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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  November 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. alison: right now at 4:00, the prince george's hospital center neonatal intensive care unit is closed once again. michelle: a potentially deadly bacteria found on more children. jonathan: abc7 first broke the presence of the bacteria and the closure months ago. sam ford explains today's developme sam: well, jonathan, it is sometimes called the "premies" unit, the neonatal intensive care unit. here at prince george's hospital center they announced they are shutting it down again less than a month after it opened, reopened from the last shutdown. the reason is a bacterium called pseudomonas. it is common in society but can be deadly in some infants. two died here earlier this
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children's hospital arrived with baby transport similar to what we saw last time. the hospital said it was closing the nicu unit and transferring about five babies after two of them tested positive for the bacteria. children's medical team left here after about an hour. presumably with those infants. the unit here again was closed from august until october and just reopened, as we said i think october 4. now her they are closing down again. so that is the situation here. we'll have more on this story coming up for you on "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from prince george's county, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: sam, thank you. a disturbing find now. a 3-year-old boy brought a loaded gun to school in his back pack. it happened at the motoun elementary school in southeast washington. a security guard found the gun while going through the kid's backpack.
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arrest. he faces various charges including child endangerment and carrying an unlicensed gun. bring in our reporter q mccray. what is child and family services saying about this? q: i gave them a call this morning. according to them, when an incident like this -- rather, in incidents like this, they work with the police department. they team up. when they found out about the discovery that happened here yesterday they went to the house and discovered the little boy has siblings. after a thorough check of the home they deemed the house safe, which means that the little boy and his siblings will not be taken away from their guardian. michelle: reporting live for us in southeast washington. thank you, q. alison: also today police are hoping newly leased surveillance video will help
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responsible for hitting up 13 different businesses. the most recent one took place at a dry cleaner in burtonsville. no one has been hurt but they believe the suspect is likely to strike again. a reminder, "7 on your side" fighting back against crime. giving you control to see exactly where crime is happening in the neighborhood through the spot crime map. it's on under the "7 jonathan: we are days away from turning the clocks back and tomorrow we could see near record heat. maybe a chance for storms as well. stormwatch7 chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast for us. you have a mix of everything in the forecast. doug: you summed it up. it's crazy this time of year. here is the deal tonight. we come down out of the 70 to the 60's. a mild night. steady drop of temperatures in the 50's. we wake up tomorrow we are in the upper 50's. so the wakeup temperatures are
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we will be near 80 for a high tomorrow afternoon. then comes the afternoon hours. 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in that time frame we expect scattered showers and thunderstorms to approach with a cold front. then we will get right back on track on friday with windy and chilly weather and it will feel more like november. we have weekend details in a couple of minutes here. michelle: thank you. happening now, jury deliberations in the defamation lawsuit against a retracted article about a rape at the university of virginia. jurors are deciding whether the statements in the article defame university administrator nicole eramo. eramo says the magazine portrayed her as a villain who discouraged the woman identified only as "jackie" from reporting her alleged gang rape to police. if they rule in her favor, they will then consider how much money she deserves in damages. in another big case, lawyers
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in the criminal case against embattled comedian bill cosby. he is accused of sexual assault in pennsylvania. the only criminal case he faces after several women came forward saying he drugged them to have sex. today cosby's lawyers argued he can no longer see well enough to identify the accusers and his memory problems affect his ability to defend himself. jonathan: updating the deadly bus crash that happened yesterday in baltimore. in all six people were killed. school bus slammed into a city bus. the accident happened on the southwest side of the city. no kids were on the school bus at the time. but today we are learning about the people who lost their lives in this crash. richard reeve has that story for us. rich? richard: yeah, this is a place of so much emotion. i'm actually standing where the crash happened. behind me now you can see a growing memorial. bill is going to walk over here. you can see some of the
