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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  October 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. larry: breaking right now at 6:00, one man dead in his own home in the killer is on the run. the latest investigation that has been going on while you were asleep. autria: mobile track seven and julie wright helping you get around the cleanup it still going on after a lumber truck overturns. larry: plus, say good morning to the cold. veronica johnson tracking the parts of maryland dealing with the freeze warning. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: good morning, i'm larry smith. autria: and i'm autria godfrey. let's get you started with a check on the forecast with
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weekend. starting up this morning with low temperatures across the area. west of our area we have got a freeze watch going up across northern portions of maryland late tonight, early part of the day until 9 a.m. 50 degrees in d.c., alexandria, warrenton, 46 to 45 degrees with light winds. the numbers you are looking go by tomorrow morning. even colder conditions expected. charles town, 38. leesburg bypass morning, again, temperatures coming down even more by tomorrow morning. a cold autumn start for us. i would say very warm jacket or light, nice coat for today. sunshine, 60 degrees for high temperature. the wind is still up there.
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50 we stay in the 60's. tracking the rain this week, i will break it down for you and show you the chance for the area hour-by-hour. julie: on the roads we are still my process of cleaning up the mess. for those traveling westbound before shady grove road, this is where we had the overturned tractor-trailer. live on the scene with details we say good morning to sam sweeney. you can see the cruise have been here all night long since 9:00 last night. this tractor-trailer still with its lumber load on the side of the road. you can see the good news this morning, looking into the left lanes, traffic is moving. not a lot of volume this morning . it's still early morning so if you typically use this route, it could become a problem later on as the rush-hour picks up, but it is still blocking the lanes
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julie: all right, westbound is tied up. eastbound, all lanes are open. inner loop of the beltway approaching braddock road, we haven't -- we have an unusual backup. traffic squeezing by to the left, it looks like they have temporarily blocked this service exit. we have a rollback on the scene. meanwhile, 395 trying to get across the 14th street bridge, heavy d stalled vehicle on the right side. metro is checking in with some delays today on the blue and silver mines, as well as the red line. and on the red line toward shady grove, all lines are due to problems with earlier train malfunctions. that's an earlier train malfunction. back in the next 10 minutes, if i can talk, larry, back to you. i need some peanut butter for these dentures. [laughter]
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thanks, julie. a man is dead after a home invasion and the suspect is nowhere to be found. autria john gonzalez is following the investment -- autria: john gonzalez is following the investigation. john: there was a young man in the front yard of the home, very distraught, looked up, appeared to be praying. a tragic situation here. a young man, dead. mill road is now open to traffic , but it is still very early in the investigation. that's the home there, where this homicide occurred. from where we are standing you can see two trucks in the front yard. take a look, our cameras were rolling when officers from the sixth district and the fire and rescue personnel arrived. this is only a mile from the airport. to give you a lay of the land.
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was shot and wounded. he was on the back deck when help arrived. police tell us that at 10:00 last night an armed suspect entered the home and was not clear if he was allowed in or if he forced his way into the home. at this hour it's not clear how much time actually passed before the victim of shot. we understand that there were a number of people inside the home at the time. detectives are talking to information as possible as they try to piece this together. right now there is no motive and no good description of the man who got away. police telling us there is no immediate danger to the public this morning. reporting live, john gonzalez. jummy: thank you, john. police at the university of virginia confirming they have now launched a full investigation into the alleged hazing incident that centers
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found on the sports website. he said he was forced to fight another first year as part of a "initiation" in front of other players and coaches. he suffered a broken eye socket as a result. reportedly two other players involved knew about it and believe him. he said he had no choice but to figh the bullying and harassment. it is not clear who the target of the investigation is or what charges could be underway, but we will stay on top of this story and pass along details as we get them. larry: a terror scare at a virginia airport, but it's not what it seems. but first, a new plan after the death of prince. paisley park being rezoned.
