv as far as injuries, it is still unclear, but julie wright, the
6:52 am
stretch of 450 between crane and race track road, off-limits right now. julie: skytrak 7 is live above the scene, and we are taking pictures. if you are traveling in bowie, you will want to use 50 as a workaround. the tree remains down across the highway. it will be that way for a little while longer. 50 is a good option as a workaround. we do have some problems to report working your way along the gw parkway. memorialefore the bridge. the crash occurred at 28. -- a crash occurred at 28. it will be a 48 minute ride east 66 out of manassas. any chance we will see some sunshine at all this weekend? veronica: by the time we get to sunday, that is when the odds go up of us getting some sunshine. temperatures also may respond to that s
6:53 am
80-degree mark. we have clouds out there this morning. rainfall throughout the area. we have wet pavement. mid 70's to upper 70's by the late morning. that is all it is going to be able to rise up to. just aboutclean, ready to slide into areas of d.c. it is the umbrella that you are going to need this evening, the rain chance sticking with us just until about 7:00. the bruce springsteen concert be 72 --ing, it will it will be going from 80 to 72. ocean city, rehoboth, down to virginia beach, some rain, wind, possibilities there. the big risk of recurrence and big swells as well out on the water. -- the big risk of rip currents and big swells
6:54 am
we rise into the 90's again next week. again, the system could shift some more. we may get even more sunshine for sunday, so you will need to tune back. autria? autria: right now at 6:54, it is time. you could be going to see rascal flatts in concert. you have two more chances to win tickets this week. but that is not all. one of our daily when his will win a private concert with the band before the show. call the number on your screen right now. call in number seven wins. larry: let's get "in the now." kidd: you guys remember this song from the summer of 2013. one of the biggest hits that summer. more than 200 musicians are now supporting pharrell williams, robin thicke, and ti in their appeal in the ongoing legal dispute over blurred lines. those
6:55 am
to express concern about the ruling last year brought by the children of marvin gaye's family on copyright breach. that it has been a -- marvin gaye's family one a $7.4 million verdict, which a judge reduced to $5.3 million. kind of a big deal and we have talked a lot about this on "good morning washington." there are only so many notes and so many ways you can perform a song. if we start going down this road, you're saying just because i played the guitar that way, it was copying your song? i think they have a case here, hopefully. other songs some more similar to other songs than that sounds.
6:56 am
can say, yeah, you borrowed a little bit of that one. kidd: they are serious about that. coming up after 6:00, -- after 7:00 when we move over to newschannel 8, how much do you think you would get paid to be a live-in housekeeper at buckingham palace? get a number in your mind. i will tell you the number when we move over to newschannel 8 after 7:00. it is not as much as you think. there are some perks to the job. right now, it is time for your 60-second express. trump, hours after standing shoulder to shoulder with mexico's president. mr. trump: we will build a great wall all along the southern border, and mexico will pay for the wall. ,utria: overnight fires in d.c. under investigation this morning. >> the overnight fire
6:57 am
appears to have started in the kitchen of the chinese carry out. john: maryland 450 here is closed. school starting after labor day is now the law of the land in maryland. veronica: we are bracing for the worst. eileen: you can track with our stormwatch 7 weather app. >> this time finds a big hole. the 10, for the end zone, for a redskins touchdown! we are heading over to
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good morning, america. breaking right now, state of emergency. florida bracing for its first hurricane in more than a decade as tropical storm hermine strengthens overnight. fears of flooding and tornadoes along the gulf coast. and another hurricane madeline lashes hawaii with flooding, wowerful winds and massive waves. breaking overnight, tale of two trump, a fiery speech on immigration. >> you can call it whatever the hell you want. they're gone. >> doubling down on his promise to build a wall and making mexico pay for it. >> they don't know it yet but they're going to pay for it. >> a sharp cry from his meeting ea earlier with the mexican president. >> the clinton camp calling it his darkest yet. two globe-trottin


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