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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  October 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. larry: more than a dozen bullets shot d.c. home. ambushed overnight. autria: the last call happening right now for virginia voters. larry: a temperature drop is just hours away. the rain brings the cold weather with it. what a cheery way to say -- happy friday. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] autria: for those of us who have been waiting for fall, this is good news. veronica: last year we had 80's in november, 70 boston december. get ready for boots, tights,
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[laughter] eileen: many of you want to know when it's going to arrive. we have nine hours of dry weather conditions. here's the rain associated with the front. it will take quite a while until we get the rain this afternoon. a dry morning rush, a warm look at that, even a bit oth our weatherbug stations across the area, 67 degrees at hyattsville. it is very mild this morning. it will be another mild day. climbing into the 70's, dry to lunchtime. by 3:00 that's when the showers start to arrive. look at what happens by 7:00. dropping down to 54. have the umbrella handy. then the wind starts to pick up with temperatures dropping
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how chilly and windy it will be for your saturday. however think looking on the roads, julie? julie: not too bad. now what dealing with is a bit of a slowdown on north 95 out of newington. for those headed back up towards the beltway right now, as the occoquan, a 38 minute ride northbound on interstate 95. gr a moving. fair oaks coming in towards the beltway this morning, looking pretty good. that's the traffic watch, back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the top stretch of the beltway. autria: a d.c. apartment hit by gunfire when children are inside. john -- larry: john gonzalez is
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high-powered weapon. d.c. police are investigating this, three shootings in the span of two hours. the most serious is right here on naylor road. you see that a stop? it's a busy stop, we have seen a couple of buses come through. folks are startled to hear about the shooting. literally across the street is where the shots were fired late last night. police looking to see if these no injuries on stanton road down the street, but this one is much more serious. from the street, someone fired into that first floor apartment holding. take a look at the video, you can see the bullet holes on the glass and the screen of the window of that two-story building. they believe that automatic
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they spent time coming to the grassy area looking for shell casings inside. inside, a family with two toddlers according to the commissioner here. >> i heard like eight shots. >> you said your daughter was startled? >> you was. john: no description at this hour. no motive as police continue to search for the gunmen in this case. reporting live, john gonzalez.
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police in arlington are investigating two incidents in which someone shot at homes. both happened within minutes of each other at 10:00 last night. first was on the -- at south 27th court. shortly after that someone fired and airsoft weapon on south 11th street. no one was injured in either incident. larry: happening today, the couple accused of killing in varying their son behind the high review. investigators say that antoine petit admits that he punched the little boy after he started screaming and crying. autria: virginians hoping to vote in the november election have a second chance to register. a computer glitch prevented some voters from meeting the deadline to enroll. a lawsuit was filed to get at 6
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midnight, tonight. you can mail it in, walk into your local election office or dmv, or register online. larry: donald trump and hillary clinton, sitting one seat away from each other from the charity dinner at new york, both of them addressing the crowd last night at the smith dinner. usually it's a lighthearted moment on the campaign trail. mr. trump: the truth is, i'm actually a modest person. very modest. it's true. is perhaps my best holiday. -- quality. even better than my temperament. sec. clinton: i'm not boring at all. i'm the life of every party i attended. and i've been to three. [laughter] larry: it came one night after the third and final residential debate. the debate in which trump
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getting the pulse of the people on the presidential race, brad will be in harrisburg, pennsylvania, talking to voters there about the key battleground state and its upcoming election.
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autria: a traffic alert for the weekend. the hov lanes on interstate 95 will be closed over the week line. they will be closed until monday morning at 3:00. julie will have your traffic report coming up in a few minutes, but first let's see how the weather it shaping up. julie: you may need to windchill wipers later on for the drive. you kind of need a little bit of everything today. short sleeves and sunglasses through lunchtime, 2:00.
