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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  October 24, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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257 degrees tomorrow. a little bit of a swing upward on friday, but not by much. cooler than average after today. temperatures in the 50's across the area. a few clouds across northern parts of maryland. mid 50's in most locations, 61, a little bit higher in leesburg, temperatures rise into the upper 60's later today, taking a bit of a dip and then starting to rise again. tomorrow morning looking very cold. the wind of this afternoon will hang on. 40 degrees in gaithersburg -- gaithersburg. 43 in woodbridge. north and west, charles town, urbana, factoring in the wind it is a bit of a chill for us.
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tracking some rain for thursday, you can see the front moving in and we will talk more about that in about 10 minutes. julie? dry pavement -- julie: dry pavement, a busy commute on the roads. foxhall road south of nebraska avenue has been a tie up. again, if you are traveling south of american be on foxhall road until further notice. headed north we had a crash with omega left lane able to squeeze by. the crash westbound on the freeway before you reach main avenue, stay to the right to get around that scene. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on the roads and rails. jummy: breaking right now, at least five people are dead after a fiery crash at an
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just before 1:30 eastern time at about 7:30 in the morning. the twin propeller plane tipped to the right and crashed soon after takeoff. part of the burning wreckage ended up on a road just outside the airport. original reports were that members of the european union commission were on board, but that appears to not be the case. the malta international airport is temporarily closed until all of the debris is cleared. autria? autria: d.c. police trying to figure out who opened fire on homes and cars in the petworth neighborhood this weekend. that is where john gonzalez is live. john? john: good morning. d.c. police and the residents here are very concerned. is this a new trend? it was just this past friday that we told you about a similar situation in southeast. here we are in the neighborhood,
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where we are standing you can see 1, 2, three bullet holes. one in the back. the window, the owner has already taped up a shattered window. d.c. police telling us this morning that at least two cars and four homes on the block were struck a gunfire. we have been talking to some of the residents who now have bullet holes in their windows and walls. let's shocking his feet from where these people were inside children and a pregnant woman. the spot device in the area detected 17 gunshots in front of one of the homes. we just spoke to one of the residence, who said it sounded like the gunman was at his front door. >> you could feel him right near your door. we jumped out of the bed and lay
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larry: detectives have an interviewing these folks to try to obtain a description. brats the most alarming part in all of this is that it doesn't appear that the homes or cars were targeted. it appears to be random malice. no indication that any of these cases are connected. larry: new developments in a high-profile murder case in arlington. david black will go on trial today for the murd estranged wife, bonnie. there to children -- their two children discover the body. he had reportedly been making threatening statements to her. today's trial begins at 9:30 in arlington county circuit court. the prince george's county aide accused of molesting two special needs children has a preliminary hearing today.
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this past may and last november. he is being held without bond. autria: ntsb investigators are on the scene right now trying to figure out what caused a tour bus to slam into the back of a semi truck. take a look. 13 people are dead. 30 others hurt 100 miles east of los angeles. preliminary findings showing the bus barely even slow down before plowing into the truck. it w the trailer. so far no word of any alcohol. or whether or not drugs or fatigue played a part in the crash. larry: metro riders, listen up. the impact your schedule,
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jummy: seven is on your side,
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safetrack surged 10 is around the corner and it's going to be pretty big. safetrack surged nine wraps up on wednesday. full service on thursday. saturday, get ready, the red line is reducing service for weeks. the brooklyn catholic university station and rhode island avenue stations will be closed and nearly all of the other red line stations fewer trains than usual at rush-hour. more on that, coming up, but for now let's get a check on the forecast. veronica: it was a great weekend, going from jackets to coats by midweek this week. 51 degrees in aspen hill. 53 in chevy chase. 57 in pen worth. not too bad at all. you know what?
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temperatures, but the morning temperatures by midweek. that is inside the beltway. upper 30's, talking about some cold conditions the early start each day. monday and tuesday, even wednesday of this week. so, the grade today gets of the in the early part of the day with just a few clouds moving through from time to time. 57 degrees by drop the breeze, giving us a bit of a chill. tomorrow morning in the 40's, already feeling like the 30's across the area. it does feel like it will be drive for the most part during this work week until we get to thursday when we will have a few passing showers. but significantly cooler than average coming our way this week. if you are running, participating, or supporting
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3:00 in the afternoon it is looking dry with a bit of a wind picking up during those afternoon hours. i like that it's looking dry right now. we will continue to update you on that. let's hit the roads with julie wright. julie: our traffic watch 7 wazers are checking in. inbound new york avenue trying to get past south dakota avenue in inbound towards bladensburg and the third street tunnel, already seen traffic slowing towards 295 with a lot of checking in across the act cost you. as we move over to the next map, coming inbound across the freeway, that's where we have the crash before main avenue and that's the focal point of that delay. we also have a wreck in virginia at boundary channel drive. left side of the roadway is all the table to squeeze through. the story we are keeping a close eye out for on foxhall road,
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gas main break. police are headed to the scene to help with traffic. it is reported right now to be blocked. back in the next 10 minutes. keep a close eye on your ride. autria: proof this morning that
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform.
