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can mean for us. doug? doug: it looks like it will become a hurricane before it makes landfall a little bit after midnight tonight. the satellite images the past hour or so show big clumps of thunderstorms breaking up but more of the heavy actions on the east side of the storm but sure seems the big ben coastal area of florida after midnight tonight will get the direct hit with hurricane force winds and then it's going to track to the east and then offshore it looks. if you remember yesterday, the official track was further inland and every little bit it continues to stay offshore the better it will help us. but the big bend of florida, they're under hurricanes warnings tonight. we'll get a better idea from diane gallagher from florida. diane: drop tall storm hermine could be hurricane hermine by the time it makes landfall after midnight tonight. >> it will hit most of the northern part of the state and see a lot of rain in the southeast side of this storm. diane: the
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work along florida's gulf coast have spent the past several days getting ready. >> two to three days we've been preparing even until midnight last night and the best thing to do is prepare no matter when it's going to be bad or not you have to be ready. diane: and evacuating people who may be in harm's way. >> we want to make sure the tourists are safe and we evacuated st. george's island but it's a matter of communicating with the community and making sure everyone knows what's going on. diane: if it strengthens to a hurricane it will be the first to make landfall in florida since 2005, more than a decade ago. >> i keep saying our time will run out and looks like it has. diane: there is good news. >> it looks like it will go fast once it hits land and we'll have a pretty nice weekend. doug: that was diane gallagher reporting. that looks about where the center will cross the coast after midnight and then accelerate by the northeast. by the time we get to t
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there will be effects on the coastal sections but we'll get a bit of an easy break and maybe showers and breezes but generally pretty good. this is the futurecast looking at this computer model, keeping the most intense precipitation to the southeast and be right at the edge of the steady rain. the winds, the strongest activity will be along the coastlines and then eventually ull out. when you get to the yellow that's a tropical depression with 30-mile-per-hour winds. there at 4:30, there's the wind field and then we get to saturday morning and then the steady, heavier winds are well to the southeast of our area and pulls out from there. a lot more to explain about this, weather impasse and what the beaches will be like and what you need to know as you plan for your labor day weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> thank for you that. to the west, hurricane madeleine has been downgraded to a tropical storm but hawaii is bracing for the worst.
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for the island chain. we'll get a report on what's happening there in just a few minutes. stay connected through the abc facebook and twitter feeds. download the storm watch 7 app on your i tunes store or google lay store as well. we have new information that closed an annapolis road. the driver disregarded the barricade and ran into a true on buoy and racetrack road. cornerstone christian academy closed because the road was closed so long. it's important to heed those signss. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. jamie: looks like storm watch. this is a feature we have and we can overlay
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so this is just scanning through starting at 10:00 earlier, continuing to right now what we've seen cross over 95, which you see right here through stafford county. now, a live look will show you the roads definitely are wet. you'll see the road spray kicking up and we have a crash in stafford county. if you have to head south on 95 you'll see the lays, mainly top and go starting here the harbor continuing south. the closer we get to home really in the d.c. area not bad, maryland you look great and we'll check the top side of the beltway through numple avenue and -- new hampshire heavy. live look shows you much better up here. dry roads and nothing to worry about. as far as midday construction, a few work zones in place and nothing impacting our drive now. jummy, back to you. jummy: covering metro, two problems in the last 24 hours. this morning service stop on the blue, orange and silver
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switch problem between mcpherson square and the smithsonian station. the rhode island metro station opened on time this morning after a piece of metal and concrete fell on the tracks ast night. trains started bypassing it to they could investigate but did not find structural issues. we're following a developing area out of florida where an explosion occurred during a space x rocket test. nasa says space x was tuesdaying an unmanned rocket at cape canaveral ahead of a planned launch for saturday. people felt several explosions and a dark cloud of smoke could be seen for miles and no report on injuries or what caused that explosion. three weeks ago we were just starting to get the grasp of the magnitude of that damage at a silver spring apartment complex after a massive fire and explosion. investigators think it started with a gas leak in a utility room and today
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residents are getting help, getting finances back on track. we're live at the recovery orkshop happening now. >> a live look. everybody here is exactlied by last month's explosion or here o help them. offered to the victims is food and the help they need to get on their feed. an event put on by the comptroller. he invited 25 nonprofit, local agencies and you remember the deadly explosion at the flower branch apartments killed seven and injured dozens more and displaced a hundred people. now they can come here today from the maryland housing authority and help with their taxes from the i.r.s. everything you need is in one place. >> we're not
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giving information and connecting people to organizations and county and state agencies that can help hem rebuild their lives. q: if they need furniture there's nonprofit giving out free sofas and beds and everything is in one play. this event is meant to cater those who suffered in the ex-flotion but everyone is invited to come down here at the long branch community center here in silver springs, maryland, i'm q mccray. jummy: donald trump is back on the campaign trail laying out his plan on immigration. meeting with the president of mexico. critics of trump's meeting with the president enrique nieto are calling the meeting a failure. the virginia senator and democratic nominee tim kaine calls it a diplomatic
