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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: now, "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: right now at 4:00, what was hurricane hermine now a tropical storm again moving north after slamming into borda. leon: causing a big mess. the driving rain causing significant flooding as you might expect. thank you for staying with us at abc7 news. the strong gusts you saw there also ripped off roofs, siding and blew over trees as well. michelle: hermine on the move again. the sight set on came and the eastern shore. virginia governor terry mcauliffe declaring a state of emergency. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in ocean city and meteorologist brian van de graaff is on storm watch. we begin with brian. the trek is crucial to what impact we'll see here. brian: very much so. in fact, we're watching it through the afternoon. every update that comes in. it has an easterly track that is better for us but there is onlying in each direction could mean more clouds and shower or less clouds locally. talk about what has ha
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ahead of the system. we see the high clouds thicken up as we work our way across the area. there are clouds building in. this is as hermine turns as making landfall as a category one storm. it's a tropical storm trekking east/northeast. we have wait until 5:00 for the newest update. the winds are at 50 miles per hour. this is moving north at 18. this puts it off the outer banks by the morning and meandering off the seaboard from here and northeast to next week. not a great handle of what happens after it gets here. it can intensify and pick the winds up along the coast. tropical storm warning from the carolina to ocean city. in fact, not just on the delmarva but inside the bay. winds gust to 40. st. mary's, the northern neck and southern maryland under tropical storm warnings as well as well as portion of the eastern shore. here is timing of if rain, the wind and the impact we'll see locally.
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the west. through the evening it's good. want to have dinner outside? no problem. later tonight showers sneak in virginia beach. tomorrow morning metro south and east, look at the wind gusts. ocean city by tomorrow morning near 60. ocean city to virginia beach. clouds and passing showers. we'll time it out for you and look for the silver lining in the holiday weekend in a bit. leon: you got it. now waves bursting over barriers. waters rising. thanks to several inches of rain coming down at winds. the wind tearing down trees and part of home as well. what was hurricane hermine slammed in florida and now on the move. we have a report now. the beaches from the carolinas up through maryland bracing for hermine. reporter: in this tourist town the locals know what is coming. >> a lot of flooding. >> up to the porch level. this section of ocean city in what is shown as flood zone a
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>> the water will get back up and the wind is driving toward the shore, that is it. it will stay for a while. >> he is packing up the construction gear. the town's mayor says his level of concern on the rise. >> it's a significant storm. really, it's affect on ocean city has increased by the forecast over the last few hours. >> by tomorrow morning it's likely only knee deep wading will be allowed in what is expected to be a dangerous surf. the now packed beach will likely be closed. among the towns fears that hermine will stall offshore as predicted bringing days of pounding waves, rain and flooding ties. >> this is not your great labor day experience. it's not going to be a beautiful weekend. brad: in flood zone a, karen holder watches from the second floor balcony wondering how bad she will be hit this time. >> inethably we'll go under water here. we al
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brad: joining you live in ocean city, you can see as it often is before a storm to beautiful evening. look around the beach. everyone is enjoying it. the surf is fine. but tonight after people leave the beach, all the trash can and the beach rental boxes will be cleared off in preparation. one more thing to show you, right here. the gate in the seawall. the storm gate will be slammed shut in preparation for the arrival of this storm. in ocean city, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: i know a lot of businesses count on this weekend. what are they telling you out there? brad: they are not happy about it at all. look up and down the boardwalk. it's crowded. there is a good crowd. you talk about the businesses here. pizza shop and a doughnut shop as well. they have had a good summer. that is what the mayor told us. he said the tax receipts were up substantially. but nobody in this town
