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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: we have two breaking stories this afternoon. the first one, the washington monument will not reopen for at least two years. the target date now sometime in 2019. more ahead on that one in a moment. but first -- >> wmata is not a fine wine. it does not improve with time. alison: this is congress with a sharp critique of metro hours before service partially suspected -- suspended on the blue, yell line. jonathan: track problems by the smithsonian station frustrating commuters. alison: so the lines are now reopen. brad bell is at the federal center station in southwest where things are trying to get back to normal out there. what is the latest? brad: another frustrating day for metro. you can see that the escalators are now operating. they are going down. for 45 minutes, though, they
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the problem was as we show you video of the frustrated people milling around out here, the problem is they were doing some work on the tracks. they were tracking and then a switch broke so they shouldn't single track. they had to suspend operations. that situation lasted for about 45 minutes. from were actually some people on trains stuck very briefly in tunnels. we talked to a couple of them. >> i we have places to go and metro wasn't telling us anything at all. we were stuck a few feet from the platform. then they finally moved the train for us to get off. >> very angry. i'm supposed to be somewhere at 5:00. brad: we heard a lot of people saying they were very, very angry. this is typical of the problems that metro has been dealing with. when we come back at 5:00, we will take you to the congressional hearing today
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absolute earful. alison: brad, thank you very much. do not get caught by surprise when there are service disruptions on metro. sign up for the text alert by texting "metro" to 343817 or log on -- 438137. jonathan: the other big story this afternoon is a target date for completing elevator repairs to the washington monument. alison: this is a shock today. some would say it is bad news. two years from now before it opens. the monument of course closed this summer when we had all the constant elevator mall functions and it became too much. jonathan: a popular tourist attraction. before that the earthquake of 2011 that forced a three-year closure of the monument. tim barber is on the national mall to who is trying to move the project along. two years is a long time. tim: absolutely. i just spoke to somebody from the national parks service.
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he said they are trying to do more than just fix the elevator. more on that in a little bit. first, david rubenstein is one of the donors out here. co-owner of one of the largest private equity firms which manages more than $200 billion. today he announced he is donating $2 to $3 million needed the fix the escalator. it has a problem for the shutdown and abc7 reported on extensive this year. with the mechanical equipment. it will be shut down until 2019. i just spoke to somebody from the national park service. i am going through the interview right now. we have the latest from him coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". we have that in a little bit. jonathan: thank you. home invasion turned deadly when the homeowner fights back. this all played out in
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that is when a struggle broke out inside the home. when it was over, one person was shot. but there is more to the story. richard reeve has new information for us. rich? richard: yeah, certainly an unusual crime for this area. a home invasion. then one of the bad guys is actually shot by the homeowner with the bad guy's own gun. we have police back at the scene this afternoon. this happened 6:00 thursday evening. an 1 amber -- 18-year-old amber knocked on a door and said her car broke down. they told her they couldn't help her. then she came back with 21-year-old jones. police say jones forced his way in the home. pistol whipped the homeowner
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>> the homeowner was able to obtain control of the firearm. mr. jones then began to attempt to get a knife out of a drawer that was in the kitchen. the homeowner was able to discharge the weapon. and struck mr. jones in the abdomen. they ran off but jones was shot in abdomen. he collapsed 50 yards later and hed police believe there may be more people involved with this situation. we will explain all about that coming up at 5:00. live in culpeper, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you. well after a gray start to the week, things cleared up. as we head to the week we want to know how will it shape up for us? steve rudin has the weekend outlook. steve: it will be nice but on the cool side.
