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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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appalachicola, florida. it will take all the rain and the wind and bring it up the east coast. they have issued tropical storm watches from norfolk to the western shore of the bay. through the middle pennsylvania and lower neck and part of delmarva on the shoreline for the possible tropical storm force conditions developing later and saturday. saturday night. category one storm now. the track takes it inland and pushes it offshore. what will happen here according to the model guidance is it is going to slow down and almost stop just northeast of the area. maybe into tuesday of next week. so prolong effect of wind and wave and surf and erosion along the beaches. here we will get off easy with the gusty breezes and the showers. you go across the bay bridge and it's a different story. spif
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i will share with you in a few minutes. leon: you got it. folks have a few days before the impact felt on the shore. people's labor day beach plans still up in the air. with so many planning the final summer get-aways now to the nearby beaches or south to the outer banks. that has us wondering are you changing your plans because of hermine? let us know what you are doing. head to let's continue the team coverage with the transportation reporter brianne carter who is live in stevensville, maryland. brianne: for many. now is the time to make the decision. look at the bay bridge. not the beautiful sunny skies many hope for as they were coming across to the beaches. while some are trying to make the decision, others say it's too late to back out. they will go ahead and go.
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many hopes this would be the scene at the beach, but thanks to hurricane hermine part of the weekend could look like this. >> we'll roll the dice and hopefully have a great weekend. >> jim chapman and his family are heading to fenwick island. >> we are going no matter what. we will keep a close eye on it. we'll adjust plans accordingly. brianne: for some, adjusting plans is not that easy. in ocean city many hotels have a 72-hour cancellation policy. so folks have to pay even if the wet weather keeps them home. >> the only concern we have is the wind. brianne: no concern for the cancellation policy for this family. they have their own camper. they plan to head out and enjoy whatever mother nature brings. >> wait and see. sit inside. relax. enjoy the liquid sunshine. brianne: a.a.a. predict it may be lore than some sum every holidays this year, the labor day weekend will come with high travel volume thanks to lower gas
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now for many they say they hope they will at least get one good day. possibly in the weekend. of course, that track as you heard doug talk about still flushed out. meanwhile, though, many say now they have to make sure they were packing the raincoat and the umbrella instead of their flip-flops and beach chair. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. our coverage of hurricane hermine is just getting started. doug is tracking the path of the storm every step of the way. he will keep us updated throughout the evening. we will get a firsthand look at the situation so far in florida. coming up in a live report in ten minutes. for those of you rethinking your labor day weekend plans. we are taking a look at what rights you have as a renter when it comes to severe weather impacting your getaway. that is coming up at 5:45. now, of course, perfect time to download our storm watch 7 weather app. get it for free at the itunes or the google play store. to always have the latest forecast at your
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more breaking news. shots rapping out blocks away from a local hospital. two people hit near anacostia high. forcing a lockdown at the school. stephen tschida is joining us live from the school. what do we know so far? stephen: first transportation is no correlation they believe between the school and what went down here at 2:15 this afternoon. she saw a teenager from the neighborhood. police say he is in grave condition. taken off to the hospital. if we wan off to the left they found an adult male with a gunshot wound to his leg. he is expected to arrive. we got video. teenagers from nearby anacostia high school. intense
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police are calling for backup. as far as the teenager injured. we spoke to a woman who knows him and rushed to the scene. this is what she had to say about the teen. >> very nice kid. >> what sparked the shooting there is no word from investigators yet. as far as the suspect descriptions two vague to release. michelle: new developments tonight, following a tragic story we brought you yesterday. 5-month-old baby is dead and the baby's mother is hospitalized after being hit by a car. this happened after the mother dropped off her other child at leesburg elementary school.
