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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 3, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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makes the play, it's over! and the cubs have finally won it all! 8-7. >> can you believe it? in our time. lovable losers no more after more than a century of falling short, the chicago cubs have beating the cleveland indians. we're going to join in the major celebration coming up. also -- even though it's party time in chicago for cubbies fan, for their first baseman, the emotional roller coaster was too much to handle. why he was channelling a news anchor from the dugout, a certain fictional news anchor. it is thursday, november 3rd.
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"world news now." >> and what a game. are you excited? are you pumped? >> very! i'm so pumped! go cubs. >> linzie janis here. what an exciting game seven. we want to show you the pictures in wrigleyville right now, although it's in the early morning hours, there are people still out there. there you see police keeping the peace. never before in any of our lifetimes have we been able to see that sign that you're looking at right says simply -- >> world series champions. 1908. >> nobody has ever seen that. >> the curse is reversed. >> yes, it is. and you see the cubs fans. they are all out there still in wrigleyville on the north side of the city. they've been out there, and they were riding a roller coaster ride throughout the game, weren't they in. >> they sure were. it was incredibly stressful, i have to tell you. i have to tell you. i think my family members are out in the crowd right now.
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everyone, wow. >> yeah. so they're experiencing the joy right now of the world series champions for the first time, as we mentioned in well over a lifetime. >> after a nail biter of a game including a rain delay in extra innings, the cubs pulled it out beating the cleveland indians in cleveland, final score 8-7. they battled back the cubs after being down three games to one in the series winning three in a row, and they made the taste of victory all the more helped them to pull it off off, and this was the moment that brought tears to some grown men. it has, of course, been a night to remember for the city of chicago. >> look at this. >> oh, man, as you soak in that moment, let's get out to abc, in chicago, in wrigleyville now with the revelers, and i have to imagine that, brian, that all
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>> caller: oh, yeah, about 108 years of stress, frustration being released in one night, probably a few nights, i'd think, once that game ended, and it was stressful, just as you mentioned. it was basically a sigh of relief. there was some tears, and then, of course, a roar of cheers. that's pretty much what we've seen ever since, people partying, waving w flags. i got sprayed with something. i don't know what that was. the fun continues. you know, people are taking pict marquee. taking pictures in front of the statues, and it's just a big party, and i expect it to roll well into the morning hours. >> oh, i wish i was where you are. sounds like a lot of fun. now, at one point, the cubs might have felt like they had it in the bag, right? up by quite a bit. >> oh, my gosh, 5-1 at one point. i was in murphy's belief herbs, which if you're familiar with the area, it's behind center field, and people were cheering.
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they were dancing. it was an incredible sight, and then all the sudden the hit party started with the indians, and then you sat in the 8th inning, the two-run home run by davis, and all of the sudden things got very, very, very quiet, and you throw in that 10th inning rain delay in there, and people's nerves were shot. i have a feeling people are going straight to the doctor tomorrow morning because their blood pressure was all over the place. it was just an incredibly tense moment, and two runs in the top of the 10th, life sprung back into the sports bar, and they were able to finish things off, and that's when the explosion of joy happened, but just an incredible ride for about, what, four hours there, just very, very intense. >> so, ryan, relive that moment when joe buck announces that the cubs are world series champions. what does -- describe some of the emotions that you saw on
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we're seeing some of it right now -- describe that moment being there in wrigleyville. >> caller: yeah. you know, first of all, the point leading up to that moment, we saw people with hands folded, hands covering their face. you nknow, they had a feeling that there was something lurking in the corner, right? in 2003, five outs to go, cubs close to winning the world series and then things unravelled. people flash back to 1 the bottom fell out that time too. the people here knew it was not over until it was over, and so when it was finally over, just an absolute relief, just a burst of cheering. interestingly enough, the televised broadcast we were watching was on a slight delay. people were listening to the radio outside and far away. we heard them burst out into cheers first, and then we saw the play play out, so it was pretty incredible.