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have anywhere to go as you move through the evening hours we will fall in to the 50's. eventually the 40's. the sun will set in 40 minutes. the daylight hours slink, slink, shrink. the forecast for overnight hours, it will get cold. temperatures in the 30's. we talk about the upcoming weekend. i will tell you the best time to shop for tree. we will look at the ten-day outlook. it has a core of the coldest air of the season. i will tell you when it will arrive in a few minutes. jonathan: going to have to find a big jab. thanks. less than two months to go until inauguration day. president-elect donald trump has chosen nominees for half of his cabinet positions. next week we could announce a pick for more major cabinet post but kenneth moton reports
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pentagon. >> back to transition business at trump tower friday. parade of officials, even street performers and naked cowboy was spotted. on the list is former defense secretary robert gates. >> a wide ranging conversation. >> he endorses the man president-elect trump wants to be the next leader of the pentagon. retired marine general james mattis. a respective leader known for the military tactics. >> they say he is c thing to general george patton we have and it's about time. about time! >> he kept 800 jobs going to mexico with the help of millions in state incentive. carrier's parent company united technologies is still
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indiana plant south of the border. his pick for the economic posts are billionaired and millionaires. purdue met with trump friday. >> you have the big business in there. >> the next announcement is secretary of state. trump is expected to be on the road forf several states. reporting in northwest, kenneth moton, abc7 news. jonathan: steven mnuchin, donald trump's pick for the treasury secretary is stepping down from his post at sears. alison: secretary of state john kerry met with pope francis today during his visit to rome and vatican city. he chatted with the pontiff and introduced him to the
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jonathan: it is sad and scary what is happening in tennessee. 13 people are dead including a woman who died of a heart attack in the fire storm. more than 14,000 people have been forced to evacuate the homes. one woman had to be saved after her car flipped over as she was trying to get away from the fire. >> it's like b meteor shower. we will rebuild. jonathan: the fire is still burning in some areas but the rebuilding part a big part of it as well. they set up a hotline to coordinate the growing report of missing persons. alison: still to come here a year after the terror attack in san bernardino. surviving victims recovering. but the county won't pay for
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up at 4:30. jonathan: but first at 4:00, the great escape. see what happens next in this video. that saved a person, one in the red on the sidewalk. you have to see this. alison: we go behind the scenes with "jeopardy." the clue crew were here in washington. we have a special trip to zoo
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jonathan: "jeopardy" team tournament that aired last month was taped here in washington in april. alison: that is right. we love when they come to town. the "jeopardy" clue crew expect a day taping at the national zoo. q mccray take you behind the sines of the shoot. jimmy, sarah, and kelly of the "jeopardy" clue crew incest they hit the jackpot. >> it is the best job ever to be part of the clue crew. >> i find myself pinching myself, reminding myself how fortunate i am. >> it's entertainment and travel. the best things rolled into one. i love my job.
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tape clues for "jeopardy" dew say a clue they taped here at the national zoo is one of their all-time favorites. >> i had chance to get up close to bei bei the panda! who gets to do that in a day at work? >> that is highlight. just as adorable in person. a chargeer. he sat there and ate the sweet >> did you they memorize all of their clues? >> they think there are cue cards in the backgrounds. no. it's up here. >> they read every comment shared on social media. >> eare looking forward to hearing from -- we look forward to hearing from you. >> they agree there is something special about taping "jeopardy" in washington. >> washington, d.c. is like no other city in the country.
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of american history when i visit. jonathan: alex trebek said this is one of his favorite place to tape shows because the folks here are some of the smartest people. alison: can you imagine traveling the world like they do? in style. getting great treatment. nice people. jonathan: you shot some of the clues. alison jonathan: rubbing elbows with bei bei. alison: fun. let's move on to the other news of the day for you. we have new video from the police in colombia when they responded to the plane crash. this is when they found a crew member live. six people survived. 71 died. that plane ran out of fuel.
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a few mails longer than the route they took. jonathan: amazing that anybody survived. in the next story you need to pay attention. i will show you something. this gal here standing on the street corner in the red jacket. watch her carefully. roll the tape. this car is going to take a left-hand turn and get h the bonedded here. look where it goes. headed for the woman. she reacts. a different angle to show you. it hits the pole instead of hitting her. the car. she perhaps tripped. the pole blocked her from getting hit. it happened in poland. two anglals on the camera angle. you can see a very lucky woman. she was not pinned long. she just got hit by the debris. amazing that nobody was seriously hurt in this collision. none of the drivers. especially the woman on the corner. good thing she reacted as quickly as she did. alison: incredible. jonathan: you see this video.
