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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it presents an imminent health hazard to the public. the department closed the store at this point. a public report that the health department released to us and says the issue is the rodent mice droppings in the delhi. -- the deli. this is the first inspection nailed. earlier inspections there was no problem safeway issued a statement saying they take seriously the health of the customers. the team is working to address this quickly. throughout much of the day exterminators have been in the store working from a number of
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if they pass they will reopen the store but if they don't pass they have to close it down and pay inspectors again. as we look inside we can see if inspectors are here in the store. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford. abc7 news. >> let us know what happens there. thank you. alison: the first family should arrive in a few minutes. we have team coverage for you from down on the ellipse. the traffic in the area. begin with meteorologist steve rudin who is there in the middle of the event. the sun starting to go down. it's almost time. steve: the sun has set. it's getting darker here. the big moment will start in a
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stage in a couple of minutes. the big vent is lighting the christmas tree. it's chilly here. we have the winds around 15 to 20 miles per hour. the wind chill factor making it feel like the 40's across the area. overnight, clouds will increase. temperatures will fall in the 33 to the under the partly cloudy skies. kelly clarkson will take the stage in a few minutes. i'll report back in a bit. alison: there is something for everybody there. thank you. roads around the ellipse closed for the tree lighting. the roads on the map here are
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they stay closed tonight. with the gaps game and a red carpet event at the museum. that is making for a huge mess downtown. a lot to report on tonight. >> there is. take a look behind me. the cars should be moving. bumper to bumper. you can see near 9th and constitution avenue. this is no if you travel on constitution. the area blocked from 138 to 14th street northwest. 15 to 17th street northwest blocked off until 7:00 this evening. richard reeve is in mobiletrak7 and he knows what i'm talking about when i say how slow it is.
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we turned to 18th street. this is what is happening. no one is going anywhere fast. they are going eastbound. they blocked off several blocks that way. you are not heading that way. you are getting on the road we are. no movement here at all. if you are not already at the tree lighting area you may want to walk or get some kind of transportation. boy, oh, boy, it's tough out alison: it is tough out there. stay with abc7 news for live coverage of the national christmas tree lighting. you can see we have the camera ready to go. we'll take you there as soon as the obamas get ready to light it for the last time. larry: wow! well, covering metro tonight marathon meeting today for board of directors transportation director brianne carter was there when the committee voted for the first time on plans to cut back hours. brianne: cut late night train
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metro committee. board members debated the impact the cuts would have on low-income writers. calling for 1:00 a.m. closing on friday and saturday night. >> not a perfect way thwarted but is it a good one. >> the debate is far from over. they only want cuts for one year, not two. board chairman jack evans can veto the measure when it goes decision this month. >> talk to mayor and the counsel how to proceed. >> tonight the mayor weighing in that we will advocate for a metro system that works for everyone and remains open for as late as needed to continue the growth. the metro general manager says he needs more than one year to get preventive maintenance on the system done. >> you don't have time to do the preventive maintenance so
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gotten in a safetrack environment. >> the full board is expected to vote on the matter december 15. in northwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: well, president-elect donald trump is set to begin a thank you tour with voters in two hours from now. he will be at a rally in cincinnati with vice president elect mike pence. earlier in the day the pair went to governor pence's home state in indiana to talk about the deal with carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in that state. trump says the cair products. while people are buying, trump may be selling in d.c. some legal experts say the president-elect must sell trump international hotel before he is president. there is a clause in the building contract that states that no elected official of the government can own a share
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add parties. not banning them. and it look like trump is going to nominate james maddis for secretary of defense. we'll have more in the newsroom. today recounting efforts began in wisconsin. jill stein requested the recount. the state where trump beat hillary clinton by 22,000 votes. stein wants a recount to ensure the ballot machines were not compromisedded by at 5:00, after the fires. a look at damage after the wildfires in tennessee. alison: a bit later, medical mission. while the second man who walked on the moon needed to be evacuated from the south pole. >> if national harbor opens a
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kimberly: i'm "7 on your side" kimberly suiters inside the help center. we are hosting an ask the nutritionist phone bank. the questions vary from the
