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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 28, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," a scary landing for pence and reporters covering the republican vice presidential nominee. >> the plane skids off a runway at a busy new york runway. details of what brought the plane to a stop. >> that said, both presidential donald trump hitting hillary clinton about new revelations in wikileak e-mails, and clinton gets superstar support on the campaign trail curtesy the first lady. then dozens arrested in a tense protest over a pipeline project. the scene erupting when demonstrators and police clashed, and someone allegedly firing shots at authorities. and what can big brains do? rocket scientists carve pumpkins
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that's in the mix this friday, october 28th. a reminder, just three days until halloween. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> what can't they do? >> yeah, you know, it makes my little pumpkins at home look quite quaint. >> my pumpkins i have not tried carving. leaving you over there. we start with serious news and a scare here in the new york area. right on the campaign trail, rather, a plane nominee, mike pence, skidding off a runway in new york. >> let's take a look at the scene at laguardia airport hours ago. the ntsb is sending a go team to figure out what went wrong. now, those teams are reserved for major accidents. >> look how bad this could have been. the plane stopped at a barrier just feet from the busy highway that runs past the airport there at laguardia. that's when the emergency crews jumped into action.
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involving the campaign airplane of republican vice presidential nominee mike pence. the front wheels of the boeing 737 coming to a stop several feet off the runway after what was a terrifying landing in rough weather. abc reporter among the 48 on board. >> felt a big bump upon landing and the plane skid off the runway. >> reporter: the powerful storms in new york already caused the plane's departure from iowa to be sev football on the tarmac with his daughter and staffers. no one could imagine the rough flight ahead. passengers said the aircraft appeared to fish tail after hitting the ground at laguardia. >> a little rattled, everyone's safe. there's no apparent damage to the plane. the governor talked to us, and asked us if everyone was okay, and that's when we realized something was wrong because he told us that there was mud on his windows in the front. >> reporter: within a minute,
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>> off the runway on the right side of the arrester bed. it looks to be in tact. we are on the scene. >> reporter: arrester beds working as designed, stopping the jet after it left the runway and preventing it from hitting a highway. moments later, governor pence exiting the aircraft, then a short time later, sending out this tweet. so thankful everyone on our plane is safe. grateful for our first responders and the concern and prayers of so many. back on the trail tomorrow. overnight, governor pence gave reporters the thumbs up arriving as hit manhattan hotel. >> and that, by the way, second hard landing of the day. hillary clinton also tweeted saying that she was glad everyone on board was safe. you have to remember that his wife and his daughter was on board that plane with him, what a frightening scene there. >> scary moments. >> yeah. after that landing, pence cancelled his appearance at a fundraiser in trump tower, but
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first people pence spoke with by phone after exiting the plane, and trump addressed the incident at a rally in ohio. >> i just spoke to our future vice president, and he's okay. did you know he was in a big accident with a plane? the plane skidded off the runway and was pretty close to grave, grave danger, but i just spoke to mike pence, and he's fine. they are out. everybody's fine. >> well, that was trump at his third rally of the day. seizing on two issues right now, and it's gaining traction as the campaign comes to a close including the obamacare premium hike he called a catastrophic event for working families, especially in ohio, and the latest batch of hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign, raising new questions about the clinton foundation, and personal gain for the former president.
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revelation as she campaigned in north carolina alongside first lady michelle obama. >> clinton spent her entire speech praising the first lady, and michelle obama in the meantime applauded her in return and also slammed donald trump saying his vision is grounded in hopelessness as well as dispair. we got more now from abc. >> they walked out together to cheers and a hug. first ladyic hillary clinton -- >> seriously, is there anyone more inspiring than michelle obama? and maybe it's especially meaningful to me because i do know something about being first lady of the united states. >> reporter: former rivals with a shared bond. >> among the many real privileges i've had is to see
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dance. oh, wow, one could only hope. >> i say this everywhere i go, i admire and respect hillary. yeah. that's right. h hillary doesn't play. she has exposure to the presidency than any candidate in our lifetime, and, yes, she happens to be a woman. >> reporter: but outside, a shadow over the campaign. another batch of hack ed wikileaks e e-mails. abc has not independently confirmed them, and the campaign will not comment on individual documents. the new revelation about the clinton foundation.