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have a lottery, buy a ticket. alison: exactly. can you imagine seeing the video if you are her to realize how lucky you are. jonathan: people walk around looking at their phones. watch her reaction. she sees it happen and she reacts. he is could have been hit by something. alison: be aware just in case. jonathan: abc7 on the traffic watch. jamie: that is at the we have slowdowns. we start off in the district. 9 person is the average. heading southbound d.c. 295 to the national harbor, slowing with the stop and go rapid northbound kenilworth avenue seeing the same thing. we have volume and the beltway
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we have slowing and 66 as you commute outbound you can see the slowing here. as you approach the beltway. then continuing past that closer to vienna metro and past that closer to gainesville and manassas. we have a slowing. no crashes now. we hope it stays that way on a friday. back to you. jonathan: thank you. by the newschannel8 toys for tots toy drive is beginning. if you can't join us for the national harbor, we will be there, the whole team is there, you can still participate. so many have gone to the website to purchase a gift. put a name on it. the toy will be shipped to the drive. we partnered with the marine corps and we are raising great
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go over and drop an unwrapped toy off. you can find information on the website. we'll be right back. now, talking about the weather. alison: that was quick. you can go to am zand purchase directly to toys for at thes. jonathan: and the toys are reasonable. it looks like santa's workshop. i'm there from 11:00 in the morning until 12:30. alison: the same. steve: i'm there from 1:00 till 3:00. jonathan: my favorite of all time is when the folks, the parents have the kids go shop for other kids and they bring the toys. the kids get involved the
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steve: if you don't have a toy on hand there are shops there. jonathan: it's a mall. steve: food places. alison: when we are there, how will the weather be? steve: chilly and sunny. on the breezy side in the 40's. it's not awful. waking up tomorrow, there is a chilly start to saturday. but the sunshine will make it look nice outside. the highs make it in the 40's to 50 degrees or so. there is clouds that will be rolling in. 30 to 38. mainly clear skies.
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head through the early morning hours. tomorrow, the winds are out of the north and the west. added clods for garrett and allegany counties in extreme western maryland. it will stay dry. moving through the afternoon of saturday looking nice out there. for toys for to thes or the outdoor shopping or finding a perfect christmas tree. i think tomorrow is the better of the day. it's sunnier and a side. the fra for the day tomorrow looking at plenty of sunshine. i want to talk about the coldest air of the season arriving here not this weekend but as we move in to late next week and the following weekend. follow a pink blob here and notice how it will my grade across the mid-atlantic. the daytime highs, the highs
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degrees. it's chilly on tuesday. late next week for the upcoming weekend we will look for the temperatures to drop with the wakeup temperatures in town, upper 20's to 30. alison: thank you. coming up next at "abc7 news at visit for military families and their children coming up. jonathan: plus, it has been a year since the terror attack in san bernardino. the surviving victims are recovering but they are hitting roadblocks. we will tell you what they are. we will tell you what they are. >> i was shocked. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we will tell you what they are. >> i was shocked.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. jonathan: we are 23 days away from christmas. alison: we are festive and ready in the studios. jonathan: preparations are underway for a special trip. tomorrow the cane show is taking kids on a flight to the north pole. alison: it's very cool. and kidd o'shea has details on
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famous studios here in rockville. >> we are seeing the kids scom to see the santa. it's amazing. kidd: thank you, intern john. cane, talk about how it got started >> this has been a pipe dream. it's amazing for those who came out of the woodward. chantilly air said here, have jets. we said okay. and the nolan group said here, here are money to help with
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thank you to able forces. you can sponsor a family this season as well. kidd: you do increasable work. you make everybody laugh. it's awesome that you do this this weekend. >> thank you for hanging out the entire morning. >> we will be here all, then in the night. you never know. they are always working here on the cane show. just like santa. back to you. the retiree who replayed all. the brutally honest exit survey and his response. alison: but first today marks one year since 14 people were killed in the bernanker isor attack -- the san bernardino terror attack. the road to recover has been difficult and blocked my medications got denied and cut off in october. >> after the break, why those
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jonathan: a year ago today that a gunman opened fire in a holiday party in san bernardino. the gunmen and his wife were
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others who survived are continuing to recover. alison: but some are fighting for treatments and the question is who should pay? brian ross has the story. >> amanda was the partner of the shooter, syed farook. >> we have an active shooter. >> she tells me where she had been shot, she tells me she is going to die, not to let her die. >> i was begging. please help me. please help me. >> i said you are not going to die today. >> she lived but today a year later she is still in pain. told by the county claims administrator that a surgery and other treatments she needs were too expensive under california workers' comp guidelines.
