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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  November 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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students in montgomery county stage a walk out in protest of donald trump, students in the district are following suit with their own demonstration. our question is what you think of students protesting president-elect donald trump let us know? . john gonzalez is live at woodrow wilson high school in northwest with more. john? all right, we will get to john in just a little bit. meantime, shocking video this noon from another chaotic s this takes an ugly turn. take a look. >> you don't want to compromise. >> you idiot! >> hey, homeboy. jummy: and anti-trump protester was shocked by a student write down the steps inside the student union building. moments later, punches start
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charged with assault. the victim says the attack demonstrates we need to build more solidarity to resist the violence that some say trump's rhetoric has an bold and. speaking of donald trump the transition of power, the president-elect is still in the process of building his cabinet. suzanne kennedy has details on who trump may soon select next. suzanne: the two most important positions at the white house have been named. all eyes are on the cabinet, and first of state. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani emerging as the front runner. he was once thought as a contender for attorney general, but that no longer appears to be the case. giuliani makes an interesting choice -- she has no domestic foreign policy expanse, only mayor as -- extent as mayor and a prosecutor. also a contender, john bolton -- mainstream conservatives appear to be backing john bolton over
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a good secretary of state. when asked if there was anyone better, he said maybe me -- i don't know. this appears to be the first cabinet position that will be named. it is expected to come later this week. jummy: now we get back to the top story -- d.c. students staging their own protest. let's get to john gonzalez live in the district with more on that. john: jummy, good afternoon. students at wilson high school have filed out of the school. they are headed up the road, up 40th street to get on the metro here in northwest d.c., and that is where they will meet other schools over at metro center, and that is when this march will really officially begin. the d.c. school system not completely in favor of this situation. they have been working closely with d.c. police.
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the school. the truancy unit keeping a close eye on this large group, and those students have already stated they were going to do this early this morning. this was planned for several days, and the school system here saying it will issue unexcused absences to any student that leaves school grounds. several hundred have already done so. this is the largest public school in the city, and one of the most diverse. marching to shop international hotel with students from other schools around the city while the police truancy unit keeps a close eye on the large group. grexit is going to be very peaceful. like, it is not something violent. it is just to show that donald trump cannot, like, break us. >> in a time that is hard for
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because we are diverse. >> we should appreciate our kids and recognize them for their awareness of the political system and what is going on in this country. john: now, the students here at wilson high school will receive unexcused absence if they can provide a note from a parent or -- and excused absence if they can provide a note from it. regarding, and we have been talking to parents who say they are encouraging students and we talked to two teachers who said they support the students, only if it stays peaceful. jummy: one of donald trump's first decisions is already coming under fire. this after he elevated his campaign ceo stephen bannon to chief strategist and white house counsel. he led the conservative site breitbart for nearly five years before joining the trump
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sexist views of the alt-right. vice president-elect mike pence has called him a force for good and generous, wise person to work with. right now, president obama is in greece on the first opposite -- of his dish first stop of his final foreign trip. he spoke to the president of greece earlier this morning and explained of our security. president obama: the strong nato relationship between the united states and greece is of the upmost importance, and i want to reaffirm, not only our appreciation for the great people in that alliance, but also underscore how important we consider the transatlantic alliance. it continues to be a cornerstone
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leaving for greece, the president said he spoke to donald trump and he said he expressed great interest in maintaining core, strategic relationships. we'll continue to follow donald trump and his transition into the white house. for complete coverage of the president-elect's plan for his first 100 days, log on to our website, we are following breaking news out of utah -- a high school right now we know the suspect, a 16-year-old boy, is in custody. it happened inside the boys locker room at mountain view high school. police have not released the severity of the victim's injuries, but classes have resumed as normal. also developing right now, the search for answers in a deadly shooting in northeast d.c. overnight. police believe the incident is domestic in nature, involving a father and a son.