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embarrassment because trump failed to address his biggest foreign policy proposal. who is paying for the border wall. >> he's been talking about building a wall and next dough will pay for it. what he forgets suddenly to bring it up? jummy: the meeting is a p.r. disaster for nieto and is getting hammered for not making trump apologize for calling them rapists and criminals and saying publicly mexico would not pay for the wall. we want you to have a voice in the vote 2016 and send us the questions you would ask the presidential candidates. email us your questions at your anthony weiner's sexting scandal cost him his wife and now he's in jeopardy of losing his son as well. new york city's administration for children services is investigating weiner's investigation which included a
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the background and the photo being described as routine. when it rains, it pours. the off the field drama developing for the redskins after the last preseason game in tampa. and a new drug being called a game changer for a devastating disease. we'll have the details. and the president tries to thread the needle as two storms head for hawaii. find out why he's making a visit. and we want to take you back ut live to florida right now which is bracing for tropical storm hermine to make landfall tonight or early in the morning. doug hill is tracking the storm and we'll check
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at noon. on your side. jummy: the redskins won their last preseason game 20-13 in tampa but today all the talk is about a playbook found in the garbage at a hotel near treaning -- training camp. our sam sweeney is live with this one. who would leave their training book behind? sam: big mistake, jummy, this story will have a lot of people talking. here is how it unfolded. a man named josh who lives in ashburn is cleaning out his truck and throwing something in a dumpster and walks over and throws and sees something that looks like the redskins colors so he goes to investigate. it turns out to be a backpack. he opens up the backpack and he finds the defensive playbook from the redskins training camp. take a look at these tweets. this all unfolded and we found out about the story from the junkie's radio show on 106.7 and the guy calls in and tells the story and
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pictures and says look, i got these defensive playbooks inside, there's handwritten notes, secrets from the redskins training camp and i just found them in the garbage. this is how the junkies are responding today. >> it's pretty coolbaugh you usually only hear something like this, for a guy to leave a playbook around is totally careless, pretty much an idiot. i'm sure everybody will make fun of him if he ever gets his foot in the league again. sam: after some investigation, it appears that these playbooks belong to one of the rookies who was cut during one of the first round roster cuts. well, the guy who found them, josh, he called the redskins and called their security and said hey, look, i found these, what do i do with them. the redskins are very nonchalant and said we'll have somebody call you back tomorrow and that was today. still as of this morning nobody called josh back. he says he may ask for tickets in exchange for those playbooks to come back. it's a story we'll be following all day. we want to hear your response. tweet us, facebook
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us know what you think. reporting live in northwest d.c., i'm sam sweeney. jummy: you would think that deserves in suite tickets or something. let's look at the video, it was a momentous occasion at st. paul ii unveiled the official canonization portrait of mother teresa and painted by renowned american artist chad faga nsks and will be on display at st. basilica where the pope will lead the mass and st. teresa will be declared a saint. we're monitoring a developing story out of georgetown university, who is planning to give admissions preference to the descendants of 227 slaves. those slaves were sold by two jesuit priests in 1838 to help pay off the debt at the school. current georgetown president says the school will be identifying those descendants and try to recruit them and atone for the school's participation in the slave trade. right now first
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obama is helping students head back to school. she's taking part in a roundtable event welcoming students back to campus at howard university. incoming freshman nick cannon and comedian seth myers are also taking part in that event. we want to see all your back to school pictures, whether you're at howard or elemently school, high school, share them and go to and upload those pictures. president obama says there is no conflict between a healthy economy and healthy planet and addressed a group of conservationists and noted how rare it is to get back to his home state. president obama: it's even rarer not one but two hurricanes are set to pass through the islands over the next few days, so we've been working with the governor and fema to make sure hawaii has everything it needs to keep our folks safe. jummy: hawaii is of course on storm watch as florida as not one but two tropical sys
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head towards that state. neil reports the first one may not be so bad. neil: they really dodged a bullet here on this one. the surf here is still pretty rough on the big island as you can see. overall, it's just a rainy tropical storm and not the hurricane they feared. over the past 12 hours or so, the rain was torrential at times and coming down sideways and as a result roads were flooded and occasional outages. all schools on the island have been shut down and the port closed as well. but they feel they've missed the worst of it and will get a true sense of things once the sun comes up later today. abc news, hilo. jummy: both coasts. doug: monday and tuesday, everything we were flying high as the weekend looked great and dry and then hermine started to move and do its thing and yesterday computer models flipped, bringing everything inland which means it could have a profound effect on our weekend weather here but the models have gone back to where