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michelle: all right. brad bell reporting live in ocean city. thank you. leon: hermine's arrival means anyone who hasn't gotten away for the long weekend yet may have trouble getting out of here. no matter what the plans entail. once you get to the virginia-north carolina boarder the conditions change quickly. we are at the national airport with the get-away underway there. tim, what are you seeing? tim: we have been watching the departure board all afternoon. a little red here. delays. not necessarily tied to the storm. some of these delays are from all over the country. follow me this way. i want to show you the t.s.a. line now. give you a live look here. it's pretty busy but not a complete disaster. >> the tropical storm is wreaking havoc for millions of beach-goers this labor day weekend. but it's not slowing down travelers at reagan national. lancasters are
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florida, they got in the long t.s.a. line extra early. >> just in case. tim: all three local airports are busy this weekend. 15.6 million people are taking to the skies which is a 4% increase from last year. at the same time more than 850,000 washington area residents are hitting the roads with millions of other drivers. what have the roads been like today? >> not so bad. reporter: in washington, gas prices are down 28 cents from last year. in the metro area, they are down 23 cents. the lowest level for the holiday since 2004. >> traffic has been no problem at all. >> locally we are expecting to get rain. but it won't be nearly as bad as what just hit florida before their trip. >> i'm not coming back until tuesday. we won't have that problem. >> all right. we just got out of the airport here. we are about to hop in mobile track seven right
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we will have the latest coming up. reporting live at national airport tim barber. michelle: see you soon. thanks. stay with abc7 and the storm watch team as hermine targets the carolina beaches and then the eastern shore of virginia and maryland. brian and the entire stormwatch7 weather team are providing updates at facebook and twitter and storm watch 7 weather app. crime alert now at a d.c. middle school. three people caught on camera stealing from the school. here is the video. it happened this saturday. police say the person of interest can be sean walking through the hardy middle school in northwest and wheeling out boxes of items there. they go. if you recognize any of the men in this video there are three of them call the olice. leon: well, falling debris will ke
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avenue metro station closed through the weekend. metro says the debris came down from the ceiling of the station in northeast d.c. two times in two days in a row. red line trains will continue to bypass the station. free shuttle bus service will be provided between rhode island avenue and the brookland station. michelle: get ready for more track work on the rails this weekend. four of metro six lines will be impacted. shuttle buses will run on the orange and the blue lines along section of track. on the silver line the trains only run to ballston. they need to catch a blue or an orange train to go further. the red line will run every six to 20 minutes. depending where you are. expect delays across the board and double check the train schedules because there are so many changes before you head out. developing right now the "washington post" reports prosecutors recommend putting former virginia governor bob mcdonnell back on trial. this saf the supreme court tossed out his corruption conviction.
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the conviction finding the definition of "corruption" was too broad. it needs to be narrowed. the recommendation does not necessarily mean there will be a new trial. leon: the f.b.i. released 58 pages of documents from the recently closed investigation in former secretary of state hillary clinton's use of private e-mail server. it includes summary of interviews with aides. it includes technical details of how the server in the basement of clinton's home was set up. after a year-long recommendation the f.b.i. recommended against prosecution in july and the justice department then closed the case. we now know who will moderate the presidential debate coming up. lester hot, martha radick, anderson cooper and chris wallace are selected. all of them first-time presidential debate moderators. cbs news correspondent will moderate the vice presidential on october 4. coming up next at 4:00 -- a change to t
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passage in maryland. michelle: why the f.d.a. says some antibacterial soaps don't work. leon: the jail sentence sparked national ba
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now it's our labor day sale. where you can create the perfect home. from now until september 5th, you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces. get free delivery, plus an extra hundred-dollars off every thousand-dollars you spend. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom? have you see my iguana? the labor day sale is on now, at havertys. life looks good. leon: ocean city normally packed with the beaches for labor day weekend. not this time aro