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two teens say they are being blamed in the crash when they had nothing to do with it. jeff goldberg has the latest on the investigation. jeff? jeff: well, michelle we can tell you authorities in loudoun county are not releasing the name of the driver accused of hitting that mother and her young son. although we know he is a 45-year-old man. we know he hired an attorney. while alcohol and drugs have been ruled out, authorities are looking at distracted driving as a possible factor in this crash. the go fund me page continues to increase. >> i can't imagine what she is going through. my heart breaks for her. the students at riverside high school wh
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driving behind the drive of the jeep grand cherokee accused of striking mindy and tristan as he turned on the parkway. >> i'm a mother and my heart aches. the boys stopped the vehicle and tried to help. >> they were on a phone call to 911. jeff: but it was too late. however, because the vehicle also a jeep was seen in pictures and on the news, the mothers say the sons have been accused of causing the crash by fellow students of riverside and social media. >> it's heartbreaking. they did not cause the crash. they had no involvement whatsoever. jeff: all day thursday people dropped off flowers and stuffed animals to pay respects to 5-month-old tristan and a family in so much pain. >> to show respect and be there to say a prayer and pray for them in this difficult
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time. jeff: here now at the memorial we have spoken to so many people who feel the same way. this is the intersection. coaten manor drive and riverside parkway where this took place yesterday morning. at last check the go fund me page raised $30,000, remarkable number in a short period of time. this an i did speak to a family member of the mother struck in that collision who tells me she is getting better physically. although she has broken bones and she is in stable condition. but emotionally she is struggling tremendously. live in leesburg, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: a long road ahead there. now a twist in the saga surrounding the man who tried to assassinate ronald reagan 35 years ago. lawyer for john hinckley jr. says the client will leave a washington psychiatric hospital for good september 10. hinckley has been on temporary relief from st. elizabeth. spending time away from the hospital with his mother in williamsburg. a f
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not a danger to himself or others. a romanian hacker is going to spend four years in prison. marcel lazar better known as "guccifer" is known for a hacking spree targeting over a hundred victims including the e-mail of the bush family. that hack revealed private family photos and paintings connected to the former first family. he accessed the account of a hillary clinton confidant. but the claims he also got to clinton's personal e-mail account for lies. michelle: coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- have you seen this? up in flames. the multimillion dollar cargo on board the rocket that blew up in cape canaveral, florida, today. plus -- >> weeks after the deadly explosion in silver spring, officials are holding a financial workshop to let everyone know the resources that are available. i'm ryan hughes. i will have the story coming
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leon: we are still watching the track of hurricane hermine as it heads toward land. doug hill has a look at the latest impact on the area. his full forecast just six minutes away.
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michelle: it was three weeks ago today family at silver spring apartment building woke up to this. their new reality. homes destroyed, leveled by a massive fire and explosion. tonight a helping hand for the people still working to get back on their feet. maryland officials hosted a financial assistance workshop. our ryan hughes was there as the residents try to take the next step forward. ryan: the longbranch community center in silver spring transformed to recovery center. maryland comptroller's office hosting a financial workshop to help the victims of last month's explosion recover and rebuild. >> everything from new furniture to food, housing, job, employment, health. it's all here. ryan: over the past few weeks the families have been struggling. is
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and connect with county, state, federal agencies. >> we are dealing with a population that often has language bayers and they have been -- barriers and they have been displaced from the home so they don't have the usual amenities to use at their services. ryan: seven people were killed at the explosion at the flower branch apartments. officials say natural gas triggered the blast. many of the people are rebuilding from the ground up. the goal is to bring the resources to them. one stop shop. not intimidating environment. >> the majority of the people asking for help managing their debt. how to get home. >> 25 different non-profit groups offering assistance and tax help from the i.r.s. already financially strapped community looking to establish itself again. >> they lost all their assets in the apartment. we are trying to make them whole again. ripe: in silver spring, ryan news, abc7 news. leon:
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from florida. not a storm. this is manmade. massive explosion at cape canaveral. spacex rocket going enough flames on take-off. the blast so powerful it could be felt a mile away. spacex describes this as an anomaly on the pad. the rocket preparing for a test. that is what you call it a nice euphemism. it's completely destroyed with a satellite from facebook that was supposed to bring internet access to africa. fortunately nobody was hurt. michelle: now the other big story we're following today. the story. the strong waves and the surf, heavy rain and the while winds hammering florida gulf coast as hermine becomes a hurricane and shows the strength. leon: that storm upgrade fod a category i hurricane. that happened an hour or so ago. it's expected to make landfall tonight around midnight. even as it hovers off the coast. the storm is creating a lot of trouble for people in
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tonight. michelle: mike is live for us. you are experiencing the outer bands of the system. you know it won't make landfall until midnight. does it appear that the folks there are prepared for the storm? >> the folks here seem to be heeding the warning. we are in a hotel area in taylor county, florida. this is a ghost town. nobody walking around. almost eerie before the storm. the tree is not blowing. not too much wind. the concern here is the wind. but it's also if flooding. to give you an example of the folks concerned. look at the river here. overflowing over the banks. officials here in florida tell us they could see a storm surge of five to eight feet and they are telling us it could be devastating for some people living along the coast. it's not only the concern of this. they evacuated about 1,000 homes they tell us. doing so, of course, they hope to get the people out of harm's way w
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red cross shelters opened up. wi are told the schools in the area are closed for two days but right now this is a waiting game to see the punch hermine will bring to this area. for now we are live in northwest florida. back to you. leon: thank you. be careful. see how it plays out for the next coming hours. michelle: you look at the map. the size of it is large. doug: a big storm. a big rain and wind storm after a couple of days inland and it's no longer tropical. we have to watch what it does next week. it may sit around around lash the coast with winds and wave. this is doug's specialty. cramming seven minutes of whether to two minutes, 30 seconds. michelle: go! doug: tropical slight shows the visible satellite. if you are up in space looking down this is what you would see. the clouds. center circulation. look how the big thunderstorms pop up on the edges. this is where the center of the circulation is.
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satellite. you see the circulation and the bands. when you see the band get brighter consecutively toward the center, that is a good sign of the intensification. top winds of 75 miles per hour around the center. so with this intensification and the warm water it could have 80-mile-per-hour winds. 85-mile-per-hour winds not out of the question. when it makes landfall not far from apalachicola. the spot doesn't matter because it's so wide. look how much rain ahead of it. it's already to charleston, south carolina. the heavy rain and clouds. that will sweep northeast. so we have warnings, hurricane warnings in effect for the upper coast of florida past big ben. the tropical storm warnings south. now at 5:00 release from the hurricane center, they put tropical storm watches up for the inland waters, the western side of the sounds in north carolina. southeast virginia. all the way up to smith point which is across from point lookout. so the southern bay, all the delmarva and all the way north of atlantic
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that runs through the day on saturday night. the top winds are 75 officially. the gusts could be in excess of 100-mile-per-hour later tonight. look at the track and the speeds. this is traveling in the center of the cone here. if this storm the center drifts more to the northwest, that will bring more adverse weather close every to the area. these are hurricanes and tropical storms and they pretty much go where they go. you will notice here for sunday night, monday and tuesday, the storm doesn't move much. if you are going to the beaches, north carolina, tomorrow you are not going in the water. saturday af
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let you in the water either. that will be the story at the atlantic beaches closer to home because of the dangerous life-threatening rip currents. watch the winds speeds go up northward to saturday afternoon. wind gusts there and breezy. we are on the fringes. we can get away easily for the viewing area. if you get east of the bay, you will hit the heavy rain and wind and the nasty conditions. so count on showers saturday and sunday. otherwise just expect to have rain. we have the impact on the beaches. the worst is saturday afternoon and sunday. winds are gusting over 50 miles per hour. no exaggeration. life threatening winds, rip currents. probably chauffeur breaking
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waves. those are the ones that will slam you. michelle: take all the warnings seriously. leon: better be safe than sorry. still ahead for us. secrets in the trash? what the redskins are saying about the player notebook found in the garbage and posted on the internet. michelle: tonight on effort abcs the ravens against the saints. the pre-game coverage begins at 7:30. that means you won't be able to see "jeopardy" tonight. kickoff is at 8:00 p.m. now at havertys furniture, it's our labor day sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until september 5th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. get free delivery, plus an extra hundred-dollars off every thousand-dollars you spend.