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diburiculitis to diabetes and how to handle the treats at the holiday party? our experts will be here until 6:30 tonight. back to you. larry: kimberly, thanks. this is what things look like at national harbor january of last year when the construction started on the new casino. just shy of two years later, the m.g.m. national casino will open next thursday. this is what it looks like today one week before the opening. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live with a look at the concerns getting around once us opens for business -- once business. brad: it is an amazing sight. if you haven't been around this area lately. it's a gigantic project. there will be a choke point. they will to circle around to get to garage and it impaled a mess. the national harbor is a
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the big worry is the traffic. >> i am not sleeping. brad: rushern baker says believe the message boards already lighting up the beltway. >> we know folks are coming there. >> this was in 2012. cars backed up for miles. preparing has gone in to preparing for the m.g.m. and the 20,000 visitors. the casino and the national harbor are fed by the beltway and 295. those roads eventually lead to m.g.m. 5,000 space garage and that is likely to become a choke point. kent who runs national harbor says it could lead to the
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>> it's not that the road capacities can't handle things. it can. but there is a lot of first-time confusion and a lot of different times things start and stop. that will add to the delays. brad: back lifer, you can see the big screen up there advertising that, opening date. one week from tonight. when we come back at 6:00, we will tell you what the experts say you should do to try to ease the traffic. one of the things they at 11:00 p.m. at night. not during the day. we have much more at 6:00. national harbor, brad bell, abc7 news. >> new information tonight about the sheen on the river. aerial surveillance today shows it is significantly smaller than when it was able to last check on monday. sky track 7 caught a glimpse at the plume today. it's essentially stalled near the trump national golf course
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network offering 1,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to the source of the plume. >> if it was done intentionally it's a crime. we want to treat it as such. this is just somebody knows something. if it was done intentionally. they are taking precauti drinking water supply. >> now to the developing story out of tennessee. involving all of those massive wildfires. tonight, we are getting a different look at the destruction caused in gatlinburg. take a look at this. shells of the burned out houses. coveraged trees -- scorched trees. smoky haze covering the area. the fire is responsible for at least seven deaths. one reporter there on the ground described the area as a war zone.
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any relief in sight? brian: they got rain yesterday. that is good news. they got a soaking rain across the region. drying out now. devastation. alison: we got the rain, too, but it doesn't make a huge difference. prize after two full days of rain -- brian: after two full days of rain. it was .64 down. we are six and a half inches below. the rainy days you know why. there is a reason. take a look outside. i want to talk about snow. it's december. i look back and three winters ago we got the first snow on december 8. you can see if we look at the last five years, typically we are more of a january snow people. last year it was the january 17th with the dusting of snow. 2014-2015 winter. january 6. in 13 we got a december eighth
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the horizon. i see cooler arizona and moisture moving in. the two have to coincide. that can be tricky. so no worries right now. but know historically it can happen. today with the 63 for the high. deceiving. it was at 1:00 a.m. keep in mind the temperatures were mild last night. we are dropping back throughout the day as the cooler air was spilling in here. we are in the 60's earlier but the bulk of the afternoon was 50's. 57 in leesburg. almost 70. reason feeling cool out there despite the fact the temperatures are warmer. the winds. 19 to 17 miles per hour. sustained. 23 in leesburg. factor in the gusts in the 30's and that will put nip in the air. heading through tonight the winds will calm somewhat. they will return tomorrow. sun was down at 4:47. the temperatures will falling through the 40's. if you have lanes to be out tonight and walk the dog, whatever you need to do. know it will be a chill in the
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but as the sun goes down, clouds dissipate somewhat. as opposed to the last couple of days when the core of the air mass coming from the south to bring us a really warm temperature. this is where all of the air is coming from, for the next couple of days. columbus, indianapolis, detroit, pittsburgh. the cooler core is moving overhead. not that cold but that is the source. when that is the source feeding us the weather it's cooler. as we head deep hours we have the widespread 30's. you can see it's near 31 in manassas. 34 frederick. tomorrow temperatures make a run to low 50's. it's nice. heading to the evening,ger ronca johnson is there tomorrow -- veronica johnson is there. it's cool and crisp for tree lighting. the ten-day outlook, see for the next couple of days it's calm. for the weekend, do things
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cool but should be dry. slight chance of a sprinkle on sunday. heading to next week it gets upsettalled. monday night to tuesday it could breed rain showers. after a warmup, you notice how the temperatures drop back. despite the total sunshine. the temperatures for highs daily may not get out of the low to the mid-40's. with the 120's at -- 20's at night. little rain and cold. but not the two together. no winter woes yet. alison: nice. larry: more like december. we are there. thank you. so speaking of december, we have the annual list of the what it would cost for all 12 days of christmas. that list is out. larry: found out what you could buy for the right amount. >> there is a lock on the door. tourists can't go inside. you might wonder what this tiny building is right now to the constitution avenue. and steps away from the washington monumented. i'm cheryl conner.