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direct hit and after the rain ends, riptides could make going in the water extremely dangerous. but the captain of the ocean city beach patrol joins us on the phone. bump, thank -- butch, thank your joining us. what is your biggest concern at the moment? can you hear us? i think we are having trouble getting in touch with butch. he is not hearing us. we will circle back to him. of course, hermine is causing a lot of havoc for folks prepared for the holiday weekend. let's check in with brian van de graaff for the latests with the storm's track. brian: we are seeing attacks around here with the high cloudiness that moved overhead. the high cloud cover is actually availing the sunshine. i wouldn't cancel any clouds because even though they're high clouds they are not rain producers. we are expected to have
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it feels divine. enjoy it. it's not a bad evening. 70's and 80's. deep outdoors. we are not expecting rain from the clouds. the sun down at 7:36 with the high clouds but still a pleasant evening. the clouds continue to thicken. why? the outer band of hermine is turning down through the carolinas. you can see the outer bands of the cloud stretching northward to metro area. we don't get at new track to 5:00 but the 2:00 update showed the winds at 50 gusting to 65. moving off the coastline and getting hung up here in the weekend. we have question marks. once it's off the coast it can wobble either direction. depending on the wobble it could impact what we see locally. i'm being pessimistic with the clouds, breezes and off-and-on showers but it's not horrible weather. the watches and the warnings. we have the tropical storm warnings for
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across the by a to eastern shore as well as portion of northern neck. inside the bay coastline gust of 40 plus. along the ocean the gusts of 6 of 0-plus. we are talking about intense winds. future cast with the winds, rain and clouds. we are just cloudy. tomorrow morning the rains get closer. heavier showers through the southeastern area from southern maryland to virginia beach. look at the 40 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gust. a few patchy showers. i have a long and east of 95. if you are west of 959 to the valley in western maryland you might see clouds and you might not know a hurricane is off the shore. sunday morning is the same. it's which you wering east. there could be spotty showers to the east. winds are still strong at ocean city but lightening up here. sunday evening we could see clearing trying to happen but it will depend on the wobble of the sys
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and forth. this pulls eastward for labor day. improving condition for the labor day hospital. if you're at the shore, gusts, wet, windy, raw. monday maybe some improvement for the beaches but around here monday looks more promising. at the shore, look for rain. not as intense as yesterday but several inches. gusts of 60-plus. waves, i'm concerned about the rip current danger because of the per analysis tent churning. it -- persistent churning. it will make for a rough rip current across the eastern seaboard from jersey, new york beaches to the coastline. there are hit or miss showers. by monday, if the it doesn't push east it will improve our conditions drastically for monday afternoon. the next big story is the heat. near 90 tuesday. we could be in the mid-90's late next week and heading in the next heatwave. that's t
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jamie, how is the commute looking? everyone heading to the bay bridge? jamie: they are. i'll get to that. i want to start with the heavy traffic closer to home. the capital beltway there is slowing. 395, this is a trouble spot. an accident, we have 395 heading in at the 14th street bridge. that is why all the traffic is bumper to bumper. we are seeing the delay. starts after the pentagon. so getting to the pentagon heading in, in the 30's. quickly drop down with everyone slow approaching that accident activity. like said, beltway slowing in virginia. from the mixing bowl. inner loop is heavy closer to 270. and 66. slowing as you head outbound. 25 minutes from the beltway. closer to the fairfax county parkway. this is the pace outbound. inbound is loose. not a lot of volume to worry
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you are heading to the beach you see the yellow line. some volume. the traffic right now past the plaz plaz at this pace -- at the plaza, at this pace. michelle: that is a threat to the beach-goers. heading to the waters. rip current that brian mentioned. we have on the phone the captain of the ocean city beach patrol butch arvin. can you hear us? >> absolutely, yes. michelle: begin with the threat of the storm and the rip current. what are the biggest concerns right now? butch: the real biggest concerns are not immediately because as the weather deteriorates. that will keep people off the beach. the biggest problem occurs in the system after it passes us. the ocean is churning and bringing waves, volume of water. it's making its way back out.