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lost their lives. we have some balloons over here that people have left for those who were killed. take a look at this crash video. we have shown it to you before. but it is just so sad and tragic. there were six people who died at this scene. among them glenn r. chappell. he was 67 years old. he was the driver of that yellow school bus. then there was ebonee danell baker. she was 33 years old. she was the driver of the m.t.a. bus. she had been with the agency proud of what she was doing. there were others as well. passengers on the m.t.a. bus. cherry denise yarborough, 51 years old. terance lee casey, 52 years old. gerald holloway, 51 years old. a 46-year-old female who has not been named by authorities. a lot of the folks working folks, just heading off to work trying to support their families. now authorities trying to
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>> we want to get answers for the family members of the six people that died and we want answers to know what has happened in this situation and ensure something like this never happens again. richard: so they are looking for details. among the things they do know is they have video on that m.t.a. bus. there was nothing on the yellow bus but there was video cameras on the m.t.a. bus. they are also looking at some interviews with people who were there. and they are trying to see if there was a medical issue, something in his background. now coming up tonight at 5:00, we will hear very emotional interviews from people who knew some of those who passed away in this terrible crash. live in baltimore, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: terrible, indeed, rich. thank you. now we move to breaking news that is happening right now in anne arundel county where we have gotten some reports of a boat fire. this is at tracy's landing. we understand the fire is out
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firefighters and crews there on the water in that area surrounding the boat and the landing. no reports of any injuries but we are working to gather more information on the boat fire in anne arundel county. as soon as we have information, we will get that to you. but first let's turn to the election and the race for the white house. both donald trump and hillary clinton are hitting as many stops as possible in those key battleground states. they are also relying on their key surrogate. today president obama visited to campaign for hillary clinton. clinton is heading west with rallies tonight in las vegas, nevada, and tempe, arizona. michelle: meanwhile, donald trump is spending the day in florida. this is a live look at donald trump speaking now to the crowd there. earlier he was in miami. right now he is in orlando. some political analysts are predicting florida's i-4 corridor could again be a deciding factor in this erection. he will be on the move after
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evening. jonathan: virginia is usually a swing state. as the race tightens we are taking the pulse of the community with our roving votetrak 2016 hummer. let's go to brad bell in alexandria because brad is the one who has been getting an earful this election season. hey, brad. brad: hey there. yeah, you know, we are giving the odometer a rest. we have parked the votetrak 2016 hummer in alexandria. not surprised to hear the new polls showing that the race is sensing basically an even split. we went to a local eatery that is an institution here. and we did get that earful, jonathan. when the royal restaurant opened in alexandria in 13904, republican roosevelt beat parker in the election. the today we ask about the
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>> the f.b.i. has a responsibility to go ahead with their investigation. what they find we don't know but we're waiting to see. >> i'm viewing it as more of a political tactic. brad: then when we set up the votetrak 2016 soapbox on the streets of old town, people talk about claims of voter fraud or intimidation. >> there is just so much stuff going on in this election i never heard in any other el ever remember. brad: we are still working out here and talking to folks. when we come back at 5:00, more on what folks are saying about the f.b.i. an the clinton e-mails. in alexandria, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. you can follow votetrak's journey for election day. he will be back tomorrow in georgetown with live reports throughout the afternoon and the everything. coming up next at 4:00, the note that will get a lot of
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also this -- >> i lose everything. alison: also, how the victims of the silver spring apartment explosion are doing nearly three months later and the startling allegations leveled against those handling the investigation. >> the father of the victim of a potential hate crime in georgetown halloween night
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jonathan: it was a horrific explosion nearly three months ago at silver spring. alison: that's right. seven people were killed at the flower branch apartments. dozens of residents forced from their homes, losing everything. jonathan: now survivors are suing. abc7's kevin lewis has the stories. >> thank you for joining us. kevin: survivors of the deadly flower branch apartment explosion gathered before a throng of news cameras to declare they have filed washington gas and kay management. one, a personal injury and wrongful death case. the other a class action suit. combined they cover more than 75 households. >> we are asking for justice. we are asking for substantial damages. we are asking for safety reforms. kevin: attorneys from two prestigious d.c. law firms say on july 25, a resident reported the smell of gas.
