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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  October 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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alison: first, a tough situation. this is the night they dreaded for weeks. tonight, a condo community in temple hills is out in the cold, their electricity shut off, and the time is ticking. jonathan: some of them are now homeless. tim barber has been speaking with families who are trying to figure out what they will do next. tim: this whole thing is a disa to stay tonight. the condo complex manager said the utility mess was left from previous leaders. that is not helping the residence whose lives have been turned upside down. families raced against sunset to pack up their lives. >> this is my baby. tim: she had no idea the
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failing to pay the utilities. >> the apartment has no lights or electricity. tim: this month, 7 on your side reported the utility companies or threatening to shut off power. today they did. county officials say that residents have 72 hours to leave. >> once they disconnect services, the building is unfit. tim: if people refused to leave, order to force them out. we talked with monique about this two weeks ago. she and her three kids have been preparing. >> trying to stay positive through it all. tim: this person is not as upbeat. tonight she, her fianc?, and her dog are slipping in a shelter. >> it's not fair to us. we are just out here, stuck.
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hundreds of thousands of dollars. they say the shutdown tonight was a last resort. jonathan: new at 11:00, watch your money and be careful because somebody has been putting skimming devices on popular spots in fairfax county, including gas pumps. stolen credit card information has put money in the pockets of these. tom roussey has how the investigation is going. do they have anybody or any leads? tom: anybody yet. the police say the other day there was an inspection at this exxon on route 50. three of the four credit card readers had these skimming devices, but this is far from the only gas station that was hit. >> i swiped my card without even thinking. tom: customers at this exxon and fairfax were surprised it was one of many gas stations hit by
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not gas stations. tom: only about 11 skimming device cases were reported last year in fairfax county. this year they have already been 14, including nine since june. one was at a walmart, the other eight gas stations, seven of them exxons. >> its northern virginia, it does not surprise me. tom: skimming devices are used to steal credit and debit card information. they can be placed over the real credit card reader and how they can look real. the one on the left has no skimmer, the one on the right protrudes ever so slightly. it does have a skimmer. >> i always look at that before i get gas. tom: because people do not think about it. now they will. >> you are usually at a rush. i don't usually analyze the gas pump.
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the skimmer over the card reader. in this case and several others, they actually installed it inside. obviously that is harder to spot. they say look for signs of tampering around the panel. they also say it's better to use a credit card than debit card. if you become a victim come it's easier to get your money back. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: this just newsroom -- a major settlement in d.c. versus bank of america after a massive embezzlement scheme involving a city employee. harriet walters is currently serving a 17-year sentence after pleading guilty to wire fraud and money laundering charges. walters would give a bank of america and employee government checks and deposit them in accounts belonging to her and co-conspirators.
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saying they do not have strong enough oversight to prevent this crime. >> this suit sought recovery for what we believed was bank of america's role in not minding the store. the reality is at that time, the district of columbia was not minding its store either. alison: the city originally sued for $48 million, but settled for $13 million. that bank employee is also serving prison time for his part in the scheme. on the way, and waking up tomorrow morning, a definite chill in the air. freeze warnings to the north and west, frederick county, western blotting county, the panhandle of west virginia. -- western loudoun county, the panhandle of west virginia. tomorrow morning you may need to do a little scraping of ice, so leave extra time. the morning rush, 30's, lower
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degrees, let's of sunshine. wrap the sunglasses. the marine corps marathon sunday. a big change for the forecast in just a few minutes. jonathan: developing now, the search is on for a gun man after a serious situation in prince urges county. three schools were placed on lockdown after a shooting in the iversen mall parking garage. a man was shot but his injuries not life-threatening. officers say the not random but the shooter is still on the loose. the school lockdowns were lifted. alison: a bizarre accident involving a mobile lounge at dulles international airport. two people were taken to the hospital after the lounge hit a construction ditch. sky track 7 flew over the scene. at the time the lounge was transporting passengers to customs after their flight from south america. but he seven people were on
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testimony in the trial of the murder of bonnie black. her husband, david black, is accused of stabbing her to death. her mother took the stand, saying her daughter was terrified of her husband. murder happened just days before their divorce trial was set to begin. bonnie black's divorce attorney broke down in tears in court, talking about the moment she found out her client had been murdered. alison: entrusted with upholding the law now facing child born charges. this is patrick moran. he was a baltimore city assistant state's attorney assigned to the juvenile division. tonight he is charged with having and distributing child pornography. jonathan: the countdown is on, less than two weeks away from election day, nearly 10 million americans have already cast their ballots. hillary clinton and donald trump both campaigning today in florida.