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throw a bunch of stuff in there. i know that many of you are concerned about how your evening will be impacted with rain and windy conditions. friday night, we will be featured right here later on this evening, centreville versus wildcats. that big game in northern virginia. i should set the temperatures will be in the low 60's. cloudy skies, showers, no heavy windy conditions with wind gusting to about 30 miles per hour. tomorrow i know we are giving away tickets for the greater game, but it is going to be cold and blustery out there tomorrow, with temperatures only in the upper 60's. the wind on your screen gusting to about 40 miles per hour. he will be previewing that event on "good morning washington,"
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warrior obstacle course to try and i'm so pumped, i can't wait. julie: [laughter] i hope you had your wheaties this morning. police say they have a stalled truck coming northbound from the key bridge towards the capital beltway. starting to see some backups in newington. from woodbridge leaving the occoquan towards the beltway. a 70 minute ride there. for those traveling inbound a new york avenue, there is a report of a crash in northeast. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on westbound 66. autria? autria: a church plan, creating a local dispute. >> i would hope that someone would fight for me and my legacy. larry: pitting neighbors against
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are following breaking news from iraq this morning. a battle between isis and
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jummy: breaking news at 6:15. fighting -- fighting breaking out in northern iraq. isis militants holding out in a damaged hotel, battling those forces right now. you can see that smoke coming there. the militants launched the assault or cook -- kirkuk. isis militants stormed the themselves up. the talk is that they stage the attack to trot troops away from mosul. the u.s. soldier was killed in attack north of the city. larry: the one human rights council will hold a session on the worsening situation in the syrian city of aleppo.
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-- special session was needed because of the failure of the assad machine and the allies to fulfill the international human rights commitment. autria: details this morning about the case of a maryland man expected of stealing top-secret information. taking government materials over 20 years, with 60,000 gigabytes of information in the search. bringing additional charges in the espionage act, exposing him penalties -- far harsher penalties. larry: these graves along to the all family and church leaders want to move the graves so they can expand the church. others, including defense -- descendents of the family, say that the graves are an important part of the neighborhood history and should it rejected that should be protected.
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astride the floor. we just find out about this three days ago. we are 100% against this. larry: another public meeting is scheduled for november 1. autria: new this morning, the chicago cubs are just one game away from the world series. sharp pitching from jon lester propelled them to an 8-4 win over the l.a. dodgers in the champi cubbies go back to chicago tomorrow night. they haven't been champs since 1908. the cubs could get it done saturday night. the first pitch is set for 7:00 at wrigley. larry: time to say bye-bye to
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move to china by the time they are four. so far no dates for the goodbye events have been announced. don't go. autria: bye-bye, bao bao. someone's giving me a face -- they hope he takes a bow? so witty. [laughter] eileen: trick-or-treating, fun for all the kids at the zoo. i will probably go sunday, it will be blustery, not warmer. rain heading in our direction, associated with the front we have been tracking all week long. for the first half of the day on the east side of the front it will be warm, but my later to bed later tonight and will be cold and windy.
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weatherbug across the area. we do have a bit of a breeze this morning that is pretty warm. i want to emphasize how windy is going to get later this evening. by this evening we will still have showers between 3:00 and 8:00. light, wind gusting. you will feel it. tour i'll morning, wind of 35 miles per hour in very blustery. not only is it going to be windy, it is going to be much chillier. lows tonight dipping into the 40 bus. it's going to be very chilly. 50's tomorrow, all day long. 59 degrees by 2:00. again, very brisk and lust. i, seasonable temperatures, a little bit breezy. much better, comparatively speaking, to saturday.
