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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 22, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," a community devastated following a deadly school bus crash. >> families and investigators are at the scene searching for answers after that packed bus with school kids from an elementary school we want off the road. the driver now under arrest. we'll have the latest just ahead. and we have developments in the deadly ambush of officer in san antonio, texas. the suspect in custody answering questions from reporters saying he lashed out at somebody who didn't deserve it. we'll have more details ahead. president-elect donald trump's first significant address to the american people since his election night victory, but it was not a speech or a news conference. the aggressive game plan for his first 100 days in office that he released in a video message. as millions prepare to hop on board planes, trains issue
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validating anyone germophobes worst nightmare and how gross surfaces are, joining us in giving thanks we're not already sick on this tuesday, november 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." germ story i'm not looking forward to. >> yeah. it's an odd one, but, of course, we start with the really sad news coming out of tennessee this it's a horrifying school bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. the 24-year-old driver facing multiple charges of vehicular homicide. >> police confirmed monday night five children dead, two dozen others taken to the hospital. now school is scheduled to be in session today with grief counselors on hand to help students and staff. >> meanwhile, an ntsb team is heading to tennessee to see what went wrong. >> reporter: the packed school
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tangled mess of metal, tree limbs, and power lines. >> we know multiple children lost their lives. >> reporter: 35 students aboard ranging in ages from kindergarten to the 5th grade. >> various children transported, and the driver is cooperating. >> speed is invest gaited. crash. >> reporter: it took crews more than two hours to crack through the twisted wreckage to get to those trapped. >> we ask for prayers go out to the families. >> reporter: the accident happen a mile from the chattanooga elementary school. the bus ran off a residential road, slammed into trees, and ended up on the side. no other vehicles involved. >> a warrant has been issued to remove the informational box on the school bus and review the video on the school bus. >> reporter: abc news, washington. another story we're following overseas, tsunami warnings in japan lifted after
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the waves as high as 4.5 feet triggered by a strong earthquake in the same fukushima region devastated by an earthquake in 2011. today's tremor was an aftershock of the one five and a half years ago. this quake measured 7.4, but only minor injuries and damage. a man held without bail with connection to a potential terrorist plot. a neighborhood shot this 37-year-old was arrested in brooklyn. he travelled to yemen last year and tried to join isis. court papers said he supported an attack in times ksquare like the one in france, and he's charged with attempting to assist isis. a man suspected of murdering a police officer apologizes for his actions. otis mccain was arrested, and he told reporters he's been
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mad at society and admitted he lashed out at somebody who didn't deserve it. with more on the shooting now. >> reporter: police in san antonio say they have a man in custody after the brutal murder of detective marconi. >> we arrested the 31-year-old mccain. >> officer down in front of headquarters. >> reporter: writing a traffic ticket in front of the station when this car pulled up behind him, a man gettingut the head through the passenger side window. he later died at the hospital. police still are not saying what the suspect was doing at headquarters before the shooting sunday. in the past, three other officers in different cities were ambushed during unrelated traffic stops, two of them in missouri including the st. louis sergeant shot twice in the head while in his seat belt, the
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survive. 58 shot in the line of duty this year, the highest number since 2011. in san antonio, a community in mourning, officers commemorating the fallen with the black stripes across the badges. >> tough part of the day to put that on? >> extremely. even after 20 years. >> reporter: the 31-year-old mccain has a criminal record, and he was taken into custody without incident. abc news, san antonio. >> thank you. turning now to the weather, a major winter storm is thanks gives week off to a rocky start. three feet of snow fell in new york state causing dozens of accidents. a charter bus carrying students to new york city overturned after swerving to avoid other vehicles, but there were only minor vehicles in the crash, but hundreds of flights also delayed by the storm. ski resorts in the communities gear up for the opening season this weekend or opening up the season, i should say. checking equipment and making
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the snow, others not so much, and speaking of the not so much crowd, we have good news for holiday travelers. hourly workers at chicago's o'hare airport put off the one-day strike until next week no to disrupt the flights. the protest will happen a week from today instead. >> just have to worry about mother nature. >> she can choose any time to strike. we hope she's kind to us. >> actually, might not cooperate for travelers in the central u.s. or pacific northwest this the complete forecast, cam, good morning. >> good morning, diane and kendis. improving conditions across the northeast, good news for travellers here, and lake effect snow as well as breezy conditions tapering off, but a developing storm system brings breezy conditions as well as wintery precipitation in the lakes region and heavier rain in the central plains, and that system brings stormy conditions in the lonestar state, as for the busiest travel day of the
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widespread rain, unfortunatelily, across the midwest, so patience needed from the lakes region to the twin cities into the ohio valley. out west, the pacific northwest will see rain as well. the good news is for turkey day itself other than rainfall across the northeast, it will be fairly quiet. back to you diane and kern dis. >> thanks, cam. president-elect speaks to the american people for the first time. he lays out the first 100 days in office b caught on camera, the police chase that was a close call. what happened after an officer loses control of his cruiser right near a group of children. check out our behind the scenes pictures on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news new." " if you're approaching 65, now." and the options you hav.