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>> you saw bill murray in the middle of the celebration. ryan, thank you so much for joining us. >> congratulations. >> you saw that sign, it did happen. if we needed further proof, there's the cover of the "chicago tribune," tomorrow's cover or today's cover simply saying "at last." >> at last. >> congratulations. >> more coverage on the cubs and the victory, especially since the celebrations are going right now at this early morning hour in the midwes move on to politics because we're five days away from elec elections, and candidates looking to convince sporters in state after state that every vote counts. >> they are both headed to battleground north carolina today continuing to criss cross the country as they each roll out an army of surrogates. our latest national poll is tighter than ever with trump and clinton tied at 46%. >> pennsylvania, clinton is
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in ohio thanks to his appeal to working class voters across that state. they are neck and neck in florida with a slight edge for clinton of the all of those numbers are within the margin of error. >> clinton spoke to 15,000 cheering supporters in tempe, arizona last night, one of her biggest crowds ever, hoping to win over the traditionally republican state reminding voters that her husband was the only presidential candidate to turn arizona blue in the past 60-plus years and support from hispanic voters disenchanted with trump plus every group he's insulted. >> imagine having a president who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos, african-americans, muslims, p.o.w.s, who pits people against each other instead of pulling us together. >> the race comes to a close, donald trump's entire family is
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his wife, melania, campaigning for the first time today giving a speech in suburban philadelphia. trump lashed out in a rally in florida, but managed to remain on topic for the second straight day. it's your voice, your vote. more now from abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: donald trump taking florida by storm, urging supporters to fight like underdogs. >> pretend we're slightly behind. you got to get out. we don't want to blow this. >> reporter: trump casting this election the heart and soul of america. >> the future lies with the dreamers, not the cynics, not the critics, certainly not the media. we're asking for the vote of every american who believes truth and justice, not money and power, should rule the day. >> reporter: trump beginning the race as a family enterprise, and that's how he's ending it as well. his children campaigning in five key states. ivanka trump with three stops in north carolina.
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campaign's passenger on jobs and trade. >> he wants to infuse common sense back in the equation. >> reporter: with hillary clinton's e e-mails back in the headlines, trump's appeal to democrats? it's not too late to change your mind. >> wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. a lot of stuff has come out since your vote. >> reporter: he's right. people who already voted in wisconsin are allowed to switch their votes. same goes for michigan and pennsylvania. it jus often. on "the view," the campaign manager, conway, touting abc news washington post poll showing trump and clinton neck and neck. >> loving the abc news poll, it's our favorite poll. >> will it be crooked again if it goes, if he slips in the polls? >> what i think you need to do
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donald j. trump. >> reporter: acknowledging trump has to close the gender gap, struggling with women, so they are handing out pink women for trump signs, seeing them as much as any other sign now. voters convinced he's going to win. >> media says he's losing everywhere, but this is encouraging see ing all the people here. >> so you're motivated? >> i am. >> going to wake up november 9th, and the whole country will be red. like it was back when reagan was. >> reporter: amid the excitement, this ominous an african-american church in mississippi torched, and scrawled on the wall outside? vote trump. the campaign put out a statement saying that mr. trump and the campaign denounced it in any form, and on a recent endorsement from the ku klux klan newspaper, they are calling that repulsive saying that newspaper, that publication does not represent the tens of millions of trump supporters who are now backing this campaign. tom llamas, abc news, florida.
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election coverage with full reports throughout the tuesday night evening as the results roll in. >> this election's feeling like game seven. coming up, more from the world series. plus, our other major event last night. >> celebrities turning out for country music's biggest night of the year. who took home top honors, and the pop superstar who stole the show. a full wrap upcoming up. but first, another warm day ahead for many. "world news now" weather brought to you by musinex fast max clear and cool. musmusen. whn cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away.
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it's been another clash between police and the pipeline protesters in north carolina. cops used pepper spray as the demonstrators tried to use a creek to pray and protect sacred sites they say the construction is disturbing. they criticized the company for not reporting tribal artifacts sooner. to iowa police officers had a list ri of run ins with police officers and school officials. he was told to leave a high school football game after displaying the confederate flag. he was taken into custody after killing justin martin and tony be beminio.
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men. bill cosby's attorneys say his eyesight is so bad he can't take part in his own defense, and the sexual assault charges should be thrown out of court. the lawyers claim cosby was a political pawn in election efforts by the district attorney there in pennsylvania. if the charges stand, cosby's set to go on trial in june. and a study has found a link between not getting enough sleep and eating too much. european researchers say people who don't sleep, well, they consume an average of 385 calories the next day. that's about the same as a frosted cup cake or serving of french fries. the lead researcher says poor sleep is a risk factor for obesity. tell us something we don't know. >> yeah, really. when we come back, the big winner and show stoppers at last night's cma awards. >> the big moments are next.