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afternoon. it has been a horrific night, and an horrific morning. neighbors tell me the person who lives inside the house is a retired bc police officer and just before 10:00 last night about a heard multiple gunshots from inside. ec police say -- d.c. police say this is a domestic issue between a father and son, but did not confirm the victim or the shooter was, but say the victim may have had a mental heal all night and into the morning. they recovered a weapon inside the house. the shooter was taken into custody for questioning. this morning, neighbors and family friends explain they never saw this coming. >> the father, he pretty much was, like, one of our leaders in the neighborhood. he made sure we all stayed safe, made sure everything was ok. protected the neighborhood. sam: most of the other neighbors in this close-knit community eco
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and the details that led to the shooting. as soon as we have it, we will let you know. sam sweeney, northwest -- northeast d.c.. back to you in the studio. the project --jummy: a project three years in the making is finally complete. the capitol dome restoration project was completed today. this morning, the architect of the capitol gave tours of the newly renovated building. repairing more than 1000 >>, and removing -- cracks and removing light-based paint. a soggy start to the day -- looking at the white house. the sun is out, different in your day started. let's get to doug hill. doug: a soggy start, but the concert to clear out around 9:00, 10:00 a.m. over most areas. beautiful right now. bethesda. 60 degrees.
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maybe into the weekend, a couple of showers. his is what we have this afternoon -- temperatures already in the lower 60's. clearing skies. a pleasant afternoon. our by hour, lower-60's, and after sunset, we start dropping the other way. 46 degrees by 8:00 tonight. you will see a drop off. as far as the forecast overnight those, it will be chilly --clear to partly cloudy, when will be like, as like as you plan for tomorrow morning's outdoor activities. cloud cover continuing to rapidly dispersed through the day. northwesterly wind, not very strong, but enough to bring drier air into the picture. we will stay clear tonight. through the day tomorrow, it looks like it will be delightful as well within is clear start to your wednesday. we will check the weekend, new numbers, and it was cold front we have to deal with. we will tell you what that is to
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coming up here on abc 7 news at noon -- the race against time. fires raging out of control in the southeast. right now we have the very latest on the fight against those fires across eight states. plus, hateful language -- the first lady targeted on social media. who is behind it, and the follow this afternoon. jamie? jamie: we are seeing traffic is pretty late and good. maryland, 270 problems. continuing further north toward frederick, hopping on 70, getting into hagerstown -- no accidents, no slowdowns. inbound on the baltimore-washington parkway, rolling world work slows you down -- roadwork slows you down. the big picture look, north toward greenbelt, continuing to montgomery county, we are in great shape, and is the focus in closer to d.c., a few different
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the 11th street bridge closer to the bw parkway. 14 minutes. that is the average. roadwork happening 66 westbound right at the roosevelt bridge. inspection and maintenance they
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. jummy: well, help is on the way in new zealand followed a deadly earthquake that rocked the country early monday morning. the first u.s. warship to visit the country in more than 30 years has shifted its course to help with evacuations.
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celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the royal new zealand maybe. instead, the ship will join the fleet of international warships to assist with earthquake response. right now, thousands remain stranded, as flooding is a major issue there. back here at home in the u.s., spokane fire continually to tear apart cross -- tear apart parts of the southeast. >> down mountains, all across the southeast. thousands of firefighters from as far away as alaska battling 32 wildfires across eight states. authorities say many are deliberately set. >> we ask for cooperation from anyone who has information on anyone who may have started these fires. we do believe they are -- many are man-made. >> in north carolina, thousands were forced out of their homes.