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dangerous rip currents. i'm more concerned about after the storm goes away. it looks like a beautiful day at the beach but that is when it's most treacherous. leon: sometimes when it looks bad it keeps people going out there so it means you won't necessarily have to rescue people. what is a normal weekend like versus what you expect this weekend? butch: this time of the year, being labor day we get large crowds. but with the weather like you said it will keep them off the beach. but once the weather breaks and clears that is when they will want to go out. they have been confined to the hotel room or doing other things. that is the concern. the weather looks great but the ocean is treacherous. michelle: monday when the folks are probably heading out because as the forecast showing, things look like it will improve
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what is ad vase for those venturing out --ed a vase -- advice for those venturing out. >> we are out there. but the guards are 600 cards apart. we ask people to walk to the nearest guard stand. check in with the guard. some people should stay out of the ocean under the conditions. michelle: make sure everyone has a good and a safe final end to the summer there. thank you so much. captain of the ellicott city beach patrol. leon: good luck. butch: thank you. thank you for putting out the safety messages. leon: take care. michelle: consumer alert regarding antibacterial soap. the food and drug administration say they do little or nothing to make soap work better and it says the industry failed to
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are safe. companies will now have a year to take the ingredients out of the product. this isn't exactly new line from the fda. this first proposed the change in 2013 giving manufacturers the time in between to prove the ingredients provided any real benefit. leon: "7 on your side" consumer alert. samsung is halting sales of the galaxy note 7. they issued global recall of the smartphone. michelle: the phones are popular. this follows reports that a number of them caught fire while charging. kimberly suiters has a look at the problem here. a lot of people like this because it's waterproof. kimberly: and apple is about to unveil the latest edition. today the president of samsung confirmed today 35 cases of
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the world. the cause he said is defective battery cell. they plan to replace all in the next few weeks but what are the consumers who use it supposed to do in the meantime? are they a fire hazard in your home? sprint, verizon, at&t and others are piecing together plans right now, scrambling to let you explain your phone if you don't want to wait. now i'm running a twitter poll at the moment. the latest, 21% of you say you will let it die and wait for the info. 40% of you say you will try to return the phone today. 39% say you are going to go ahead and use it as normal. "7 on your side" reached out to the consumer product safety commission. typically when the consumers face physical harm businesses will partner with the government to get the clear message out about who you should do. we asked american base p.r. rep for samsung why the company is going at it alone. i have heard back from her but she sa
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the e-mail. i'm going to honor the recall of the e-mail. when we have the information we'll share it with you at and social media. leon: how many numbers? kimberly: they're not saying. they said 2.5 million of these have been sold. they say very few number obviously only 35 reported catching on fire. 35 is too many. it sounds like they will replace the phones quickly. leon: what if somebody has one of those and a hoverboard? kimberly: it's a high-tech world. leon: thank you. coming up next at 4:00, we are tracking hermine. in eight minutes we have an update on the track of the storm and a live report from south carolina. as it moves to the area. michelle: next at 4:00, the hepatitis a outbreak linked to smoothies in growing. the new numbers and why some customers say they feel left
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a lot going on in d.c. this weekend. we start with tonight. zac brown band. jiffy lube live. enjoy the show. it will be incredible. let's talk about what is going on tomorrow. the 28th annual blues
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geeturing laura mitchell, jackie scott, house wreckers and others. this event is free. don't miss it. it runs from noon until 7:30 tomorrow. now something on the schedule for sunday. don't miss the national symphony orchestra performing a free labor day concert on the west lawn of the capitol on sunday. the event is put on by the kennedy center. celebrates the beginning of the performing arts season. featuring patriotic favorites like the "washington post" march and the armed forces salute. concert starts at 8:00, gates open at 3:00 and an open rehearsal at 3:30. whatever you do. do something that headaches you happy. i'll -- do something that makes you happy. i'm kidd o'shea. michelle: ahead at 4:00, a strict curfew at a mall in maryland. leon: first, we're tracking tropical storm hermine. brian van de graaff is back after the break. we'll take you to south
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things. hermine hitting hard there. stay with us. we have more coming up.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. brian: keep an eyes on hermine because th
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the upcoming weekend if you're at the shore and the beaches. once it moves off the seaboard it will churn out to sea. the interesting thing is it's post tropical. that is more of a meteorological term about the different characteristics. still a big storm. even show it's not a true hurricane it could have winds of 75 miles per hour and reintensify. it will make the rough shore not good for shoreline. gusts near 50-plus for saturday and sunday for the delmarva beaches. wet and windy. i'm more hopeful for monday but there could be showers lingering into monday if it takes a system to wobble and not move out as quickly. rip current threat, check with the lifeguard. never fight a current. relax. stay calm and swim parallel to the