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seven dead. more than 30 injured. >> they have delayed and danced around our demands long enough. the victims and the families are tired of waiting. >> my apartment lost everything. >> this man, an ethiopian native, was working his overnight shift at 7-eleven the night of the explosion. he joined the suit along with this young woman hurt in the blast. >> all my property damaged. everything. >> yes, we can. told us it can't talk because of the pending ntsb investigation. as for kay management, it asserts its apartments are well prepared and cleaned. reporting in northwest, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: only on abc7 tonight, the halloween night rash of robberies in d.c. now the father of one victim comes forward saying this is the group that targeted his family. stephen tschida has the story
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stephen: cell phone video of a brow -- brutal assault of 20 to 30 teenagers. the victim lay on the ground enduring blow after blow, the teens who stole his laptop are seen in the video smashing it on the pavement. the father of the victim says his son was walking from georgetown university library 10:30 at night and heard the group approach from behind. >> the attack commenced, which included him in the face, fractured nose. he had fractured rib. stephen: the victim's father flew across the country when he heard his son had been assaulted. >> i believe there were some slurs. stephen: investigators will say only they are looking into the possibility it could be a hate crime. apparently the attackers used homophobic slurs during the assault. what has the man's father more troubled, the attack on his son was among one of several halloween night.
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students and my son's future when mobs of kids can go through the town and attack people just minding their own business. stephen: after that vicious assault on the georgetown student, the entire group of young people, teenagers, possibly even some children headed down prospect street to wisconsin avenue. tonight, the father of the victim says he still is anxiously awaiting any word from d.c. police about arrests of suspects. stephen tschida, michelle: pope francis is known to make headlines when he speaks to reporters on his plane. he did so again when he said the catholic church's ban on female priests will likely never change. on the flight to rome he said his predecessor john paul ii made the church's position clear. >> in relation to ordaining women in the catholic church,
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saint john has given it and it remains. michelle: in august pope francis created a commission to study role of women deacons in the church that raised hopes among many who favor the ordination of women. abc7 is on traffic watch today. jamie sullivan has a look at the evening rush. jamie? jamie: it's rough right now. 95 heading south. it's bumper to bumper continuing to this point at lorton where we have accident activity. being taken out. you definitely have to make sure you stay to the right. you are in good shape if you travel on the h.o.v. lanes. right now an hour and a half just to get from the mixing bowl continuing south closer toward the occoquan. about 90 of those minutes are right in this stretch. so a lot of extra time on 95. if you do hop on and have to head south closer toward woodbridge or dale city, you are completely clear because everyone is stuck in this backup.
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this is all going to be slow. bottom side of the beltway a little heavy as we get closer to the big picture look. we are seeing slowing. a lot of the heavy traffic yaw see 3 5th -- you see 395 is mainly here. doug, i never thought in november i'd planning to grill out tonight. doug: i know. we talk about the leaf peeping and the best time to see the color. we got a photograph of a leaf peeper! thank yo contest for the fourth and the final week of the fall foliage contest here at tomorrow evening we will pick the fourth and final winner. "good morning washington" starting bright and early, 4:25 is when the show begins on friday morning. during the show we will announce the winner and show you the picture that wins. we'll send you momentos from the stormwatch7 center. this is what we outside now. it's beautiful. we are in the 70's across the
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a very pleasant wednesday evening ahead. future cast shows changes beginning tomorrow morning. we have plenty of sunshine to start the day. the winds will be out of the southwest and mild. temperatures will climb quickly. mid-to-late morning the clouds will roll in from the west. this model has the showers moving in the metro around 3:30. the actual cold front with more showers and thunderstorms possible 7:00 to 7:30. just like that, tomorrow night it clears o and drier air. so we go to 80% chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. sunny and breezy and only 57 on friday. saturday and sunday are delightful. low 60's. beautiful weather early next week. election day weather looks great as well. friday night no problem. going out and keeping right on time. saturday night if you go out late, when you get home that is the time to change the clocks back one hour. we go back to eastern standard
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6:03 sunset on saturday. 5:302 -- 5:02 sunset on sunday. and the 10k on sunday it will be beautiful there, too. plenty of sunshine. we start in the 40's and the 50's and climb to upper 50's in the balance of the afternoon. election day, right now it looks terrific. plenty of sunshine and mild temperatures in the middle to upper 60's. jonathan: you like surfing, don't you? doug: all the time. jonathan: i knew you did. you might want to stay out of the water if you go australia. there is why. you can see it clear as day. on the lower part of your screen, under water, that is a shark. on top of the water, lunch -- i mean surfers. the shark was checking out the waves and looking at the surfers. the surfers are like the waves are tasty. the shark was thinking the same thing about the surfers. nothing happened. the shark just cruisedded around. i don't know if the surfers saw him. nobody was bothered here. we just got great video to
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alison: they could be used to it? no. jonathan: no. alison: they seem unfazed. none of them saw it? jonathan: no. that is an eight-footer. alison: crazy! coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- cubs fans celebrating forcing a game seven in the world series. we will show you the excuse many are using to get out of work and school coming up. michelle: plus in a matter of minutes, the red carpet at the
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michelle: tonight the big night. game seven of the world series. jonathan: they are losing their minds in chicago. for good reason. fans will play an integral part. they are. who do you got? go to to weigh in. is it the tribe? or are you going for the cubbies? alison: right now we go to one team is doing to drum up more fan support. lindsey: one of the most important things is the fans. the cubs put this out. this is one of the absentee notices like mom used to give you. please excuse so-and-so from school today. it says please excuse whoever you want it to be from classwork or any other responsibility because of game seven. what i love about this, it says we cannot fly the "w" without them.
