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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 22, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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a bunch of students inside, but they were all okay. we got them out of the emergency exit. >> reporter: 40 high school students on board on a field trip to new york city, luckily, just minor injuries here. >> we have a lot of accidents until people learn how to slow down because they forget the winter driving skill. >> reporter: tragically in new hampshire one person lost their life on icy roads. back in new york state, more than two feet of snow in some areas already, falling as fast as 2 inches an the weekend, and in watertown, it looked like this saturday and like this on sunday. high winds downing lines, sparking blazes in new jersey and michigan. the system being blamed for this 40-car pileup in ohio and delaying more than 450 flights at new york city's airports. here in portland, this resident shoveling all day long. >> well, we may be a little used
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snow to move. >> reporter: you can just see the blowing snow, strong gusts coming in. in parts of this region, snow has been falling for two days straight, and guess what? it's not ending any time soon. abc news, portland, new york. >> it is hard to tell from looking at his location there, but the worst is over in the northeast, but another storm is shaping up in the midwest. >> that's right. let's check in with cam tran for the complete >> good morning, kendis and diane. improving conditions in the northeast as the lake effect snow and blustery winds taper off. there's a storm system developing across the lakes region bringing in wintery precipitation and heavy rainfall in the central plains into texas, and as for wednesday, we are going to see a very breezy and cloudy and wet conditions across the midwest as well as out on the west coast as well.
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historic airmen has died. >> willie rogers was the oldest surviving member of the world war ii squadron, and the family says he passed on friday in florida, and many relatives actually say they were not aware he served in the nation's first african-american aviation unit until four years ago. apparently, he never mentioned it. >> wow. >> and willie rogers was 101 years old. since he didn't tell h about his service in that tuskegee airmen, he missed the ceremony. he was shot in the leg and stomach in a battle in italy. a hero. growing worry about a danger on the nation's highways caused by police. number of bystandingers killed, and how the police could
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the long lasting scent of gain flings. . firefighters rescued dozens of cats and dogs in the complex. crews trying to determine how no word on why so many animals were crammed into that space. federal investigators reportedly looking into the crash of a facebook drone. take a look at the video. the company released of the drone's first flight, eventually the drone is supposed to help bring internet access to people living in remote locations around the world. well, after that video was shot, the drone, well, then, crashed. no one injured, but now the "wall street journal" reports
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the next two months. >> too bad. seemed like a a cool project. >> a great project. mark's trying to push this to get the interpret to parts of africa. >> see the drone runs on the power of two blow-dryers. that's a tiny amount of energy. hopefully they get another one off the ground. crashes on the country's highways blamed on law enforcement. >> across america, one person is killed in a police chase every single usually, it's an innocent b bystander. >> reporter: it happens in less than a blink of an eye. this car chased by police speeding past four young girl, and then a police car behind it hit by another car, careening for the girls and smashing into a van, enough force to send it rolling down the street. slow it down. you see the cruiser comes flying
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whisker. >> shaken up because it was just, you see that in the movies, not in real life. >> reporter: it's a nightmare scenario for cops, innocent bystanders hurt or killed. >> he's losing it. >> in los angeles, a review by the "l.a. times" found a record 78 bystanders injured last year in lapd chases, so, now, nearly 100 departments across the country going high-tech firing gps devices that stick suspect's car so they can track from a safe distance. one safety group points out it involves nonviolent crimes, and officers pursued the most violent criminals, pursuits could be cut by 90%. abc news, new york. >> the videos give you chills, but it's hard to make that call as a police officer, right? you don't know why they are running, and you're not supposed to run from the cops.
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was hit by another vehicle and that's out of his control. holiday hacks. >> products to save time and effort from that holiday feast. you're watching world news now. stay with us.
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with the clock running down to thanksgiving, we are scrambling with last minute travel plans or kitchen duty, and joining us this morning is personal finance expert with five ingenious products. >> that's right. >> making thanksgiving'sier. >> good morning. >> good morning. you cook and take care of the family problems? >> that's right. >> all right. >> well, it's going to be a busy thanksgiving travel period. a lot of people on the in fact, gas buddy thanks giving survey shows over 50% of us will be on the road for at least four hours. 20% for ten hours plus. >> biggest in 15 years. >> a long time on the road. keep your cold things cold, your turkey, cranberry sauce, bev ramgs, yeti cooler is the way to go. it's $250, but it is pricey but lasts a lifetime. >> okay.
