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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 15, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," transitioning from one president to the next. >> on the eve of the last foreign trip, president obama tells americans to give donald trump a chance. this as we learn more about the controversy surrounding one of the men set to run the white house. across eight states, firefighters met with an enormous challenge to try to contain dozens of wildfires as a haze settles over many towns and cities across the south. the smoke is making it difficult to breathe. more details ahead. and check out this giant sink hole opening up in a family's backyard. the home just built now at risk of folalling into the hole. hear why it opened up. ready, set, freeze, the
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all. unlike these people, don't hold your breath. it's tuesday, november 15th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and, good morning, everybody. >> so donald trump -- >> the mannequin challenge. people are still doing. >> it's so passe. i can't people people are, oh, this is the challenge to beat all challenges. t that's cool. we'll have to show you. >> we'll tune in and show it to you. we begin the half hour with president obama calling for unity and voicing optimism as the country prepares to usher in his successor. >> before embarking on the final trip, he sought to reassure a divided country and anxious world saying he hopes trump makes things better. >> reporter: anti-trump protests continue for a sixth day with high school students leaving
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david wright has more on the trump transition. >> reporter: in an election year where so many got it so wrong, how are we to read the tea leaves on the trump administration now just beginning to take shape? for now, president obama is reserving judgment. >> he successfully mobilized a big chunk of the country to vote for him, and he's going to win. he's won. he's going to be the next president. when your team it's challenging. i think it's a healthy thing for the democratic party to go through some reflection. >> reporter: but it's a work in progress. so it seems is trump's agenda. in the first big interview since the election on "60 minutes," he sought to put betractors at ease. >> i said it, don't be afraid. >> reporter: sending signals
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he chose a 44-year-old republican insider, outgoing gop chairman, preibus, close ties to paul ryan, but for the chief stra strategist, a 62-year-old flame thrower, steve bannon, often described as a white nationalist, a former investment banker who made tens of millions of dollars from royalties "seinfeld." >> no soup for you. >> reporter: he went on to direct conservative documentaries like "occupy unmasked." >> in the name of social justice, in the name of economic equality, all the buzz words, these people feel morally justified to commit crimes. >> reporter: and the driving force behind breitbart media, and talking about planned parenthood's work compared to
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islam, and calling one a renegade jew and supporting the use of the confederate flag. they see him as hate speech with steve bannon as a major instigator for the extreme. installing them on the same day is a mixed message for trump. his moderate supporters will not see eye to eye while the more extreme supporters see pr drain. >> there's an inside and outside track. it is going to be a two-minded administration for the two sides of donald trump. >> we'll try to share lessons that we've learn over the last eight years, and my hope is he makes things better. and if he does, we'll all benefit from it. >> reporter: that now lame duck president left the room.
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>> hillary clinton is also urging her party not to be discouraged or divided holding a conference call with house democrats to thank them for the support, and she told them the people they fought for in the election need champions now more than ever. as the final ballots are counted, clinton's lead in the popular vote is growing. she now officially won new hampshire and michigan is the only state not yet decided. word president obama may meet with russian president pewty when they head to peru this week. he insists they made every effort to reach a resolution to the conflict in syria including negotiating with the russians and finding a way to stop the killing weighs heavy on his mine. >> i recognize that's not worked. it is something i continue to think about every day, and we continue to try to find some
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suffering end. >> showing the latest destruction in the syria city of aleppo, seeing buildings and roads blown to pieces block after block, really, utter devastation there. >> members of the u.s. military and cia could face war crimes charges more than a decade after some alleged incidents. a new report from the international criminal court say military members appeared to have subjected 61 afghanistan to torture or cruel treatment from 2003-2004 while cia operatives are accused of torturing 27 detainees in afghanistan and other areas. prosecutors at the international court based in the netherlands say they decide imminently whether to push a full scale investigation that could lead to charges. the u.s. navy joined in the effort to rescue those trapped in new zealand. in addition to navy patrol