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rough surf of all weekend long. >> it was hurricane hermine when it roared ashore but now a tropical storm. strong winds and rain continue up the beaches. tropical storm warning up and down the east coast including to maryland. but right now it's the carolinas getting hit the hardest. lana zack is in charlesson, south carolina. it looks like the rain has stopped for now. reporter: we have confirmation that hermine has now moved to south carolina. and it's on the mark here. to charleston. we are certainly feeling it. wind gusts and pelting rain off and on. already, we're experiencing power outa
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there are millions more in the storm path. there has been one cass wallty. let me show you -- there has been a casualty. we're watching the water and the storm surge and epic rain and even tornadoes. all of us are on alert here in charleston, south carolina, as the schools have been closed down. a question whether the bridges around us will be shut down. reporting live from charleston, south carolina. michelle: let's talk about the potential for flooding. that could be a serious concern. what have they done. what prep were put in place to prevent severe flooding in the area? reporter: yesterday they started to come out and clean out the gutters to make sure the water here will flow out. sand bags are put in place. thousands of them across the street. historic
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already had flooding in october. so epic flooding that really wiped out much of the town. they have been trying to recover from it. this is a one-two punch for people in charleston. all day i have seen the boat owners come check the line and the mooring. they were first concerned the boats would be projectile in a hurricane. now they are concerned that the boats stay in place and don't come along with it. michelle: all right. reporting live in south carolina. thank you. stay with abc7 and the entire storm watch team as hermine is on the move. brian and the entire storm watch 7 weather team providing updates at on facebook, twitter and the storm watch 7 app. leon: across the country now, brock turner the former stanford university swimmer convicted of sexual assaulting an unconscious woman walked out of a jail in santa clara county, california. take a look.
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brock? brock? leon: that was turner walking out of there after three months in jail on a six-month long sentence. he is 21 years of age and on probation for three more years and has to register as a sex offender. michelle: you know few things are more symbolic of going through the teenage years than spending a weekend at the mall. especially in the evening time. leon: you know about that. michelle: back in the day. leon: last week. teens under 18 cannot hang out at weekend after 5:00. security guards will be on the prowl at mall entrances and chenging teens and adults are given wristband. this is the third ball -- mall in baltimore adopting a curfew like this. michelle: still for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- smith and wesson sales surging. you won't believe by how much and which gu
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fastest. leon: first, the hepatitis a outbreak linked to smoothies is growing. the new numbers and why some feel left in dark about the problem.
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do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck or if you develop any allergic symptoms including itching, rash, or difficulty breathing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. so, stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area. tell your doctor your medical history. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. michelle: "7 on your side" with health matters. the number of hepatitis a
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smoothie sainted saw the berries on the rise. leon: more than 70 now. most in virginia. as q mccray explains if you walk into one you may never know there was a problem there. q: are you aware of the tropical smoothie health issues? >> i'm not. q: the hepatitis a outbreak making national headlines for weeks now. they are having issue with hepatitis a outbreak. many of their loyal customers had no idea. >> the public doesn't know that. q: there are 70 plus cases around the country. >> i'm the chief executive officer at tropical smoothie cafe. q: the c.e.o. posted an apology video on the company facebook page. some stores have a sign up saying the strawberries are
4:40 pm
mexico and not overseas where they came from in the first place. but others do not. >> i don't have a sign up. they probably should have it up to let customers know. q: after talking to a number of the store managers and the area supervisors we found out that signage in store is up to the store owner. everyone we spoke to agrees that tropical smoothie should do more. if you have had a tropical smoothie in the last two months you are at risk of catching hepatitis a. >> every tropical smoothie should have at least some notification. michelle: still ahead at 4:00 -- it must be nice to have time to take a swim during the day. >> i thought i told you to get out of here. now go. michelle: that didn't work. he was trying to scare them off. wait until you see what did scare them coming up.
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scott: i'm scott abraham. high school football is back. the cheerleaders are getting ready for the game tonight. we look at the rising star. stay w
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michelle: a lot of boos. that was the reception 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick received last night as he continued a protest in the national anthem. this time he wasn't alone. eric reid, his teammate, joined him. both taking a knee in the anthem to symbolize respect for military. at another game, seattle seahawk sat in anthem. kaepernick is taking the protest further and he plans to donate $1 million to address police brow tallty and racial -- police brutality and racial injustice. leon: an 11-year-old louisiana boy got a surprise when he opened up a new video game. the child's dad said they found a bag of drugs inside the case.