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leon: the skins fans are happy because they won on the field last night. but they lost something. the secrets are safe right now but the discovery of the defensive workbooks at an ashburn garbage bin is raising questions tonight. erin hawksworth has more on what is inside the books and what the team is saying. erin: yes. the redskins; one redskin fan says he was cleaning out a truck at a parking lot near redskins park when a trash bag inside the dumper caught his eye. well, that is when he discovered the workbooks. they have a lot of peopleñe talking.
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labeled "work book" were in a dumpster according to the man who says he found them, josh in ashburn who called the sports junkies radio show this morning to share the news. >> i opened up the book bag and it's the entire defensive play book with the audibles, descriptions of what the guy is supposed to do. whole nine yards. erin: the player that allegedly dumped the book is edward edraine, among the first round of cuts this week. >> he wasn't thinking. we react on our emotions most time. erin: a redskins official tells abc7 sports "there was nothing "important" in the work book as they are distributed to the player on the ipads and edraine returned the ipad assigned to him. >> it was a defensive playbook. if it was the offensive playbook then i think the cowboys would
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and opponents would be interested. >> i'm sure if the person who wrote the scripts seen that, they are working, rewriting. don't you think? >> i would hope so. >> i would hope so, too. we can't have over secrets given away. i'm a die-hard redskins fan. erin: i love that. you would think if this was confidential information it wouldn't end up in a dumpster. their system with the ipad, that seems much manufacture secure. redskins officials don't seem overly concerned about this, leon or michelle. leon: or at least they want you to think they are not overly con served! they want -- overly con concerned! they want everybody to think that. michelle: when we come back; tracking hurricane hermine. we are getting a look at the impact south of us but on our labor day weekend. leon: plus; a righting of wrong. hundreds of years in the making.
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amends addressing if school's
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". michelle: right now at 5:30, tracking hermine. the storm approaching the coast of florida. now upg
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hurricane. it is forcing thousands out of their homes. as the storm heads toward land tonight, people in our area are wondering what it means for the final summer get-aways. we will have a look at the situation in florida. right now; coming up in five minutes. doug is tracking the local impact for us throughout the hour. leon: right now a heart-breaking story from prince george's county. guilty verdict for a man accused of killing a toddler while babysitting him. maryland bureau chief brad bell has the developments tonight. brad: this video capturing some of the final moments of the life of 23-month-old; the night before his death. playing with a new basketball game. today in closing arguments of osman sesay, the boy's babysitter and the mother boyfriend
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the bouncing ball ange everied sesay who beat the chimed to death august 1, 20 -- beat the child to death august in, 2015. it's one of a cease-fire of deaths that made headlines. sesay's law officer fighting back in court calling the prosecution a witch hunt claiming if sesay was a white girl there would be no case. asking a white woman in court to stand as an example. the judge stepping in to stop the unusual tactic. ron williams alternate juror dismissed offended by the move. >> the defense; he was fighting for his client. in the closing arguments i felt he made some statements that were unnecessary. or unprofessional. they didn't change my opinion. brad: the boy's mother standing by the state attorney as guilty verd
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>> it's the responsibility of the entire family to assist young parents and young mothers. we ask young families to step up and do what they can. >> that was brad bell reporting from prince george's county. another update tonight to breaking news we brought you yesterday at 5 zephyr. an 18-year-old is facing attempted murder charges after police say he stabbed a woman pregnant with his child and he did so repeatedly. the baby was born through an emergency c-section premature. the baby is fighting for its life in the nicu unit. the me over is also in sere -- the mother is also in serious condition. barnum and bailey ringling brothers circus attacked the woman hoping -- dakota brothers attacked the woman because he wasn't ready to be a father. michelle: there was obscene tirade from the republican governor wa
