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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 10, 2016 2:37am-3:01am EST

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polls predicted would be made in this presidential race. from the primaries up until election day -- >> if he wins every single one of our tossup states, he's still short of the 270 that he needs. >> reporter: most called the donald trump presidency nearly impossible, though the billionaire businessman received fewer overall votes than john mccain and mitt romney in their losses to president obama, he cleared the threshold by claiming must-win battleground states like florida turning traditionally democratic states and making crucial wins in the industrial mid midwest. biggest group of supporters were white voters without a college degree, the democratic turnout turning out short fuelling trump's victory. >> there was 3 to 4 million democrats who did not vote yesterday in the course of the election. this election will have the lowest turnout percentage-wise
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got to so wrong. while there's no clear answer, some point to the possibility of an unexpected change of heart by clinton supporters of the fbi looking into her e-mails, and others say there was trump supporters too embarrassed to admit to pollsters which candidate they were supporting. let's take time for light hearted election fallout. they come thanks to travel-related companies. >> they asked if we all need a vacation from politics. the tweet says we can detox from the election by, you guessed it, booking a trip. >> preach. and spirit airlines is offering its go north sale. you can get 75% off flights to destinations in upstate new york, which spirit notes is just a short drive to canada. >> trying to make light of things, of people's anger this morning and trying to capitalize a little bit on the new
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all right, coming up, donald trump's family, new details we're learning about the children of the president elect and potential new rolls once their dad takes the oath of office. and how can the nation heal after this nasty campaign season? we'll look back on some of the race's nastier moments, but, first, a look at today's temperatures, not so nasty. "world new
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mr. clean! the sound of about 10,000 anti-trump protesters who flood the the streets of midtown, manhattan long into the night. police said at least 50 people arrested. >> similar scenes in chicago where they marched closing down
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anti-trump protests held in several cities last night coast to coast. >> fearworks set off as police used tear gas in attempt to control thousands of protesters. as we've seen with the protests, the next question seems to be, how will they eventually channel their anger after donald trump is sworn into office in. >> abc's juju chang puts her finger on the pulse of the opposition. >> reporter: across the country tonight, stunned hillary c supporters mourning and raising their voices after winning the popular vote, being shut out by the electoral college. >> we are literally hiking up the canyons of manhattan following the protest. it's a smattering of black lives matter, law center, a number of colleges. >> reporter: hillary clinton took to the stage to concede this morning, apologizing to her supporters early on.
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this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country. >> reporter: the sustain at clinton's election night headquarters, one of devastation. supporters slowly trickling out as it became more and more clear she would not have the 270 electoral votes needed. the only person to take the elaborate stage, the campaign chair, john podesta. >> everybody should head home, get some sleep. >> reporter: a star studded chris evans tweeted this an an embarrassing nights for america. we let a hate monger lead our great nation, a bully setting the course. i'm devastated, and miley cyrus releasing a raw and emotional reaction. >> i still think in our lifetime she zephyrs to be the first female president, and that's what makes me so sad. >> god bless the united states
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land is beyond her pioneering grasp. where does she go from here? >> she's been in the public spotlight for 30 years. first thing i would be telling her is hang out with your family, go on vacation with bill, stay out of the public spotlight, and as you begin to figure out, okay, how do i want to serve. serve is a part of her heart. >> reporter: for nightline, juju chang for new york. >> thank you. breaking news from seattle now where people are in outside of convenience store. police say a gunman opened fire into a crowd hitting at least five victims. they believe this was the result of app argument and not related to the anti-trump protests going on nearby in that city. that gunman is still on the lose, and police are searching for who was responsible. we'll continue to keep you updated on the story. a closely watched senate race in new hampshire was decided by a little over a thousand votes.