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clinton's long time aide reveals how he pressured companies to donate to the foundation, and also to pay the former president millions for things like speeches. in the case of one donor, he describes, quote, a foundation relationship that evolved into a personal business relationship for president clinton. he even had a term for it, bill clinton, inc. the white house announcing that president obama will be out on the campaign trail nearly every day during the final week of this never before in recent history has a president campaigned this much for the person hoping to succeed him. abc news, winston-salem, north carolina. turning to other news. in north dakota, more than 100 people have been arrested during an operation to force pipeline protesters off of private land. demonstrators clashed with police setting fires to tires and throwing objects. one woman was air rrested for
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ruined drinking water and would disturb pure yal sites. a national wild life rescue in oregon, they claimed the takeover was an act of civil diso bead yaps. the standoff started in january and lasted six weeks. they still face charges in nevada from a 2014 standoff with federal agents in a case involving their father. president obama has commute the sentences for an additional 98 federal inmates, all were imprisoned for drug crimes and nearly half serving life sentences. the president granted early releases to 688 inmates this year. that, by the way, is the most commutations granted by a president in a single year. a big payout in the defamation case filed by penn state against one of the school's former assistant football coaches.
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wake of the sandusky child molestation case. he sought more than $4 million in lost wages and other damages. a jury awarded him more than $7 million. a judge still must decide on other claims he's making against the school, which is not commenting on the case. amtrak pays out more than a quarter billion dollars to settle claims from last year's deadly crash in philadelphia. a judge approved the $265 million settlement, eight people were killed 200 others injured when a train heading from washington to new york city derailed on a curve. it was traveling at more than double the 50 miles per hour speed limit. well, surely after announcing it would eliminate 9% of the work force, twitter is making another cost-cutting move. the social media giant says it's shutting down vine, it's mobile video app allowing users to share six second videos on a loop. even with the vine app, twitter
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rivals facebook, snapchat, and instagram. call it almost 43 million se selfie. the stress on the almost. this katrina in front of a slot machine saying she won $43 million. >> of course, she thought of the ways to spend that money. >> oh, yeah. >> but the excitement didn't last long because the casino told her that the slot machine malfunctioned, and that she was only entitle >> no. this would have. fighting words. >> oh, yeah. >> single mother of four thought about how she'd give millions back to her community. she now plans to sue the resort world casino in new york. i mean, other than giving back to the community, she thought about a new -- >> the house and the -- and four kids, that's a lot of kids through college, clothes, new shoes. ooem not a lawyer, but i got to think it's a case here.
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amount of money. >> would be proof. >> you know, maybe she'll send us a thank you. >> if you do get a payout, help a brother and sister out. >> reach us at abc. >> yeah. >> smash and grab, similar instances of similar crimes, and police wonder if there's a link. plus, diane sawyer reporting, going behind prison walls to talk to those now doing time for trying to join isis. >> find us on facebook at and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you.
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iraqi special forces have moved more than 1,000 people out of villages near the front lines of the battle to retake mozul. this as isis mill tamts use human shields. this is according to u.s. officials and aide agencies. iraqi forces also discovered a bomb making facility in a village near mozul that was recently retaken from speaking of the battle against isis, it's not just taking place on the front lines, an alarming number of young americans are enticed by the group. >> diane sawyer was let inside a federal prison to interview once a star student. >> reporter: two honor students,
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a math theacher, her dad a military veteran, and now the high school stars are prisoners, guilty of charges for providing material support to isis. have you ever been arrested before? >> no, ma'am, not at all. ever been in trouble? >> no. >> nothing? >> no, ma'am. i mean, i was, like -- >> one of the friend quoted saying, he was the guy never in a bad mood. >> that is true. >> they met in college. he says his first and he says, at the time, he had fallen into a depression. she admitted instigatiing interest in isis. they watched isis videos online. >> these videos are dangerously inspirational. >> it made sense to you? >> that's how they showed themselves, as rebuilding towns, feeding the poor. >> when you're seeing beheadings of aide workers? >> i mean, yeah, i heard about
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videos. >> reporter: he and his girlfriend write messages to people they think are recruiters, but, in fact, it's the fbi arresting them at the airport. >> you were willing to kill in the name of isis? >> once i got there, i would have seen a whole different kind of picture, not what i thought it was. >> you thought you were willing to do that, kill americans? >> no. it was more just, you know, i want to help as much as i can. >>to warn parents their smart kids can have secrets and a seriously skewed version of the world. >> fascinating look there. on the one hand, young people are so impressionable, but you got to pay attention to what's happening in the world, propaganda's one thing, but real life -- >> you never know. both honor students, very well-connected in the world. she was a cheerleader, he played soccer.