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mail with lapage heard cursing and threatening him. lapage did meet with the lawmaker yesterday to apologize. the democrats continue to call for him to re-sign, something he says he won't do. the republicans seem mixed on what they believe the next step should be. >> right now; high winds, heavy rain and the rising tide. florida is feeling the impact of hurricane hermine. leon: the storm is bearing down on the golf coast; forcing evacuations. things are only expected to get worse in the coming hours. marson is live at mexico -- marci gonzalez is live at mexico beach; florida. how does it look so favor? marci: not too bad so far. the rain has been off and on. the rain is picking
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the storm is causing damage already. >> the drenching outer bands of hurricane hermine flooding part of florida. >> we are still four and a half inches of water inside the half. >> homes in largo are under water. in sarasota, voluntary evacuations. >> this is strictly voluntary evacuation. marci: the storm heads for a direct hit. >> the important thing to put in our minds is this is life threatening. marci: hermine will be the first hurricane to make landfall in a decade. making the category i the first in tristan connel's lifetime. >> happy and kind of nervous. you can surf. i'm kind of scared. >> others turning concern to action. >> boarding up windows. >> this is a trick. marci: putting out sandbags. >> what else can i do? marci: this is a
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lightly. >> you know when you live in florida this is what it is. you listen and watch. if it gets bad, you leave. if you think you can ride it out, ride it out. marci: it's not just people in florida getting ready. tropical storm watches and warnings are also in effect now all the way up through the jersey shore. we are live in mexico beach, florida. marci gonzalez, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. we want to help you stay connected as hermine heads toward us. we are always updating the forecast and the beach outlooks as the labor day weekend approaches. you can find the latest details on the website following us on facebook, twitter or downloading the storm watch seven weather app. leon: rain to snow. and word that maryland is getting some money back after january's massive snowstorm. the state emergency management agency said fema is reimbursing the state and the local governments in maryland $25.4 million. that will cover most of what ey
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snow that fell january 22 and 23. michelle: still ahead, a lunch date to remember. >> i was like can i have a seat? eat with you? leon: one of the best stories of the week. michelle: this is so sweet. why a student stood out to the florida state football player and the lasting impact that the invitation has had on the young boy. leon: coming your way, new at 2:00 tonight, the lasting legacy of the d.c. police chief cathy lanier. she sits down with d.c. bureau chieve sam ford to talk about the next chapter in life. that's a
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steve: hurricane hermine on the move and expected to make landfall tonight around the tallahassee area. let's look at the track. the newest track of 5:00. it does show the storm eventually skirting the
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of the delmarva beaches and that means a rotten forecast for the beaches for the extended holiday weekend. at least most of the time. here is a breakdown for you. starting off with saturday. temperatures are in the middle 70's. ocean city could see wind gusts up to 50 or 55, maybe 60 miles per hour. moving in the day on sunday. the area of the heavy rain, gusty winds and upper 70's. then we will clear things out a little bit on monday when the temperatures in the lower 80's. if you think it's good beach weather then to go to the beaches think twice. we'll look for a lot of erosion around here. courtesy of the storm. download the severe weather
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers.
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michelle: mother teresa will be elevated to a saint sunday. the official canonization portrait unveiled in the district. painted by renown american artist chas fagan who made the bronze of the late president ronald reagan in the capitol rotunda. the likenesses of rosa park at the national cathedral. now to this story. this is going to make you smile. a lunch date a young boy will never forget. leon: he got to ha
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state university. the boy his name is beau paskey, he is 11 years old and he has autism. he usually eats his lunch alone at school but that changed when the f.s.u. wide receiver travis rudolph was there to visit players and he spotted beau in the cafeteria. he decided to go take a seat with the kid. the photo of them chowing down on pizza is warming hearts of people across the country. especially beau's. >> it's just so awesome meeting travis. next week i'll have dinner with the whole s.f.u. team. michelle: that rocks! travis said he thinks that beau is a cool kid and would love to hang out with him any day. beau and his mom will be dining with the seminoles sometime soon. he won't be by himself. that table will be packed. all of his friends will want to know what the dinner was like. leon: the most popular kid in school. for sure.
