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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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it will be fun. alison: an hour from now the first family for the final time will light the national christmas tree. we'll have full coverage. jonathan: steve rudin is inside the big event. anna-lysa gayle got tickets. alison: there are quite a few road closures downtown because of this. let's begin now wi rudin in the middle of it all. on the ellipse. hey, steve. steve: the road closures started early at 2:30. if you are still planning to come on down here, if you have a ticket, you want to leave now because the event starts at 4:30. look behind me, the crowd is starting to gather. going on here since 1923. they are dressed to the nines. they are bundled up.
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the temperatures will drop quite a bit as they move through the evening hours and into the overnight. take a look at the forecast as we move through the 7:00 hour. temperatures will fall in the middle 40s. now mainly clear skies as we head through the overnight hours. the clear skies will help the temperature drop and drop quickly. we looking at the overnight lows in the 30's for the entire area. a little bit breezy. looking at a bit of a wind chill factor that you have to contend with. but it shouldn't that bad. waking up tomorrow mo for this time of year. cold but still no snow to talk about. this year eva longoria is hosting. we have trisha yearwood and garth brooks going to sing. we have entertainment to enjoy. starts at 4:30. it lasts an hour and a half. the lighting of the christmas tree, the first family will be here and it will be an awesome event. i will have continuous updates
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from this year's christmas tree lighting. we head to anna-lysa gayle who is a little bit lower. not on a riser at the ground level. what is going on? anna-lysa: well, steve; like you said, a lot of people are here early. they are eager and they are holding their programs with the details everything they need to know about the national christmas tree lighting. look at all the excited faces. a lot of people feeling lucky to be here today because this was a lottery process to get the tickets. among the pre-show fairfax, pennsylvania, gaithersburg, waldorf, maryland, orlando and, of course, in d.c. according to the program tonight's host is eva longoria. she will introduce the u.s. force band airmen, reverend debra havkin for the invocation and then the introductions. that will be followed by the moment we are all waiting for, the message from the first family.
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talking about why they came out and why they are lucky to be here, considering it's a lottery. alison: thank you. the star-studded event is also forcing the road closures near the white house. along the national mall. before you head out tonight or maybe start going home, make sure you log on to we have all the information there. of course, now, it's also rush hour that is heating up. so it is certainly jonathan? jonathan: hopefully the evening commute will be smoother than what we saw this morning on i-295 in the district. what a mess. a seven-vehicle crash sent ten people to the hospital. one of those that was hurt we are told does have life threatening injuries. the force of the crash threw one car on top of another. part of the southbound lane
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routed. if you want to keep up with the break news go to you can get the traffic watch alerts and if something happens you will know about it right away. we will check in with jamie sullivan for a big picture look at the evening rush hour in a few minutes. alison: now updating a story abc7 followed all week long. the environmental protection agency says after taking an aerial look at the potomac river in loudoun county, specifically, there is today" than on monday. the mysterious sunday spotted on sunday. they found traces of hydraulic fluid or some oil. there is no word where it came from. they are offering anyone with information. jonathan: new, a prince george's county police officer charged with assault and misconduct with the action last june. officer juan hernandez
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guy in a cruiser and hitting him with it. the man was okay in the end. but hernandez, the 11-year veteran of force had been suspended after the incident. alison: the metro board committee advances a plan for late-night service cuts. brianne carter is covering metro from the marathon board meeting today. brianne: the metro passed a rail service until july if the i calls for metro to stop running trains at 11:30 monday through thursday. and 1:00 a.m. on friday and saturday nights. 11:00 p.m. on sunday. for more than two hours the committee went back and forth introducing additional amendments and debated whether or not the service cuts should last one or two years before finally agreeing on two years. metro general manager paul wiedefeld said the transit authority needs the cuts to begin preventive maintenance programs when safetrack comes
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the new hours would start july 1 and last until july 1, 2019. however, the d.c. mayor and the counsel do not support the cut for two years. the board chairman and the d.c. councilmember jack evans said he could use the veto on the measure when it goes to the full board. >> talk to the mayor and the counsel how to proceed here. >> this is not a perfect way forward but a pretty good one. if the district used the veto given this being reasonable and t completely against the spirit. brianne: the committee passed additional buss to supplement the late night rail service on the weekend. this is just a committee vote. it will go to the full board in two weeks. coming up tonight at 5:00, we have more on what the d.c. mayor's reaction is to the committee vote. at metro headquarters, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: president-elect donald trump getting ready to move in the white house. will he have to cut financial
