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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, one week to go until a new president is elected and both candidates are focused on the fbi investigation surrounding hillary clinton. agents are now speeding up the process but will it be done before election day? we're live in washington. breaking overnight transit workers on trike in a major american ci. subways, bus, even trolleys. all halted. now the worries about the election day and people getting to the polls. also breaking right now a gas pipeline has exploded killing one person. people are now evacuated from the area. fire and smoke still shooting into the air. and a surprise for these swimmers. a crocodile dives into a pool
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and we do say good morning, everybody, on this tuesday. as you mentioned one week to go. it's come down to this. seven days remain for hillary clinton and donald trump to make their closing arguments before leaving it to the american voters. >> meanwhile, the fbi says it's moving ahead with urgency on the renewed investigation of e-mails possibly linked to clinton. abc news has learned the investigation's focus is on work-related e-mails from top in date back to when clinton was secretary of state and may have been sent to her private server. >> abc's lana zak following the developments from washington. good morning, lana. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is hoping this investigation will propel him to a come from behind win. he is even campaigning in states that seen out of the realm of possibility just a week ago. >> i think we hit the mother lode. >> reporter: crisscrossing michigan sounded celebratory.
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very much. >> reporter: thanking anthony weiner for his role in an alleged sexting scandal with an underaged girl. the computer he used shared by his estranged wife huma abedin one of clinton's closest aides. her e-mails are what promised the probe and the fbi is moving ahead trying to eliminate the maips they've seen as part of their investigation into the private server of hillary clinton. >> i'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new e-m world the fbi would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of any wrongdoing with just days to go. that's a good question. >> reporter: clinton sounding defiant. >> there is no case here. >> reporter: other democrats taking it even further. senator pat leahy, the ranking democrat on the judiciary committee saying the responses
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timing of the fbi's announcement led to widespread con fugue and unfair speculation. for her part huma abedin's lawyer said she will, quote, continue to be as she has always been forthcoming and cooperative. and clinton's campaign manager is even accusing the fbi director of, quote, a blatant double standard. he says that he wouldn't bring forward information about the investigation into the russian hacks of this election because it was too close to the election. diane, ke >> all right, our thanks to lana zak in washington. thank you. the race has been tightening according to national polls but a look at the electoral map shows trump still faces quite a challenge. >> right now here's what abc news can predict the blue states going for clinton, red for trump and gray, toss-ups. for trump to be elected he would need to win every toss-up state starting with utah and arizona along with florida, north carolina and ohio. that would still leave him 11
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and michigan that would push him over that 270 threshold but no polls have him leading in michigan right now. former republican presidential candidate john kasich has reportedly lived up to his word when it comes to voting. the ohio governor voted by absentee voting writing in the name of senator john mccain. he ran for the republican nomination but pledged not to support donald trump even after dropping out of the race in may. >> so here's a look at what's happening on the campaign donald trump has stops in pennsylvania and wisconsin. mike pence will appear with trump in pennsylvania and then hold a second event there in that state. hillary clinton has three events today in florida and tim kaine will be in wisconsin. breaking overnight a philadelphia transit strike is sparking fears that some voters could be kept from the polls on election day. transit workers went on strike after midnight which means buses, trolleys and subways that provide about 900,000 rides a
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on but the sides are set to be mile as part. the trike does not affect the network of commuter rail lines outside the city. also breaking overnight the country's biggest gasoline pipeline is shut down for a second time in just two months following a deadly pipeline explosion. one worker was killed and several others injured in the blast in rural alabama. the accident happened when an excavator hit the pipeline. gasoline ignited cautioning a ferocious fire as you can see and thick smoke. the explosion happened where a line burst leaking thousands of gallons of gasoline and leading to gas shortages across the south. a halloween night tragedy to tell you about. it happened in rural mississippi. an adult and two children were killed when the hayride they were on was struck from behind by a ford pickup truck. the hayride was going house to house trick-or-treating. several others suffered life-threatening injuries in that crash. to seattle now and turning
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than 10 inches fell during the month of october. and it's still raining overnight. that's more than an inch more than the previous record set in 2003. as you can see from the radar it's raining in most of the pacific northwest and northern california again this morning. halloween came to the white house yesterday. the obamas hosted thousands of children attending that annual party. they danced to michael jackson's candy telling the kids on this day they do not have to pay attention to the first lady and all her messages about healthy eating. >> what did she say? >> i think she was okay but only for the day. >> but president obama couldn't escape politics completely so this kid in a duck costume wrapped in a bandage reminded him of his current status. he is a lame duck. >> harsh costume. >> in front of the president. >> all right. >> still ahead, kids and