4:26 pm
i want to mention them. we have a lot of hashtags that you can use on twitter related to baseball including world series. but they have the emojis that pop up. you can really show your team spirit as well. by the way, the fans are actually lining up. they have been lining up all day long just in case tickets become available. these fans had lunch delivered to them so they would not have to leave the line. this is all about the fans today. as will be all about winning. back to you. michelle: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- breaking in to break off a piece. who would steal a kitkat bar? the victim's response goes viral. reporter: here is a question for you. what does this roasted chicken have to do with a big vote happening next week in northern virginia? i'm jeff goldberg. the contentious debate, both sides coming up.
4:27 pm
5:00, a crude message for local commuters. where this sign with another hateful message for hillary there and why police say they are not investigating this.
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on your side. jonathan: well, coming up next in fairfax, folks will be voting on a meal tax. michelle: it's a 4% tax with most of the proceeds going to the school. abc7 northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in annandale with those for and against this tax. jeff: well, first i want to tell you what the tax is all about. i would be a tax increase on any food prepared by another individual. it would be food from a restaurant, movie theater or a that is where we went to get this. what might be a typical dinner here. a roasted chicken and coleslaw. the 4% tax hike would be an additional 27 cents. on a dinner costing $50 the official tax hike is $2. both sides are getting ready for a close vote. korean restaurant owners in
4:31 pm
hurt business. >> this hurts business. it hurt consumers. >> i think it will hurt the people who can least afford it the most. that is the small business owners. >> the proposal is a 4% tax increase on all prepared foods sold in the county. anything from a sit-down meal to fast food burgers. i would generate $100 million in new revenue. $70 million for schools and the other $30 million for other county services. >> we doors. jeff: jane works with school p.t.a.'s across fair county and leading the effort to pass the meals tack. researching the meals taxes across northern virginia and across the country she he her team cannot find evidence of harm to restaurants. as a mother of ninth and seventh grade daughters she says she wants to stop the trend of good teachers leaving fairfax county. >> i do believe that if the
4:32 pm
directly to make teacher salary competitive. jeff: voters seem split on the issue. >> i think we are all taxed enough on our meals. >> i think it's not a bad idea, honestly. the schools could use the money. it might be helpful. jeff: those against the tax are finding creative ways to show it. this is a pirate ship we found. vote no meals tax outside of mcgill's pizza. it caught our attention. the las ballot was 1992 and it failed. we have to see what happens on tuesday. both sides expect it to be close. life in annandale, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. calendar may say november but if you go outside the weather said maybe early may. doug: 74 right now. jonathan: beautiful. doug: beautiful out there. tomorrow is close to 80 in some spots. the reason a strong cold front is heading in our direction.