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larry: well, the home of the late, great prints will be used as a museum. -- prince will be used as a museum. plans were initially put on hold citing traffic and public safety concerns. he died in april of a overdose. veronica: tickets. we can almost hear the temperatures coming down. they are still falling this morning, and another hour we will finally see them rise. the weather front came through late, temperatures really starting to fall across the area, left with a frost and freeze to the north of us. northern areas of maryland, a freeze watch for early arts of the day tomorrow, looking at
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harrisonburg. temperatures this morning running in the 30's. 41 degrees in fredericksburg. 49 right now in d.c.. other locations not quite as low, but the fact is that it is cold out there this morning. for the most part we will stay in the 50's, touching upon 60 briefly in d.c., but most neighborhoods into the mid-to-upper 50's this today, 57 degrees. 58 by 1:00 this afternoon. on top of that a light wind out of the northwest. dry with sunshine, it will just make us feel cooler out there today. tonight, unseasonably cool yet again. then we will be tracking a bit of a rain. the parade at 7 p.m., temperature looking at 48 degrees right now under a partly
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partly cloudy sky. rain chances start at around lunchtime on thursday and will continue to the afternoon. 3:00 on thursday, we looking wet across the area. 6:00, 7:00, that's when most of the rain comes through. we will be back in a moment to tell you how much rain comes through and what happens for the weekend. julie? julie: dry pavement is what we are met -- what we are waking up to. a truck lost its load before shady grove road can only the westside is getting by. sky track 7 over the scene right now, a lot of that would has been confined to the right side of the highway, but the front end loaders are still out there trying to pick it all up, as well as a fuel spill they are trying to mop up as well. left side of the roadway will get you by. back over to the maps, we will
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from centreville there was a crash on the left side of the highway. the struggle israel for the folks coming from the pentagon across the 14th street bridge. metro's blue and silver and red lines are experiencing delays this morning.
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julie: breaking news -- jummy: breaking news this morning. four people have been killed after an accident at a popular th the thunder rapids ride. we just learned that a malfunction caused two of the victims to be ejected onto of the others were caught inside of the ride. you don't know if the victims caught inside were trop -- trapped in the water or caught under the machinery. we know that the park is closed as we investigate. we learned that the victims are between the ages of 32 and 42.
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a terrorism scare in virginia, turns out that the gun and the vast or props, fake, plastic used in the live-action role-playing game, but realistic to trigger a scare. officials call it a good reminder that travelers check their bags for anything that could disrupt the screening process. larry: a brand-new poll released getting support from young americans across all races and ethnicities. despite the poll showing clinton with a growing lead over donald trump, he's suggesting that the polls are wrong. we have more now live from new york. angelica? angelica: donald trump and hillary clinton are working to energize their supporters. trump, though, he may have to work a bit harder.
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exact opposite. on day number two of a three-day tour in florida, donald trump lashes out against the polls. mr. trump: folks, we're winning. we're winning. phony polls put up by phony media. angelica: bypassing the mainstream media last night with his facebook live show. the host taking the message directly to the american people. in new hampshire, clinton forces with elizabeth moran. they bashed trump after he called clinton a nasty woman at the last debate. >> get this, donald. nasty women are tough. nasty women are smart. and nasty women vote. and on november 8, we nasty women are going to march our
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forever. angelica: clinton accused trump of having no concrete plan to did -- to defeat isis. sec. clinton: he's basically declaring defeat before the battle has started. he's proving to the world what it means to have an unqualified commander in chief. angelica: with early voting already de says don't wait until november 8. mr. trump: get out to vote. you can vote today, both tomorrow, get out to vote. angelica: both candidates are campaigning in florida, two weeks out until election day. larry: for the cubs are the
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the world series begins tonight in cleveland. for the cubs it has been an incredible 108 years since they won a world series, 71 since they were even in a world series. indians fans are no strangers either. you can't buy anything in the park for two dollars tonight. a ticket to this year' $8,000. autria: all right, wilson you can have thin mints for breakfast without feeling too guilty. coming soon to a cereal aisle near you, our favorite girl scout cookie flavor -- let's just throw in the tower -- the towel. serial versions of thin mints and caramel crunch, samoa's, my favorite, will be hitting the
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test. veronica: i will try it first. [laughter] autria: obviously. autria: based on the front of the box, it's only 120 calories per serving. so? veronica: as long as a having it in the beginning of the day. you have the whole day to burn it off. larry: we will give it a shot. veronica: well, we have got a shot of cold out there. really crumbled. fear not, i love to look ahead. even though today, tomorrow temperatures will struggle to get out of the 50's, looks like we have a couple of days to get the 70's out of our way. the cold this morning, we have got a green light starting out today, lunchtime drive the breezy with software for the afternoon. at least we have that going for
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at the bus stop, it's about the early part of the day, making sure they are dressed appropriately. high temperatures in the afternoon, keep in mind i said it would be breezy. look at culpeper for the high temperature today. woodbridge also coming in at 58 for a high temperature today. tracking rain for the later part of the work week on thursday. chances will really start going up after lunchtime. a moderate chance from that's our best chance. meaning that the afternoon and evening rush could be wet. a few showers coming through, nothing too heavy. i don't think it's going to be that sloppy, but roads will be wet on thursday. in a couple of minutes i will show you how much we could get out of that system. saturday, monday, into the 60's, still on the cool side.