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go ahead.
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president-elect donald trump has chosen what many see as a different way to address the american people for the first time since winning the election. >> in a two and a half minute video, mr. trump laid out an agenda on energy, trade, and immigration for the first 100 days in office. here's the latest. good morning. thanks for being here. >> thank you.
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working to put together his new administration, but now we hear about the agenda, that trump said, plain and simple, is based on putting america first. he then listed half a dozen areas where he's focusing his efforts. now, most notely, trump says he plans to withdraw from the transpacific partnership agreed to by president obama. it's the largest trade pact in the world. instead, he'll negotiate free trade details that brings back jobs to the u.s. and outlined restrictions, on production of american energy to create, as he put it, many millions of high paying jobs, and he addressed immigration with plans to investigate uses of via programs and make sure to include campaign chapter to drain the swamp of washington. >> on ethics reform, as part of the plan to drain the swamp, we will impose a five-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the
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lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. >> reporter: trump said he's product instructed the transition team to look into executive actions to take on day one to get the ball rolling on the agenda. it's important to note what we didn't hear from president-elect trump. he didn't mention anything about repealing the affordable care act, which he preachesly said was at the top of the priority list. trump didn't mention anything about building a wall or deportation, but those issues required and are not something he can do on his own. >> not necessarily any executive actions there for those issues. >> right. >> this is an unorthodox way of getting the message out. he's not had a press conference since july 27th, not a full onement any indication how he plans to get the messages out, how he plans to work with the media, that kind kind of thing? >> the team says right now he's been busy, but he'll hold a news conference soon and the days are
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mr. trump had a contentious relationship with many news outlets in the campaign, and it looks like they are still seeing some of that now, but he is meeting with "new york times" today so the relationship looks like it could be improving. >> should be interesting to be in that room with the "new york times" and donald trump. they have not really gone after him. >> it's an interesting time in general, right, the first time social media is so prevalent, as media, rerelate with social media and vice versa, and in the white house, the same thing, how do we move forward, changing the way we operate in general. >> i think they just hit sent on the twitter. >> continue to use twitter a lot, so, yeah, interesting to see how the meeting goes. >> thank you. appreciate it. other headlines now, problem with issues green cards is much worse than initially believe,
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missing, some mailed to wrong addresses, some duplicates, and others contained incorrect information. in some cases, immigrants approved to stay in the country for two years were begin cards good for ten years. inspector general of homeland security said green cards in the wrong hands enables terrorists and other criminals to remain in the u.s. several people injured at the los angeles auto show by an out of control test car. now, police say the driver of that plowing into a crowd on the sidewalk outside the convention center. five pedestrians, the driver, and the passenger were all taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. take a look at this. a police chase that ended up being a close call. this is in pittsburgh, in the pittsburgh area. watch the group of children standing there. >> oh. >> wow. the officer lost control of the cru cruiser, missing the kids by a matter of inches. he then crashed into a parked
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vehicle when another man hit it. the police car, the suspect got away in that one. >> lucky the kids were not hurt. chills just looking at that video. new jersey transit said it will no longer allow engineers to drive trains while being treated were sleep apnea. this follows a deadly train accident last september. the engineer was suffering from sleep apnea, but did not know it. that interrupts a person's breathing while they sleep, causing them to be the day. they ask engineers nationwide be tested for the disorder. word this morning that kanye west is in a los angeles hospital. police responded to a medical welfare call involving west yesterday. it came hours after west cancelled the remainder of the st. pablo tour. he's been exhausted from touring according to tmz and working on a fashion line. he cut short a concert in sacramento saturday after going
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hillary clinton. also from southern california, snoop dog is getting into the thanksgiving spirit. >> he's a giving man. >> for the third year in a row, teamed up to give away free thanksgiving dinners. >> thousands of people got a free turkey and all the trimmings. snoop summing up the reason for the whole event. >> this is what it's about. giving back to people who have nothing to eat. we're fortunate enough and blessed to give back. every year we look forward to doing rams involved. everyone agreed it was about spreading love there on thavnks giving. >> all right. can't be mad at that. in the next half hour, monday night football in mexico. the challenges the oakland raiders and texas faced on the gridiron south of the border, and hear what we just found out this morning. first, more than a decade after john and kate plus 8 and years of family drama, on the
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credits for making her a better parent. you're watching "world news now."