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delightful. the temperatures are only slowly dropping from 70 to the 60's tonight. the southwesterly winds keeping the evening temperatures higher than the average daytime temperatures. in fact the forecast overnight is for the partly cloudy and the mild weather. 55 to 60 degrees. that is it for the morning. a mild start to thursday. it will range from mid-70's to low 80's. we are above average. the winds will while. then increasing cloudiness for the afternoon. the cold front approaches. the best guesstimate on time is between 3:00 and 6:00 for scattered showers and thunderstorms. behind the breezy and the cooler weather moves for if day on friday. more pleasant weekend. steve rudin will be back in 17 minutes with a complete look at the weekend weather. jonathan? jonathan: thank you very much. so jealous he got this assignment. i love country music. tonight country music's
4:34 pm
michelle: it brings out the biggest stars. kidd o'shea is in nashville for us along the red carpet. are you wearing your favorite cowboy boots? kidd: i'm not wearing them tonight. good evening. take a look behind me. the red carpet just opened up right now. so it's quiet right now but the big question right now here at the c.m.a.'s is about country and will it be performed in the first eight minutes of there are rumors you won't want to miss the first eight minutes. this is a song collaboration with everybody. past and present in country music that is a big name. the video went viral and song went number one. seems no way on the 50th anniversary of the c.m.a.'s they can't somehow perform that song live. i have been told by c.m.a. insiders that there is a collaboration you won't want to miss of some sort. is it forever country?
4:35 pm
and we asked him about the collaboration. >> i was really proud that all the artists, all came forward and goes forget what we have going on. let's pay respect to the past. there are a ton of medleys. a ton of tipping the hat to jones, haggard, randy travis, keith whitley. the greats. the reason we are here. >> i get to see this guy entertain every night. there is not anything happening like this in country music. names. we can confirm -- i have two sources, not from the c.m.a.'s but i have two sources saying beyonc? will perform here tonight as well. imagine if beyonc? is here, who else will be here? this red carpet will get hot. we'll be here throughout the newscast on abc7 and following the c.m.a.'s tonight which start at 8:00. back to you. jonathan: who knew she was a big country fan? that is cool.
4:36 pm
awards tonight at 8:00. michelle: a heart warming holiday tradition started. we are talking about macy's believe campaign from now until christmas eve. you can drop off letters to santa in the big red letter boxes at the local macy's stores or send letters online at macy' for each letter collected macy's will donate money to make a wish. speaking of holiday who will be part of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. among the notal performers, tony bennett, christopher jackson from the play "hamilton" and maybe the biggest headlines, miss piggy and kermit the frog. jonathan: somebody decided to break off part of a kikat bar but without permission. michelle: a kansas state freshman found a note in his
4:37 pm
apologized for getting into the car and taking the candy. literally nothing else was taken. the student posted the note on facebook. >> it just said i saw a kitkat in your cup holder. i love them. i didn't take anything forels your car. i'm sorry and hungry. i got a kick out of that. it's really funny. michelle: it was. social media post went viral and get this. kitkat promised to replace the stolen goods. jonathan: i was about to say. if the marketing depa would send him a big box. make a commercial out of it. michelle: sweet deal. jonathan: fun deal. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- president obama: i have never seen anybody so excited about a free taco. jonathan: presidential politics. free tacos and the world series. they go together. they combine how to score a free theca. that's next. michelle: still ahead, she was a pioneer. amelia earhart. but her disappearance to
4:38 pm
world is one of the biggest aviation mysteries ever.