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it's looking drive for right now. also drive for sunday, the marine corps marathon, 60 to 61 degrees for the high temperature. julie? julie: not looking too bad out there, we have a stick he spot in montgomery county pershing shady grove road. lots of lumber in the highway, sky track 7 is live at the scene. traffic will be able to get by not too bad there is a lot of lumber to pick up and a lot of trucks at the scene. the flashing lights to cause you to tap the brakes briefly. over to the map, updating a couple of things here, centreville is where we had to crash before . stay to the left to get by. reports of an accident northbound i-95 near dale city. 25 minute commute from potomac
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395 the struggle israel for those trying to get across the 14th street bridge. we had reports of a stalled vehicle tying of the far right lane. back in the next 10 minutes with an update on the ride for the roads and rails. larry? larry: the ex-wife of the former subway pitch man is firing back.
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>> the ex-wife of jerod vogel suing subway. she says that subway received at least three complaints about him years before he pled guilty to child pornography and sexual abuse related charges last november. the first was just four years after his first commercial. allegedly approaching a minor at an event. even after a third complaint in 2011 she says that subway sought to portray him as a family man.
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kids, better reasons to pass on good eating habits. >> finding out that they did not act on even one complaint is beyond comprehension. >> coming up at 7 a.m., we will
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. autria: breaking right now at 6:30, cleanup is underway right now on the icc. a flatbed tractor-trailer lost its load of wood. sam? this is a live look at the icc just before shady grove. you can see the left lane getting by, but at this hour the right lanes are still blocked and it's all because of this mess right here. we will zoom in and show you the mass. lumber scattered all over the road in the side of the road. air cleaning things up but they are doing it slowly. if you are coming out here for rush-hour this morning you can expect to see things slow around
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slowing down right now. julie wright is standing by with your work around what's going by in the rest of the area. julie: not too busy for that westbound icc commute. traffic volumes building, but you can get by to the left with eastbound lanes open. near green trail boulevard that accident was reported on the left side of the highway before new braddock. out of dale city the crash year on the right side of the roadway, heads up continuing north towards the beltway. 395, still a slow ride with a stalled car and your the right side of the highway. for those traveling southbound on 270, accident activity here, exit 24, montgomery village avenue. possible crash reported on randolph road. all right, getting a check on today's forecast?
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work week. temperatures, the story is how low they are. i said that they would drop another degree or so over the next hour and that is exactly what we have seen. we are down to 34 degrees. 36 in rockville. virginia and fairfax station. 37 degrees, a cold start for us to the. -- today. mid 40's's by the time and get to 7:30, cool, but at least be will have sunshine throughout the area today. tracking clouds late tomorrow, rain chances go up during the afternoon and right now, there's a slight chance that we could have a stray shower on sunday. sunday, clouds. monday, halloween, looking drive. your stormwatch forecast, dry on halloween by the time the
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autria: thank you so much, vj. people facing a scary deadline at a condo complex. their electricity could be cut off anytime today. a story that we have been following closely since it broke. suzanne kennedy is live at the linde hill condominiums with the latest. suzanne: the lights maybe on in the building behind me on good hope road, but it's how long that will remain the case. yesterday residents got a letter of intent indicating that the electricity would be shut off because the company that manages the complex hasn't been paying its bills. this is not the first time they have fallen behind, but it appears significant action will be taken as a result. the 50-year-old complex houses about 500 people. residents say that there are many problems here.
