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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 20, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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paul mary, called it stunning saying trump is a bad loser. the campaign manager said, trump, quote, doesn't have respect for the democratic process. campaign staff also pushed clinton's final answer about party unity. >> i would like to say to everyone watching tonight that i'm reaching out to all americans, democrats, republicans r and independents because we need everybody to help make our country what it should be. to grow the economy to make it fairer, to make everyone. >> reporter: spokesman brian fallon saying after the debate their goal in the final week is to give voters something to stand for, not stand against. dianne, ken dis? >> thanks to josh? vegas. a live update in the next half hour. later on "good morning america" reactions from kelly anne conway. >> more news now, a criminal investigation opened into the scandal that rocked wells fargo. investigators are collecting
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employees who opened accounts for customers without their permission. along with the names of those customers as well. they are accused of opening 2 million of the banks and credit card accounts in order to meet sales goals. >> the cdc recommending all pregnant women who spent time in miami-dade county be tested for the zika virus. previously, they recommended who had been in one of the neighborhoods where zika had been found. last week, you may have seen video of a shark getting in a diver's cage in the waters of mexico's west coast. it happened again. take a look. 15-foot great white stuck in a cage along with four divers. before it got in, the shark bit through the divers' air supply hose. all four escaped out the bottom
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boat. so in case the first video was not enough to make you want to stay out of the water and away from sharks, does this help? oh, my god. that is cringe worthy. >> unbelievable. and this is one of those incredible small world stories we tell every now and then. this took place in oklahoma. >> that's where this guy came across a camera two weeks ago at an auction, and he bought it for $6. >> then he vietnam printed on it. he researched and found henry who also lives in oklahoma. they just met, and he passed the camera along. >> amazing. >> good to know there is wonderful people in this world that are willing to do for others. >> so he said the camera was stolen from him in vietnam in
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you get to see him with the vietnam veteran hat as well. he's worn his veteran aspect proud. >> unbelievable it was found by someone who lived so close to him, and he'll likely end up pass it on to one of his grandchildren. >> all the memories after so many years. good times. coming up, taking a bite out of those airline fees. the new rules that the white house is proposing to make airlines more accountable to their passengers and to help wallets. the high end car maker that's now giving all of its cars self-driving capability, but are american drivers really on board with the idea of giving up the wheel to a computer? >> yep. >> first, here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather
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aleppo is a disaster. it's a humanitarian nightmare, but it's fallen from any stand point, i mean, what do you need? a signed document? look at aleppo. it's so sad what you see what happened. a lot of this is because of hillary clinton. >> satellite images released last night are allowing us to take a look at aleppo. there's no doubt to trump's claim that the city is a disaster. have the after photos that will likely be taking center stage later today here in new york at a u.n. meeting on the crisis over there. defense secretary ash carter arrives in turkey today one day after the tushish president blasted the u.s. backed campaign to remove isis from neighboring iraq. the president is demanding turkey enits forces play a bigger role in the offenses and threatening to take action if turkey's interests are compromised in the chaos in the
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a deputy shot to death while responding to a call. he joined the department just last week. a suspect is in custody, but no information released until a news conference is held later on today. a growing outrage in a viral video showing a white police officer confronting a black man for walking in the road. >> this is the naacp demanding a formal apology. this as the mayor and city counsel members faced krout of community activists. here's the story. >> reporter: residents frustrated and outraged -- >> a human being, and you treat him like a human being. >> reporter: letting city leaders in minnesota know they want answers. >> it's fortunate, i think, that this was on videotape. i hate to think what would have happened had it not been taped. >> reporter: the first meeting since this video was viral, two people in the now controversial
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on me like this. >> reporter: thomas and lieutenant olson, the officer claiming he stopped thomas for walking in the middle of the street impeding traffic, but the woman who recorded the video, janet, saying he was hugging the right side of the construction. >> take me e to jail for that? >> the officer needed to approach the situation in that manner, shouldn't have put hands on the guy. >> reporter: according to official, thomas detained at the scene and cited for disorderly conduct, citation dropped. >> we can't deny that officer olson maintained his calm. >> reporter: the mayor announced because the officer followed protocol, he will not be disciplined. for some, that was clearly not the answer. >> now there were calls from the public to have the officer suspended, but the mayor said that is not happening. he did apologize at the end of the meeting and added this protocol will now be review the.