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endorsement from a republican predecessor, former secretary of state colin powell saying that she would serve with distinction. and after three days of being in florida and campaigning, donald trump will be in d.c. tomorrow. he is scheduled to attend the ribbon-cutting for the trump hotel at the old post office. governor mike pence will be in utah, which is a traditionally republican state, but utah is now considered a tossup between trump and a third-party candidate. alison: and this race. a new study shows 60% of facebook conversations about donald trump are generated by women. the percentage of women talking about clinton has been rising, but has not broken that threshold. some experts say that reflects facebook is a safe place to discuss election issues, like sexual misconduct. a study found in the last
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men. jonathan: alarming developments in the war on terror. isis is essentially poisoning the air in an iraqi city. fires are setting fire to a sulfur factory before escaping, making breathing extremely painful for people living and working in the area, hundreds having to seek medical attention. it's happening just south of mosul, where isis is locked in a alison: new development's in a story sparking outrage across the country, involving national guardsmen and women having to repay enlistment bonuses they received a desiccated -- they received a decade ago. an audit found fraud and mismanagement of the california national guard, and as a result thousands of soldiers received money they were not eligible for. the secretary of defense said that issue will be resolved
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and resolve it. i have asked the deputy secretary of defense bob burg. he is working on that right now. but it's a significant issue. alison: the overpayments took place at a time when the military was trying to fill ranks and hit enlistment goals during the height of the iraq and afghanistan wars. jonathan: 7 on your side with a consumer alert for flyers. this is technology helping you out. delta has a new way to lost. you can use the delta app to track your luggage and actually follow your belongings every step of the way. pings will show transfers that your bag makes and what it is at the terminal for pickup you will know about it. the tracker is available at reagan, dulles, and bwi airport. it is possible because of an rfid tag placed on your back prior to flight.
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largest consumer settlements in history. a judge approved a $15 billion settlement with vw's cheating on tests, allowing drivers to choose whether to sell back their car or get it fixed for free. alison: $13 million for nearly two dozen bus stops? it was approved by the arlington county board over the summer. tonight the board received new informio construction plans. he stops are planned for columbia pike and the project is a placement for the now canceled the lumia play streetcars -- the columbia pike streetcars. jonathan: a spectator may have saved this olympic swimmer's life. a small discovery that had a huge impact and the touching thank you that followed.
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jonathan: an alert fan may have saved the life of this olympic swimmer. mack horton was celebrating a win when a fan spotted a mole under his collarbone. the fan e-mailed the team doctor to get it checked out. he got the mole removed and he according to the american cancer society, more than 3 million americans are diagnosed with some form of skin cancer every year. horton did not reveal if the mole taken out was malignant, but he did have it removed. alison: this is a yearly tradition, in its 30th year. tonight was the annual high heel race and dupont circle. the race wrapped up a short time ago. jay korff was there.
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jay: you know, actually, alison, i saw one person hobbling away. i cannot imagine running in high heels. hundreds of men lined up a few blocks back and race this way, down 17th street. here is the winner, with the nickname big pharama. -- big pharma. of 50 seconds. everyone in drag struts up and down the three blocks showing off their wonderfully outrageous costumes to the light of thousands of people who packed the sidewalks and the streets. the police are everywhere, making sure that everybody is safe. a lot of political themes, a lot of trump and clinton folks in
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would be rigged, other celebrities. the bottom line is the event celebrates d.c.'s diversity. >> my name is teriyaki. my strategy today is to run fast and to knock them out with my wings. >> miss daisy dukes. i need to take out the winner from last year. we are just here to fulfill our fantasies. jay: i just wanted to let jonathan know we actually found halfway through the race the shoe that he dropped, and i wanted him to know that we picked this up for him.