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having a tough time making friends at school. not anymore. michelle: nice work. leon: way to go! all right, folks. stay with us. when we come back, watching hermine. will the hurricane bearing down on florida have an impact on our labor day forecast? doug has the outlook. michelle: with the big storm threatening holiday vacation plans is there any way to get out of the hotel and the rental reservations? we tell you your rights coming up. leon: coming up at 6:00, ready for the next chapter. police chief cathy lanier moving on from the department. going on to the nfl. tonight what she is saying about the legacy she wants to leave behind as she goes. plus, we continue to track hurricane hermine and the impact on our re
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jamie: heading out of town, let's talk about what to expect if you are heading to the beach or packing up the car. you will see volume getting closer to the severn river bridge. you get a good idea of the pace compared to
5:46 pm
heading closer to the beltway. so we have volume on 50. nothing that i would say you need to avoid, though. a look at the beltway, you can see the outer loop here. much, much better than the inner loop near bradley boulevard where we are jammed getting into montgomery county from virginia. 9 miles per hour is the average right now. not too bad in the district. keep in mind the freeway as well as 295 kenilworth avenue, we will see increase volume especially with bruce springsteen in town tonight. g.w. parkway looking good but 95 in virginia a lot of volume as you continue south to stafford county. we mix in the normal congestion and same thing on 50, a lot of people heading south to richmond. that's a look at traffic. back to you, michelle. michelle: some people heading out of town. some turning back around because of the hurricane hermine. the storm is already showing strength in florida, bringing flooding rains and high tide there. but so many people in our are
5:47 pm
system could impact their final summer get-aways. so from delmarva beaches to the outer banks, what rights do renters have when it comes to severe weather? "7 on your side" troubleshooter horace holmes is here to give us the answers. horace: there are no rights, really, but terms you agree to when you book your room or remit your -- rent your home. let's start with the airbnb ran -- rental. you choose between the cancellation policies that the company offers. when you rent the facility you have to abide by that policy so read your contract. it would be a flexible policy, which would allow for a full refund if you cancel up to one day prior to your check-in date. moderate or refund for cancellation at least five days prior to check-in. or strict, 50% refund only if you cancel one week prior to check-in. now, for hotels.
5:48 pm
directly with the hotel you have to up to 24 hours before you check in to cancel. in many cases you won't have to pay a cancellation fee but it does depend on the hotel's policy. unless you paid up front. if you have already paid, you are at the mercy of the hotel. try to negotiate to get your money back. good luck. here is something else to pay attention to. reservations labeled "nonrefundable" or "noncancelable." if yours is, you are out of luck. you will be charged 100% of the booking. many reservations made in the long holiday weekends like this are nonrefundable. if you book online through a booking company like expedia or cheap hotels, make sure you look at the website cancellation policy. the site might advertise free cancellation but don't be fooled by that. that could just mean the booking site doesn't charge. but the hotel could still charge. michelle: maybe high demand holidays might not even be part of
5:49 pm
we are now within the 24 hour window if you were going tomorrow. michelle: you offered good luck. good luck. some great information there. thanks so much for that. now let's toss it over to leon and doug for a look at the forecast. hopefully maybe something will change on hermine and folks can still enjoy the weekend. leon: the odds looks like what? a lot of cancellations coming up? doug: i'm thinking. but the main thing is the winds, waves and the dangerous surf conditions. north carolina beaches developing tomorrow and early saturday. then midatlantic beaches, delaware, maryland, virginia from saturday, saturday night and sunday morning as the storm moves north. winds are 50 to 60 miles per hour gusts at the ocean beaches. torrential downpour and the surf is the worst of it. let's get started here. leon: see the bad news. doug: we have showers and the heavy downpours through montgomery county. a line through potomac river. no lightning, not
5:50 pm
downpours for a couple more hours. meanwhile we look farther south. we zoom right in the circulation around hurricane hermine. the bands here and the way they are developing and the way they are developing and rotating around the center showing some consolidation. development and the strengthening. top winds 75. makes landfall later tonight, the top winds could be sustained at 80. 85. gusts approaching 100 miles per hour. torrential rain. what happens next? the track is fairly consistent on this lead. weakening of course as the center goes over land. the winds are down to 60 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. get into a time period 2:00 a.m. saturday morning. 50-mile-per-hour winds. then we get farther west. look at saturday afternoon at 2:00. it's not that far off the coast of southeast virginia. then it will slow down and it might spin for a couple of days and meander. prolong period of heavy rain and heavy surf. hurricane warning in effect
5:51 pm