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[snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. president obama: if you can find the time to get a free taco, then you can find the time to go vote. michelle: and now suddenly jonathan is inviting me out to
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jonathan: you said you never eaten taco bell. it's the best. michelle: that was president obama yesterday referring to the taco bell giveaway that is happening today. jonathan: here is the deal. if somebody steals a base in world series everyone gets a free taco today. so in the indian shortstop lindor swiped second base in game one so until 6:00 tonight the offer stands. but you can't just eat one taco. you get multiple. because instead of cake all you have to do is show him, it's cookies that gets him going. cookie monster's birthday. the blue cuddly muppet turns 47 years old. here is something that many of you didn't know. his best name is -- his real name is sid. michelle: all the cookies keeping him looking great. his character was created to represent children with
4:42 pm
debut in 1969. jonathan: oscar and him are my favorites. michelle: you can't leave out elmo. jonathan: he came along later. it was a later thing. coming up at 4:00, one group says they may be closer to solving one of the biggest aviation mysteries ever. the days perience of amelia earhart -- the disappearance of amelia earhart. michelle: his mom was being held h that is next. >> penalties in d.c. for texting behind the wheel could
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
michelle: an 11-year-old brings a note to school to give to the teacher. the note was from the child's mother saying she was being held hostage. authorities were notified and they went to the house where they found the suspect hiding in a closet. >> there is a chill going through you when you realize
4:46 pm
through something awful. michelle: neither the woman nor the child was hurt. the suspect who had previous warrants against him faces several charges. jonathan: texting behind the wheel could face a hefty fine. the d.c. council approved an amended distracted driving bill yesterday. amy aubert explains some say this is a big step in the right direction. amy: tougher penalties could be rolling through d.c. soon. >> all you need to do is look down, fumble. somewhere you didn't anticipate being. amy: at large d.c. councilmember anita bonds calls a bill that brings increased penalties for distracted driving necessary. >> you can lose your life in a minute. and cause someone else to lose their life. amy: the bill aims to get drivers to put down their phones before getting behind the wheel. >> if convicted of causing a crash while texting, they
4:47 pm
property tage of at least $1,000. a driver could be fined up to $1,000 or 180 days in jail. >> i'm shocked when i see people head down and driving. it's as worse a eating cereal while you are driving. amy: a.a.a. midatlantic compares texting while driving to drinking and driving. >> the average text takes five seconds. after every two looking down, you double the driving risk. >> i don't think there is any information so vital it couldn't wait a couple of minutes. if you have to stop your car and take care of the business. >> repeat members would increase. councilmember bonds expects the bill could come up for a second vote this month. amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: now breaking news out of montgomery village, maryland. the fair department is
4:48 pm
you are getting a live view from skytrak7 over the area where this happened. this is on watkins mill road. so if you are familiar with the area that gives you a geographic locator for where this is happening. we are told 30 kids are being evaluated. we have a crew on the way to get more information. we will bring you details about the situation as soon as we can. as you can see the skytrak7 zooming in closer to get a better view of the school bus. e.m.s. on the scene. as soon as we get a crew in place we will bring you a live report. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. rugeer is reporting a serious boost in gun sales leading up to elections. the gun owners and the new buyers don't want to wait for the outcome of the election. rueger seen increase in the third quarter earning compared to the same period last year. there is also a spike in background checks.
4:49 pm
trump have different views regarding gun control. it could be a factor. michelle: group investigating the disappear, of amelia earhart says there is a similarity between a famous pilot and a body found 75 years ago on a pacific island. the international group for historic aircraft discovery, however, is cautioning that their find doesn't prove the body belongs to the missing pilot. forensic analysis of a photo of earhart shows a match between the size of her bones found back in 1940 on gardner island. earhart's plane vanished over the pacific while she was attempting an around-the-world flight in 1937. well, in the case of another air mystery, the search for mh-3730 continues with a new theory of what happened inside the cockpit. the malaysia airlines plane disappeared over the indian
4:50 pm
the australian transport safety bureau believes the plane was out of control. so that rules out the theory that a pilot was flying the plane during the moments that it dropped off the radar. you will recall 239 lives were lost. jonathan: to say our coach of the week stood the test of time would be an understate in the this case. bob malloy has been coaching high school football in our area for almost half a century. he is still having an i amazing effect on his coach of the week. >> let's gom! robert: bob, synonymous with high school football in the d.m.v. >> find the ball! robert: he coached high school football for 46 years. 15 years as good council's head coach. >> are you doing this until they drag you out of here? >> i get asked that a lot. i'm having fun.
4:51 pm
hard. certainly you can't coach forever. the end of the season is over my wife and family will sit down and talk about it. robert: he says it will be a hard decision. especially when you recorded over 400 wins. >> i have been coaching high school football for 46 years. i guess if you do something long enough you will win a few games. robert: he has also produced great players. >> example. monday i come here to practice and kendall fulleris there. he graduated here five years ago. he went to virginia tech. got drafted by the redskins. now he is playing quite a bit. he came by here to see his strength coach, players. i put him to work right away. robert: when it is said and done one phrase says it all. >> the harder i work, the luckier i get. robert: with your coach of the week, i'm robert burton. steve: talk about a warm-up. the highs approach 80.