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that is the opinion of some legal experts who say there is a clear conflict of interest in this case. kevin lewis is outside the five-star hotel with more on this. kevin? kevin: jonathan, many people are not aware that donald trump is actually leasing the old post office building from the federal government. he signed a long contract. often dull in many parts. but on page 1303, there is a clause. i'll quote. government of the united states shall be admitted to any share or part of this lease." former senior adviser at the g.s.a., the agency that negotiated the lease telling abc7 news that trump must divest himself from the hotel. another contracting expert however believes trump is in the clear. that man's logic is the lease only prohibits adding elected officials to the contract after it is signed. in other words, trump is grant
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so far the trump organization has not responded to the e-mails seeking comment. many believe this is now going to become a long fought issue. we're live in northwest, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. alison: thank you, kevin. the thank you tour starts tonight but not before trump took a victory lap at the carrier this begins as a vote recount is getting underway in wisconsin. >> donald trump on the road again in indiana. the president-elect praised the deal he struck with carrier air conditioning to sell 1,000 factory jobs bound for mexico. >> the companies aren't going to be leaving anymore. they are not going to be taking people's hearts out. >> carrier says the state where v.p. elect mike pence is still the governor offered the billion-dollar parent company
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over several years. >> even before taking office, our president-elect provided real leadership that made the difference. [applause] >> trump still is now under juteny by critics in -- scrutiny by critics demanding to know all the details. senator sanders wrote in "washington post" trump endangered the jobs to all workers and signaled they can threaten to offer insentives. >> we are killing jobs because of the tax code. tax reform is central to fixing this problem. >> trump's first leg of the thank you tour is ohio. a battleground state that gave him a decisive victory. in wisconsin where trump won by less than a percentage point a recount is underway, initiated by jill stein. his thank you tour will continue in the next few weeks and it will include crucial states he won and those he
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reporting in northwest, kenneth moton, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up next at 4:00 for us, what does white house wants you to do with the dollar bill and your cell phone. alison: next at 4:00, some call them porch pirates. thieves that take a package off your front porch. ahead, "7 on your side" fighting back against those trying to ruin your holiday. jamie: bumper-to-bumper traffic in the district. take a look. 12th and constitution avenue. what you need to know about closures and the dela
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alison: a hostage situation in jacksonville, florida, ended peacefully but started when a man robbed a credit union while 11 people were inside. it lasted more than an hour before hostage negotiators were able to resolve the suspect is in custody. jonathan: in washington state the man wanted in the deadly shooting of a police officer there has been killed. authorities in tacoma say he was shot this morning after an 11-hour standoff. the officer who died was shot responding to a domestic violence call. in the standoff, the suspect killed was using two children as a shield. this was the first officer killed in tacoma since 13997 -- 1997.
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american astronaut, the second person to walk on the moon has been medically evacuated from the south pole. the national science foundation released a statement saying an ailing aldrin needed a flight from the antarctic coast to new zealand. he is 86 years old was part of a private tour group there. he is listed in stable condition. new information in the deadly airplane crash in columbia. it killed 77. six people made it out alive. the jet ran out of fuel. the distance of just miles shorter than the maximum range of the aircraft. today, the bolivian civil aviation authority is now suspending permission for lemia airline to operate. no further information was given on that suspension. back at home, abc7 is on traffic watch for you. jamie sullivan has a look it at the evening rush. we got a lot going on tonight. jamie: we sure do. we will have a caps game, the national tree lighting ceremony happening.
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so we have closures in place at 2:30 this afternoon. but if you get a good comparison, you look here near constitution avenue and 12th street, how jammed it is. richard reeve is in mobiletrak7 traveling through the streets of d.c. you know what i'm talking about. richard: hey, jamie. constitution avenue, yeah, definitely. if you are traveling east. hitting 18, they will divert where we are, not too bad. anywhere near the tree, the ceremony area, boy, it's best to stay away from there. back to you. jamie: exactly right. let's talk about the closures right now. so constitution avenue currently closed between 18th street northwest and 14th street northwest. it is blocked between pennsylvania avenue. let's talk about the slowing.