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on the roads this morning, busy for a friday. troubles right now out to the west. especially if you are traveling in chantilly. police are on the scene, i just got off the phone with authorities who told us that a rescue helicopter has been requested at the scene of the crash. once the medevac arrives they will most likely each direction. coming out of chantilly this morning, it's going to be quite some time trying to get through there as the delays build. george washington parkway northbound at spout run, delays, follow directions to get through. 95 in virginia, a 12 minute commute headed inbound. northeast, a crash reported, heads up making our way towards the third street tunnel. back in 10 minutes to update
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alert this morning, new
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morning washington," on your side. julie: a live look at interstate 60's -- larry: a live look at interstate 66. serious backups. eileen will be talking about the rain in the forecast, julie wright have your travel conditions. autria: an update on the death of katie may. larry: in gma's first look. sudden, shocking death of playboy model and so-called queen of snapchat, katie may. our affiliate was told that the 34-year-old mother's cause of death in february, neck manipulation by chiropractor. >> keep it coming. >> she had over 2 million instagram followers before her death and was very active on
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said -- pinched a nerve on my neck on a photo shoot, got adjusted this morning, days later tweeting -- it still hurts, going back to the chiropractor tomorrow. we will have more on what officials say really went wrong during the session coming up at
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock. man: too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to allow federal contractors to discriminate against gay employees. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: a brand-new video coming into the newsroom of an overnight earth taken japan. larry: exposing himself to children in the district. a search for a flasher right now in one northwest neighborhood. good morning to you. autria: let's get started with a check on your forecast first this morning. of course it's friday. eileen: so excited for that. dry weather conditions this morning, it is on the mild side. into the 70's, reaching about 76 degrees by 3:00.
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temperature start to tumble by 5:00 p.m., we are already back down to 66 degrees by 7:00. we are going to be having some rain with falling temperatures associated with that cold front. by 3:00, make sure that you have that umbrella. hold onto that him bella. sometimes it's a futile effort when the wind is as gusty as it is. -- hold on to that umbrella. when the wind is as gusty as it is. 50's tonight, 40 bus tomorrow morning. a chilly weekend ahead. 59 degrees saturday, nicer sunday, milder and a tad easy. we have got our fall foliage contest winner coming you at 6:40. julie: not an easy start this morning. this is where it's all happening.
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requested at the scene, 28 is blocked off in each direction. authorities tell me the crash involves a motorcyclist. one person will be transported from the scene by chopper, but until then it remains closed off each way between 50 and chantilly. eastbound on 66, a crash at 123 in the service road. another fender bender has occu spout run. north east new york avenue, watch for fire and rescue units responding. back in the next 10 minutes and we will keep a close eye on your ride. jummy: breaking news in prince george's county. a round: 30 last night they responded to a call about a shooting and when they got to the scene, they found a man shot
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with life-threatening injuries. we are waiting to get more information from prince george's county police to learn more about this investigation, including a suspect or a motive. larry: happening now, parents on alert in a northwest d.c. neighborhood after a pair of flashers responded near to schools. -- two schools. sam: this is like something out of a horror film. the man broke into a house that was being renovated across from the school, went upstairs, tore off the blinds, and when the girls in the eighth grade walked by, he would tap on the glass, get their attention, and expose himself. >> the subject had entered the house and stood in the window. exposing himself to children.
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it highlights how important it is to teach her child, no matter where you are. keep them safe. sam: he's not only targeting children, but on october 4 in chevy chase a woman walked by and exposed himself again. it didn't end there, he wound up chasing after her. a few blocks away she was able to hide in lose him this morning. police and administrators here are warning parents that if you hear anything or see anything suspicious, they want to hear from you. sam sweeney, back to you in the studio. autria: parents of police are getting reassurance after a series of homicide. the police chief met with them last night to discuss the crimes. the latest victim was stabbed to
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homicides in the area. >> we don't believe that any of these were random in any way. autria: homicides in d.c. are down this year -- year. this time last year there were 125. larry: the family of a d.c. man shot by undercover officers last week is demandi t video by the -- video of the incident. this was after he allegedly pulled out a gun. the family attorney says that he had dropped the gun before he was shot. george remains in critical condition and the family plans to hold a news conference at 11:00 this morning. autria: breaking right now, 6.6 magnitude earth day grokking
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there were no immediate reports of any injuries, but you can see the minimal damage. better news, officials say that there is no danger from the quake. larry: remember that cute child scientist from baltimore who asked president obama if he needed a kids science advisor? you will be back at the white house today. jacob leggett is one of the first signs of visors to get back ideas he will meet the director of nasa and astronauts scott and mark kelly. he amazed the president by showing off toys that he created with a 3-d printer. autria: whiz kid. are you a wine lover? this is your chance to win tickets to corktoberfest. colin right now, caller number
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breaking news on the roads this morning, motorcycle accident causing big backups in
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to allow federal contractors to discriminate against gay employees. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: women vote!
