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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 16, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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>> this morning on "world news now" civics and ethics for the future first family. >> criticism over his children, the trump brand, and the white house. the growing concern over the president-elect's relationship with the press. >> t halted air traffic, and travel everies facing delays and cancellation told to huddle in place, and others escorted by the police in swat gear. new details. >> what megyn kelly is saying about the feud with then candidate donald trump and what she thinks about the choices of the white house team opinion. grub on the go, the biggest exports, talking about fast food, of course, on this national fast food day.
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very least, diane. we hope you're hungry on this wednesday, november 16th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> so over there off to the left of the set, we have the fast food just, like, hanging out. >> oh, yeah, a little bit distracted. i'm distracted this morning, we know why. >> she keeps -- [ inaudible ] >> i'm not distracted -- >> not going to eat it anyway. >> i hope there's just vodka >> out of luck. >> no, i don't think so. make that happen. >> in the world news now mug. >> absolutely. >> we start this morning with a shakeup in donald trump's transition team feeling the strain of setting up a new administration. >> an official handling national security stepped down amidst word of an internal power struggle, and trump broke protocol last night ditching the press again leaving trump tower
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at a restaurant. >> this comes as the role trump's children may play, and angry high school march in protest of donald trump's election. here's more. >> reporter: in trump tower, the first cracks in the trump transition now starting to show. one of the first president-elect's top advisers on national security abruptly resigning from the transition team. former congressman, mike rogers, reportedly pushed out. vice president elect mike pence enters trump tower, just recently put in charge of the men in transition operation. a low lever staffer out after requesting national security clearance for trump's children. ivanka, don jr., and eric all on the transition team. the senior adviser conway forced to respond. >> i'm not intimately away to that familiar line of questioning, matt, but i know what i read. inquiries are informal, and
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request from the president-elect or his children, but it comes with irgs vanka trump facing scrutiny over this image, her own company using the new first family's interview on "60 minutes" to promote the jewelry line, sending an alert to fashion reporters, saying, quote, she was wearing her favorite bengal from the collection on "60 minutes," and the bracelet retails at mill highlighting blurred lines from the white house and the white house the children are helping ass assemble. >> people they you're part of the administration, ivanka. >> i'm going to be a daughter, but i said throughout the campaign i'm passionate on certain issues. >> the company blaming the incident on a well-intentioned employee, adding they are discussing new policies. the trump children not the only ones on the transition team facing questions.
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choice for chief strategist, steve bannon, who published headlines like this, hoist it high and proud: the confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage. >> people didn't vote for donald trump so that he could bring a white sue prep cyst into the white house. >> reporter: refusing to criticize. >> this is a person who helped him win an incredible victory. the president is judged on the results of the >> reporter: he's tweeting about the election he won, firing off a message, if the election were based on total popular vote, i would have campaigned in new york, florida, and california and won even bigger and more easily. as it stands, hillary clinton is now winning the popular vote by more than 770,000 votes. as someone who may no longer be on any short list of a cabinet position, dr. ben carson, one of
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he said his life has not prepared him to be a cabinet secretary, and carson said if he wanted to be a federal bure bureaucrat, he would be a fish out of water. abc news, new york. >> and trump is also responded to roberts of in-fighting and speculation over possible appointees looking to make it clear that he's in charge and everything's under control. overnight, trump tweeted a very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i am the only oneho the finalists are. >> president obama acknowledged that trump's victory took him by surprise. a day after asking americans to give trump a chance, he tried to explain the unexpected rise at a news conference in greece. he said it seeded from deep seeded anxieties in the working class, and he tapped into a troubling string of rhetoric. >> i still don't feel responsible for what the president-elect says or does,
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states to make sure that i facilitate a good transition, and i resent to him as well as the american people, my best thinking, my best ideas is about how you move a country forward. >> violence broke out in at ps as thousands rallies against president obama's visit. riot police used gas and gun grenades to disperse the crowds. the president's visit comes days before greek leftists annual anti-american demonstration. george w. bush defends nafta that trump vowed to renegotiate or get rid of all together. in his first public comments since the election, bush didn't mention trump by name, but referred to the anger that led to his victory. >> look, i understand anger. some people might have been angry when i was president, but anger shouldn't drive policy. >> president bush restrained