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spected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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>> breaking overnight, anne the your out what led to a double stabbing after what police were calling a disturbance. as soon as we hear anything, we will let you know. larry: this morning, new developments in the race for the white house. donald trump racing against the clock, fighting off accusations of sexual misconduct. he was rallying support and
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with female voters than men in the sunshine state. mr. trump: we are doing well in the polls. but you know? i really think those polls are very inaccurate when it comes to women. i think we are doing better with women than with men, frankly. larry: a new tracking poll shows clinton with a 20 point advantage among women and among male voters, the group that had been leaning toward trump, clinton has a three point lead. autria: h for you. do you know the laws about snapping a selfie while you vote? it is illegal in some states to snap a picture enough polling place? in d.c. they are discouraged but there is no ban. in maryland the laws are a little bit murky. it's ok to snap a picture of a mailed ballot, but electronic devices are banned at the polls. virginia, send a tweet. they say it's perfectly legal.
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when i vote. there is no place like d.c. for dorothy's ruby red slippers. you know this pair of shoes right here. the smithsonian museum of american history raised the $300,000 it was looking for on kick starter and will now be able to pay to preserve these iconic slippers. that's not all. they later tweeted that they have a surprise for everyone. everyone loves surprises, right? they we are doing just that. as soon as we hear anything from the smithsonian, we will let you know. smithsonian, i know. maybe -- i don't know. i mean -- i don't know -- i'm trying to think -- somebody donated a ton of money? they will be on display somewhere? i don't know. autria: maybe they want to
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channel seven. autria: exactly. jummy: i would love to see that. autria: how do you do it without just replacing the sequence? larry: if they can get $30,000 in a week? they can get anything. veronica: it's going to be a very pretty day. just like those shoes. they are looking a little -- sunglasses today, nice jacket, i know you're heading out in a couple of minutes, right? chilly conditions, a little bit scary by midweek, it is going to turn cold, going from temperatures this morning in the 50's in most neighborhoods to down in the 40's and even 30's tomorrow morning. getting some late fall weather here, cold conditions coming up for your tuesday and wednesday.
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through today. 8 a.m., partly sunny skies. 10:00 a.m., 61 degrees. still partly sunny. still mid 60's at 1:00 today. you get the idea. a lot like yesterday. the next big change for us comes tomorrow morning. as mentioned, it's going to turn cold, with temperatures into the 30's. even at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. a warm jacket or a light coat. go through the sky conditions for you. as far as the forecast goes for the next couple of days, colder conditions, but day of trick-or-treating? temperatures are expected to be at 50 degrees. breezy and looking dry, monday compared to saturday. julie? julie: is that a peek into frankenstein's room? or is that the basement of your house? that's what i want to know.
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will be with us for the next six to eight hours for repairs. foxhall road tied up at lowell street, they are suggesting chamber ager road or combination of nebraska avenue as a workaround. definitely something that you are waking up to that you want to get a head start on. this crash year tying up the two left lanes. already significant tieups northbound and southbound trying only the left lane is able to squeeze by that crash. heads up, red line surge to beginning this weekend, putting this on as a precaution for you, giving you a heads up. the marine corps marathon, no service on the red line. the blue and yellow line trains will run additional cars for spectators. you can follow me on my twitter page for that info. back in the next 10 minutes to
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the rails. autria? autria: talk about getting more than what you bargained for. what went wrong during this ride along? >> since january we have been arrington weekly stories focusing on cancer research, treatment, prevention, and care. they were produced in connection with a partnersh were not always identified as sponsored content. we apologize for any confusion caused and be sure that future stories aired as a part of this art and a shipper labeled as sponsored content. cancer care, treatments that can cure patients can also make them very sick. radiation therapy has improved to the point where advanced technology can pinpoint the tumor within a millimeter. finding the cancer without other parts of the body eating harmed.