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock. man: too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: women vote!
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jummy: chantilly, accident involving a motorcycle, that's all that we know right now. julie wright is following the latest on the traffic situation there. julie: no one is able to get by at this time. earlier trout -- earlier lafayette -- earlier malfunction at king street. it looks like they are in the process of leaving the traffic on 128. on the southbound side they still have that closed off northbound. looks like they are in the process of releasing the traffic there. 60 there were earlier problems approaching 120 three, but those have no cleared. top side of the outer loop, new
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back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride. eileen, we are easing into friday morning with a look at the forecast. 1 -- eileen:* dry weather -- eileen: dry weather, still warm and on the breezy side, but by recess it will be 73 and mild. around showers will be developing. you may want to have the kids put the umbrella in the backpack. they may need it getting off the bus this afternoon. those showers will be around through around 8:00. a very light rain. the other thing you will notice this evening is the falling temperatures, from 76 to 54, cloudy conditions, partly cloudy by midnight.
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amazing viewers for sending in photos of our fall foliage contest. we congratulate hall romney for sending this in. thank you so much for sending that in leaf keeping this weekend. send those to us, it will be blustery tomorrow. guys? larry: thanks. the alarming number of alerts fired overnight. autria: and a charity dinner could not stop the bickering between donald trump and hillary
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: good friday morning to you. in the race for the white house this morning, hillary clinton
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one day after the presidential debate. making jokes, the crowd in the end turning on trump and doing -- booing him. stephanie: good morning. hillary and and donald trump took turns roasting each other and poked fun at themselves. >> it's a routine stop on the road to the white house. sec. clinton: i took a break from my rigorous napping schedule to be here. mr. trump: it's great to be here with a thousand wonderful people. sec. clinton: benefiting catholic chair -- >> benefiting catholic charities in new york city. mr. trump: after listening to hillary rasul on, and on, and on, i don't think so badly of
6:46 am
laugh. mr. trump: michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. my wife, lonnie a, gives the -- my wife, melania trump, gives the exact same speech, and people get on her case. [laughter] >> he tried knocking her on corruption and her e-mails. that is when the crowd turned on him, interrupting with boos, which many observers said was a first at the event. clinton started with self-deprecating jokes about her stamina and paid speeches, but her main focus was going after trump for his comments on media. sec. clinton: donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a 4. maybe a five if she loses the
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is as healthy as a horse. you know, the one vladimir putin rides around on. last night, ending on a handshake. today the candidates are back to business and on the trail. clinton will be in ohio. trump in pennsylvania and ohio. northwest, stephanie ramos. autria: handshake, that's good news. virginia voters have a second chance or register. an extension of the original deadline after a computer glitch. suzanne has more if you still haven't registered. suzanne: we have been reporting on this all week long and wondering whether there will be a change. the change came yesterday. we should tell you that the of virginia elections commissioner initially said he wouldn't change the deadline and now a judge has ruled that there would
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on monday. the basis for registered -- the website was either slow or unresponsive for many virginia residents. officials agree that there could be an extension, but it would have to be ordered by a judge. it extends the deadline through 11:59 tonight, saying he only wanted to make up for the lost time caused i can are issues. the unprecedented demand was due to social media postings deadline on monday. voters can go online to election. or can mail in their registration. they just have to be postmarked by today. it's not clear how many potential voters were unable to register on monday, but now they have a second chance. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. larry: thanks, suzanne.