4:52 pm
morning hours. showers are likely in the afternoon and the early evening hours as a cold front moves in from the north and west. let's talk about the upcoming weekend. a lot cooler. lower 60's on saturday. good deal of sunshine. sunday morning we are looking at the temperatures in the upper 50's. daytime highs to make it to the middle 60's. also be forewarned early sunday morning daylight saving time domes to an end. so -- time comes to an end. we fall back by one hour. in the smoke detector. don't forget across the bay 10k on sunday. we will see the noontime temperatures upper 50's to around 60. your stormwatch7 extended outlook shows cool temperatures for the weekend. but at least we warm things up come election day. highs around 65. with a nice mix of sun and clouds. let's check on the traffic on this wednesday afternoon. >> this has been a slow one.
4:53 pm
55 minutes. that is the average from the mixing bowl south to lorton. the earlier accident has been cleared away. that is why traffic is heavy. also we see the slowing. now this is northbound which looks great. you can see how heavy that traffic is as you are heading south. prepare for that. some extra time definitely needed. outer loop at the capital beltway, the mixing bowl to the wilson bridge. bumper to bumper. heading inbound, earlier accident on the southwest this delay remains as you head into the city. a rough ride. crossing the american legion bridge, same thing. a lot of volume. michelle? michelle: thank you for that update. there are apps for your smart phone for just about everything these days. but can they keep you safe? from sounding an alarm to notifying your contacts how apps can add a new level of protection for women out at night alone. tonight at 11:00, "7 on your side" reporter scott taylor
4:54 pm
apps that could prevent women from becoming a victim. jonathan: coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- is your car crying wolf? the warning indicators popping up when everything is just fine?
4:55 pm
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house th 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. this is your last chance to get super fast 100meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online.
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john: folks in the d.c. area love high-tech cars with lane
4:57 pm
cameras and much more. one woman claims her high-tech vehicle seems more like hal the computer from "2001." amy loved her honda civic until it started to nag her with warning messages. the 2016 civic honda link info-tainment system flashes with failure warnings. >> brake system problem. the brake system has a problem or brakes fluid may be low. >> it throws a sie anymore. john: some of them are down right scary. >> that i have a charging system problem. john: the siri-like voice tells her to stop driving. >> have your vehicle checked by a dealer immediately. john: amy has been to two dealership on multiple visits and the car spent several weeks in the shop and no one figured out how to stop the error code.
4:58 pm
modulator a couple of times and done series of resetting it. john: honda forms has dozen of complaint on this happening in the 2016sick with the smartphone hook-up. one orn launched a web page about it. honda dealers are telling customers the problem is phone related and to keep driving until there is a software solution. but amy says she is tired of the message that cries wolf. >> what if there is an issue? i will ignore it. it has been doing this for so long. john: we spoke to honda of to reprogram her car and any others free of charge. if you have a car with a high-tech glitch. don't ignore it. stay safe so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. alison: tonight, unsafe for babies again. the question now where is the threat to the local icu coming from this time? metro's chairman suggests a drastic remedy. take control of remedy away from metro. who he says should be in
4:59 pm
poor spellers hijack a get a out the vote message and replace it with one we can't show you. announcer: from the abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. larry: it's a story we are following in montgomery village. 30 students taken to the hospital after a fight on board a school bus. in the fight someone sprayed something that made students sick. stephen tschida is going to be there in moments and we'll check in with him when he arrives. alison: first, a hospital neonatal icu shut down again. the young babies instead whisked away to eat hospital. this is the second time prince george's hospital center shut down the nicu because of a potentially deadly bacterium. sam ford joins us live outside the hospital with a story we first broke on 7. what is the latest today? sam: this is the second time in three months that the neonatal intensive care unit
5:00 pm
hospital because of concerns about potentially deadly bacterium. an ambulance from d.c. children's hospital pulled up this afternoon to take away the premies. in a statement the hospital center said the decision was made after two neonatal patients tested positive for the presence of the bacterium pseudomonas. they had a scare here in august when two babies died and they transferred the others. the bacterium can be deadly to babies. the hospital said it had done a thorough cleaning of the neonatal unit after the august shutdown. they found the bacterium in the water pipes and they treated the pipes then. but now, today's statement at this time there is no environmental indication or defined cause for the latest bacterium presence. therefore, out of an abundance of caution the decision was made to temporarily close the nicu. a spokeswoman told us the


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