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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 1, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," get your tickets for the trump tour. the president-elect heading to the midwest, today kicking off his thank you tour and touting his role in keeping jobs in the usa. all while a familiar face gets some attention thanks to a possible role in the upcoming trump administration. and violent weather in e atlantic coast. some of the heavy rain is doing firefighters in tennessee a lot of good. the husband of the california woman who disappeared for weeks, speaking on camera. what he's saying about the ordeal she just survived. then lifestyles of the rich and kendis goes international. he spared no expense to show us some heavenly hotel suites. see the trip of a lifetime on
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from abc news, this is "world news now." . if you're in something that fancy, you have to jump on the bed. >> every time. >> the only problem is when security shows up and they kick you out. >> we ruined the surprise ending. >> yeah, even it's not socially acceptable in china. >> they don't like that? >> apparently not. >> now we know. we begin this morning with president-elect donald trump kicking off a thank you tour in indiana after announcing tours to walk away from his massi >> trump and vice president elect mike pence are heading to carrier indianapolis factory to announce details of a deal to keep hundreds of jobs in this country. abc's kenneth motin with the latest. >> reporter: donald trump legally cutting ties with his billion dollar company. the president-elect made the announcement on twitter that he'll leave his great business in total to his children, in order to fully focus on running the country.
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trump fills key economic posts. fellow billionaire wilbur ross, treasury secretary, steve mnuchin. we'll have the most significant middle-income tax cut since reagan. we'll incorporate the childcare program. this is going to be a tremendous boon to the economy. >> reporter: mnuchin who promised to focus on the american worker praised trump's deal to keep 1,000 jobs in indiana, mike pe state. >> they picked up the phone and called the ceo of united technologies and told them, we wanted to keep jobs here. i can't remember the last time a president did that. >> reporter: trump is expected to release the details of the deal thursday. trump is still trying to decide on a secretary of state. trump's white house chief of staff reince priebus on fox news. >> when he makes the decision, it's the decision that's best
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background. >> reporter: trump's team hinted he's down to four secretary of state finalists, romney, senator bob corker, david petraeus, and former mayor, rudy guiliani. house democrats are calling for a congressional hearing to examine his potential conflicts of interest. >> kenneth, thank you. trump may be reserving a place in his cabinet for sarah palin. sources tell abc news, she's being considered for secretary of vrtss affairs. palin tweeted yesterday that she would be grateful and that we should be grateful we'll have a commander in chief who will champion our vets. palin has also been m mentioned as a contender for energy secretary. and house minority leader nancy pelosi managed to hold on to her job, despite disappointing election results. she was re-elected by two-thirds of the vote. her challenger had argued that younger members would provide fresh ideaings for success.
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she insists that democrats will rebound. breaking news from the bay area, san francisco, where the last of four jail escapees has been captured. row helio chavez was arrested at his sister's house in san jose after an eight-hour stand-off. s.w.a.t. teams fired tear gas into the house at least twice. chavez was on the run for more than a week. he and three other inmates, sawed through bars at the santa clara county jail and rappelled to the ground using bed sheets. protesters gathered in charlotte, north have cleared a police officer in the deadly shooting of keith scott. dozens marched in the rain in what was a mostly peaceful protest. although police did arrest four people, they say they don't believe keith scott during a confrontation with police in september, which ended with an officer firing at scott and killing him. but in a newly released video from earlier that day, scott is seen with what appeared to be a bulge around his right ankle.
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vinson acted lawfully when he shot mr. scott. >> scott's family this morning, profoundly disappointed with the district attorney's decision and is now considering whether to file a lawsuit against the police department. four southern statesr ro are reeling this morning after more than two dozen tornadoes left five people dead. looking at the radar, those systems have moved north and east, dumping heavy rain overnight along the coast and they left behind a tragic trail of destruction in three people died after a tornado ripped through rosalie in alabama. and a husband and wife killed in polk, tennessee. crews are looking for people trapped by the gatlinburg wildfires. the death toll there is up to seven. police say the flames have only allowed them to search about 30% of the city. linzie janis has mohr. >> reporter: the heavy rains are helping, but high winds sparked
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great smokey mountains. these firefighters taking their first break in 30 hours. >> they have not wavered. even the ones that's lost everything. >> why is everything on fire? >> the death toll rising. now at least seven killed since the fires exploded sunday night. forcing thousands to flee for their lives. >> go, go, go. >> it appears to be human caused. >> reporter: several still missing. michael reed is searching for his wife and daughter. >> i told her to call 911 and i haven't heard from her since. displaced residents survey the damage. >> everything's gone. >> reporter: we went with travis cog dill as he got a first look at his parents' home of 43 years. >> the kitchen table was right there. >> reporter: the rubble still too hot to search for his father's purple heart. >> fire can't take memories. so we still got those. >> reporter: more than 700 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. all that's left of this home is the chimney.