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standing by. hundreds of tourists and residents are ferried out by mel tear helicopter after being stranded, and the cows that gained international attention for their predictment, they have been rescued by a farmer. >> following the developments closely. dozens of wildfires raging in the south, most fueled by arson, drought, and dry conditions. 80,000 acres destroyed, and firefighters from as far away as alaska are fighting the flames. the smoke is unhealthy and makes it difficult to fight fires from the air. >> we have to wear masks and send people out there to take a look at it, and that can sometimes decisions take days if you don't have aircraft. >> that was in tennessee, but take a look at this satellite picture from above georgia. wildfires here, a haze hangs across a wide area. wildfires in north georgia are
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atlanta area, and the air quality is listed as unhealthy for all groups. it's not expected to clear up until at least thursday. >> powerful images there. medical examiner released autopsy results for keith scott, a man shot by police officers in char lcharlotte, north carolina. he was shot once in the back, once in the stomach, and once in the arm. toxicology tests found several drugs in the system like an antianxiety medication and more. scott's death spark the nights of police main taped he had a gun. the family disputed that. the incident remains under investigation. michigan police officer who displayed a confederate flag at a political rally resigned. officer michael peters was offduty when he drove the truck with the flag to the love trumps hate event. the officer still faces a criminal investigation. now for our attempt at trying to make sure we all realize our politics are not as
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happened again, breaking out lawmakers in ukraine. >> action from yesterday's session in parliament. one accusing his colleague of corroborating with russia. >> oh! >> decides, that's it, i had enough! that's the result. >> he just does it with such grace. >> like, i really don't want to do this. please don't make me hit you in the face. >> i have >> order restored, but moments later, they went at it again. both lawmakers got a tongue lashing for the actions. one wound up leaving the chambers. as you can see, cooler heads prevailed for now. apparently, they sent that guy a message saying, nice job. >> so this apparently happens on a pretty regular basis there. i wonder if, you know, maybe it's productive. get it over with and, like, okay.
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ahead and make policy. >> the bill was passed. it was all about the prices of lunch meals, but still. all right. coming up, keeping kids safe on line. >> if you think parental controls are working, think again. what you need to know about how pre-teens bypassed that rated pg fire wall. why new guidelines for who should be taking sta tens including everyone over 40 years pictures on instagram. there's something you posted there this morning. >> a little behind the scenes. >> clip of something? all right.
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producer brian's favorite moment. you're running out of time folks. the peek was yesterday morning, just before 9:00 a.m. eastern time, but it will still be super until about that time morning. we have more videos like this. >> i have to check it out. i keep forgetting. >> yeah. but you're stuck in a closed w windowless room in a state of depression. >> it's not so bad. >> photos and videos are on the internet to see. >> sure there's continuing coverage tomorrow. >> protesters against the north dakota oil pipeline won a
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to meet with the leaders of the native american tribe who consider the land sacred. the chairman of the standing rock sioux is encouraged by the decision. a family forced from their ohm after a giant sink hole swallowed their backyard. everyone made it out safely, they fear they could lose the home they built just 13 years ago. the hole measures 40 feet wide and 30 feet deep. it was apparently caused when an oldin important health headline as new guidelines are issued on which millions of people take to lower cholecholesterol. many are urged to doctors if they should take them in the first place. here's more. >> reporter: guidelines on stroke and heart attack. the panel of preventive master's degree sen recommends all
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s statins if you're elevated for heart attack, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or history of smoking. >> the drugs are safe for people of this age groups, so if you have risk factors, it's worth talking to the doctor to see if the drugs are right for you. >> the disease is responsible for one in three adult deaths in the u.s., but statins believed to reduce the risk, and guidance from the task force is people with a from taking a daily statin doctors stress without symptoms or history of disease could be at risk. abc news, new york. coming up in the next half hour, convicted killer set to be freed from prison. he was subject of a netflix documentary ordered release from prison by a federal judge. what we learned this morning about the new developments in the case. first, how safe do you think your kids are online?
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controls. all the latest. you've watching "world news now. "
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>> what kids understand about technology could fill an encyclopedia. >> that's right. if you think the controls keep kids safe, think again. here's abc's t.j. holmes. >> we're about to give these 9-13 9-13-year-olds a challenge. who is better at technology in your house, kids or the parents? >> kids. >> oh, come on.
