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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> i heard bang, bang, bang. kimberly: a violet weekend in d c, three shootings, three people killed, all in southeast. tonight a plea for answers. plus, ballot battles after a request from the green party. the president-elect fires back,
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several states, including virginia. and getting the best bang for your buck. tricks to scoring the best deals on cyber monday. the news starts now. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. kimberly: thank you for joining us. i'm kimberly suiters. a violent weekend in the district, tonight three people are dead, including a 16-year-old girl. for answers. cheryl conner has been following this crime alert all night and joins us live with more. cheryl? cheryl: d.c. police are still searching for the suspects involved in three deadly shootings that happened since friday. earlier tonight we heard from the interim police chief and d.c. mayor muriel bowser. we know that none of the shootings are connected.
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street southeast to see that her exercise route is crime free once again. she was questioned by d.c. police as a witness in one of three shootings in just over 48 hours. >> i heard the shots. i hung up the phone and looked and saw a white car and someone leaning out of the car shooting. cheryl: the interim police chief peter newsham said that a man and woman were shot and killed before 1:00. >> on the suspect knew each other. cheryl: he said the shootings are not related to the killing of brianna mcmillan on friday morning at the potomac gardens apartments. >> it appears at least one suspect fired multiple times indiscriminately. cheryl: late sunday afternoon, the police say that a man was shot and killed on howard road, the third deadly shooting in southeast this weekend.
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muriel bowser wants the public to step up. mayor bowser: it is so important to hear from you so we can get a brutal killer off the streets. cheryl: carrie said this is unusual for her neighborhood near the navy yard. >> whoever wanted this to happen did not care if anybody else was hurt, and that was concerning. cheryl: this just in -- d.c. police are identifying the victim in the l street homicide as 23-year-old anthony young. for anybody who offers information that leads to an arrest, you can receive in a reward of up to $25,000 in any d.c. homicide case. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimberly: thank you for that update, cheryl. family and friends are still mourning the loss of 16-year-old mcmillan who was shot multiple
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kimberly: tonight, loved ones called for justice, prayed for peace, and gathered at watkins park. they believe that somebody has information that can help detectives. still, no arrests. earlier tonight, mayor bowser asked anyone with information to come forward. a word of caution from marek -- mail carriers after a mailman was attaed for evidence after he was pistol whipped and robbed while on the job. he is out of the hospital now. he did not want to be identified, but he said the suspect stole his phone and keys, even his pants and shoes after they realized he do not have cash. >> one of the guys turned around, put a gun to my four head and told me to lay down on the ground. kimberly: the suspects backed
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the mailman took the opportunity to run, but these fired a shot into the air. the victimkept running until he found a d.c. police officer and he is warnings fellow mail carriers to be extra vigilant. >> carriers need to watch their back and be safe. this could happen again. kimberly: the u.s. postal inspectors are offering a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. an unusual rescue. a 14-year-old got stuck in a tube slide on a playground. crews used webbing to pull the teenager out. the team was not injured. it was a chilly but beautiful fall day. get ready for a warm-up and some rain, pretty much the exact opposite of what we had the last
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brought us the beautiful weather, the sunshine and blue skies, but as it moves out we make way for the cloud cover moving in. as we look at the wide shot, the next wave of low pressure creating rain and snow in the north dakota's come heading our way. first, the cloud cover tomorrow. then the rain as we get into tuesday. with skies relatively clear right now before the clouds show up, we are cooling off quickly overnight tonight, the bus stop forecast around d.c., 32 degrees tomorrow. in the suburbs, a lot of us are in the 20's, so make sure the kids are bundled up. recess and lunch time, mid 40's, near 50 on the way home. there is a good chance of rain tuesday and wednesday, but there are some breaks. i will let you know when you will get the break from the rain and what time you will need the umbrella in about 10 minutes.
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the start of the holiday shopping season. thanksgiving weekend shoppers picked up hot toys, tvs, and apple products online it in stores, but spent less doing it thanks to big discounts. visual shoppers spent just under $290 over the weekend, down from a year ago according to the retail federation. just 99 million shoppers hit stores. 108.5 million people shopped online. shoppers waiting for cyber monday probably already have their web browsers open. this holiday season, shoppers are breaking records, spending more than $3 billion online. we have more on how to find some of the best bargains. reporter: big deals already up, target taking 15% off nearly everything on top of sales. amazon offering deep discounts
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tv on sale at walmart already sold out and it's not even cyber monday yet. >> groupon, best buy, and i will just shop from there. reporter: 43% of cell phone users say they will shop from a smartphone. to get the best deals, clear your browser history so that you always see the lowest prices. and leave the items in your cart. online retailers will send deal. kimberly: if you sure photoshop, avoid public wi-fi which can leave you vulnerable to hackers. travel deals could be big, experts say that slow travel sales could result in big airfare and travel deals that could last through the first week of december. trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to be on the cheaper side. as for shopping for gifts, think about brightening up somebody's
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national harbor next saturday, december 3, helping collect toys between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.. it is an awesome collection, almost as big as the tree. the president-elect is not happy with the recount effort. coming up, how do we know this? he is back on twitter, claiming voter fraud in three states. plus, cuba after castro. death, others are looking to keep positive changes coming. -- assome mourn fidel castro's death, others are looking for positive changes. and more than 30 faith representatives represented with
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kimberly: new developments from new orleans after the police identified a mass shooting after surveillance video of chaos following gunshots on bourbon street. 10 people were shot. a 25-year-old was killed, nine
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of the victims were the intended target. they say that two men in town for the bayou football game festivities were in an argument and started shooting. the police are still looking for them. president-elect donald trump is alleging voter fraud in virginia. the claim, which so far there is no evidence, came during a 24-hour tweet storm, in which he also alleged vote if you deduct the thousands of people who voted illegally." there are no facts to back up that claim either. the president-elect started tweeting after joel stein -- jill stein collected donations to pay for a recount in wisconsin. they are concerned about outside interference, possibly from
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tomorrow to determine a timeline for the recount. efforts to get recounts in michigan and pennsylvania are also underway. , trump narrowly won wisconsin and pennsylvania and michigan as well. with tensions running high and the country, a group of people with different faiths came together to sing together. anna-lysa gayle reports from the steps of the lincoln memorial. anna-lysa: using a universal language, they lifted their voices to unite the nation. >> we want a world where we can all be together and music does that. anna-lysa: the comforting message comes weeks after the election that was followed by protests in part of the country, including in the nation's
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the location because of the store excite dedicated to the 16th president of the united states. >> the lincoln memorial is a place were leaders of the past have spoken out against hate. anna-lysa: most say it was what they needed. this woman brought her children. >> all these people are coming together and it seems like we could put our differences aside. >> to have my kids find their voice in a positive way. >> i liked people coming together from all different backgrounds. it made me really happy. anna-lysa: more than 30 organizations from across the area were represented as part of the interfaith gathering. they hope that their unity will be heard long after. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news.
