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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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selections for his cabinet. is a former rival about to join team trump? good morning washington. i'm autria godfrey and i'm larry smith. we want to start right now with breaking news. destructive storms tore through the southern united states overnight. roads flooded homes destroyed just moments ago = we've learned that 3 people are dead and 4 children critically hurt. the national weather service issued tornado warnings for six communities in northwest alabama, the extent of the damage is still not clear this morning - but we are hearing this is the same storm system bringing us rain and fog this morning. let's get right to stormwatch7 meterologist eileen whelan. dense fog advisory through 7am. visiblity less than 1/4 mile, at times. - near 70 on this last day of november - rain today - cooler & drier for the first day of meteorological winter tomorrow - more rain by sunday night
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breezy. highs: 67-74 winds: s 5-15 mph tonight: showers possible through 2am. gradual clearing and turning cooler. lows: 46-52 winds: w 10-15 thursday: mostly sunny and cooler. highs: 52-56
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happening right now.
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eastern tennessee. at least 3 people are confirmed dead. emergency officials say thousands of people are displaced and there is no telling if they will have homes to come back to. abc's linzie janis has more from gaitlinburg, officials say it gaitlinburg, tennessee where officials say it looks like a bomb went off. a big day for
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announce two additional cabinet picks today. news a-b-c news reports former goldman sachs executive and trump campaign finance chairman steven mnuchin will be nominated for treasury secretary. billionaire investor wilbur ross is said to be trump's choice for comr amid cabinet speculation... the president-elect ate dinner last night with mitt romney. the two were joined by incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus. they didn't keep it a secret. as you can see-- press photographers were allowed into the upscale new york restaurant to take photos. this was the second meeting between the two since the election. romney is reportedly under strong consideration for secretary of state. more good news for the president-elect. he has reportedly reached a deal with carrier to keep nearly one-thousand jobs
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tuesday, trump called it "great news," with more details to come. he and vice president-elect mike pence, the current indiana governor, will make an official announcement thursday. back in february, carrier said it planned to move the plants to mexico, an lay off more than 2-thousand american workers. developing now. ohio state university is coming together to heal after this week's violent attack on campus. during a vigil last night-- supporters prayed for those who were hurt. police say abdul artan slammed his car into a crowd of peopl now: isis says artan was a "soldier of the islamic state." however - the terror group isn't saying if it actually directed him to carry out the attack. 11 people were hurt. artan was shot and killed by a police officer. today is the last
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ends, so does hurricane season. north atlantic hurricane season ends, after at least 15 storms. seven of them became hurricanes. and one of those storms-- hurricane matthew-- was the first storm to make landfall in florida in more than a decade. new this morning-- police in north dakota now backing off a threat to block supplies going to people protesting the dakota access pipeline. the governor has ordered the protester camp to evacuate-- as winter weather moves in. police now say vehicles bringing in supplies will be ticketed, not physically blocked. disturbs native land, and endangers the drinking water. coming up. new details about a tragic plane crash in colombia. why investigators say the black boxes may not contain any information on the crash. plus, gone in less than a "new york minute". an unguarded bucket is snatched and you won't believe what was inside! we'll tell you
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through 7am. visiblity less than 1/4 mile, at times.
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day of meteorological winter tomorrow - more rain by sunday night today: patchy, dense fog early. periods of rain. unseasonably warm and breezy. highs: 67-74 winds: s 5-15 mph tonight: showers possible through 2am. gradual clearing and turning cooler. lows: 46-52 winds: w 10-15 thursday: mostly sunny and cooler.