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a your thursday morning skinny starts with country music's biggest night of the year. >> last night's star studded 50th cma awards hosted by brad paisley brought together country music legends with the hottest new names and celebrities of all backgrounds out in the audience
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>> are you here to sell insurance? ? no i'm here for one of my favorite singers ? ? thank you so much is it me ? ? no it's not it's kenny crestny ? . >> oh. that was a cute moment. >> absolutely >> he needs to sing more often. despite some backlash from country music fans, a person who really stole the show last night was beyonce who really, she slayed, as she would say. >> reporter: the texas native performed daddy lessons from lemonade joined on stage by the dixie stage.
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>> it was a six minute performance. it was fantastic. it was great. they brought in some fans of country music who didn't want to watch country music awards because -- but they watched because of beyonce. >> that's good to be good for country music, huh? >> exactly. a nice blends of everything. the night's climax was dolly winning the willie nelson lifetime achievement featuring country's most beloved women singing her hits. >> she tried her best not to cry because she didn't want to mess up her eyelashes. >> just like that. >> i don't blame ya. >> they gave out awards, underwood taking home female vocalist of the year. >> stapleton winning male vocalist of the year, and the top prize, coveted entertainer of the year goes to garth brooks. >> i love your accent.
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i'm trying a country accent. >> that's what it is? >> southern, i don't know. >> it's good. >> all right, as is the case with all award shows also taking center stage last nights, red carpet fashion. >> carrie making an argument for a live action sleeping beauty remake, you might say, channelling a princess aurora in the pink dress. >> miranda stunned in a low cut black and sheer gown. that was by chang -- >> of course. >> oh, that was the >> of course, yes. no, these are -- >> next to the louis -- >> yeah. nicole in old hollywood glamour with her husband keith urban as the main accessory. wow, that was cruel. >> she is old hollywood glamour. he's a great accessory. tim and faith kept it simple in
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? ? what a song. what a city. plenty to celebrate now that the historic victory. >> you can't be happier for a better town, better team, live pictures outside wrigleyville, thousands of fans out in the street of the windy city, never seen their team crowned as champions. the team's 108 year wait, for a title. >> it was not easy. not at all.
3:56 am
with a two-run home run. this is really intense moments. then before the game went into the 10th, extra inning, everyone waeted out a 17 minute rain delay. >> this is how the cubs came back. they drove in two runs, and they were feeling good. cleveland got a run back, though, in their half of the 10th, but it was not enough, and them this was the moment. >> it's over! and the cubs have finally won it all! 8-7 in ten. >> they did. final score, 8-7, so the guy who had the ball in his glove at the end of the game -- >> anthony rizzo. >> yes. so after the game, he said that he couldn't put the feeling of winning a world series into words. rizzo had plenty to say in the dugout during the game.
3:57 am
ron burgundy you'd say in a chat with ross. >> it's only going to get worse. just continue to breathe. that's all you can do, buddy. >> i'm in a glass case of e emotion right now. >> yeah. >> i'm in a glass case of emotion! >> are you okay? >> so ron burgundy moment provided rizzo with just the >> a glass case of emotion. oh, my gosh, so, so stressful. i have a photograph of my family all in chicago watching the game at a bar in a chicago suburb, and extremely stressful. i was texting with them, and they were all excited and thought, you know, chicago was winning, and then, you know, the indians had a comeback. there they are. these are my brothers and my husband's brothers. isn't that cool? >> and the babies. >> this is my niece and nephew
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making news in america this thursday morning, the curse reversed. the chicago cubs are world series champions after winning an epic game seven in an extra inning thriller. the celebration still going on and lebron james trying to fire up the crowd. the fin the candidates hitting key battleground states. our experts on which states donald trump needs to win. and the new polls showing a neck and neck race with just five days to go until the election. trapped on a mountain in a blizzard, a group of firefighters stuck on one of america's highest peaks. the video of their ordeal. and vape mishap. an e-cigarette explodes in a man's pocket. the dramatic moment caught on


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