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southeast, southwest freeway to the third street tunnel will take you 14 minutes. as a reminder we have the caps game so you will see a lot of volume near the verizon center as well. the big picture look. slowing in the typical spots but the focus is on the district. this is 395 approaching the 14th street bridge. all lanes are bumper to bumper traffic. one thing we don't have reported are accidents. if that happens we will let you know. jonathan: i york is starting to look like christmas. never mind the rain they had. the rockefeller center tree was shining right through it. lights were turned on. look at that. fog. almost perfect. 94 feet tall the tree stands with 50,000 lights adorning it. alison: beautiful. jonathan: gorgeous. alison: but today we have our own tree lighting around here. stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin is there on the ellipse. you were there last year, too. it's warmer this year.
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i forgot my gloves. going like this. take a look behind me. you can see hundreds of people gathered here for the event. if you head in back to look at the front of the white house you will see the president's motorcade. the motorcade will make its way closer to the event. over the next ten minutes or so. en it is on the cool side. already is in the middle 60's. to the 8:00 or the 79:00 hour, the temperatures will eventually fall in the 40's. a cold morning ahead under the mainly clear skies. we are back here live at the tree lighting and we will bring it here to abc7. we will head to the toasty studio where meteorologist
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look at the forecast and the new ten-day outlook. brian: i had hand warmers here. i could have shared with you, if i had known. it will make you tougher with the cold air. i want to tell you something. i have been doing lights on my tree. i have a holly bush outside. i have eight stands, i keep blowing them out. i can't handle the pointer. my degree is dark every night when i get home from work. i am so frustrated right now. get some pointers for me. steve: i will do that. brian: all right. thanks, ma drop back. we have a breeze. look at the winds from 10 to 15 miles per hour downtown. as we head through the evening and we lose the sunshine, winds will calm somewhat. you don't actually want the winds to go fully calm because it will allow the temperatures to get cooler. temperatures probably in the upper 30's downtown tonight. when you head out the door tomorrow morning. you will feel that.
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cooler. look at the lows. culpeper below freezing at 30. 33 in woodbridge. 34 in frederick. andrews at 36 tonight. 40 in annapolis. crisp everything. tomorrow, the temperatures are less than today. but it is right where he are this time of year. system. highs tomorrow will work ways in the low 50's. we lingering with the breeze. in the weekend, cool. but dry for decorating. maybe do lights. still struggling. 48 on 47 on sunday. i think it's breezy on saturday and sunday. we have clouds around and dry for both days of the weekend. we have a ten-day outlook. give you the first seven here. we are dry for friday, saturday and sunday. next week we have the next chance of rain. it's good. we only got half an inch yesterday. six inches down. once we get through the next
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do see temperatures start to drop on back. the temperatures are in the 20's. it does appear at this point we are heading to a cooler than average pattern. but right now the colder air and the moisture don't line up for snow yet. jonathan: i had the same problem. don't do eight stands on one outlet. brack it up. four in one outlet, four in the other. it helps. >> you are overloading the circuit. >> it's ju light! how much power can they use? alison: we can send somebody out. jonathan: we feel your pain. been there, done that. alison: we have to move on the breaking news now. this is live right now from skytrak7 over white oak, maryland. we have a big police presence in the area. they are investigating report of gunshots.
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if we have more details we'll bring it to you. jonathan: coming up for us, every year like clockwork the porch pirates strike. stealing packages that you are waiting for. ahead, "7 on your side" with the easy thing you can do to make your holiday so that it is not ruined. >> a university here in the d.m.v. says it is doing everything possible to protect the students. including using the latest in crime-fighting technology. i'm q mccray.
