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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 27, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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they arrived in a refugee camp that opened days ago, houses 6,000 people, and the family is one of just 42 families so far. more than 1 million people still live in mosul, and the u.n. predicts all could be displaced as the iraqi army fights to take back the country's second city. at another camp, the u.n. prepped for 30,000 people, and aide agencies saying more than half a million children escape isis in northern iraq, but even once they reach the relative safety of a camp, no one mwants to stay. most refugees don't want to stay in the camps or abroad, and if their countries recover, they want to go home. >> understandably.
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are military boots ready? >> in short, no. the military warned for months, been aware for months, and warning of the consequences with more than 1 million people displaced in iraq, which is on top of the already 3.3 million people already displaced, and a lot of the people displaced multiple times, but aide organizations and the u.n. are overstretched right now, in the middle of a massive migration, and the biggest migration, and these people since world war ii, and the money is not coming in from really, really troubled times ahead if something doesn't change. >> bad as this year has been for refugees, next year will be worse. >> a good reason to give to the organizations as the holidays approach. >> there's great organizations doing great work on the ground, the aide the children, irc, and more all good work. >> good information. molly, great to have you here with us. we'll switch focuses back to the u.s.
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cooler weather is moving across the great lakes down into new york city's northern suburbs, and winter weather advisory in effect in the catskills and adirondacks with 6 inches of snowfalling in some parts. world series game two last night in cleveland. it was all about the chicago cubs. >> they had already a 2-0 lead in the 5th when they tacked on three more runs. cubs win this one penns5-1, ser tied at a game a piece, andam wrigleyville. let's go back to game one now, and in an exchange between a college student and his instructor. we start with the professor, and he contacted his students saying, according to the attendance tracker, you were not in class yesterday, october 25th, but when i took attendance at the end of class, your name was not present. can you explain this, or should i take it as a deceased, for which i have no tolerance? >> i did that all the time.
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tickets for the world series in cleveland. i'm sorry, i didn't want to miss the attendance, and i did the homework. i understand if you have reperc repercussions. >> the professor replied, that looks like a great excuse, no repercussions, no tribe. that's why he's called the best college professor ever. so understanding. >> very cool. a special >> kids of all ages love gadgets, but high-tech toys don't always come with a screen. that's coming up. animal trainer mauled by a tiger in a show. that and more ahead on "world news now." medicare options until 65. our now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you.
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driver. four young women were killed. they had been attending a bachelorette party. prosecutors said they'll repeal the decision. an animal trainer mauled by a giant tiger during a show in pensacola, florida. >> it happened in front of more than two dozen children who were on a field trip at the time. >> reporter: the pictures make your heart stop. the trainer at this flori tiger nearly twice her size. >> no. >> reporter: witnesses held their breath watching her fight the tiger with her firsts and a stick. she calls for help. >> david -- >> the animal drags her across the cage like a dog. her partner and feon say beats the tiger as hard as he can, the whole scene horrifying parents who covered their children's
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my kids, turn around and walk. >> reporter: she needed surgery, but will lev to tell the story. >> it was not a vicious attack, never growled, just playing, we're playing, oh. >> reporter: it was a life and death situation, and many are upset that they kept beating the animal. >> they could have used a fogger. they could have used a fire extinguisher. >> reporter: activists call for a federal investigation into this circus. abc news, atlanta. stories, they are wild animals, there's risks associated with wild animals. it does not make them bad. >> absolutely. what a frightening ordeal. >> especially with the kids on a field trip. >> watching this. >> a field trip they won't forget. >> no. coming up, keeping one step ahead of santa for all the christmas lists. >> diane will be along with some of this season's hottest tech toys. you're watching "world news now."
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? ? with the holidays quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about that holiday shopping if you have not already, and what better to get the little ones than the latest and coolest electronic gadgets. joining us this morning to show us a few of this year's hottest tech toys is toy insider senior editor, marissa.