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>> we're learning more about the deadly shooting in oklahoma city's main airport. police say the killer ambushed michael winchester, a southwest airline employee and father of the kansas city chiefs' football player, james winchester, however, they don't know the motive. the killing set off a panic at the facility. here's more now from lauren lyster. >> reporter: oklahoma city airport, a sus penaltied gunman confirmed dead after a man hunt >> they just ground stopped the airport. >> reporter: just before 1:00 p.m. tuesday, shots were fired in the parking lot. >> a suspect was located. deceased. an apparent gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: the shooter fatally wounding a southwest airlines employee, 52-year-old michael winchester. >> we're just getting told to halt operations. >> reporter: officials shutting down the airport, travelers
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emergency going on. >> didn't see a thing, just kept walking. nobody acted like there was commotion. >> reporter: after the shooting, officers going car to car searching for the suspect. >> obviously, when you have a potential suspect inside a building as big as the airport and several levels of parking area to search, it's just going to be time consuming. >> reporter: all airlines at will rogers airport confirming they'll waive change fee for travelers rebooking. kendis, diane? >> lauren, thank you. ff figure out why a 16-year-old student stabbed five classmates and himself at school. they said the teenager was a straight-a student with no prior discipline problems and had not been bullied. investigators said the stabbings had nothing to do with race, religion, or ethnicity. the victims are expected to survive. a fatal boat crash was caused by mechanical failure and poor maintenance. five killed when the axle broke
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all of this happening last year, and now the safety board made ten recommendations including the use of seat belts when the vehicle is on the road. dramatic helmet cam video from philadelphia showing moments leading up to a crash involving a dirt bike and police cruiser. officers tried to stop several bikers from illegally riding around city streets, and an 18-year-old dirt biker badly injured with two broken legs, a fractured skull, and had a second surgery yesterday. >> >> yes. >> the turtle population in peru is flourishing thanks to the work of a conservation group. >> hundreds of thousands -- >> oh, they are cute. >> look at them. the ridged backed reptiles released into the amazon jungle. more than 600,000 babies have been set free in protected rivers and lakes. >> look at that. >> part of a thirty year conservation project to save them from extinction.
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is on extinction lists due to poaching and other activities. >> you like turtles. >> i like turtles. >> they are cute. >> how can you not like turtles. >> and struggling along. get to the water. >> i -- i -- ducks. >> sure. >> why not. >> random. okay. >> in china, they asked why did the ducks cross the oh. >> oh! >> thank you, jack. lots of ducks. like, 20,000. >> wow. >> they crosswalk, law-abiding ducks. >> yes, they did. witnesses said it took the ducks two minutes to get through the entire crossing. they also stopped traffic. we're going to watch all two minutes of the crossing. >> that's a lot of ducks. >> looks like they got all their ducks in a row. >> yeah! >> someone fed you that line. >> we have to end the block quickly. megyn kelly opens up about donald trump. their campaign showdown captured
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and about her claims of sexual harassment against roger ales. >> surprising statement of a mother of who toddler who died in the family's hot car. her words of support for her ex-husband after he was found guilty of their son's murder. remember, you can find us on facebook at, and on
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the sea in norway when a 35,000 pound hump backed whale nearly swallow him. he was out filming killer whales, and despite the shock, he says he didn't feel he was in much danger at all. he says the humped back knew what he was doing and moved to avoid him. he called it, perhaps, the most thrilling millisecond of his life. i say too close for comfort. >> yes. i will echo that. 28 people protesting against the controversial oil pipeline in north dakota have been came after protesters put a pickup truck and tree branchs on railroad tracks near a work staging area that caused a three hour train delay. protests against the pipeline were held in 80 cities across the country. in columbus, ohio, an activist blobbed traffic handcuffing himself under a vehicle in a downtown intersection, and vermont senator and former presidential candidate bernie sanders joined protesters in washington, d.c.
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this morning from the mother of that little boy who died in the family's hot car. >> she testified in defense of her ex-husband said blaming the parent will not help. here's more. >> reporter: it's clear that jurors didn't believe her, who, in court, defended her ex-husband saying, she, too, feels he accidently left their 22 month old son to die in the silver suv outside his atlanta officer in june of 2014. >> cooper was the sweetest boy. >> reporter: all charges, taylor takes frustrations to facebook, so now you say justice has been served, but guess what, convict every parent this has ever happened to, and i promise two things, one, it never brings the children back, and, two, it will not prevent it from happening in the future. the problem is as a society that refuses to believe this can happen to them, and i pray you never have to walk this path. child safety experts made that point. the number of children dying
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the 1990s when cars came with passenger side air bags and parents were told it was best to move child seats to the back. car makers are working on solutions including an alarm that can sense the weight of the child in a car seat. abc news, atlanta. >> coming up in the next half hour, why your luggage may now prefer delta. why new system the airline now has in place they hope cuts down on the number of lost or misplaced suitcases. first in her words with rocky relationship with then candidate trump. you're watching "world news now." now." "world news now" c my cancer started as ovarian cancer and it kept coming back in different places. we went from everything being fine to everything not being fine. i really needed someone who could think outside the box. we did the genomic testing pretty early in christine's course. with our treatments we've had great success for her.