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, another safetrack search will have a big impact, this time on the origin silver lines. safetrack surge 11 starts tomorrow, reducing service on those lines by 2.3. origin silver line trains will singletrack through december 21. -- orange and silver line trains will singletrack through december 21, cutting service on those lines by 2/3. "metro"to 43817. traffic was a little heavier today as the largest number of travelers since 2007 journeyed home after the thanksgiving break. it was very busy at reagan national. tsa said a passengers moved quickly through the checkpoints. they expected to screen 2.5 million flyers today. long security lines at reagan national today subsided by the
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for the holidays, it was sunny and cool. josh: they were probably my easiest commutes with everybody leaving town. the weather is still nice tomorrow, no problems, but tuesday the rain moves back in. the cloud starting to move back in. it will take a lot of the night. because of that we still cool off quite a bit. 32 degrees tomorrow morning around d. 27 frederick, even cooler manassas and culpeper. this will be the coolest morning we have had in the last three or four mornings. picture but he is dressed warmly. in the afternoon, mid 50's. it will be mostly cloudy, but at least we don't have to worry about the rain starting after a long weekend. we have quiet weather in the groove. in the afternoon, 56 the high in
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fredericksburg, 55 pax river. the temperatures just a few degrees above average. then things get interesting monday night into tuesday morning. cloud cover on futurecast. by about 6 a.m. tuesday, we have showers moving in. tuesday's rain will be relatively light. scattered showers through the day. about 1:30 we still have some of that. leave early, still hanging on to the showers. the good news, later into the evening tuesday, things dry out. i think the tuesday drive home may not be too bad. the drier weather, wednesday morning, still dry around d.c., but the heavy rain quickly builds in. it looks like the middle part of the day wednesday, right through wednesday evening, that is when we have the chance of the heaviest rain. the totals we are looking at,
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that will put a little dent in the deficit that we have. we are about six inches behind with the rainfall totals this fall. 54 degrees was the high today. tomorrow, about 56, then 65 tuesday, 68 wednesday, well above average. 59 degrees thursday, as we start the cooling trend working into the weekend. starting to feel more like festive weather as we get out for sunday, right around 50 degrees. if you want to join us, bring toys for the kids. and we are looking at cooler weather later in the week. 60's tuesday and wednesday. you will want the umbrella both tuesday and wednesday. thursday drying out, just a few showers in the morning. back to the 50's heading into the weekend. right now saturday looks drive. sunday we are watching a system that may sneak in.
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tuesday. a little kirk cousins news? erin: that's right, expect kirk cousins to be back in burgundy
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: not want to let kirk cousins go. according to multiple reports, if the redskins cannot reach a long-term deal with cousins before free agency, they will place the franchise tag on him again. cousins is being paid nearly $20 million guaranteed this season. the franchise to be tagged for next season, almost $24 million. i would like a for million dollar raise each year. cousins is expected back in
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long-term deal or the one-year tag. ravens hosting the bengals. joe flacco lofts one, keeps both feet inbounds. just over a minute to go in the game, the bengals trailing by seven. dalton stripped. the ravens hang on and win. the ravens are now tied with the steelers atop the afc with baltimore owning the tie-breaker. georgetown and howard at the verizon center. howard was competitive early. miller come off the steel, drives hard, scores. georgetown led 45-35 at the break. prior was a beast, draining 53 is coming colluding this one. georgetown up by 13 in the second half.
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howard 85-72. and redskins player will blackmon joins us on abc 7 news. ," coming up after -- joins us on abc 7 "sports sunday," coming
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in cuba tomorrow, thousands will line up in havana, cuba, to pay tribute to fidel castro. it is just the beginning of the memorial services. one day into the nine-day mourning period, the streets are mostly silent. this is the cuban people come to terms with castro's death. he was 90 years old. he ruled over cuba for nearly 50 years. will hated capitalism, open the door wider to it. cuba has welcomed a growing number of american taurus send american businesses are stepping up plans to invest -- cuba has welcomed americantourists and american business are stepping up plans to invest. flights have also increased, bringing the total number of direct flights to cuba to over
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for all. disney's latest animated creation rule the box office this weekend. >> they are kind of cute. >> ah! kimberly: the chicken does not think so. the movie brought in more than $55 million, the second-best thanksgiving opening ever, behind "frozen." "fantastic beasts and where to find them" fell to second $45 million. "dr. strange" fell to third
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tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. kimberly: a chef unveiled a gingerbread replica of wrigley field. it weighs over 400 pounds and took more than 70 hours to build.


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