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thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> let's get into it. >> yes. >> first day of school? >> tech enhanced and educational, the leap start learning education system. snap in the books, touch anywhere with the stylist, and they are going to get great auditory responses. anywhere they touch, they get a great response, and they can have jokes told to them, read stories, hunt for letters, learn numbers, over 30 activities in each book and tons of books. >> absolutely. >> teaching and having fun. >> definitely. this is kids 2-7, wide age range. >> this looks like a cabbage patch doll. >> it is. this is the most realistic. >> mine didn't look like that. >> this is baby so real. >> oh, well. >> there's led eyes that light up, blink, and tons of interactive features. you can tickle her toes to make her giggle, you can play peek-a-boo, tells you she loves
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that's the medicine, spoons, if she's sick, there's a bottle. tons of interactive play and app to download for more interactive fun. >> different than the cabbage patch i had. >> it's an upgrade. some ask for a puppy, but others ask for a pet chimp. >> oh. >> this is an interactive money and responds to kids' voice commands. he loves to dance and sing. you can tell him what to do. stand up. and there he goes. >> oh, wow. >> catch him before he runs off, but he does tricks, dances, has fun with kids. >> great way to keep them entertained. >> absolutely. on the floor, this is a cyclone 360, a super could controller, easy to ride, and it goes forward and backwards like a regular rsv, but end spin the
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spins. it's got really cool led lights, and so it can totally spin around, and it's got really cool led lights to it to for a nice light up chassis as well. >> who doesn't love that? >> exactly. >> even the adults. >> battle bots. ready? this is the witch doctor and tombstone. this is based off the show, battle bahts, of course, and we're going to fight to the death and see if we knock off each he point, shoot -- >> oh, no, mine's not playing. i think you rigged this. >> you know what -- >> remind me of -- >> anything to win. >> my sister did this to me as well. >> knock off each other armor. follow-up for kids. >> and they fall apart as you play. >> they do. pieces are magnetic, fall off easily, but easy to put back together for more fun. >> grabbing this tablet.
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them. >> this is a gaming drone with easy one-touch stunts. easy to fly. hit the takeoff button. there she goes, and you can even hit some spiral ups, and she'll go up, and then we can do an emergency landing if we have to. >> oh. >> yes. >> always good. >> super easy to fly, hit the buttons on the ipad or android device, and that's it. >> very, very fun. >> yes. >> again, i'm going to run into something, kill someone with it, there's emergency landing features. it's the easiest control. >> so, so easy. just one little button. >> array of ages. >> definitely, yes. >> big kids, little kids, everyone's covered. for more information on these and other hot toys, check out the and our facebook page, great having you on, thanks so much. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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? ? so here at "world news you abreast of the top stories of the day. >> yes, we do. we like to bring you some interesting and fun off the radar stories. that happened. >> like this one. the highest base jump ever, a russian dare devil broke his own record jumping 25,000 feet, 20 seconds of pure free fall there. >> breaking his record from 2013. >> it's a beautiful sight.
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you got to have nerves of steel for that one. >> yeah. moving on to a scary landing in the world's coolest and scariest airport landings. ending in st. martin. >> it's a popular thing. it's the dutch carrier, klm, no longer flying boeing 747s. it's the second to last dramatic landing at the well-known beach. you hear people screaming, do it again. >> tomorrow will be the last day a klm beach as future flights will be operated by an air bus 330 instead. >> still as thrilling, but not as big. this is a beach well known for aviation geeks like myself go there and right there on the beach, and the runway is just feet away from you. >> wow. learning so much about you. >> aviation geek. >> yeah. >> anyone interested in a good back rub? humans have back scratchers, but
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world, all of them. look at this chubby black bear -- >> chubby? full figured. >> curvacious black bear spotted in washington state doing that, scratching its back. >> the washington department of fish and wildlife posted this video on facebook adding, quote, this fat bear was just getting one last back scratching session in before going into hibernation for the weinter. >> the bea pregnant, and getting ready for a good long nap. >> mentioning this bear's weight, and finally, we are fat shaming the bear. >> big boned. >> finally, this happened, unfortunately, for one guy. >> a squawking parrot is one wife's new best friend after ratting out her cheating husband chirping out flirty phrases the man never said to her. >> not only confirmed the wife's suspicions he was cheating with
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good morning on "world news now," fighting words in the battleground states. >> hillary clinton and donald trump trade jabs over illegal workers while trump defends himself over criticism he's wasting time as election day draws closer. plus, what he told abc in an exclusive interview. and in italy, more damage across the italian countryside left behind my strong earthquakes. dealing with damage from august deadly quakes, and now they have new worries. then the world series is all even after last night's soggy game two in cleveland. the cubs strike back and head home to wrigley with their series against the indians tied at a game a piece. a penguin gets a new suit.


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