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crime, many of the tenants are low income and don't know where they will go if the utilities are shut down, but they will have to leave as it is unsafe to remain. abc 7 has reached out several times to the management company of this condominium complex, but we have yet to hear back from them. reporting live, suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." larry: thanks for that, church member, charged in a fraud scheme. the three of them appeared in federal court yesterday, accused of convincing church members to invest in their company. they said it gave loans to the poor in developing countries. investors were promised guaranteed rates of return but much of the money was instead used for personal expenses and the making of risky investments. they could spend years behind
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autria: right now "good morning washington" is getting you into one of the hottest shows in town. during and ran is playing a live new year's show at the brand-new mgm casino and we are looking for call in number seven. two tickets could be yours right now. larry: so, the reflex is? it's cold outsmarting -- out this morng your house, if you haven't adjusted your thermostat. we are talking about a cold start today and a cold start again tomorrow. temperatures probably little bit cooler this morning, back to chile for the end of the work week. tracking those temperatures this morning, and as mentioned, tomorrow even lower readings expected. we already have a heads up for later tonight in the early part
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sections of maryland, the freeze watch, frosty to freezing conditions just west around shenandoah, rappahannock, and the higher spots down through the valleys. now, the walking to work forecast for today, it's going to go very slowly today. the key is to have something warm on. the high today, 60 degrees, we will touch on it weekly. we should stay most of the day. tracking the news for thursday with rain coming in, notice the blue to the north of us, where we could see some of the first snow in the northeast late thursday night, early friday. always cool to see the first snow showing up in the northeast. julie: you will find a busy ride with heavy volume delays each way at the wilson bridge. we will start off showing you the commute in montgomery
6:41 am
starting off before shady grove road, only the left lane getting by. sky track 7 is still above the scene. the tractor-trailer flipped over, losing its load of lumber on the right side of the highway. not too much of a delay at this point, eastbound lanes open. updating the map elsewhere, northbound 95 out of virginia, a slow go past potomac mills, a 27 commute from dale city to the beltway on the service road along the right side. definitely causing a bit of a distraction. virginia, 28 northbound around new braddock road, accident there on the left side of the highway. coming from clarksburg down to the beltway, a 30 minute commute with accident activity on the exit ramp. again, stay wide to get by and stay to the left. the metro green and yellow lines checking in with delays towards branch avenue and huntington.
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back in the next 10 minutes we will keep a close eye on the roads and rails. larry: a consumer alert that you have to hear about. the eye ihs saying that headlines -- iihs saying their headlines could leave you in the dark. john: we are live in gaithersburg. montgomery county police
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autria: a man dead after a home invasion, the suspect is nowhere to be found. larry: john gonzalez is following the investigation. john: good morning. it appears the man died at the scene, never made it to the hospital. montgomery county police have cleared the area here kindly. you can see a lot of traffic taking up. it's once again open but it is still very early in the investigation. that is the home there where the homicide occurred late last
6:46 am
can see two trucks in the front yard in what looks like a handicapped ramp leading to the front door of the home with the lights still on in the back of the house. this is only about a mile from the airport here in gaithersburg. our cameras were rolling when officers from the sixth district and higher and rescue personnel arrived. paramedics immediately started working on the a man who was shot and wounded on the back deck of the house when help arrived. police they tell us that it happened at around 10:00 last night. the suspect entered the home and it was not clear if he was allowed in or if he forced his way in, broke in, but it's unclear this morning how much time passed the for this young victim was shot. we understand there were a number of people inside of the house at the time. possible witnesses. detectives have been talking to them trying to get as much information as possible to piece
6:47 am
right now there is no motive and no good description on the armed man who got away. police telling us that there is no immediate danger to the public. reporting live in gaithersburg, john gonzales, "good morning washington." jummy: turning now to a 7 on your side consumer alert. car rankings out this morning, this one ranks headlights in 20's -- 2017 trucks. nearly every new pickup the market today features headlights that deliver poor coverage. the only truck to receive a good rating was the 2017 honda ridgeline with optional led headlights. the sierra received an acceptable rating. after that the nissan and the ram made the marginal list. it does include the best-selling
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. autria: seven is on your side tonight helping out anyone who might need shopping for insurance this evening. there will be a panel of agents here to answer questions you have. expert advice for you, for free. tune in at 4 p.m. to find out more about how you can participate in the phone bank. larry: speaking of insurance, another alert this morning for the millions o insured on premiums are going up by 25% last year. customers receiving subsidies will be shielded for all -- from all or most of the increase. insurance companies bailing out on the program is reportedly what is contributing to the spike. sec. clinton: we might need that panel of experts more now than ever. autria: -- we might need a panel of experts more now than ever.