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many family members to cancer explains how it helped her to survive. ask my sister, my mother, my aunt, a lot of people in my family. >> karen curtis has lost several people to cancer. >> i figured i would die really soon. >> she was quickly recommended to huntsman. >> they found a tumor. it was very big. i didn't know it was there. >> she started >> when you see the machines you think you are in some sugar star wars movie. >> the way they work is to radiotherapy. >> this machine can target tumors within a millimeter. >> we want to treat it fully and have the patient have no side effects. >> he understands how important that is. he was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma in his
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of what others had been through. >> karen also beat her cancer, something that she credits to that advanced technology and her doctors. >> if it was not for him, i wouldn't be here today. no one give up on me. woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. man: or me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock voted to defund planned parenthood...
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is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to let federal contractors discriminate against gay employees... man: twice. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. larry: a police passenger got more than expected when the officer behind the wheel began pursuing a suspect. gio bonita has has the story. >> watch this dashcam video a california police cruiser. the officer has a guest in the car for a ride along as he tries to pull over this silver mazda. within seconds the officer realizes the driver isn't planning on pulling over. the officer and that civilian, in full pursuit. >> shots fired. >> just after the turn, you can see the gunfire. and listen as his female
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stop the chase. the firefight disabling the police car, it rolls to a stop. the suspect taking off on foot. incredibly, both of the officer
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock. : house majority pac
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[ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant. woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality.
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y employees. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac is responsible for the content of this ad. >> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: breaking right now, mobile trak 7 on the scene of a gas leak on foxhall road. let's get straight to john gonzalez, live on the john: that's right. we just arrived and i got to tell you, as soon as we arrived we could smell it in the air. take a look at the work behind me. this is a critical situation in a busy area. the southbound lanes here will be blocked due to an emergency yes leak repair.
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traffic control on the scene here, creating quite a problem for the morning rush-hour. take a look at the heavy machinery here. they are ripping up the roads right now as they try to get to that line under foxhall road. the reason for the emergency repair is still not known. we are trying to get more information this morning. we just arrived on the scene. as i toss it over to my colleague, julie, you know this area near american very busy morning rush-hour. with southbound lanes closed, that's going to create quite a problem here. julie: before we let you go, i saw one car going behind you, are they alternating traffic, yet? can you tell? john: they are. my photographer will show you, they've got the traffic enforcers and the sign up, letting you know when to go slowly and when to stop.
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direction essentially right now. julie: but as you just said, it will be a mess for those traveling to and from american university this morning, really taking a toll on the folks in the area. vdot is suggesting that you stick with the rask avenue as a workaround. that is going to be shut down for the next six hours to eight hours according to police on the scene. be very cautious of this continuing in the d.c. area, two left lanes tied up at the scene of this wreck. eastbound 66 out of merryfield, before you reach the beltway, the crash tying up the second lane from the left. that's the traffic watch. in the next 10 minutes updating a ride to the west as well as getting through northwest washington. veronica says that it could change later this week.
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next chance for rain is thursday. but we've got to watch those temperatures plummeting as we make our way through the work week and it gets progressively cooler. today, the warmest of the work week, highs into the upper 60's across the area. chances for rain again coming out thursday with a few showers moving through the area. yes, it's looking chilly and we ha dry pavement out there today. lunchtime, 66 degrees at 1:00. 67 degrees by 2:00. 20 to 25 miles per hour, you are looking at a good day, feeling wasn't around stafford, culpeper, high of 70 degrees by evening. taking a look at that seven-day
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been reporting all morning. the deadly plane crash in malta. according to the associated press, the five victims killed in the crash this morning were all working for the french government. they are all french nationals. they were heading to the coast of india to monitor migrant and drug trafficking routes for the french government the plane crashed shortly after takeoff at 1:30 our time, creating a fireball and smoke it could be seen for miles. take a statement from the maltese government. it was part of their mission to see what is going on in the area. we know that the airport is closed until further notice. mary? larry: breaking news. tom hayden has died. 1960's antiwar icon. he was the leader of the movement to stop the vietnam war . during that time he was married