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coming up. crews recover the black boxes from a doomed colombia
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doomed colombia flight. but it may not contain any information about the crash that killed a brazilian
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hello. i'm mark hyman. there's a call to crack-down on fake news. whatever that is. here's what's happening behind the headlines. it started with a claim that fake news got more attention on facebook than real news. facebook's reputation has already taken a hit for censoring conservative-leaning users. news? how about new york times moscow bureau chief walter duranty? his false reports covered-up the genocide of millions of ukrainians by the soviet union in the 1930s. the times' jayson blair wrote one bogus story after another. there was the new republic's stephen glass. a hollywood movie detailed his months of untrue news stories. there was the washington post's pulitzer
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the story was a colossal hoax. 60 minutes ii was shut-down after dan rather was caught with fabricated documents in a segment attacking george w. bush. some have argued jon stewart's daily show which called itself fake news -- contributed to public debate. ditto for stephen colbert. and john oliver. the blog buzzfeed has backed-up its criticism of fake news with a study. but that study -- as pointed out by the washington examiner -- is fake. to comment go to behind i'm mark hyman. happening now.. an investigation is underway into a deadly plane crash in colombia. 71 people are dead.. including members of a brazilian soccer team. six people miraculously survived.. and now
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how it all happened. david kerley has more. only part of the fuselage of the jet left intact after slamming into a hill above medellin.... through the day... the grim task of recovering the bodies of the 71 on board who were killed..... but... remarkably.... those six survived...found on the ground away from the fuselage... nats: locker room celebration it was to be a joyous trip for the regional brazilian soccer team the chapay- co en-see...making a big tournament for the first time in its history... (airport trip... in the airport... selfies on board... and the tale of these two players.... alan ruschel... with the beard...a defender... one of the two players who survived... next to him... danilo padilah ..a goal keeper... found alive.... he was actaully able to call his family.... but then died from his injuries..... and the heartbreaking story of this 22-year old player who was killed. his family releasing video from just last week.. when he learned he would soon be a father. (nat up)
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stunned by the loss.... (gfx jet) the jet... a british aerospace 146... was owned by a charter company... and is often used to get into difficult airports.... which medellin is.... abc consultant steve ganyard has flown into that airport sot: steve ganyard very tough hills on both sides...even in good weather. (virtual view) on the last leg of its flight... nearly 5 hours fro starts circling around medellin... in bad weather. the crew reports... an "electrical failure" ... declaring "an emergency"... then disappearing from radar.... (photo) the black boxes have been recovered ...but with an electrical failure...did they contine to record?...and did the crew have enough navigational instruments...? sot: steve ganyard " if you are on battery power you don't know where you are// in this case when you throw weather, nighttime high terrain, and no navigation it is a recipe for disaster colombian authorities say the tail hit the top of
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other side.... the question tonight... where were those six survivors sitting.... and how did they survive when so many others perished. david kerley, abc news, washington. new york city police are looking for a man who stole a bucket of gold flakes from an armored truck. they've released surveillance video of the incident. it happened september 29th, on west 48th street.. in broad daylight. the gold flakes are worth one-point-six million dollars. the back of the truck was left open and unattended. took the 86-pound bucket.. and no one noticed. we found out a few days ago that someone in tennessee was carrying a powerball ticket worth millions. well it turns out-- it was 20 people. these lucky 20 co-workers are sharing a 420 million dollar powerball jackpot. they work for an auto parts manufacturer- and they've played powerball together for years- but never in a million years did
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they all say they're keeping their jobs -- for now. but - they're much more comfortable. by the way - the split on the jackpot - 12 point 7 million dollars each. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen dense fog advisory through 7am. visiblity less than 1/4 mile, at times. - near 70 on this last day of november - rain today - cooler & drier for the first day of meteorological winter tomorrow - more rain by sunday night today: patchy, dense fog early. periods of rain. unseasonably warm and breezy. highs: 67-74 winds: s 5-15 mph tonight: showers possible through 2am. gradual clearing and turning cooler.
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and cooler.
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is normally a huge week for broadway... but hamilton is taking it to a new level. it generated three-point-three million dollars in just eight shows last week -- setting a new record according to the new york times. trump supporters recently called for a boycott of hamilton after a castmember gave a monologue directly to vice president-elect pence. the castmember asked his administration not to forget them. there is more coming up. john gonzalez.. what are you and seven is on your
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ing you'd see how often you cough all day. and so would everyone else. robitussin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to 12 hours. robitussin 12 hour cough relief, because it's never just a cough. alert in the south. deadly storms tearing through several states. let's get right to jummy olabanji... just in the last thirty minutes - we've learned that these storms killed at least three people in northern albama - when a possiible tornado hit. officials in jackson county say the victims were in their mobile home, when the strong line of storms pounded the area. another person in the home was injured. there have also been a number of other reports of injuries, including four children in critical condition


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