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jonathan: we have a bei bei update. the panda is recovering well after the emergency surgery. too much bamboo, was not shoeing it. got stuck. alison: like all babies. jonathan: they are keeping up with the diet. he was up this morning doing the normal routine eating. alison: yeah. responding well to the keepers giving him the medication. he had surge in his small intestine. his diets are sweet potato and biscuits. jonathan: let me out! while on the subject of nutrition, "7 on your side" tonight with a great resource and phone bank for you. alison: kimberly suiters is in the abc7 help center. the good for pandas, not for
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kimberly: the number to call 703-236-9220. 92-20. we are doing an ask the nutritionist phone bank. we have a robust group here. ready for your phone calls. to answer your questions about how to stay healthy through the holidays. it's not always losing weight. it's taking care of your body and everyone here is an expert in that topic. healthy, getting in shape. living on a healthy budget and taking the right vitamins and minimals. a lot of people are curious about that. we always get asked how do i lose the gut? you can ask about that, too. now back to you.
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jonathan: no, no. i was going to ask you why did they put this stuff? do they want us to grade it? yogurt and berries, chickpeas. kimberly: choose those things over the fried pretzels and the chocolate and yummy stuff. alison: it's hard to do that in the holidays. we have to ask how we increase our will power. kimberly: snack on that stuff first and you will get full. then treat yourself to something delicious. jonathan: it does look good. i have to say. alison: humus. care rots. not bad. jonathan: this is the stuff they encourage you to eat. you can talk to the nutritionist. it's difficult when you talk about staying in shape. you can add one of these these to your diet. you will feel better. alison: i have heard before you go to a holiday party eat this stuff so you don't walk in and start, you know, eating everything in sight.
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chickpeas, apple. alison: all right. speaking of the holidays, this is one of the favorite parts of the holidays here at abc7 because our abc7 newschannel8 toys for tots toy drive is open right now. this is really great. if you can't come down, we are at the national harbor on saturday. but you can still participate. this is the mail room which is already packed because so many of the viewers have taken the time to go to right there, you can purchase a gift for toys for tots. jonathan: it gets closer and the room fills up. you can meet at at national harbor saturday. drop a toy off in person from 11:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. folks will be out there. we hope to see you there. all the information on the website at even if you can't make it out, you can still help out. we have more after this.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: we have breaking news. starbucks chairman and c.e.o. howard schultz will be leaving his post as the c.e.o. kevin johnson will become the
4:31 pm
he will be the executive chairman. we have more on this and what it means for the company at 5:00. it's that time of year. holiday packages are hitting the doorstep. and a lot of times you don't know you have been hit. you are waiting for the package. alison: "7 on your side" fighting back against those stealing your holiday cheer. troubleshooter horace holmes shows how to defeat the wannabe grinches. horace: has it happened t horace: get this number. now and the first of the year is .5 billion packages will be delivered to doorsteps across america and you won't believe how many scrooge will steal. 'tis the season when a gaggle of packages to the doorstep. possibly for the porch pirates to pilfer them or sweep them away before you get home. >> if you live in a big city, stuff gets stolen. horace: every year, 23 million people are victimized by
4:32 pm
pirates as they are called. a simple crime for the thief is like stealing candy from a baby. this is an example of what we are talking about. a problem waiting to happen. the packages in the middle of the day left in plain sight for hours. this gentleman and the neighbors in the neighborhood are fighting back. >> put security up and cameras in the front of the homes and the rear. >> tod stealing package off the porch. it was captured by the camera. it's not always a deterrent. >> one out of every six packages are stolen. >> office porch despite he is a big camera mounted over his front door. >> i went to the police. they said we should try to talk to people in the neighborhood. >> secure a post office that
4:33 pm
consider renting a post office box. >> it allows you to talk to them. tell them to get off my doorstep! leave my package alone. fedex and ups have programs to allow you to delivery time and location and track the we have video of the scrooges on we will add more videos as we get them. send them in on jonathan: everybody has the smart phone. the doorbells with the cameras. it makes sense. horace: especially if you talk to the guy. jonathan: they hit the doorbell first to see if anyone is home. alison: good information.