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all eight words, you can vote in person using polling machines at your local office on weekdays during business hours and saturday, november 29 10 november 5. people in maryland can vote early starting on thursday. we will have the complete list of polling places online. head to wjla to find out where you need to go to vote. the vote track 2016 is on the road getting the pulse of the today brad bell will head into the district. follow his progress and join the conversation about the election using the hash tag votetrack suzanne: mr. trump: eileen: jummy:. larry: the old prison has been transformed into one of the most terrifying spots of the season. we will be taking you inside of the mad haunter madhouse coming
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>> my goodness. [laughter] kidd: and it was sunny out. [laughter] jummy: if that's not quite your thing, there's something else we can do that has a haunted twist. we put a picture up last night, larry. myself and sam sweeney headed out to all your mouth -- headed out to a mexican day of the dead they have got dinner specials every night, thursday night. special bites and the new cookbook coming up from anthony barr again, he will be there downtown. you can check that out and meet him. larry: what was it, that the servers had their faces painted? jummy: it was very cool. veronica: as far as the weather
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put up the windchill temperatures this morning because the is a bit of a light wind and it is enough to put more locations out there this morning, centreville, 30 degrees across the area. even around baltimore right now, temperatures in the 30th, 36 degrees right now. frost with a better chance tomorrow. us stop this morning, 40 to 45 degrees were most neighborhoods will be standing. into the mid-50's in by 1:00 at degrees but i really do think that most of us will remain in the 60's this afternoon. a breeze out of the northwest, drive wind, tracking the rain out of thursday with another chance for sprinkles on sunday. maybe during the afternoon hours. i like with these temperatures moving anyway, sunday will be higher. monday, halloween, 61 during the afternoon hours. you can see that by the time the
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julie: on the highways right now you will find delays and problems with the cleanup continuing westbound along the icc as you work your way towards shady grove road. lots of lumber in the highway. they are still in the process of cleaning that up. 270, north and 95, trouble on both interstates. 20 minute commute trying to get out of jail city towards the crash occurred in the service road on the right side. 270 coming inbound leaving gaithersburg, the accident is gone and a 45 minute commute leaving it by with a 55 minute commute in the hour. in the next 10 minutes we will update your ride and 66. autria? autria: a foot race that is all about the footwear. the 17th street high heel race.
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to watch and run. the beloved tradition is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year at 9:00 tonight between p and s streets. road closures will start at 6:30. but before that main event, how about a practice run? remember last year, we had our own high heel race. we will be strapping on the stilettos once again at 8." we go with last year by brian van de graaff. larry: he was speedy. she made it big on television and bride -- broadway. debbie allen joins us live in studio after 7:00 and we move over to news channel 8. kidd: coming up, switching it over to news channel 8. autria: what is coming up on
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here are a few of the funny ones from president obama. president obama: my mom bought me new conditioner. it isn't even conditioning my hair. i blame obama. [laughter] barack obama -- wrote, do you even lift? well, i lifted the ban on cuban cigars, so that's something. [laughter] kidd: "around the way girl," we chatted with teraji p. henson and found out why she decided to write the book. >> became popular i had a lot of fans hit me on twitter saying --
6:55 am
single mother, you moved to los angeles with only several hundred dollars. i was like -- god is trying to use me and my stories, so i might as well write a book. supply and demand, you write the book and people want to read the story. kidd: she told the story of when she was sitting down with her makeup artists, freaking out, saying she didn't think she could do this. her makeup artists a -- yes, you can. got really scared and i was like -- but that is what we are all here to do. humans, it's all we got. if we don't share our stories, what examples do we have? kidd: great message. you learn a lot from listening to other people's stories. good for her. the star-studded event at the african american museum of history and culture last night. the film was based on the landmark case, loving versus
6:56 am
interracial marriage legal. >> it was resounding throughout the whole process, we knew that we were part of something very special. kidd: give your tickets, "loving" is going to be an amazing movie. just a really incredible story that happened right here in our backyard. rt that is what is going on. it is now time for your 60 second express. >> get this, donald, nasty women are smart, and nasty women vote. >> folks, we are winning, winning. >> four people have been killed after an accident at a popular theme park. >> some sort of malfunction causing people to be ejected
6:57 am
investigation. it has been deemed a homicide. police telling us that an armed suspect entered the home. >> the university of virginia is confirming they have launched a full investigation into an alleged hazing incident. >> this is a look just before shady grove, lumber all over the side of the road. >> president obama will perhaps go down as the worst president in the heat -- in the history of the united states. president. larry: all right, join us over a
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from suspected terrorists. and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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good morning, america. breaking right now, a deadly accident at an amusement park water ride. four killed when the ride malfunctions. trapping people and ejecting others. the park is now closed and police are on the scene investigating. behind in the polls, donald trump fights back at the media. most dishonest people in the world. the media. >> launching his own nightly newscast on facebook. >> we will win. >> while hillary clinton calls on her strongest supporters, president obama attacks trump on "jimmy kimmel." >> what i don't do like at 3:00 a.m. i don't tweet about people who insulted me. >> the election two weeks from today. caught on surveillance camera, the terrifying moment a stranger breaks into a woman's


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