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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  October 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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in vote 2016-- hillary clinton and donald trump squared off face to face one final time in last nights debate.
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three weeks to go until election day? abc's maggi rulli is live with more on last night's debate.
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as the candidates faced off. locally, many undecided voters attended watch parties, as they tried to pick a debate, it seems like both hillary clinton and donald trump, picked up some new supporters. later tonight, we'll take an in-depth look at where the
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look at where the race heads from here. the "your voice, your vote" town hall special airs at 7 o'clock, on our sister station newschannel eight -- and wjla dot com. both hillaruy clnton and donald trump are back on the campaign trail this morning as the clock ticks down. we are just 19 days away from election day. developing right now. murder charges after a dispute between two teen girls, ends in a fatal stabbing. classmates and loved ones of 17 year old kaelia minor gathered for a vigil last night. according to court documents, minor and 18 year old kyla jones had a long-running fued. the two spotted each other on a metrobus on monday. thats when police say minor grabbed the other teen's cell phone and ran off the bus. in the resulting fight, minor was stabbed in the chest. jones, accompanied
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turned herself into police once she learned that minor had died. she is being held without bond. an update on last month's deadly train crash in new jersey. legislators will now consider granting themselves subpoena power as they investigate the crash that killed one woman and injured more than 100. the judiciary committee will meet later today to discuss the matter. if approved, the legislators could compel officials to testify and provide documents. a senate oversight panel hearing is set a fiery blast in oregon sends fireifhters to the hospital and witnesses running for their lives. now we are learning more about the cause. the details.. coming up. plus, a nba star walks out of court after getting some good news. but he may not be out of the woods yet.
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weekend - blustery & chilly weekend today: mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. highs: 79-84 winds: s 5-10 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. showers along and west of i-81. patchy fog. lows: 63-66 winds: s 5 mph friday: cloudy with periods of rain. becoming windy. highs: 67-73 winds: nw 10-20 g 30
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295 @ s. capitol chapel road coming up. better save room for this main some fishermen hook a record-breaking catch. and you won't believe what they did with it... plus, a different kind of election is over. and america has picked it's favorite holiday sweet. we'll tell you which
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portland, oregon is destroyed, and several people are injured, after officials believe the blasts occurred after a construction crew hit a gas line. neal karlinsky has more. developing now in
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san francisco.. police are still searching for several suspects, following a shooting outside june jordan high school. three male students and a female student were wounded tuesday. the female student was critically injured. the other injuries are less serious. police believe the shooting was gang-related.. and they say one of the students was specifically targeted. n-b-a star derrick rose is celebrating a victory.. of friends were cleared yesterday in a rape lawsuit. rose's ex-girlfriend accused the three of raping her back in 20-13. she sued for 21-million dollars. but the jury of six women and two men rejected her claim. and it determined, the late-night encounter was consensual. although the lawsuit is resolved, the los angeles police department is still conducting a criminal investigation. a seven on your side consumer alert this morning. airlines will have to refund baggage fees for luggage
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regulations proposed by the department of transportation. congress mandated refunds if bags are delayed 12 hours or more for domestic flights and 15 hours for international travel. no word yet on when fliers will see refunds. in the meantime, travel experts say one of the best way to save time and money is through apps. the department final rules aimed at giving passengers better information when they buy tickets and for judging the performance of airlines. happening today.. a pivotal public hearing focused on how late metro should stay open. metro officials want feedback from riders. right now, through the end of safetrak metro services end at midnight. officials want to keep it that way to allow workers more time for repairs. but many riders and d-c leaders want 3 a-m service back. they say the limited hours cut safe transportation options late at
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before you buy candy for trick-or-treaters, listen to this. influenster-dot-com surveyed more than 40-thousand people nationwide.. and asked what their favorite halloween candy was. reese's peanut butter cups captured the most votes and was the top candy choice for virginia. the other most popular candy.. kit kats and butterfingers. and if you were wondering: washington d-c voted for twix candy bars. and maryland voted for almond joys.
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toss to eileen - one more 80+ degree day - have the umbrella friday - windy late friday into the weekend - blustery & chilly weekend today: mostly cloudy to partly cloudy.
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showers along and west of i-81. patchy fog. lows: 63-66 winds: s 5 mph friday: cloudy with periods of rain. becoming windy. highs: 67-73 winds: nw 10-20 g 30
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coming up. coming up. robots in the cockpit! it could become a reality - thanks to work being done in our area! we'll take you inside
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z25ggz zi0z y25ggy yi0y but a robot - may soon be in the cockpit of an airplane! it's artificial intelligence designed to help get you safely to your destination. the robots -- dont' get tired, stressed, distracted, intoxicated. and it's your tax dollars at work. tim barber shows us
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watering this morning. two fisherman capture a massive 14 pound lobster off the coast of bermuda. they think rough surf from hurricane nicole may have brought the lobster close to shore it maybe 30 to 40 years old due to it's size. now put this in perspective.. most lobsters for sale weigh between 1 and 3 pounds. sorry sea food lovers-- after recording the catch for bragging purposes, the fishermen released the lobster back into the water.
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there is more coming up at the top of the hour on good morning washington. if you thought the presidential candidates would place nice in their last debate-- you were mistaken. our complete vote 2016 coverage
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donald trump and hillary clinton, squaring off in a fiery final presidential debate. the one question trump wouldn't answer that has this morning. plus - a teen arrested at a d-c metro station, over a bag of chips? the new video just coming into our newsroom. and get outside for lunch today, while you still can. rain -- plus a big cool down, are heading our way. good morning washington. toss to eileen - one more 80+ degree


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