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there's an atmosphere of hope. i want to be around just to be a grandma. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. the feud eclipsed the presidential campaign, of course, talking about megyn kelly against donald trump. >> after the presidential
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details about the rocky relationship in her new book titled "settle for more." here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: it was one of the most talked about moments of the presidential campaign. megyn kelly versus then candidate donald trump. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. >> reporter: insults following, calling her a bimbo, unprofessi they buried the hatchet at trump tower. what did you say and do? >> the meeting was off the record. i'm not getting into the content, but i went over there, i walked in, and he gave he a nice greeting, hugged me -- >> hugged you? >> yes. >> reporter: kelly weighing in on one of trump's controversial moves since winning the election. the appointment of steve bannon as senior strategist and counsel to the president.
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breitbart criticized for racist and white nationalist views espoused on the website with headlines like birth control makes women unattractive and crazy and hoist it high and proud: the confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage. >> what do you say to the critics? >> i don't know there's evidence of that. you know -- >> breitbart headlines? >> i mean, there's absolutely controversial, but what his responsible for every single headline that we want up while he was the executive chairman. i don't know that you could tar the entire team with that brush. i'm megyn kelly. >> reporter: 12 years at fox news, she's become the most prominent and popular anchor. >> i'll ask the questions you're not answering. how is it fair? >> reporter: groomed by the powerful former fox news chairman, roger ales.
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colleague, gretchen, filed a sexual assault claim against him, she too, was a victim. in a statement, he said i categorically deny the allegations kelly make about me. i work tirelessly to promote and advance her career as megyn admitted to charlie rose. watch the interview and decide for yourself. my attorneys restrict me from commenting further, so suffice it to unpunished. the contract at fox news is up next year, and the next move has everyone guessing. >> can you stay at fox after all of this? >> oh, sure, i can easily stay at fox, but hopefully go anywhere i want. i don't think anything happening this year limited that. >> do you want to say? >> i'm figuring that out. as much as i love the job, i love the three lives my husband and i brought into the world. this is my philosophy, settle for more, so i'm going to do
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ditch the misery. let's end this. okay. we had so many joe biden memes since the election, and they are hila hilarious. check them out, but they are also -- people are also all about joe suddenly because of a certain photo. >> huh. oh! >> youea >> well -- >> already -- >> he was supposed to start off with the photo and ask if you could all guess, do you know who this is? >> here's the reveal. >> it doesn't work if you do it the other way around. good job. >> i always sucked at jeopardy. give the answers first. i'm sorry.
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>> joe biden. >> all right. >> so that photo, that's actually joe biden. yes. >> wow. >> it is joe biden. sorry. moving on. sesame street nails the mannequin challenge. did you see it? they got in on the challenge as well. look at that. look at the doing right now? the mannequin challenge. >> oh. >> diane. >> nice. >> which, by the way, i don't know if you caught this, but we did our own mannequin challenge yesterday. >> yeah. >> and some of you probably saw it, actually air on the show, we're not sure if you saw how it actually came together, so we decide to show you how the beautiful sausage was made. >> this is behind the sacenes.
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everybody starts swooping into place. we had literally 40 secs to get everything ready while we read. >> that's the thing. everyone else has time to put them together, we had a few second. >> exactly. >> the wnn team falling into place. >> nailed it. >> what better way to celebrate than with fast food? it's national fast food day, so we brought selections here to celebrate with. >> yes. >> we got -- kendis is not going to eat at all. >> eat something. >> on that -- >> what is that? >> i did drink. >> mcdonald's is causing controversy experimenting with the sauce. >> i'm -- >> do you know how long this stuff has been here. >> it's a little cold, but it's okay. it's not so bad. >> i think it's been here a little while.
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this morning on "worlds news now", mad scramble to staff the white house. the crunch is on to fill hundreds of government positions with some shakeups among the transition team. we're going to have the latest on who is definitely out and the surprising former foe considered for a top job. and as the trump team moves protesting his election. students all over the country walked out of their classes to march through the streets. see the alarming new numbers showing up in the uptick in harassment some kids face as well. new this half hour, pizza takes to the sky. >> a high flying favorite food reached a milestone. will the world ever be the same? >> no, of course not. and winter is coming, but it's never too early to get


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