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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  November 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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warmer. highs: 75-80
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in vote 2016-- by this time next
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week-- millions of people will finally head to the polls on election day. presidential candidates now on a mad dash across key battleground states, trying to sway voters. and the number one topic on the campaign trail today-- the fbi's new investigation into hillary clinton's emails. abc's lana zak is live in northwest.. with more.
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pennsylvania may have a serious impact on the presidential race. at the stroke of midnight-- nearly 5-thousand transit workers in philadelphia officially went on strike, shutting down bus, trolley and subways service. the system provides almost a million rides every day. officials fear that if the strike is not ended by election day, some philadelphia residents may have a hard time getting back and forth from work and also finding time to vote. philadelphia is heavily democratic. and a recent cbs poll shows clinton ahead in pennsylvania by about 7 percentage
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hopeful that a tentative agreement will be reached before election day. breaking right now in our area - a murder investigation in chillim. neighbors tell us around one this morning they heard at least three gunshots. when prince george's county police arrived at 20th avenue.. they found a man lying at the end of a driveway. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are offering a reward for any information. developing now-- a martial arts teacher is charged with sexual battery - police say the victim 29 year old renzo garcia davila was arrested sunday and charged with aggravated sexual battery. davila was a martial arts instructor at "lead by example" on huntsman boulevard in springfield. he also taught at the montessori school of fairfax. one employee says it's hard to believe the charges. authorities won't release where the alleged attack took place but they say the suspect worked around children a
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be more victims. happening today. closing arguments begin in the federal lawsuit against rolling stone magazine. monday-- a judge threw out part of the multi-million dollar suit-- ruling that an article depicting a gang-rape at a university of virginia fraternity did not defame former dean nicole eramo. the article was discredited, and later retracted shortly after it's publication. coming up. chilling calls to 9-1-1, made during a deadly shooting spree inside a florida nightclub. what police are learning from the calls.. coming up. plus, a troubling study about uber. depending on your name-- that car you ordered may not show up. we'll tell you why..
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- near record warmth thursday - chilly & blustery friday - nice first weekend of november (fall back!) today: mostly cloudy. seasonable. highs: 61-64 winds: s 4-8 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. not as cold. lows: 48-52 winds: s 5 to calm
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warmer. highs: 75-80
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coming up. a hunting accident leaves two children a hunting accident leaves two children shot. and police say their own father pulled the trigger. how it happened.. coming up.
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student makes a gruesome discovery. now outraged neighbors are demanding action. we will tell you how police are responding.. coming
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pulse nightclub
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several times-- during the shooting spree that left 49 people dead.. and at least 68 others injured. matt lupoli has more. a shocking hunting accident in oregon
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morning. police say their father was returning from a hunting trip.. when he accidentally shot them! it happened monday afternoon. sheriff's deputies say the man was walking back to his pick-up truck, when he thought he heard a deer. thats when he says the weapon accidentally went off.
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leg. his four-year-old sister was struck in the shin with metal fragments from the same bullet. officials say their father, 27-year-old zack davis, is cooperating with investigators. in alabama-- one worker is dead and seven others injured.. after a pipeline explosion. a segment of pipeline was under going maintenance yesterday afternoon when it exploded. colonial pipeline company says a contract crew hit the pipeline, igniting gasoline. the blast sparked a huge wildfire that is still burning this morning. miles of the site were evacuated. a new study finds, some uber and lyft drivers discriminate against riders based on gender and race. researchers looked at nearly 15-hundred rides taken in seattle and boston. black riders waited 30-percent longer for an uber ride to arrive. uber drivers in boston were more than twice as likely to cancel rides if passengers had african american sounding names. drivers took female passengers for longer, more expensive rides. researchers at m-i-t, stanford, and the university of
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this time, nine months ago, the region was in the midst of a massive blizzard. now some of those trapped inside during the storm are heading to the hospital. sibley memorial hospital delivers 10 babies a day on average. right now, that number has jumped 40 percent. sam leidman and jennifer bock say they'll have quite a story to share with their new son -- when he's old enough. and with winter just around the we might have a similar story this time next year so stay tuned. at xx time for
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temperatures continues - near record warmth thursday - chilly & blustery friday - nice first weekend of november (fall back!) today: mostly cloudy. seasonable. highs: 61-64 winds: s 4-8 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. not as cold. lows: 48-52 winds: s 5 to calm wednesday: partly to mo warmer. highs: 75-80
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coming up.
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a woman hits a 42-million dollar jackpot. but-- a new york casino says it doesn't owe her a dime.
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at giant, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus even more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of ?bread.? [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices.
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investigating a murder in southeast d.c. that happened as children were heading out for trick-or-treating. a 27-year-old man was killed in a drive-by shooting on right outside the giant grocery store. tom roussey talked with a man whose daughter witnessed the event. imagine this.
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and then the casino says-- they aren't paying you a dime. well-- thats pretty much what happened to katrina bookman. she hit that
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machine. but when she came to collect-- the casino told her that the slot machine was simply broken and she didn't win anything. they did offer her a steak dinner for her trouble. but her attorney says-- that is not good enough. the machine actually has a max jackpot of about 7 thousand dollars. bookman's attorney says she at least well halloween is over-- but financially it was a big success. eight-point-four billion dollars! thats how much americans spent on halloween this year-- according to the national retail foundation. thats a new record. a little over three-billion dollars was spent on costumes, and candy represents two-and-a-half
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nearly 75-percent of parents surveyed say they share in their kid's candy, sometimes without their knowledge! and it wasn't just you and your friends enjoying the halloween festivities. the first family also got in on the fun. check it out. it might not hav moves, but what's halloween without thriller? the obama's hosted military families and their children at the white house today. they also continued the tradition of handing out candy on the south lawn. still ahead on good
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global increase of chemical weapons. we need john delaney. a family man and entrepreneur, he built two respected maryland business, creating thousands of jobs. in congress, he puts working for us ahead of partisan politics. john: i'm john delaney and i approve this message. leaving one man dead. the murder investigation


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