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coming up, flying the friendlier skies perhaps. >> we are all hoping so. the new rules the white house hopes giving passengers more control over their wallet. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
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big news from tesla this morning. the company says it will be outfitting all the new cars with the technology to make them fully self-driving, but the systems will not be activated until further testing is down. it includes eight surround cameras and sensors to operate without a human driver. there's no specific timetable for the auto pilot but says the system needs millions of miles they are operating. 180,000 wranglers in the u.s. being recalled because the a wiring that affects the air bags. it affects 2016-17 models. more information on t-mobile paying a fine over the dispute over unlimited data plans. that fine follows the fcc complaint that t-mobile didn't let customers know about data
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usage speeds. the company said they improved the data plan disclosures in june last year. the company said they reached a good settlement with the fcc. the white house is throttling up new protections for airline passengers who feel increasingly nickelled and dimed by the growing litany of airline fees and got-ya charges. >> addressing the baggage fs >> reporter: if you ever waited and waited -- >> this is ridiculous. >> reporter: to reunite with your luggage after a flight, your time could be worth money. president obama nudging airlines to refund baggage fees if luggage is, quote, substantially delayed. no word yet on when fliers will see refunds, but there are ways to save time and money as you book those holiday flights. >> you got all these apps and
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>> reporter: for example, google and the hopper app, claiming 95% accuracy telling you exactly when to book your flight typically saving the travel $50 or as much as $1300. >> sends you vacations when they are up, down in price, and tell you the prime time to book them is. >> reporter: plus, freebird, an insurance for your trip. $19, it automatically rebooks you if the flight is cancelled or missed due look at two one-way flights, not just round trip. it used to be round trip was the cheapest. now that's not necessarily the case. abc news, new york. you know the number one complaint that many airlines actually have about the passenger bill of rights? it's one thing that's on the side that you have a 24 hour period in order to cancel a reservation. they lose a lot of money based
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>> yeah. late night comics weigh in
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we don't know >> it's doing so well. snapchat. >> i've abandoned that. >> so last night's third and final presidential debate touched on the economy, immigration, terrorism, and even abortion. >> and the emmys. but there were plenty of laughter, you might say, for the late night comedians. here now is their take on last night's debate. >> the final presidential debate ever, i think, i don't think there's going to be another one.
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divorce. >> i want to make sure i heard that correctly. >> i'll keep you in suspense. >> oh! oh, suspense. it's going to end with a cliff hanger. >> i'm i the only one who is freaked out? dismissing democracy like dressing on a salad. i'll look at it later, put it on the side. >> like impression of baldwin doing an impression of him. he said mexico, hombres, bigly. >> hillary clinton came dressed as star trek deep space pope. >> that is because he'd rather have a puppet of president of the united states. >> no puppet. >> no, you're the puppet! >> you're the puppet! >> that was less juvenile than the debate. >> president obama has deported
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>> secretary -- >> yeah, obama deported millions and millions and donald trump thinks that's bad? that border wall better be tall to keep out the flying pigs. >> the last two weeks trump said the election is rigged, the election is rigged, and then sure enough, look at this. >> whatever it is, it's rigged against him. >> yes, right there. look at that word, circle that. have fun with that crazy people on the internet. >> i love to have been the fly on the wall when they figured that out. >> absolute ly. >> is it bigly or big league? >> bigly.
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this morning on "world news now," no love lost in the third ape final presidential debate. >> he's up fit and proves it every time he talks. >> you're the one -- >> tense moments in las vegas as trump and clinton battled it out on stage for the last time. we're going to have the straight ahead. one of the big topics of the debate, conflict in the middle east. new developments from iraq as we learn how long the fight to take back mosul is expected to take, and new details regarding russia's involvement in syria. a massive explosion in portland, oregon sends people running from the blast. thefire chief saying it's the worst destruction he's ever seen. tell you why no one was injured.


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