4:34 pm
alison: the ellipse is the place to be tonight. >> they are excited. it's 30 minutes to go. we will be here with a star-packed entertainment venue. garth brooks, trisha yearwood, the host of entertainment for you. the forecast is cold here. the temperatures are near average for this time of the
4:35 pm
this saturday come business for toys for tots. we would love to see you there. we are warming in the lower ''s by monday. chance of showers on tuesdays. move in the end of next weekend cooler air will settle in. but still, no snow of forecast. at least not anytime soon. >> they are taking a proactive approach to stop gun violence on campus. q mccray has a look at the new technology that you will find
4:36 pm
q: they pride themselves being the safest in the country. they have cameras manned by the fellow terrapins helps ensures that. this added one more tool. shot spotter. >> like smoke detector. it goes off if there is smoke to alarm you something is going on here. a shot i spick up the sound. they kel police where it happened. they would see the shooter right away. >> the active shooter is 12 minutes. it is two minutes on average to get a 911 call. q: shot spotter takes 30 seconds. u.m.p.d. is trying it out for six months at no charge.
4:37 pm
$10,000 a year. >> what do you say to people that believe this is too much of a big brother? >> this picks up gunfire, not voices. >> so it wouldn't have prevented the horror at ohio state university on monday. but latest crime stats show most incidents happen in educational setting. >> it gives us a chance to get on the scene sooner and get in there alison: william mary university got two dozen letters. james monroe wrote to his treasury secretary. they have never been published before. they span from 1817 to 1825. it could provide new discoveries in the
4:38 pm
contents online. a school district is considering banning two classic books after a parent complained about the language. they have sustained the use of the "adventures of huckleberry fin" and "to kill a mocking bird." because they use racial slurs in the books. a committee has been reviewing the books and will make a recommendation to the superintendent. jonathan: "7 on your side" with health matters. you can see the take your calls. the number on the screen is open until 6:30. they will take any question you might have.
4:39 pm
ask the panel about the next story. nestl? says they found a way to cut half the sugar in chocolate and keep the same tastes. say it again. half, but the same taste. thaw plan to roll this out in alison: that sounds interesting. are you ready for lobster? next at "abc7 news at 4:00" a woman spends hundreds on a 23-pounder. what she did with it is unconventional. jonathan: the district's ambitious plan to combat the spread of hiv. not just the testing and the
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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alison: a woman in canada bought a lobster that weighed 23 pounds. you think she had a feast. jonathan: no. she let it go free. a few days ago, king louie as he has been dubbed caught by a fisherman. big lobster. i spread fast so it prompted a woman who was a vegan to buy the lobster and have it put
4:43 pm
from. >> i paid $230. alison: huge! jonathan: the fishermen said it's the first time he released a lobster he caught. alison: estimated to be 100 years old. incredible. jonathan: old lobster. good for her. hopefully he will stay out of the traps. and learned his lesson. still ahead for us at abc7 news. the n from getting lit up. alison: yep. we will take you to the ellipse when the first family comes on stage and flips the switch for their final time. >> district government details big goals to reduce the number of the new hiv cases in d.c. increase washingtonians getting treatment.
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kimberly: i'm "7 on your side" kimberly suiters. we are hosting the ask the nutritionist phone bank.
4:47 pm
people are calling in asking questions from the registered dietitians. and the holistic health coaches. how do i handle holiday eating? how do i handle artificial sweeteners. how do i work on the belly i am having trouble getting rid of? those are all fair game. call in until 6:30. alison: a great resource. thank you. today is w in recognition, d.c. mayor bowser has an aggressive plan to end hiv in the district by 2020. it plans to cut in half the number of the new hiv cases. >> they have a new plan. >> 90% of the d.c. residents know the status. 90% of the people with hiv being treated. 90% of the people being
4:48 pm
decrease new cases by 50%. by 2020. >> to execute the plan they partnered with the local organizations. >> the goal it seems ambitious but not something we can't achiever. >> they have prevention strategy and a new drug prep. >> there is word of mouth. >> little is known about t community, they developed a female focus p.r. campaign. >> similar to what they do like take a pill to prevent getting pregnant. this is a pill to prevent hiv. >> could the needle exchange program be targeted now that trump will be in office? bowser is optimistic the statistics will protect the program. >> when we began our local needle exchange program we
4:49 pm