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the race to governor hassan. the race cost $120 million and considered a staggering sum in a small state. she gained national attention after she said donald trump was a role model and backtracked saying she made a mistake. it is now legal to use recreational marijuana in three more states. voters in nevada, massachusetts, and california approved ballot measures for the drug. that brings the total number of states up to seven with official results still pending in the meantime, voters in arkansas, florida, and north dakota approved the use of medical marijuana. the search continues for a northern california mom who disappeared while jogging. she was last seen more than a week ago. her husband believes she was abducted because her cell phone and headphones were found nearby. the sheriff says the husband had passed a lie detector test and continues to cooperate with the authorities. brad pitt cleared of wrong doing after an investigation by child
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pitt was accused by his estranged wife of being abusive towards their son on a private flight, she filed for divorce after that flight doing it for the good of her family. closing the book on a particularly nasty campaign season. some of the lows and super lows. you're watching "world news now."
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? ? something like that, wasn't it? >> you nailed it. perfect. >> nasty is definitely been the word for this presidential >> we could use the laughs because the nastiness left many now asking how does america move forward after moment like these. >> such a nasty woman. >> put half of trump supporters in a basket of deplorables. >> she doesn't have the look. she doesn't have the stamina. >> he tried to switch from looks to stamina, but this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs, and dogs. >> she's a world class liar.
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server or her phoney landing. >> it's not okay to insult people. it's not okay, and look at what he does. he calls women ugly. disgusting, nasty all the time. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she shows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. >> imagine, with me, what it would be like to have donald trump sitting in the oval office come next january. >> the pest. we are the bright future. >> it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> that is -- >> wrong. >> proved over and over again. >> wrong.
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>> i have a feeling i'll be blamed for everything that ever happened. >> why not? >> yeah, why not. >> but it's over now. >> yeah. but to relive it, oh. >> no, we don't ever have to watch that again. >> no, no we don't. >> plans are now in the works to up vail donald trump's new and improved star on the hollywood walk of fame as soon as possible, yet another thing trying to be repaired from the election. >> exactly. he received after the work on "the appr apprentice," and it was vandalized by a protester with a sledge hammer. the star has been mostly fixed, but it needs to dry before it can be polishes red. that process takes about two weeks. he did some investigation. janet did not do the walk in the nasty girl's video. >> well, whatever it is. >> maybe it's a what have you done for me lately?
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all right. can't beat them, join them. >> you got to do the --
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. ? ? everything and everyone. the sun now? >> now the sun. >> topping the best seller -- >> it works. >> 1600 pennsylvania avenue will be home to a brand new first family. >> we're learning some new information behind the children of the america's president elect. here's abc's laura spencer. >> reporter: they are the real estate dynasty, now political power houses. the trump kids making their way to the white house. leading the charge is the first
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weapon on the campaign trail. >> my father, donald j. trump. >> reporter: introducing her father and advising him behind closed doors. >> we're proud of our father, what he's accomplished. it is amazing. i've been joking for a while that when we started even just this project, we said trump was coming to pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: she's a business tycoon in her own right with a multimillion dollar lifestyle brand, but in the days l distanced h d herself from the campaign saving her brand from boyc boycotters. >> i love this country. thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: with a big white house window, the trump oldest children now ready to charge into the family business. while dad takes charge in the country, and donald jr. might be eyeing a political future of his own. >> it's a tough process, a brutal process, but there's that element that's just amazing to be able to touch someone in that
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>> reporter: the two youngest, tiffany is applying for law school. >> if you do what you love, hold nothing back, and never let fear of failure get in the way, you pretty much figured out the trump formula. >> reporter: the baby of the family at 10 years old is the first white house son since jfk, jr. >> he asked me about the polls all the time. >> reporter: now she can say the polls are over, and they are moving to 1600 avenue. >> he's taking it in stride. >> he's hopefully going to be awake during his four years because yesterday -- >> it was late. >> it was late. >> it was the middle of the night. >> poor kid. i felt for him trying to stay awake. >> that's the news for this half
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breaking news this morning on "world news now", anger in america over the election results. >> overnight protesters from coast to coast have been marching against president elect trump citing fear of what's to come, but now that the race is over, trump is calling for unity. just ahead, see how that message resinated with protesters here in new york as we hit th >> what's the next step now that candidate trump is president elect trump, it's time to get to business, and while his transition team is working around the clock, and awkward meeting awaits today with the current white house resident. the making of the man who is set to become america's 45th president. look at donald trump's unconventional road to the white house. it's thursday, november 10th. from abc news, this is


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