tropical storm warning continue. now we have the tropical storm watches up along the chesapeake bay to the atlantic ocean point as well. we will get to monday and we should clear. the key is the monday/tuesday time period. we don't know if hermine will move out to sea and staying in the neighborhood off the coast for a few days. that could extend the unsettled weather next week. that is the latest. back to you. leon: thanks, doug. we have breaking news coming in. this concerns metro where for the second evening in a row trains are bypassing the rhode island avenue metro station because of falling bedegree. shut -- falling debris. they should expect delays around the road island metro station. the debris called yesterday because the plaster fell from the ceiling due to the bolts there. we'll check to see what is going on throughout the evening. michelle: a lot of folks had to grab uber from the station. leon: long commute for you. right now
5:52 pm
commuting home but we have ravens actionment tonight. erin: the ravens will close out the preseason schedule in new orleans in a game you can see on abc7. the ravens look to remain undefeated. the saints are struggling and they have yet to win a game yet. but the ravens head coach is more concerned about evaluating his talent. >> anybody that comes here and is part of us, player, coach, employee should feel like they are part of the raven family. if a relationship changes for a player who is not going to be here, at the end of the day it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt a little bit. erin: it is a tough job for coaches this time of year. you can watch the preseason finale in new orleans tonight on abc7. kickoff is at 8:00. the pre-game coverage starts at 7:30. it's also a big sports night for the
5:53 pm
newschannel8. a critical game awaits d.c. united. they are at yankee stadium in what is a pivotal race for the playoffs right now. united is unbeaten in the last six matches. they are coming off that impressive 6-2 rout over chicago last weekend. united currently occupies the last playoff spot in the east. united is looking to keep the momentum going tonight in the big apple. here is head coach ben olsen. >> i have been unbeaten now for a while. that is a feather in the cap of these guys and the work they have been putting in. a tough team to beat. but now we have a different challenge ahead of us with new york. they are as good as they come in the league right now. it will be a different test. erin: it sure will. will united get the job done against new york city f.c.? find out tonight on the sister station, newschannel8. that is your home for d.c. united. pre-game show underway at 6:30.
5:54 pm
michelle: choices are football or futbol. erin: that is a good one. leon: both kinds. everybody is happy. still ahead at 5:00, changes hundreds of years in the making. michelle: how georgetown university is working to make amends with hundreds of slaves employed by school leaders and how it could impact incoming students. havertys furniture helps your home look perfect
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even when life isn't. pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks sweetie. the labor day sale is on now at havertys. life looks good.
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michelle: plan to honor the lives. amy: the event wrapping up just moments ago. it opened with the president of the university acknowled
5:58 pm
humility. the descendents receiving a standing ovation in the crowd. peoplelate 1830's, 272 sold to a plantation in louisiana. according to the georgetown university website "proceeds of the sale went to the maryland province of jesuits and were used to pay off debts at georgetown." the university president offered an apology in catholic tradition including a mass of reconciliation. a working group on slavery memory and reconciliation made of students and alumni was put together to formulate the next steps. the recommendations were given and now the university president acknowledging what is next, offering today an apology and renaming 2 academic buildings and in the admissions process giving descendents the consideration given to georgetown community members among other efforts. i spoke
5:59 pm
a number of students on campus who planned to attend today's event and told me it is a step in the right direction. i'm pretty impressed that early on in your georgetown is starting off by opening up doors to all these conversations about race. i think it reaffirms the commitment to jesuit values. renaming the buildings acknowledges that the original names were not something that we should have named those buildings in the first place. >> it is good that they are addressing it head on and not shoved aside. i think it is really important and it should be talked about. amy: the university stresses this is just the beginning. michelle: all right, well that is it for us at 5:00. coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00 ," hurricane hermine
6:00 pm
causing problems in florida and it has not hit land you will it affect the delmarva beaches? plus, preparing for the next chapter. d.c. police chief tacky linear lanier sitting down with our sam ford as she gets ready to leave the department for the nfl. and getting home might be a hang up. details as "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00," on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: hermine said to make landfall in hours. maureen: the big question here is will we see the effect of the powerful storm on the jamar beaches -- delmarva beaches? leon: let's get to doug hill on that. actually, not merely the extent of the wind a


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