new cases. you can't argue with the facts. >> the district made improvement in the past decade but they note there is a long way to go. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. if you are looking to buy a home look out for the mortgage rates. for a fifth ween a loan is up to 4.08%. that is above where it was a year ago. this time last year interest rate on a similar loan below 4%. the number of the americans signing up for the unemployment benefits for the first time continues to fluctuate. rising by 17,000 last week. it's still well below a bench mark of 300,000. that is good news for the job market and the economy. the federal employment report
4:50 pm
>> this would be a nice gift. i will be tough to side, though, until the holidays. a new car. auto makers are saying that the black friday should help pull the sales out of a slump. general motors alone saw a 10% boost over last november. that is big. in addition is a saw 7.5% boost. across the country they were strong enough to set a november record. of the white house grounds. if you want to see the white house, fantastic. all you need is a new smartphone app. alison: lindsey mastis shows us the new virtual reality app. >> the app is free but you need a dollar bill. just download the an 1600 and
4:51 pm
cam ro take peek. then you are seeing 3d pop-up image of the white house. fireworks to leaves in the fall and then it snows. it is designed to educate kids but everyone i show it to says it is cool and they are learning something as well. back to you. jonathan: thanks. brian: let's talk about the we are out at the national har bonn or saturday. plus the unwrapped toys for toys for tots at 11:00 to 3:00. races this weekend. the single bell 5k. it's crisp saturday at the pentagon row. 30's at 7:00. climbing to the low to mid-40's. saturday afternoon is the upper 40's. same on sunday. if you need to last leaves out
4:52 pm
it should be dry. looking beyond it appears going through the time we will see things start to adjust a little bit going long-term. so be prepared for a shift in the pattern. 40's for the weekend. 40's next week. i will tell you as far as moisture is concerned the next chance of rain looks like isolated on summed but widespread on tuesday and wednesday. we need the rain. that is a look at the weather. now for a look t jamie? jamie: it's a slow one. constitution is bumper to bumper. see it here near 12th street. as heavy we are on 12 and
4:53 pm
richard reeve knows how slow it is. richard: moving or not moving? that is the question. we are not moving at all. near 138th street where authorities are diverting traffic over. the front view and the back view. we are having a good time. if you are coming down here take time. you will be delayed. back to you. jamie: of course. we need it. closures in place. constitution is blocked at 1 street northwest as well as 15th and 17th street. i want to talk about the slowing. from the pentagon to the third street tunnel to take 11 minutes. look how heavy we are crossing the 14th street bridge. a good idea of the volume packed in there.
4:54 pm
coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- georgetown's women soccer team is headed to the college cup. that is college soccer final four. a big deal. big run for the hoyas and the star with the pedigree to take them all the way up next. >> makes me question the safety of the school. jonathan: parents take to the
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jonathan: the women's soccer team have an eye on a cup. they have one of the best team in country leading the way. we have more on rachel's this week's player of the week. erin: rachel is the hoya's leading scorer and just named one of the 15 finalists for the herman trophy, soccer version of the heisman. >> it helps that i am a junior now. trying to bring the leadership to the field.
4:58 pm
blood there. >> my dad played semi-professional in france. growing up we always played soccer. soccer is on tv. yeah, it's great growing up with the siblings to play. they are jealous i'm in a final four. >> the team is not in goal setting they have the sights set now. >> now the goal is if we are goin >> we have nothing to lose. >> congrats to rachelal, you are the team player. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: we are standing by for the lighting of the national christmas tree. the first family shoot be on the elimit in the next few
4:59 pm
-- ellipse in the next few minutes. larry: we are following a story where the d.c. health department shut down a grocery store. a safeway on columbia road north of 18th street. sam ford is there live to explain why. we are in front of the safeway. it includes the d.c. health inspector who shut the store down yes we can look inside. there were rodent droppings in the deli area of the store. the inspectors came here. you can see a number of people are here now. we have spent much of the day watching people come to this store. trying to get in. unable to. there is a sign on the door
5:00 pm
it presents an imminent health hazard to the public. the department closed the store at this point. a public report that the health department released to us and says the issue is the rodent mice droppings in the delhi. -- the deli. this is the first inspection nailed. earlier inspections there was no problem safeway issued a statement saying they take seriously the health of the customers. the team is working to address this quickly. throughout much of the day exterminators have been in the store working from a number of


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