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this could not have come at a worse time. just ahead of the holidays. linzie janis, abc news, pigeon forge, tennessee. overseas now, where thousands of fans have gathered to mourn the brazilian soccer team killed in the plane crash in colombia. family members of the victims gathered on the center of the arena as fans chanted the players' names. and we're getting new details about the crash. according to audio from the final moments of the doomed flight, the floot that he had run out of fuel. dozens were killed. six people survived. nearby farmers were able to hear their screams for help and were the first to come to their aid. on capitol hill, a deal is in the works, so california national guard members won't have to repay their re-enlistment bonuses. lawmakers were outraged over a
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error, even though they were not at fault. we all know how a lack of sleep affects our health. but new research said ilack of sleep is costing. people who slept fewer than six hours a night had a 13% increase of early death and lost about six days of work productivit >> um -- >> that was a buzz kill. >> six hours sounds great. everybody behind the cameras was nodding in complete agreement. so we're all doomed. at least we're all in it together. so in the movies, we had snakes on a plane, which was entertaining. in california, they have a snake on a plate. >> yeah, take a look at the belly busting delight called the anaconda burrito. it's three feet long, and no, it's not meant to be eaten
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>> you think i could? >> you might be able to pull that off. it serves five people. meat, cheese, rice, beans, you name it. the folks in fresno posted video on facebook to show how it's made. it's gotten more than 17 million views and a whole lot of likes. >> so if you're me, you can order it for lunch. if you're a normal person, you can order it for like a party. >> exactly. >> you get a giant burrito. >> it does look kinda good, if i was one of those people that eat things like that. >> finally found something to get you to eat. coming up our intrepid traveler goes to hong kong, wait until you see the results. >> i'm thinking it's just a green screen, that we weren't really in hong kong. plus, critter turned customer all caught on camera. the damage he left behind coming up. but first, she was missing
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communities around the world are observing world aids day to raise awareness about the disease that has killed millions
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what scientists are calling the most advanced clinical trial for a vaccine against hiv is getting under way in south africa. if successful, it could dramatically alter the course of the pandemic. at that event, quite a few celebrities involved, including u 2's bono. and we're hearing details from the husband of the woman who went >> reporter: sherry papini's husband speaking out, sitting down for an exclusive interview with 20/20. describing aspects of his wife's captivity. >> she was bound. she had a chain around her waist. she had a bag over her head. her left hand was in the vehicle, chained to something. >> to make sure she didn't jump out of the car. >> yeah.
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they opened the door. she doesn't know, because she had a bag over her head. they cut something to free her restraint that was holding her into the vehicle. and then kind of pushed her out of the vehicle. >> reporter: until now, police only giving this description of her abductors. two hispanic women armed with a gun, driving a dark suv. but after another round of interviews with sherry papini, the sheriff revealing new >> suspect number one was the younger of the two suspects. she had long curly hair. she had a thick accent. she had pierced ears. suspect number two, she had straight black hair, with some gray in color. she had thick eyebrows. >> reporter: police artists now working on a composite sketch. >> she was held against her will and was isolated.
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covered. >> reporter: in the four hours i spent with keith papini, he revealed details of the abduction and the harrowing miles minutes after she was released. but he was most emotional about seeing his wife after 22 days for the first time. matt gutman, nbc news, redding, california. >> and matt will have a special tomorrow detailing more of that interview he had with keith papini. >> unbelievabl >> investigators hoping to catch these people, whoever it is. coming up, the dating dangers. a growing number of women are facing online. hear why even the ceo of tinder is admitting there's a bad behavior problem on his app and the steps he's taking to fix it. what women need to know to protect themselves. but first, catching a glimpse inside of the world's most spectacular hotels as lifestyles of the rich and moi goes international. big time.