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it's been more than ten years since reality tv introduced john and kate gosling and eight children to the world. >> since then, the family had a bitter divorce and now allegations of abuse as season five of kate plus eight premiers. here's more. >> reporter: for ten years, we watched the gosling family see the highs, lows, and msesses tht come with raising eight kids. now back for a fifth season of "kate plus 8," divorced in 2009
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16-year-old twins and 12-year-old sextuplets. how are you different than that kate from ten years ago when you first started out. >> i almost don't know her. now it's the wisdom, the experience, it makes you really a better parent. >> reporter: we see your son colin in the new season, but you said he's away seeking treatment for educational and social challenges. how diyo decision had to be a tough one. >> it was not even a choice. it was on the advice of his doctors and it had to happen. >> reporter: how's he doing? >> he's plodding along, and we are too. it definitely was necessary and i'll go to the ends of the earth for the best, for each one of them. >> reporter: john said he has no idea where colin is, and that he's not seen him, and he claims you won't tell him where colin
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not to speak about the care and custody of the children in details. i've known where he is, but the world does not know, and i'll leave it at that. >> reporter: john says he's going to court to get a judge issue to reveal the where abouts. are you prepared to take him on legally? >> i've lost track of how many times he's said that. i'm really focused less on what john has to say. i don't really pay attention >> reporter: looking back, the 41-year-old is thankful to have a decade's worth of caught on camera memories of the family. >> i wanted the moments documented, and, sure enough, i got ten years worth, and i will never, ever regret that. >> we do note we heard from john's attorneyment he told abc news, quoting here, the whole story is not being told. john, he says, is a loving and caring father who is acting
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it's a big travel week, of course, 15 million people traveling might want to pack your sanitizer if you're going to go somewhere. >> yes. after we do the story, you'll want it too. >> things are gross out there, but we knew this. apparently, a doctor in new york and found that heading into the travel season, the transportation hubs -- thank you, i really overdid it. the transportation hubs are really the worst places for germs. the worst spots escalator handrails, bathroom doors, steering wheel, and radio dials. most germy items are touch screens and boarding passes.
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or i try -- >> to touch the screen? >> i tried using my tongue on the touch screen opposed to my hands not to get the hands dirty. >> that's sanitary, good tip. >> yeah. all right, moving on to cheetos. they make delicious cheese snacks i'm sure we all love, however, they are branching out. >> oh, they are? >> yeah. to jewelry. >> what? jewelry. it's high end stuff. the earrings and ring set you see, $20,000. >> get out of here. is there gold in there. >> 18 karat gold, the only set on sale, but they are planning to branch out and growing this jewelry line. they also, by the way, make
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>> oh, i see. careful. >> oh, yeah. we'll stick with cheeteau. i wish they made it from cheetos. i got excited. the candy necklaces, they are necklace, just a snack as the day goes on. >> it would last 20 minutes. >> wondering holiday scene? well, there's a new nativity scene called a hip steer nativity set, so that would be mary and joseph there taking a selfie. >> oh, my gosh. >> and is that, like, a latte? and they are also on the segues. it runs off -- >> oh, the wisemen carrying amazon boxes. nice touch. >> and solar panels.
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this morning on "world news now" shock and grief for families in tennessee. a school bus packed with young kids has crashed. investigators trying to piece together exactly what happened. the driver is now charged, more details in a moment. a blast of winter weather set to make travel messy for millions this week, up to 3 feet northeast made roads extremely dangerous. accuweather has the forecast just ahead. also this half hour, new details about the health scare for kanye west. >> what we're learning about his medical emergency after being rushed to the hospital just after announcing that he's cancelling the remainor of the nationwide tour. and then there were three. the couples who advance to the


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