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renovated and relocated coming up. alison: but first a look at
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>> back now with a live look at the white house with the massive red ribbon outside in honor of world aids day.
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the illness in the district. you can learn more about that on the website alison: all right. well, from the white house to the ellipse down the street, take a look. this is live, everybody. as the first family prepares to light the national christmas tree. listen to the president. president obama: are you ready to count down? [applause] president obama: we'll start from five. ready? you sure? [applause] okay, let's go. five. three. two, one. [cheers & applause] merry christmas, everybody! alison: that was it for the obamas. the last time they will light the national christmas tree. the first family seems to be soaking in every moment there. as the crowds enjoy the beautiful christmas tree.
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alison: that is the host evan longoria. a lot of great musical acts, garth brooks, kelly clarkson. it's so festive and so much fun. tonight down there is chilly. not as cold as last year but enough to get in the spirit. all right. well, just down the street from the white house, you have probably seen it. though you may not have noticed but you are looking now. a tiny ho corner of 17th street and constitution avenue. it dates back more than 180 years. it was the entry point to d.c. we look at the changes in place for the lock keeper's house. >> it's an effort to open the door. the walls, sink and the floor had their day. >> we are upstairs in what is a bedroom. an account by the national
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keeper, his wife and 13 children lived in 35 square feet. it has a name. the lockkeeper's house but the tourists rely on the outside description. >> i stop to read to see. i never heard of it before. >> it serves as a home and the office for the lockkeeper. >> he attended the lock where the city can join the city canal. it used to be a waterway, canal. >> they used to help navigate changes in elevation along the canal. >> he collected tolls. if you brought a barge up the canal. >> what is easy to miss as you are gazing up at the washington monument has a new light. ground is broken for what is the tiny house. >> the windows and the things, it needs love. >> it will only move 20 feet
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>> us will take a year to complete and it is funded by donations, not tax dollars. larry: one more cool place to see in the district. of course, that house is just down from the national ellipse. alison: that is where anna-lysa gayle is tonight. we just saw the tree. all lit up tonight. there?? anna-lysa: lots of people, thousands of people are waiting. they are waiting for something big to happen to a lot of big name performers here. we heard from kelly clarkson. we will have much for coming
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>> it's making me question the safety of the schools. >> parents push for children school to get up to code. what they say is lacking and
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larry: a live look at the national christmas tree. marc anthony performed. we have the guests coming in and out. the first family lit the tree five minutes ago. steve rudin is out there. how is it going out there? >> it's between the acts that marc anthony finished seeing. garthbrooks is on. you saw th see it behind me. it's beautiful this year. red, white, blue. that is the theme. sit chilly. we head to ground level. anna-lysa gayle is live for us there. what is going on? >> what i love is when you will hear them say let's get a clap because this is all being
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channel. it will re-air on monday. the host tonight is eva longoria. there are big name performers like kelly clarkson and marc anthony. we will hear from garth brooks anc among speakers reverend debra haggins wrote the invocation. we talked to the wonderful folks in the crowd lucky enough to be here. this was a lottery process. here is what they had tosy about what they look forward to tonight. >> this culminates eight years
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age can look and say i remember going in with dad the first time and voting for president obama. >> this is the first time we got lottery tickets and we are excited to come. have an event tonight. >> looking forward to a fun season. >> we can really feel the holiday spirit. i am in the holiday spirit. how about it looks fun. ready to go now. you know the trees, much smaller trees decorated all over the area as we get closer to christmas. one group is selling trees and cheryl conner caught up with them before they expect to sell out. >> one tree at a time. member of the clarendon united methodist church are making a
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it's our first year. it is their first year but they have it down to a science. >> we had the folks lining up. it's so busy we couldn't believe it. >> the sales mean helping people in need. >> we can draw the neighborhood so if we have the opportunity we should take it. >> it goes to the arlington food assistance center and stop hunger now. >> at christmas time of year. we are blessed to have resources at our disposal. >> they range in price from 70 to 95 dollars.
5:33 pm
>> community support to make a first-time tree lot a huge success. >> because the tree lot is run by the volunteers they don't open until 5:00. >> as we get closer to the 12 days of christmas, it could break the bank. >> the first day of christmas costs you $210. $190 for the pear tree. $20 for the partridge. >> two turtle doves on day two. $375. three french hens not as pricy. they are $182. larry: yeah. four calling bird canaries, $600.