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>> reporter: these self-proclaimed experts laugh at strategies their parents put in place to block them from some online content. you all have ways of figuring out your parents' passwords? >> definitely. >> whenever i figure out my parents' passwords, i put my thumbprint on it. >> on my mac, i have parental controls, and sometimes turn them off. >> reporter: how? >> it's a password. >> reporter: to you guys, parental controls -- >> are not parental controls. >> reporter: are not controls. what the kids don't know, we teamed up with an m.i.t. professor to design an experience. ten kids against two of the biggest programs out there. one claiming to be the internet's best free parental control app and net nanny that costs $40. the kids get half hour to go to the website we blocked.
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helping us with the spearmint. >> it's blocked. >> reporter: first up, one girl, lindsey finds a proxy site allowing you to bypass filters like parental controls. >> there you go. >> word spread like wildfire among the kids and they get through the software to get to the blocked site. >> thank you. >> reporter: this does not surprise experts. >> we assume that if there's some parental control on one computer, if another kid down the street figures it outyo >> and then their friends. >> reporter: the second program, net nanny, stumps the kids. >> how to bypass? >> any doubt they would have figured it out in. >> they would have. some were on the right page, literally, the right web page. >> reporter: what about the ability of the programs to block inappropriate content? both programs allowed us to go to the site of a violent game popular with teens. cyber security expert confirms our results. >> the way the software products
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things they know to block based on the settings you gave them, but they are always going to be in catch up mode. >> reporter: they said made changes based on the experiment and blocks the proxy site and the violent game, and even access, advanced technology will still block attempts to access inappropriate content, and net nanny said unique technology does not block website based on the url, but analyzes determine if it meets safety criteria set by the parent. as for the kids, parents were not surprised. >> most of the kids today have a lot of flexibility in this technology, and they know whenever they hit a barrier to go around it. >> amazing how they were able to get around that. making it more complicated, programs block sites they need for homework, for example, like they tried to research civil war
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time now for the mix, and nebraska got a surprise a few days ago when they got in the car to realize the man behind the wheel was actually their senator. senator benjamin apparently has been driving an uber all around lincoln, nebraska part of a work tour that common man's experience. the senator says he does a events like changing tires on semitrucks, feeds cattle at 5:00 a.m., a way to interact with the people he's governing and get a perspective on things. >> i hope he got them to the location on time. >> reporter: he's not making extra cash from it, just doing it to chat with people. >> that's cool. neat, indeed. >> not as simple as the aol guy,
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all right. other news, want to be the laziest travel on the planet? an australian company has the suitcase for you. check it out. so it's a suitcase that uses your cell phone, follows you, follows your cell phone, and so you don't have to carry the luggage anywhere aroundment it works in a similar way of an auto pilot system in vehicle like tesla cars. >> heel, over. >> what about the escalator -- >> oh, there you go. >> oh. people mover pretty good. not bad. >> what about stairs? >> yeah. >> cool. and see the mannequin challenge gaining popularity. >> seep them all. >> re >> like it's dead now, but we found one to end all mannequin challenges. >> it would be tough.
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australia. >> wow. >> check it out. 11,658 people stood still for more than a minute. >> holy cow. >> some are not even breathing. >> look at the kid with the half court shot. >> what -- that kid gave up. he decided not to do anything. even the reporter. look at this. watch the light as the camera wow. >> not bad. >> very cool. i got to say, you all win. they did a great job. >> what are they doing. >> 11,000 people. can it be over now? >> no more challenge. >> okay. >> we complete the block right now be the scene as well in australia here. this koala -- >> oh. >> walks into an accounting office and, well, it really stopped everything in the
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. this morning on "world news now," keeping it positive. president obama opening the first news conference since the election and what he told our martha raddit zirks. we'll take you inside the courtroom as the verdict was read. >> new this half hour, new developments in the case of dassi made famous in "making a murderer." >> confessing to helping his uncle rape and murder a photographer a decade ago. now why a judge released him from prison. the clock ticks to the season finale. which couple got the boot from the dance floor in last night's semifinals.


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