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? ? >> michael jackson's top hit of all time. day with a little m.j. even if it's not well known. >> exactly. we dug to get that one. >> so there are hotels and there are hotels. >> yes. and few places in the world where the hotel could be the destination. such is the case in hong kong. we spent no expense, literally. not a dime. >> spent no expense. >> exactly. i was the correspondent, the producer, the audio person, hair, makeup artist,
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hair? do you have a hard time with that? >> lifestyles of the rich and kendis. >> it's one of the world's most spectacular harbors, the setting to practically every jackie chan movie you can think of, and home to perhaps the world's tallest catwalk, a place way penchant for quirky foods. that would be chicken testicles. a local treat. um, no. where else to begin our first ever lifestyles of the rich and and the very place where david beckham actually slept. >> it's called the upper house hotel. and as i noticed on my way through the front door, it's what flo rida calls my house when he's in hong kong. ? welcome to my house ? >> hello. >> good afternoon, mr. gibson. >> good to be here. >> glad to have you with us. i saw flo rida on the way out. >> the penthouse suite, as fancy
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room, but the outside views. >> you're in our gorgeous upper suite, which is 1,200 square feet. >> wow. >> yes, indeed. we have the largest rooms in hong kong. >> three times the size of a new york apartment. >> yes. >> reporter: at $5,000 a night, it's not cheap, but oh, the benefits. >> beers, soft drink, coconut water. >> champagne. >> coffee. >> and this is >> no. >> reporter: every room with floor-to-ceiling harbor views, even the bathroom. >> and you can even watch television whilst you're having a bath. >> oh, my gosh. the hotel caters to your every need whilst in the room. asian breakfast, check. >> shrimp and pork for breakfast? >> yes. breakfast of champions.
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check. hotels in the city of hong kong are built around beautiful views. across victoria harbor, there are no better views from the one at the ritz carlton. just make enough time to get to your room. 103 stories to the lobby in the clouds, and you're inside the world's tallest hotel. >> this is the most amazing suite i hav >> the ritz carlton suite goes for $18,000 a night. ? ? >> reporter: this is the tub. your own personal sauna. it may feel like 120 degrees in here. but this feels like heaven. not hell at all. think if i hide in here, anyone
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st one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. >> so apparently everybody is getting into the black friday craze this time of year, including some really wild folks in southern maryland. one shopper walked into a store there and started tearing things to shreds. >> oh, no. >> so the beaver walked in, in south of d.c. in maryland there. and went into some christmas decorations store and started ripping apart some of the discounted items there. it was at the local dollar store. many of the customers started taking photos of it, trying to figure out what the heck was going on here. the beaver strolled right in and witnesses said the animal appeared to be in search for a christmas tree. >> didn't realize those trees aren't made of wood. >> of the real thing.
3:26 am
him. but compared to the stuff we've seen at walmart on black friday, this is calm. >> very civilized. so santa's home in the north pole. we've all wondered what it looks like. >> it's beautiful. >> what's going on in there. we have it. zillow is now shedding light on this mystery, including santa's home up on the sight with an estimated value as well, $656,900. they say it was constructed in the 1800s, two bedrooms, two baths, a toy lover's paradise and it's on 25 acres. plenty of room for all the reindeer. the home will appreciate 2.2% over the years. >> curious who the neighbors are. >> the elves of course, and the easter bunny.
3:27 am
earlier on. easter island is in the north. but this is an easter island. now taco bell has come out with the cheetos quesadilla. that looks amazing, doesn't it? this is in the philippines. >> we may have found the one thing you'll eat and i found. >> no, i won't eat it. but it's it's all melty, so you have cheetohs on top of the cheese. >> okay. on to cuteness now. check out this tiny horse, playing with a giant ball. i mean, i don't really need to give you more information, but i guess i'll tell you that the pony's name is basil. and this came from a uk horse enthusiast and photographer. one of two miniature horses that she has.
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this morning on "world news now," heavy damage left behind by a deadly storm system. tornadoes are roaring through several areas of several states, and there could be more destruction done today as the system barrels into the northeast. overnight protesters took to the streets of charlotte after a prosecutor chose not to charge an officer who killed a behind the controversial decision. and new this half hour, the danger of online dating. millions of women are looking for their partner through websites and apps and many say they're on the receiving end of explicit abuse. we'll tell you what's going on and what some of those apps are doing about it. and the making of the mcnugget, maybe you thought it was just a random collection of chicken. far from it. we'll taste what we're talking about on this thursday, december


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