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conditions, fueling the fires, some burning for more than a month, and no rain in the forecast anytime soon. for now, you can see the fire is moving slowly down the mountain, jumping over the roads, as it continues to move down. >> we can have these challenges through march. >> widespread smoke prompting air-quality warnings. some residents are wearing masks. >> it just i had to get out of here. >> another problem we are facing -- there are still leaves on the trees. when they fall, it could reignite the claims. jummy: employees at google and facebook are cracking down following criticism over how fake news ends up on their sites and it might influence the outcome of the presidential election. google has responding, saying it will ban sites that peddle fake
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advertising service. a facebook spokesman said says they will ban sites that have thickness. going to breast-feed, they are setting up -- buzz feed, they are setting up an official task force. the west virginia officials made what people are calling racist remarks about the first lady is out of a job. several news reports a pamela taylor has been filed as the clay county the moment corporation director. here is her post "it will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful dignified first lady back in the white house. i'm tired of seeing a ape in heels. the mayor just tweeted "just made my day pam." there are calls for the mayor to
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doug: we are in the sunshine already. it is all good. here is a time lapse from centerville -- bull run elementary. this is what jummy described early this morning -- clouds and light showers. we get to the money, things clear up. a beautiful afternoon. temperatures in the lower hudson 60's. a list -- lower-sixes. temperatures above average. you are headed out this afternoon, dress appropriate for earl couple of degrees above average, in the lower sixes. 55 in winchester. 58 degrees in quantico. 61 right now in college park. futurecast, to the afternoon and evening, continues to show the influence of high pressure from the north and west, helping to keep skies mostly clear. we will be that way through the evening hours. the rain we had made for a very
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through providence and the major northeastern cities. we will be in quite ship the next couple of days -- a cold front will move in. in the meantime, the weather looks good. today, 60. 64 tomorrow. thursday, 68 degrees, plenty of sunshine. average high, upper-50's. the weekend looks terrific. 68 for the high saturday. sunday, isolated spreckels, showers, gusty wind, and has only 46. the mountains. the temperatures warm up through saturday. then a big drop. it will feel like fall, maybe
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new homeowners are facing across the country -- defects from leaky roofs, cracking foundations in homes just built. the 7 on your side i-team has been working conjunction with the abc news investigative unit, and chief investigative correspondent brian ross joins us with the details of an investigation that airs tomorrow night on nightline. brian, thanks for joining us. we understand much of the problem has to do with homeowners are trying to raise all problems with homebuilders. what is the main issue here? brian: the main issue is home builders do not want to fix the problem. they nailed in the fact they are -- there are going to be defects. the biggest sets aside forging million dollars a year to do with construction defects, which they call the ordinary cost of business. you do not hear about that when
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refrigerators, plants, the color schemes, and not the defects that are almost certain to happen every new home. buyers are left up the creek. jummy: i can imagine. we know your unit developed to our area, northern virginia, a development in haymarket. what did you find in that development? brian: holmes looked great on the outside, but inside they were after neighbor told me about the issues. one person has 800 each marked with a piece of tape. your investigative team found a house with a hole in the foundation, and when they were there, a snake came out. it's not what you expect in a brand-new house. the home business association says that is the problem -- americans should not expect a perfect home. these are homes, also, by the way, that a forger thousand
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-- four hundred thousand dollars, $500,000. jummy: that was my next question -- did you find these in town homes as well? brian: town homes, condos -- all these new constructions. they use mostly subcontractors, especially the day, national homebuilders. -- especially the big, national homebuilders. they do not have their own teams. that is where the tissue comes. they build it, then they cannot fix it. we see problems across the country again and again, with homebuilders often slow or ignoring the problems --slow to fix it, or ignoring it. jummy: brian ross, we look for to this one. that story airs on nightline on wednesday. abc news at 11:00 a.m., the i-team shows you what we found in our area -- just like in haymarket, we visit home owners in maryland and virginia that
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jummy: a pretty decent day now that the rain is gone. doug: it will warm up. low-60's the next couple of days, upper-60's at the end of the way, and that it will change over the weekend. jummy: hold on until the end of the week. enjoy the nice weather.
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>> welcome to whiz kids week. we've got a bunch of straight "a" students here to play with us today. they're used to busting the curve. now we'll find out if they can break the bank. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ? ? hey, everybody, welcome to whiz kids week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." we're in the great game. our returning whiz kid was the arkansas state geographic bee champion, and is a two-time quiz bowl mvp. from springdale, arkansas, please welcome back sojas wagle. [cheers and applause] sojas, welcome back. >> thank you. ? ? >> oh, we're in the middle of a great game. you have stunned us with your skills, your intellect. you've gotten to $30,000. you're playing a great game. [cheers and applause] so you're a geographic


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