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>> this is known for its insulation, but literally keeps cold stuff cold for days. hopefully you're not on the road that long, but it does the job. >> there's no alcoholic beverages in there? >> just soda. >> okay. >> if you have kids who are pecky eaters, chances are at thanksgiving they just wants the pie, candy. >> oh, yeah. >> the ice cream, but if -- >> they are fun just as well. >> make it fun you can make curly fries from potatoes, noodles from carrots. this is the triblade compact spiralizer, following spiralizer, $40. i think it'll make it fun for the kids. >> rolls off the tongue. the name. >> it's a lot to get in. >> it is. >> another common problem, your mother-in-law likes pumpkin pie, your wife doesn't wants apple, whatever the case may be. split decision, pie pan, this is
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>> look at that. >> half one kind, half the other. >> that's neat. >> good for portion control. or small groups. if you don't want to waste food, it's a possible solution for the problem, and this is $10 from amazon. >> that's brilliant. >> god forbid your host doesn't have coffee after you consumed 3500 calories and you want to relax -- >> that's when you leave the house. >> or tit's not good. but this gadget quality espresso. pump like this. wait until you hit the green level there. take it off, put in your pods or do ground coffee, either one. >> oh. >> your hot water, close it, and when you're good to go, press infusion button, and there's cafe quality espresso.
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>> perfect. >> it's great. >> great for on the go. we have these more please place mats, which i think are a whole lot of fun because at the end of the day, you want more. >> seconds, thirds. >> you just want to eat. more, please. these are from alexander ferguson based in brooklyn, new york. they are handmade linen, very nice. they come in other whimsical sayings as well for foodies, so mix and match or more, please, t$28. >> isn't it just assumed you want more, please. >> it's readily apparent. >> is the mother-in-law insulted you bring your own coffee? >> quietly in the skitchen when she's not looking. >> that's what we are doing at my house, but it's shots. >> oh, no, no, no. >> we're all good. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. find these and other hack
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we're going to end the half hour with a heart warmer, a story about a disadvantaged kid given a fresh start. if you can keep a dry eye. it's challenging. >> all right. we're hearing about a special foster chill and recently surprised his teacher with a gift. >> but it was actually the young man who gets the real surprise in return. abc's david muir has more. >> reporter: 17-year-old hector, from el paso, texas, about to deliver a surprise, but to understand it, you have to hear this back story. a foster chill, he moved from home to home for 11 years. his best friend's family adopting him there on the upper
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thomas, who never gave up on hector. hector once heard his teacher had dreamed since he was a kid of having a pair of nike air jordans. >> oh, you didn't. >> oh, man! >> what! >> what? they are! oh, man! >> reporter: hector using his savings to surprise his teacher. >> dude. >> reporter: the video going viral inspiring so many including nike, and they sent a hector. >> oh, yeah! >> reporter: with this note. >> your teacher inspired you, you inspired us, continue to be the change you want to see. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: david muir, abc news. >> it's paying it forward. >> those are great kicks and hard to get. it's really cool. >> you're not getting a pair. >> i already made my list. >> you're trying very hard, but no. next, much further north,
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heads online. the minnesota high school wrestler was caught on video last friday shoveling snow in a blizzard wearing nothing but the sing let. apparently temperatures were not cold by minnesota standards that day, but, still, the video posted by his mother. >> what do you mean not cold by minnesota standards? two feet of snow on the ground. >> only minus 2 degrees. >> by the way, i'm not throwg >> use your knees, folks. mom called him a crazy kid. it's been matched more than 70,000 times. >> why in the singlet? >> i don't know, maybe he's sucking weight, the wrestling
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this morning on "world news now," a community devastated following a deadly school bus crash. >> families and investigators are at the scene searching for answers after that packed bus with school kids from an elementary school we want off the road. the driver now under arrest. we'll have the latest just ahead. and we have developments in the deadly ambush of officer in san antonio, texas. the suspect in custody answering questions from reporters saying he lashed out at somebody who didn't deserve it. we'll have more details ahead. president-elect donald trump's first significant address to the american people since his election night victory, but it was not a speech or a news conference. the aggressive game plan for his first 100 days in office that he released in a video message. as millions prepare to hop on board planes, trains issue


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