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and when they should be putting down the gadgets. a driver trapped in his wrecked car for two days has been rescued. hear where and how he was finally found. plus, pulled from the rubble in italy, a four-legged friend found alive days after a
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in the italy quake zone crews rescued a dog trapped beneath the rubble after that powerful earthquake over the weekend. firefighters dug out the pooch after he was safely removed they gave the animal some much needed water. police in little rock are on the hunt for three men after a
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the clinton presidential library. the 19-year-old victim was selling blue jeans when three men approached with the intent to rob him. now, at least one was armed and shot the man in the leg. the victim is expected to be okay. police say the incident is not related to the presidential election. hot spots at a massive apartment complex in oakland, california. they're trying to determine what caused it which destroyed the building that was still under construc but hundreds needed evacuated and crews kept the flames from spreading. bill cosby's legal team will try to get the charges against him dismissed. he is charged with sexually assaulting a woman 12 years ago. his attorneys say the 13 other women who are expected to testify against him may no longer be mentally competent and
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the bedroom can rob a child of sleep. the connection between phones and tablets and laptops and a lack of sleep. that leads to obesity and daytime sleepiness and recommend parents keep these devices out of kids' bedrooms. >> good tips. when we come back taking the witness stand, the ex-wife of a man charged with murder after their son died in his hot suv. her tearful testimony. a late night dip terrifying after a crocodile
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(vo) pro plan bright mind adult 7+ promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. been incredible. she is much more aware. she wants to learn things. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. even the northern lights looked a little spooky for hall halloween. this is the sky from southern iceland. it's the result of a solar
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>> you can look -- find different things. i see a butterfly. >> a roark shack. it knew that it was halloween, as well. >> it is beautiful overall. now for a look at morning road conditions back in this country. wet in the northwest but also along the texas gulf coast. drivers may run into some showers between kansas city and chicago. and likely another emotional day in a georgia courtroom as the mother of a toddler who died in a again. >> during her first day on the stand, his ex-wife leanna taylor cried recalling the day their son died but she actually defended her ex-husband. abc's steve osunsami has more. >> reporter: it's the most compelling testimony jurors have heard so far. agreeing with justin ross harris' lawyers, his now ex-wife and mother of the child he's accused of intentionally kill something coming to his defense.
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very much. >> reporter: leanna was brought to tears learning the moment she learned cooper had died after he was left in this hot suv outside her husband's office. >> he was the sweetest little boy. >> reporter: he's charged with murder and is pleading not guilty. earlier this year harris and taylor divorced but she still told jurors harris was a good dad and that her son's death was an accident. >> it was the only thing that went in my mind is possibility. >> reporter: steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. an ohio man is recovering in the hospital after spending two days trapped in his wrecked car. police say cory chambers skidded off the road in clairmont county found by an employee of the state transportation department. look at the wreck there. rescuers say chambers was alert and speaking when they lifted him out. a woman who lived nearby now says she regrets not investigating after she heard
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saturday. and take a look. those are three packages of hallowed out tortilla filled with methamphetamines found last friday being carried by a man from arizona as he tried to enter the u.s. from mexico. now, another larger meth shipment was seized at a different crossing. authorities say about $87,000 worth of drugs was captured in the two incidents. people are recovering from shark attacks in northern florida near the ma station. the more series attack the water as only chest deep. the surfers says he died to catch one last wave when he then encountered a bull shark. >> looked to my left. when i started to paddle. when i looked to my right there was a shark coming out of the water with my hand in his mouth. he was shaking like this. that's when i saw my hand pretty much in his mouth and he was going like that and shook it pretty much out of his mouth.
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beachgoers handed him their shirt and drove himself to the hospital. he's been released and luckily suffered no permanent damage. in the other incident the swimmer involved was bitten on the leg. and in zimbabwe a heart-stopping encounter as a crocodile interrupted a couple's late night swim. you can see the man quickly leap out of the pool leaving his female companion to fend for herself for a second and comes back and tries to attack the fortunately the woman fights her way to safety bitten a few times by the crocodile but told she's okay. >> not sure he really tackled it -- >> he put his toe in for a second and maybe poked it. >> luckily she'll be okay. >> you leave moo in a pool with a crocodile you better hope the crocodile gets me or i'm getting you. the champagne on ice just in
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>> as for last night's sport, highlights from our guy at espn. >> good morning, america. i'm neil in the "sportscenter" desk. i'm all alone. i'm glad i have you. and now you have me and these highlights. roll it. here we go. monday night football as seen on espn. shawn mcdonough, jon gruden calling the action. jordan howard, he was the action. he did something that hasn't been done since gale sayers did it for the bears. any time you can say that, dick butkus also at the game. alshon jeffery. jay cutler back. give the ball to a young man. that's what's great about sports and bears surprise the vikings who lost two in a row. chicago and -- is brooklyn in the house? all right. first quarter, bulls, gibson and rondo to wade to jimmy butler. jimmy played pretty good. great ball movement. ball never hit the floor.