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department prosecuted him in the chicago seven trial following the violent crowd -- violent clashes at the democratic national convention. he served 18 years in the california assembly. he was 76. autria: the redskins four-game winning streak came to an end in detroit. it was all until kirk cousins ran it in from 19 yards out. connecting with antoine for the game-winning touchdown and 16 seconds left on the clock, detroit wins, 20 to 17. the redskins trying to get back on track in london next sunday. larry: wake up early for that one. we are one day away from a historic first pitch and world series. have you seen this? wait until you hear how much
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larry: game one tomorrow night, fans getting ready to shell out
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expensive tickets in the history of baseball. the average asking price of the four games scheduled for cleveland is about $3900, according to ticket tracker. that is nothing -- hang on, julie -- that is nothing for the nearly $7,200 per night for games 3, 4, and five. autria: well, we can help you getting you into one of the hard -- the hottest shows. durham durant is playing a live new year's show at the mgm national harbor casino and we are looking for caller number seven and those tickets could be yours. that's better, right? durant ram, world series? why not? come on, now. larry: how about free? [laughter]
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it, it's going to be a nasty commute on foxhall road. we received news an hour ago that there was a gas line break at lowell street in northwest washington. authorities telling me that they will be out there on the scene for the next six to eight hours. pretty much through the remainder of the morning and into the midday, hopefully reopening these lanes by this afternoon. one direction at a time has been able to get by. the freeway the crash is gone but major tieups on route 295 in northbound as the pace slows to five miles per hour. eastbound 60, trouble spot in merrifield, looks like they finally moved everything to the left shoulder, look for those heavy volume delays towards the capital beltway. back in the next 10 minutes to keep a close eye on the roads and rails. for now we say good morning to veronica johnson. telling me that today will be
6:41 am
expecting showers? ron eco: just a few. it's not like it will be a downpour. veronica: -- just a few. it's not like it will be a downpour. today is a green light all the way through. the weather is not going to be a factor on area roads or anything that you have to do today. highest temperatures this work week with a bit of a breeze coming through from time to time, we started out chilly and 62 degrees late morning by 11 a.m., down into the 50's this evening under a clear sky. breezy sunshine, less wind as we get into the evening hours. good news for any of the events happening after school. high school football practice is of course going on. temperature dropping by 7:00. 25 to 30 miles per hour briefly
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a little bit more out of the northwest, high temperature in the mid-50's and that's it for midweek. talk about some late fall conditions here coming up midweek. the next chance for an intervention will be midweek on saturday and then the temperatures will be popping out, i think, around 60 degrees next monday. taking another look at the seven-day forecast in the countdown is on. 14 days, 18 hours until election day. voters are wrapped around the buildings where you can cast your ballot today. suzanne? suzanne: there are big changes headed our way for metro riders. a live report is coming up next.
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just seven days away from
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larry: a gas leak slowing your drive to work this morning. mobile trak 7 is on the scene. we have crews on the scene, we are told it will be six hours to eight hours until the work is finished. john gonzalez is getting more details for us. more c autria: to the campaign trail now, over the next few weeks the candidates will make a final push for the white house. larry: a new tracking poll shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump with a double digit lead. good morning. >> good morning to you. there is little time left to campaign and donald trump's team is a technology that he is
6:47 am
he's hunkering down in florida, one of the swing states that polls show is still competitive. hillary clinton spent sunday and north carolina, estate she hopes to have in her column on election day. in a race against time, still fighting accusations of sexual misconduct, donald trump is looking forward in the must win state of florida. he believes he is doing better with females than males voters. mr. trump: i tel what, we are doing well in the polls, but i think those polls are inaccurate when it comes to women. i think we are doing better with women than with men, frankly. >> newly confident hillary clinton taking her campaign to church in north carolina. sec. clinton: we got to start interacting again with people we don't agree with. i do that all the time.
6:48 am
problems if we don't. >> president obama in las vegas saying that trumps claims of rigged elections are signs that he's losing. president obama: you got a guy proving he's not fit for this office every single day in every single way. on the other side you've got somebody who is as qualified as anyone who has ever run for the presidency. >> the new poll shows clinton with a 20 point advantage with women and a three-point edge with men, a group that typically tilted towards trump in this race until now. back to you. autria: thank you, angelica. if you live in the district, you could vote today. early voting resumes.