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gets. >> absolutely. look at it one way, they were lucky to have gotten caught and sentenced because their fate would have been far worse had they traveled and joined the ranks of isis. >> true, 8 years and 12 years in prison. coming up, the irs scam targeting every american with a phone. americans have already been billed $300 million, and how they are doing it and what to know before you say anything to anyone identifying themselves as the irs. but first, the crooks who aren't using to smash and grab. the rash of robberies across at least two states, and it's all caught on video. that's coming up next.
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recapping the breaking news story this morning, the campaign plane carrying mike pence skids off a runway in new york city during a hard landing at laguardia airport. the impact destroyed part of the tarmac as you can see there. none of the 48 people on board was hurt. the indiana governor is fine. you see him there heading into his hotel late last the incident on "gma" later on this morning. we'll hear from him. >> so glad he's doing okay. >> yeah. we'll talk about it. police in two states dealing with a fresh rash of smash-and-grab robberies. >> and it's not just jewelry stores, marcy gonzalez has more. >> reporter: thieves masked with helmets and armed with hammers breakthrough display cases in florida tuesday, filling their bags and getting away on motorcycles.
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burglary caught on camera in just a week. the other two in philadelphia. here you see a man slamming the display case of a wireless store with a hammer on wednesday loading up the back back with cell phones, and, tuesday, again in philadelphia, cameras captured an suv backing into the front of the high end clothing store, suspects in the car, and mother say deez across the street get out, break the hooded sweatshirts hiding face as they get away with suits and accessories worth $45,000. >> any tip that ke with, you know, get from the public will help us in solving this crime here and finding out who the individuals are responsible for this. >> reporter: police are still searching for suspects in all three cases. abc news, new york. >> theft is bad, but e love how low tech this is in today's
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ditch the misery. let's end this. so we're back with breaking news here in the mix. the guys at jpl in california from nasa who have landsed robots on a comet as well as taken us to mars, has now achieved something even greater. >> very serious. going to change humanity for a contest. >> yes, that's it. >> just to let you know. >> that's what the scientists -- >> but but, despite that setup. it's a fantastic amazing feat. these guys are real, like, rocket engineers and scientists and understand mechanics, apparently. lady pac-man and baby pac-man pumpkin. it was a political contest. favorite one is coming up.
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journalists we are, we can't efficiently out which one won. if anybody in our audience can figure out which one of these entries won, can you tweet us? we are dying to know. >> they are are all winners. >> that's a tornado. this is my favorite, the barbecue with the squash pig. that was my vote. >> looks yummy. >> good to know they have that much time on their hands. >> >> in the haunted hotel in brooklyn, new york. ? squeaks, moans, squeaky floors, clowns behind the doors ? snot ? that's the halloween polka ? ? monsters ring your bell ? ? let them go to the neighbors ? ? that's the halloween polka ? ? this is spooky, a nightmare i'll relive ?
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? every guy and ghoul do the halloween polka ? >> does your mummy know you're here? i'm not going to say it. i should have swiped left. ? you can keep your zombies and who needs the walking dead ? ? life is frightening enough just getting out of bed ? ? once a we're all on the graveyard shift tonight ? ? that's the halloween polka ? ? get in the spirit of the ghosts who haunt the halls ? ? and kids loaded with sugar bouncing off the walls ? ? hey ? ? sound at 3:00 a.m., insomniacs are used to them ? ? that's the halloween polka ?
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this morning on "world news now," just feet to spare. that's how close vice presidential nominee mike pence's campaign plane came from a major highway here in new york. new details this morning of a landing everyone on board says they will never forget. also, donald trump making a new claim about the incident over how he spoke about women. the republican nominee now considering legal action over the entire episode just 11 days to go before the election. and new this half hour, a major cocaine seizure on the high seas. thousands of pounds of the drug captured by the coast guard from a self-propelled submarine. authorities say it's part of their best year to date.


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