4:45 pm
bought at a game stop. which by the way sells used games. the drugs have been turned over to police. game stop says they have no idea how the drugs got in the case. sales of smith and wesson are skyrocketing. they reported doubling the profit. they didn't expect that at all. the c.e.o. says there is just a "strong consumer demand" now. long gun like shotguns, semi-automatic rifles spiked 119%. michelle: that is huge. leon: big one. southern california can be pretty hot this time of year. even for animals. so that is why this bear family here took to the pool swimming. except they were in somebody's pool at the time, not where they were supposed to be. michelle: they weren't invited. this is not okay. the momma played the role of the lifeguard while the cubs were doing their best michael phelps
4:46 pm
doing. even having a good time except for the homeowner two wanted his pool back. >> i thought i told you to get out of here. now go. c'mon. get out of here. michelle: that didn't exactly work. the first try. leon: you think? michelle: bears had manners, though. they did move on to at pool. they just needed another swim. after that, they helped themselves to food. snack in the dumpster but a local dog having none of it. the little beagal scared the family to the forest. leon: the beagal could have been their -- beagle could have been a snack. tonight the friday night lights turn back on. michelle: high school football season getting underway with a huge top ten matchup. quip's orchard and damascus squaring off.
4:47 pm
leon: scott abraham in gaithersburg. that's the place to be tonight scott: i love this time of year. high school football returned to the d.m.v. every friday night on abc7 we'll have a peetured high school football game of the week. this week, week one, we have a dandy for you. welcome to the cougar dome. quince or chard will -- quince orchard will take on damascus on the football field. it will be a tremendous atmosphere. high school football has spotlight on friday night. we have an instapoll going on now. check out the bottom of your screen. log on to to cast your vote on who think will win this matchup. high school as we mention will have the spotlight on friday night. tomorrow, the d.j. durkin era of maryland football begins. terps tak
4:48 pm
a terp player in particular is getting it done on and off the field. call him "mr. versatility." >> i'm blessed to have the attributes i've got. just being able to make the plays happen when i have the ball in my hand. scott: he can do it all. corner back, return specialist and a rel on offense. >> i think first and foremost none of that is possible with the same guy doing the job. >> unselfish player hoping to lead maryland back to a bowl game. >> come back and become a leader. not only does it help you in football, it will help you in life. i can't enough about the job he is doing. scott: will is not only an all-american on the field but off it as well. one of the active players. >> i said i would give back. anything i can do to help the kids, i'm all for it.
4:49 pm
priority. he is involved with a mentoring program at paint branch elementary school that focuses on troubled students. >> i do it because i care. to see the smiles on those faces gave me the joy. if they are happy i'm the happiest person. >> serving as a role model for the younger generations. >> stay on the right track. be what they want to be. proving a strong will goes a long way. scott: back hear. look at the paw print in the end zone. cougars will battle damascus. the game starts at 6:30. if you going to the game send us pictures by going to we may share your photos of the game. let's hope the weather continues. brian: we are good t
4:50 pm
out of the clouds. it will feel cooler. this is tropical storm hermine through the carolinas. they are already on the border. the clouds are ahead of it. we have seen the clouds at home. the clouds are building in here. but they are not producing rain. the weekend is breezy. clouds. we could see spotty showers. but not until tomorrow. notice tomorrow through the day the best shot of the showers is 95 eastward. if you are west of 95 you have a dry weekend. friends in western maryland. in the valley. western virginia. saying what storm? metro east is where the shower chances are likely. they are spotty. the highest amount. half an inch in southern maryland. look at the winds. 50-mile-per-hour wind gust from ocean city to virginia beach. this system will churn. sund
4:51 pm
not a lot of heavy stuff. most of the day d.c. looks to be dry. a few peeks of sunshine. the wind continue to howl. sunday to monday the winds are a factor at the shore. but around here we should see brightening and sunshine for the holiday. especially on monday. what rain are we talking? at the beaches three or four inches are possible. d.c. is an inch or so. to the west, hardly anything at all. it's not a big rain event. more of a nuisance in the city with the spotty shower here and there. best chance of rain west is saturday and sunday. there could be a few peeks of sunshine. 70's feel comfortable. monday profressively clearing -- progressively clearing. but next week another heatwave headed our way. we will be longing for cooler, damp days. jamie, what is happening with the rush? jamie: we are starting in virginia. you can see the accident activity that is taking out the right la