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because those things cost a fortune. alison: you are like cinderella today, losing your slipper. jonathan: jay, i really would have given you extra points if you had put on a pair of those pointy shoes and ran down the street. you can put the shoe down now. jay: you have to run on the balls of your feet. steve: it really was, and in the past when it's been rotten weather, the weeks fly off, slipping and sliding, everything. overnight, it will be cool, especially north and west of d.c., falling near freezing. lower 40's inside the capital beltway. we have a freeze warning in effect, the first of the season,
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if you have not cranked up the heater yet, you may consider it tonight. freeze warning frederick, western loudoun county, she did and dark purple. the light blue is a frost advisory, which includes the district, alexandria, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county. if you have summer plants on your front porch, bring them inside to protect them from the cold weather. tomorrow morning, you will need the jacket and sunglasses. least enough sunshine to warm up to about 50 degrees. clouds increase during the midday. the average high this time of year is 65 degrees. we are watching a cold front that will arrive late thursday. if you have morning plans thursday, it will be fine. outdoor activities with the kids, all ok. by dinnertime hours, this cold
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behind it, breezier conditions. then a warm-up on the way for the upcoming weekend, and a big warm-up. the marine corps marathon, yesterday we thought the cold front would slip by late saturday, early sunday, keeping things cool. now things have slowed down, so we are looking at 11:00 temperatures in the morning possibly in the low 70's. it will be warm. the halloween forecast, it will be dry, mainly clear skies come in the 50's. i would love to give my weather forecast from your for lawn -- from your front lawn. send your pictures to temperatures in the 60's saturday, middle 70's on sunday. jonathan: looking great for the marathon. steve: in the pictures we have
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runners. a battle of aces prove to be one sided in game one of the world series. john wall opens up about the frustrations of rehab. how bad did he get?
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northern virginia, on the issues, barbara comstock and donald trump are the same. comstock and trump promote deportation and reject any comprehensive immigration reform. both oppose background checks that keep guns from and comstock-trump were prepared to shut down the government just for politics. time for luann bennett: comprehensive immigration reform now. common sense gun safety laws. bennett tells congress: do your job. i'm luann bennett
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by her local toyota dealers.
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the world series in cleveland tonight. the indians and cubs. both clubs sent there aces -- their aces to the mound and the cubs had trouble getting offense going. corey kluber had his a-game tonight, nine strikeouts in six-plus innings of scoreless work. the indians offense was able to get jon lester, getting three runs. 3-0 in the eighth. staying in cleveland, before game one of the world series, right next-door at quicken loans arena, lebron james and the nba champion cavaliers received their rings. carmelo anthony turns it over to lebron, who gives it to cai rear of a common returns the favor.
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117-88 blowout over new york. the was ernst don't open their regular season until thursday, on the road in atlanta -- the wizards don't open the regular season until thursday. things could get should be. john wall will play about a dozen minutes as he recovers from the surgery, which he said was extremely difficult. john: it was difficult, just like around, not being able to run, not being able to jog. were days when i just wanted to quit. i wanted to be ready for the beginning of the season and did back to being my old stuff without having to deal with a nagging injuries. erin: impressive work to come back from that. the maryland terrapins held their annual media day at college park.
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but there are high expectations that are also missing, which suits head coach mark turgeon just fine. coach turgeon: this team has a little chip on our shoulder, maybe, hungary. we have a tough schedule, so it will be great for them. i'm just enjoying it. erin: i like that, because we've all seen what happens when there
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? this is my town. ? "save five when you spend thirty on costumes and d?cor at target." jonathan: a message in a bottle sent 50 years ago was found, discovered 1,500 miles away, buried in the sand in turks and caicos. letter, track down the family who lived in new hampshire. they say this brings back wonderful memories. can you imagine? alison: it's hard to believe those really exist, a message in a bottle. steve: cool stuff. alison: the cool weather continues? steve: tomorrow morning will be the coldest morning in a wild, temperatures near freezing in the northern and western
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60, middle 50's thursday, chance of showers, breezy friday. the weekend, upper 60's, middle 70's. warm weather for the marine corps marathon.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chef gordon ramsay, from "inferno" felicity jones, and music from jimmy eat world. and now, from this point on -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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