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loved it. butler with 22 points. wade, oh, bogdanowicz, i mean you got old school there. the bulls won by a lot. i mean by so many. what is that? that's 30. they won by 30. that's all we have. that's all the time we have. back to you. >> all right. thanks, neil. up next in "the pulse," the president's new interview this morning, a comedian takes a few jabs about how much he's aged in office. heidi klum'sig out for halloween so what did she do this year?
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? time to check "the pulse" starting with president obama's sharing tricks and treats on late night tv.
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frontal" with samantha bee to talk about the election and he said his primary reason for stopping by was to encourage millennials to vote but sam bee and the president shared plenty of jokes about aging and the dangers of not voting. >> this year i'm going as a witch. >> that's not a witch costume. >> i'm a woman on television and i'm over 40 so i'm already in costume. where is yours. >> i'm dressed up as what happens when young people vote. >> someone gets really old really fast? >> t >> so is that like white spray paint or fun halloween cobwebs up there. >> sam, i'm still president for about three months. careful. >> i do miss her on "the daily show". >> she's the first female late night host to interview a u.s. president. good news for dads. a little extra around the middle. you might live longer. a researcher at yale found that
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decrease which causes less muscle and more fat but ap appaapp apparently according to this study that helps fight off the added bonus, get this. the ladies apparently find dad bods are more attractive because they're cuddly and softer looking than the macho look so have the extra doughnut, dad bod. >> there's more. there's more to love. apparently. and now to one of the most anticipated costumes every halloween. all night long about her costume. the supermodel always goes over the top at her annual halloween bash in new york city. in the past she's gone as jessica rabbit, that was a great one and old woman. even an elaborate robot. after hours a sneak peek on instagram finally the big reveal. clooum went, drum roll, what is it? as herself. >> what is she? >> so apparently instead of
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her own donele gangers. some are kind of disappointed compared to her previous costumes. >> oh. >> one last note, we think that this youngster really won the day. >> on the left 10-month-old charlie hart. charlie harting. his parents say they're told all the time how much charlie looks like eric stonestrain's character cam on "modern starting your day and your month with us on good morning washington. and this morning is starting with a big warm up. eileen will have more in a few moments.. but first, here are some of this morning's top stories. just one week left before election day-- and presidential candidates are trying to make the most of the final days on the campaign trail. hillary clinton now her campaign continue to blast fbi director james comey for "blatant double standards" over the new inquiry into her email use.
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hammering clinton for the scandal, unleashed a harsh new attack against democrat hillary clinton in michigan monday. good morning washington. toss to eileen - roller coaster ride of temperatures continues - near record warmth thursday - chilly & blustery friday - nice first weekend of november (fall back!) today: mostly cloudy. seasonable. highs: 61-64 tonight: mostly cloudy. not as cold. lows: 48-52 winds: s 5 to calm wednesday: partly to mostly sunny. much warmer. highs: 75-80
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happening today.
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bill cosby will be back in a pennsylvania courtroom. attorneys for the embattled entertainer will try to get sexual assault charges against him dismissed. the judge will also determine if a previously sealed deposition by cosby can be used at trial. more than a dozen woman have accused the comedian of sexual misconduct. cosby faces ten years in prison if convicted of sexually assaulting a former temple university employee. police now in doubles as a preschool in arlington. this was the scene yesterday in the 35-hundred block of columbia pike at the "funshine preschool." the fire started in the kitchen while the children were playing outside. nobody was hurt. seven's on your side with a health alert this morning- a new study is detailing the long-term effects of zika virus on men. scientists say zika could reduce men's fertility! thats according to researchers at washington university school of medicine. they found male mice exposed to the
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mice without zika. they're now trying to determine if the same is true in humans. happening today-- the d.c. council is set to vote on the death with dignity act. the legislation would give mentally capable, terminally ill adults the option of seeking medical assistance to end their lives. if the council approves the bill, it will be placed on the agenda for a second and final vote at the next council legislative meeting later this month. right now-- only 4 states in the nation have similar "death with dignity" laws. an old a new-school twist this holiday. butterball will now accept your thanksgiving cooking questions through text message! the company has taken phone calls from troubled thanksgiving chefs for three decades now - but this is the first year for the "text for help" option. the text message helpline will open on november 17th.. and have experts ready to answer, 24 hours a day, until thanksgiving. it's xx and we're
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coming up-- 7 days and counting. presidential candidates have one last week to make their case-- before voter make their choice on election day. we'll have a live report- as a new scandal shakes up the race. plus, breaking news. police on the scene of an overnight shooting. and officers say-- this is now a homicide investigation. we have the very latest from the scene. good morning washington. - roller coaster ride of temperatures continues - near record warmth thursday - chilly & blustery friday - nice first weekend of november (fall back!) today: mostly cloudy. seasonable. highs: 61-64 winds: s 4-8 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. not as cold.
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warmer. highs: 75-80


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