4:52 pm
this is near nuteley street. this is the only problem in virginia with the accidents but we have the slowing. tim barber is in mobiletrak7 looking at the stretch from 95 through lorton. we check in with him now. tim? tim: 95 looking good. you can see outside the window we are moving at a nice clip. 850,000 people are expected to hit the roads this weekend. you can't tell taking a drive. although take a look, live look now. this is the first slowdown we have seen since we have been on the road for 20 minutes. before that we were driving just about as fast as the h.o.v. lanes. we will stay on the roads. check in with us. that is the latest on 95 south. jamie: this is going to get worse toward dale city. get-away friday. peak getting out of town. if you are maryland
4:53 pm
are traveling to get away on 50, as you get closer toward the severn river bridge, traffic is 17 miles per hour. approaching the bay bridge is much better. this is past the toll plaza. this is great as you cross the bridge. a few areas stop and go on 50. that is all. leon: thank you. folks we have a programming note for you. last night's "jeopardy" covered by the ravens game is airing on newschannel8 at 7:00 tonight. so you won't miss it. tonight's episode airing at the more mall time. get your -- normal time on abc7. get your "jeopardy" fix here. social media feeding you what you want or have a habit of clicking on. how it is shaping the election in a volatile year up next. michelle: new at 5:00 -- >> a northern virginia neighborhood mourns the loss of a young boy the community is showing support in mre
4:54 pm
ways than one. we'll
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
leon: a saying you shouldn't discuss religion and politics but growing social media makes it hard to escape friends and coworker' personal views. we see how facebook views the users. >> take a look at your facebook pro
4:57 pm
>> i think i'm older than i am. they think i'm male. >> they think i'm african-american. i am not african-american. reporter: then there the political leaning. go to your preferences and click lifestyle and culture tab. there is a look at the politics. they design this on your likes and hope you spend more time trolling through. >> we have a lot of artificial intelligence now that can look at the owe things you have done, connections you have made, that you couldn't think you have any connection to the political leanings. if you put yourself in context of a billion people, they reveal about you. >> translate to the posts most likely to read and the ads likely to
4:58 pm
are a liberal. and those are more likely to show up to keep you engaged on facebook. >> you may notice that facebook doesn't filter out all of the views. after the 2012 election, 47% of the readers say they unfriended someone based on the political views. a tactic not everyone believes in this time around. >> if you disagree and because a person disagrees no reason to unfriend them or reject them. >> new features to block posts you don't want to see, this election season you don't have to. leon: tonight. hermine barrels up the east coast. study at local beaches. what a difference a day could make. and how long the rhode island avenue metro station will be closed down after part of the ceiling came crashing down. homeless families finally get places of their own after "7 on your sid
4:59 pm
under government bureaucrats. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00. on your side. leon: we are tracking hermine. it was the first hurricane to hit the florida coast in a decade. it's already been downgraded but it could cause problems for the holiday weekend. let's get to the team coverage of the storm for you tonight starting with meteorologist brian van de graaff on storm graph. brian: we are. we got a 5:00 update. fresh information from the national hurricane center we'll share with you. show you the center of the circulation north of charleston. outer bands of rain through carolina. we have clouds here. it's a dry night but the clouds are thickening up. comfortable evening. tomorrow morning the showers will start to work their way in. the beaches will be wet.
5:00 pm
morning you are okay but look at the wind gusts. in the 40's. metro area spot. ty showers. 95 east. breezy. cool. west of town it's dry and comfortable but the shore is battered with the gusty winds sunday and monday. tomorrow trace of rain around here. michelle: hermine came ashore in florida early this morning as a category one hurricane. there was still damage and plenty to prepare for. chris welch is live along apalachicola and the panhandle with the latest on the conditions out there. chris? chris: well, we are on the coast of florida panhandle in apalachicola where last night we were getting battered pretty good for several hours with rain, wind. by and large this town emermed relatively unscathed.


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