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block of stanton road. 13 bullets were fired. there were two young cobblers inside. they were not hurt. -- toddlers inside. they were not hurt. autria: the conch -- the couple accused of hitting and killing and burying their young son behind a school are facing murder charges. larry: a prince george's county murder is out on bail after facing charges in upper marlboro. we are working the it more information for you and the have it when it becomes available. jummy: metro news now. i controversy is touring over
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and's next spring. metro will be shutting down at midnight seven days a week. what happens after that is still not clear. paul wiedefeld doesn't want the system open as many hours as it used to be. saying that he could live with a closing time of 1:00, but many people call it still too early. >> the bars and the restaurants stay open to it should be 3:00. jummy: residents weighed in. the metro board will discuss the comments next month and is going to make a final decision sometime in september. larry: capital bike share, coming to fairfax county. joining more than 400 other bike share stations in d.c., arlington, alexandria, and
6:51 am
autria: it has been in the d.c. area for white a few years, but rei opened its first store in the nation's capital this morning. starting at 8:00, delaware avenue will be closed and julie wright will keep you updated. the first five customers will get your prizes at 10:00. jummy: the power of pink event was yesterday afternoon. started by two sisters affected by breast cancer. every october they have a workout event in fairfax county in bethesda. this year between both events they raised almost $130,000. just women coming together to some other women.
6:52 am
workout tops for everybody. every penny of the money raised goes to capital care in southeast d.c., 100% charity based. >> thanks for inviting us out. eileen: moving on, we have got big changes way. for those who like to the warm weather, there's one more day to enjoy it. we are going to be dropping about 20 degrees between today and tomorrow. saturday the sunday, off another 10 degrees. the ebb and flow of our temperatures at this time of year. one other big thing a wanted everyone to be mindful of, the wind is going to start to get quite a story.
6:53 am
going to be gusting up to 40 miles per hour. hold onto your hats, folks. high temperatures in the upper 50's. more seasonable sunday. it will be breezy, but not very gusty at all. look another cool down wednesday around 60 degrees. if you have already started putting out the halloween decorations, if anything is loose you may just want to put it back out on monday. julie: around the capital beltway the story is going to be
6:54 am
delays as well. the story is going to be in chantilly. tied up in each direction your 50, looks like the southbound games are close -- lanes are closed. we are able to get traffic moving again on the northbound side. an accident on the headed eastbound and 66, follow police direction to get by. reports of a crash there towards the beltway. that's the traffic watch. back over to you guys. kidd: tmc is reporting that brad pitt will not file a legal
6:55 am
legal battle and he fears it would cause psychological damage to the kids. his legal answer was supposed to be filed wednesday but the deadline came and went. couple of reasons, one of them being that the l.a. department of children and family services has been closed and it has been between him and maddux. if it closes and then he files, he will have a bette that is probably what he is waiting for. angelina could now probably file something else saying -- you didn't respond -- but she is probably not going to do this either. the entire thing could probably be settled behind closed doors, if they could figure it out. that's what's going on with that story. last night the best of d.c. awards was held high the washington blade. i was nominated for best tv
6:56 am
things in my life. usually third or fourth. second was an accomplishment. [laughter] it was an honor to just be nominated. at the event, mayor bowser was there. autria, jummy, and myself, stepping away from our caucus for a moment as we took a picture with the mayor. it is a great city to live in and i'm part to be part of that community. autria: we are proud of you. jummy: your number one. kidd: thank you, i appreciate it. time for your 60 second expressed. -- express. >> he says he will accept the results of he wins? it's not a joking matter. >> after listening to hillary rafal on and on, i don't think so badly of rosie o'donnell.
6:57 am
liberty and sees a4, maybe a five if she loses the torch. >> election commissioners could not extend the deadline. heather is more time to register to vote. >> an american soldier was killed by a roadside bomb. >> bullet holes on the screen of that window. >> it's not safe here in southeast. >> it's time to say bye-bye to sent to china in early 2017.
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good morning, america. a charity dinner turns bitter overnight. >> here she is tonight, pretending not to hate catholics. >> donald trump gets booed. hillary clinton follows with her own act. >> it's amazing, i'm up here after donald. i didn't think he'd be okay with a peaceful tr >> just hours after trump doubles down on his election stance. >> and i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> and the clinton campaign looks to expand its map with michelle obama. also breaking right now, isis suicide bombers and gunmen launching a deadly dawn attack


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