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may not see much. if the models hold true and these are the accurate tracks the next few days, most of our area won't get a lot of anything out of it and the beaches will be gusty and windy with rain squalls and let's look at things to put the whole picture together for you. what you're seeing in the red is the coldest cloud tops. ostencibly it's the heaviest part of the tropical storm. you notice the past couple hours it went to a small circle and then spread out. one of the reasons is on the upper left-hand side of the storm. there's dry air getting in there with wind shear. two, it's keeping most of the energy to the east and northeast of the storm's center. this is all important to the people in florida because to the east and northeast of the storm's center will have the most torrential rains and best chance for spinup tornados late tonight and the biggest storm surge as far as the water coming from the gulf. let's take it forward now and give you the idea that the entire area here in the big bend of florida the whole area is under a hurricane warning through early tomorrow morning and then we've got tropical storm warnings to
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that and if you follow the alliance part of the north we get to a tropical storm watch over eastern north carolina. no advisories or headlines for our area or even our local beaches yet. as far as the storm, it has top winds at 65 miles per hour and good bet it will get to sustained winds of 75 to 80 miles an hour before it makes rain fall here appalachacola and then will be land bound over central georgia and winds up to 50 miles per hour by the night as it's over areas west of charleston and then looks at the outer banks cheer the currituc sound and then that time stamp is for 8:00 saturday and then goes offshore and hangs around for a while but weakens turning into pretty much a rain storm and that will keep showers, gusty winds and big waves on the coast through the day saturday and sunday and maybe even into labor day as this thing kind of sits out and doesn't go that mu
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away. right now we're looking pretty good. this computer model shows the track of the rain in time through midnight tomorrow night, heavy amounts of rain, the yellow really the heaviest amounts here and take a look what we have by the time we get to sunday morning, really .10 for our area and another computer model locally shows the same kind of effect running through friday, saturday and sunday and a .10 of an inch of rain here and you get to the coast and they get a lot more precipitation than that. our forecast, no worries, showers and maybe a little sunshine. later this afternoon, lower 80's and then for the next seven days, tomorrow looks like we'll be beautiful here with sunshine, lower 80's and then we'll keep our eyes to the south to see the potential effects. right now we call it partly sunny around most of our areas saturday and sunday and upper 70's with a 30% chance of showers and the farther east you go to the bay and especially towards the ocean the more showers likely and labor day, monday and tuesday looks nice with another warm-up coming. jummy: l
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try to get to the weekend. back to the weather. a live picture from holmes beach near tampa where hermine's impact is already being felt. you can see all those big waves there. stay with the storm watch 7 team all weekend for coverage of where the storm goes. you can track it at one local community wants to do something about the mosquitos tonight. we'll explain what that is and why this guy is running with a yo-yo. just ahead.
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jummy: 7 is on your side with health matters. researchers may have found a new way to treat alzheimer's disease, patients in the early stages of the disease were given an experimental drug once a month for a year. researchers say the drs
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plaque of the plain slowing down memory loss. patients on the highest dose of the drug had virtually no detectable signs of those deposits. the hepatitis a outbreak tied to tropical smoothy cafes is growing. there's more than 55 cases in six states, 40 of those in virginia. now three confirmed in west virginia. cases are also under investigation in maryland, oregon, wisconsin and north carolina. tropical smoothy cafe says it has moved all contaminated strawberries shipped from egypt. tonight the maryland kept of -- department of agriculture is taking steps to keep you safe from zika virus and they'll mosquito spray in the strawberry knolls area near goshen road and pentail lane starting around 7:30. when we come back from the break, doug hill tracking the tropics and the impact her
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. jummy: an iowa man has become a bit of a celebrity for his habit running 10-20 miles a day while doing trick with his neon yo-yo. he runs with alcoholics anonymous chip. his new addiction running with his yo-yo kept him sober for seven years and wants to run a race with the yo-yo in his hand the entire time.
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jummy: whatever keeps you focused. doug: let's talk about the weather. sunshine morning 84, partly cloudy, 66, low humidity and 82 degrees. this is tropical storm hermine which well could become hurricane her mean. -- hurricane hermine. it's making landfall probably after midnight near applachia cola. and then head to the northeast and eventually lose the tropical characteristics and be a rain matter. our labor day forecast, we think we'll get by ok, if this track holds true upper 70's saturday and sunday and maybe a shower east of the chesapeake bay and monday 86 with more from new updates from the hurricane center starting at 4:00. jummy: see you at 4:00. thank you for joining us this midday. have a great day.
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>> over the past 15 years, this stage has seen a lot of great moments and nothing would make me happier than to add to that legacy right here today on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheering and applause] [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [audience cheers] me too. our returning contestant is getting married in two months and could use some money to start her life as a newlywed. from the upper west side in new york city, please welcome rachel samburg. [cheering] >> well. >> rachel. >> hello. we meet again. >> welcome, we meet again. that's right. welcome back. >> thank you. >> so you're getting married soon. >> i am. >> first of all,


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