5:34 pm
ring. >> at least. six geese allaying. $360. seven swans a swimming is more than $13,000. larry: wow! >> cut that out. eight maids milking, $58. nine ladies dancing, more than $7,500 perry formenace -- per performance. >> funny. ten lords leaping. whatever that looks like in reality is $5,500. 11 pipers piping is $2700. larry: 12 almost $3,000. a grand total of $34,364. in 12 days. alison: hmm. but you'd have quite a party. larry: wondering what is wrong with you. if you have spare change at the end of that. perhaps the house could interest you. this is a three bedroom, two
5:35 pm
25 acres. for under $657,000. off the mark. it's santa's house. alison: cozy. >> yeah. larry: santa is rolling. alison: this is the best way to make a difference. consider a donation to toys for tots. abc7 tea saturday at the national harbor. we will be there from 11:00 to 3:00. horace holmes is in the mail room with a look at a way to help. even you can't get there.
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sent to the mail room. we deliver it to toys for tots. if you want to see us in person come to the national harbor saturday 11:00 till 3:00. we'll collect toys. back to you. alison: i love to see the generosity. thank you. after the holidays you might want to think about a new year's resolution early. larry: kimberly suiters has a that. kimberly: dietitians, nutrition experts. you can call them and have a personal conversation with them about the issues. number to call 703-236-9220. we'll be right back after this. larry: plus, a military plane on a medical mission.
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brian: looking toward the weekend we have temperatures in the 40's. at night we are in the 20's. a breeze for saturday. sunday, a few more clouds but dry both days. perfect for anything you need to do outdoors but throw on an extra layer. there will be he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad.
5:39 pm
members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. alison: "7 on your side" with health matters. kimberly suiters is in the abc7 help center with a panel
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you eat your way through the holidays. hopefully without feeling guilty about it. we need tips, kim. kimberly: i'm really glad you brought that up. that is a topic we will address right now with a registered dietitians. people here are the dietitians, holistic health experts, nutritionists to answer your questions about the quest for protein, how to deal with food allergy over holidays, manage cholesterol and the plant-based diets and organic foods and making those yummy. we will check in a registered dietitian. something you and i talked about is why can we hurt ourselves more rather if we deny ourselves the delicious food? >> well, so, what happens is we kind of get used to telling ourselves no, you can't have that. you can't have that. psychologic we want it more. because we increase thinking about it. we overeat other foods instead
5:41 pm
so it is better to just choose the right time to enjoy some food you can enjoy with other people. you will stop the don't eat this food fight in your head. >> i like it. >> we are hearing it from the nutritionists. don't deny yourself too much especially at the special they answer your call confidentially. i'll send it back to you. alison: thank you, kim. larry: coming up at 5:00 -- >> a northern virginia school beloved by the families for
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?? ?? ?? ??
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larry: in loudoun county parents are raising concerns about safety for their kids while they are at school. jeff goldberg reports they worry the age at elementary
5:45 pm
s. >> nones of parents look at meadowland in sterling -- >> i'm concerned about safety. >> and see danger. >> if there is a fire i worry my child can't get out in time. >> the school was built in 1979. it does not have a fire suppression, not a. d.a. complaint and the bathrooms and the hallways are >> if the children were not safe the building wouldn't be open. jeff: he says that meadowland are may not be perfect but it meets the building and the fire codes and inspected on a consistent basis. >> the feeling is it did not
5:46 pm
>> the school may be old but the parents mobilize in modern way. they have a petition with signatures and it's packed with information and power point. >> we have been forgotten. >> thigh will keep talking. >> we are going to continue the campaign. >> until they take action. >> a toddler wandered away from a fail isty and a worker, rosa nayoung park turned herself in yesterday. a 3-year-old girl wandered away from the kiddie academy last month. police issued arrest warrant after determining that park was responsible for the girl's care. she was found unharmed near the daycare.
5:47 pm
huge police presence outside apartment building on stewart lane where a woman was shot inside her apartment. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis rivered on the scene and will have more for us. what do you have? >> we just got done talking to the system. we have three officers that are outside the where she believes she was shot. this is by the victim's sister and she was in the living room. texting on her cell phone. she felt something hit her knee. there was blood around the kneecap presumably from a firearm. listen to the sound bite we just got.