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this morning, we are on your side with big changes. larry: that's right, these could be the most disruptive safetrack changes yet. suzanne? suzanne: this is going to impact a lot of people, folks will want to listen up. slowly but surely we are working our way through these safetrack surges. this one is going orange and red lines. these are the changes taking place this week. the orange line work is scheduled to end wednesday night. that is certainly good news, it means that full service will be restored thursday morning. beginning on the 29th, the red line will have reduced service as the tracks will be shut down between gallaudet and fort totten. as a result, the seaway and rhode island avenue stations
6:50 am
service will be reduced at many stations. running into segments between shady grove and gallaudet and 10 minutes between glenmont and fort totten. there will be limited free shuttle buses between belmont and fort totten. after 9:00 the red line trains will run only every 15 minutes. this latest surge on the 29th runs through november 22. reporting live in northwes larry: thanks, suzanne. they are working on plans to extend the 295 expressway. hearing will be held tonight in arlington and another one in alexandria on wednesday. november 30 a hearing will be held at the bryn mawr park elementary school in alexandria. officials want to extend the express lanes north by eight miles so that the end of the d.c. line.
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side getting you around the delays on the roads and trails. head to you could use those this morning. julie: foxhall road will be the problem area in northwest this morning. tied up south of nebraska avenue at lowell street. more details live from the scene , good morning, john gonzalez. john coleman at this hour we are still getting a strong odor of gas here in northwest d.c.. this is right at lowell street and foxhall road, northwest. washington gas reporting that they are right now reporting on emergency yes leak repairs. it's not clear what caused the leak, but you can see the crews here using their machinery to
6:52 am
leak, southbound lanes between cleveland street and nebraska avenue, the work going on right here, the closure begins a little further down. when lane getting by, essentially using one lane for both northbound and southbound work. the actual work taking six hours to eight hours to conclude. that's what we were told. traffic control on the not a good spot for morning rush hour. julie: definitely a lot of headaches for everyone trying to get to and from american university. we have suggested workarounds where, as was mentioned, it will be shut down and hopefully open before the afternoon commute. eastbound on 66 the crash on the left side looking for delays from fair oaks and 95 out of stafford.
6:53 am
three, a 33 minute ride expected. in the traffic watch we are keeping a close eye on your ride in northwest. are we going to see some sunshine this morning, vj? veronica: yes, we are. until thursday when things get a bit wet around here. things are getting colder and court -- colder and colder as we move to the work week. 54 that mostly clear sky. the weather will have little impact on the area today, chilly start for us, ample sunshine with breezy conditions coming our way through the afternoon hours. some of the impacts coming our way because of the lower temperatures to start. upper 60 process as we drop into the 50's late tonight, mostly clear with the wind being light. temperatures in some locations will be down into the upper 30's
6:54 am
this evening, 58 for a temperature feeling cool out there. tomorrow, 59 for a high temperature. consider that in the average for this time of year running at 66. not a powerful one here, but it will bring rain on thursday with another chance on saturday evening. a lot of halloween activities going on, the warmest day of the work jummy: one tough cookie, one of our very own, the star of "empire," spending time in the district. and she got a special gift from the mayor. >> i believe that i earned that key to the city.
6:55 am
we sat down and spoke with her about her new movie and her new book, "around the way, girl." do not miss that interview tomorrow. autria: thank you, judy. the mark twain prize for humor has a new recipient, bill murray. he was honored for his performances on "saturday night live," as well as several movies, including "ghostbusters ," and "gr bill murray: right now in washington, d.c. -- [applause] the 51st state in the union. [applause] autria: hamming it up there for the residence. the full program will be broadcast friday night on pbs. so that we can watch.
6:56 am
speaking of watching, things getting spooky out there at six flags. larry: sam sweeney is live at fright fest this morning. sam: all year six flags works to scare their guests, but this week they kick it up a notch. we are in the terror toyshop. >> you are going to die at the north pole. [laughter] sam: this is o of 24 haunted attractions here in this man, right here, is in charge of making it happen. what can people expect? >> one of the best haunted attractions in the entire united states. we have a ton of offerings every day. something for the kids and for the adults. [screaming] it's not just a haunted house.
6:57 am
scary. [screaming and grunting] eileen: this is going to be -- sam: this is going to be, is not just riding the roller coaster, something pops out at you while you ride it? >> absolutely. all day long, every weekend. >> i hate christmas. sam: autria, you are headed out here later this morning. tickets, $51 for a season can handle it. larry: autria cannot wait to get out there. autria: oh my god. [laughter]
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good morning, america. hillary clinton opens up a double-digit lead in our new poll. her biggest yet. >> i think we're doing better with women than with men, frankly. >> attacks the sexual assault accusers. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election i around? ride-along gone wrong. a citizen unvited to join the police on patrol gets caught in a dangerous high-speed chase. suspects firing more than a dozen shots at the police cruiser. the civilian in the passenger seat. shattering the windows. injuring the woman as she desperately fwoegs stop the


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