5:48 pm
write a text to somebody. i called my uncle. and they call the police. >> officers were looking at the apartments across the way to see if presumed bullet was fired from. the woman taken to an area hospital. she is expected to survive. we are live right now in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. >> thank you. time for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan on traffic watch. jamie: d.c. has been a rough one, especially with the caps game. the national christmas tree lighting. then we have an event at the newseum. look behind me. bumper-to-bumper traffic.
5:49 pm
talk about the closures in place this evening. a live look and this will show you what to expect crossing the bridge. bumper to bumper delays. another issue is maryland. we have a closure. motorcycle accident southbound on the baltimore blocked at route 198. if you slow from route 100, it's 5 miles per hour. that is the average. route 32 seeing bail-out traffic. this is now blocked and 59 is the alternate. alison: thank you. coming up new at 6:00, where a card skimmer was found on a gas pump and tricks to protect the bank card from crooks. plus, a police k9 cuts his
5:50 pm
what the dog did his first week on the job and how the pittsburgh steelers quarterback may have helped. new video of the man accused of attacking a postal worker in the district. that's at 6:00. larry: the starbucks c.e.o. is stepping down from the position to assume role of executive chairman. i will take effect in april of 217. he wants to focus on opening the high-end specialty coffee in a luxury setting. alison: "self" is about to publish the last print issue. i will instead concentrate on the online product. the print sales dropped in the last five years. the online traffic and the video views increased. it was founded in 1929. february issue is the last print edition.
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alison: check on the weather today. it's good to see you. brian: we will talk to steve rudin again at 6:00 but the temperatures are slipping in the 40's. it feels like upper 30's at times. morning for tu kids at the bus stop. the temperatures are where they should be for this time of the year. if weekend it changes and highs in the 40's. rain chances monday and tuesday. second wave of the colder weather. the highs in the low 40's each and every day. erin?
5:52 pm
months tiger woods stepped on the golf course to compete against the world's best at the hero world challenge. he is 41 now. all of that said he looked impressive for most of the day. he had a hole in one. but he did double bogey the last rounds and finish in the second season in american athletic conference navy has a chance to win their first championship. the midshipmen will host temple on saturday. it won't be easy for navy. the owls lost to houston in the title game last year. so navy will have to rely on the offensive machine that continues to punish opponents. the head coach were asked about the navy and the numbers
5:53 pm
next game. it's exciting to be in the position. it doesn't carry over. it doesn't matter. we have to move the ball against a good defense. watch it on saturday. kickoff at noon. the h in the soccer cup. for more on the team, head to the website, you can find the team player. larry: good story. nicely done. erin: thank you. i love their coach. he is from ireland and he is fun. alison: excellent. thank you. larry: he was the second man to walk on the moon and at age 86 he was on a mission to the south pole. alison: when we come back,
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jonathan: buzz aldrin is in the hospital and will be kept overnight for observation. >> ready to fly in treacherous conditions. this military aircraft equipped with the skies was the kind used to save retired astronaut buzz >> the elevated level, you bet. it's exciting. >> he rose to fame in 1969 when he stepped off apollo 11. alongside neil armstrong. the photo posted to twitter shows the 86-year-old getting ready to leave with the white desert. once he got there, he fell ill.
5:58 pm
deployed to go get him. >> we fly the only c-130's with skis we go there as a routine. >> the crew is trained to fly in white-out conditions. sometimes landing in several inches of snow with the temperatures down to minus 40. >> you know you landed when you feel the ground. >> they have made similar high-profile rescue >> last year there were four careers that were injured badly. >> and they met high-ranking officials. >> we just had secretary of state down there. >> but the lieutenant general says this was a difficult and a successful mission involving an american legend. >> we are not equivocating what we do to what he did. it's the most stunning
5:59 pm
the history. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. maureen: cnn report shows president-elect picked james mattis as secretary of state of defense. he -- as the secretary of defense. he was lauded for his leadership in the battle of fallujah in 2004 but he raised eye prows wih quotes and opposition to iran nuclear deal. hi has to be removed from duty seven years but he only retired three years ago. jonathan: that is as trump says he is making good to stop
6:00 pm
>> thigh are so happy. they will have a great re so a great they will have a great christmas. we can't allow it to happen with the country. so many jobs are leaving and going to other countries. >> they did agree to save 800 jobs after they provided inaccepttive to keep the country there. they will be kicking off ohio, in an hour from now. bernie sanders is joining those criticizing the carrier deal. he said the move signals they can threat on the move the jobs offshore. house speaker paul ryan said the answer to that is changing the u.s. tax codes. >> it has a potential to be a traffic mess.


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