4:32 pm
>> i need surgery. they don't want to pay. >> are you in pain? >> i am in pain every day. >> she is not the only one of the county employees in the room that day who say they are not getting what they need. >> my medication got denied. cut off in october. >> first betrayed by a fellow worker, the survivors are being we are being betrayed by our employer, county of san bernardino. alison: brian ross reporting. the unemployment rate dropped to nine-year low of 4.6% last month. in november the u.s. economy added 178,000 jobs. just about on target with what
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a recall from ford. there are front seat belts that may not be strong enough in a crash. it covers 2013-2016 ford fusions, the lincoln mk and there have been two known injury related to the seat belt cables snapping. jonathan: less than 24 hours after the big party, the folks are visiting the national christmas tree on the ellipse outside steve, you were out there. steve: i was. it was really nice. the sun goes down and they have if awesome light display. we have a lot to do over there.
4:34 pm
on temperature wise as we head through the evening hours. right now, chilly out there. 'em north and west of -- especially north and west of us. winchester is hanging on to the 50 degree mark at the reagan national airport. if you are looking for something cool tonight and you want to bundle up. upper 40's 5:00 p.m. the friday zoo lights from now until january 1. 7:00. you will be in the upper 40's. it will be on the chilly side. coming up, let's talk about the weekend. a lot of folks getting ready for the holiday shopping. go to outdoor malls where you have to bundle up or finding the perfect christmas tree. i will tell you about the weather for the best time to do the outdoor activities. when better to stay indoors for the weekend. all that is coming up in a few minutes. alison: see you then. thank you. this story captured national
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abducted while jogging. and then found alive. "20/20" has the story tonight with her husband. we have a preview. >> what did her husband have to say? >> it was a three-hour interview, i spent four hours with him. he is shaken. she is distraught and it will take a long time to recover. i was traumatic. he laid out from finish. there are details that she told police they couldn't relay to me but the story for the month for a family tortured by a super mom disappearance. she was the type of woman who tried to make a cake and main it better than anybody else. christmas decorations she
4:36 pm
early november. she was devoted to the family and she was ripped away from them. nobody has answers. it has ripped the family and the community apart. we have entire tale of how all of this unfolded. 16 years in the business, the most rivetting interview i have been part of. >> you have several interviews cruding the local sheriff. you found her. what did she say? >> she saw sherri. a lot of people did. she was let go on the side of the road. shackled with an arm to her waist, one arm was free and she was waving the bag covering her head to flag the motorists down but because she looked scary like she had gotten out of a prison break nobody stopped for an extensive period of time.
4:37 pm
to 911. they knew it had to be her. that is what is so shocking. she looked horrible because she had been severely beaten. so thane nobody stopped for her. that is tonight. alison: you must have questions about this. we do. you can catch a crossroads. the party leaders are in colorado to discuss a pass back to success. how plausible is that? >> the widespread celebration on the right countered by confusion on the left finding the results hard to stomach. >> they don't know that hillary lost a couple weeks ago. where do these people come from? scott: better yet, where are they headed?
4:38 pm
republicans will power positions across the board. how serious is their situation? >> i think it buries 5 to 10. liberalsliberals in the sandersg of the party is at that level already. >> the search for new leadership is a top priority. debating fresher faces like keith ellison and corey booker. >> there was recognition that president obama was a great brand at the top of the ticket. secretary clinton was less so. that is why they are not hitting the panic button yet. scott: clinton fell short but candidates gary johnson and jill stein saw vote totals triple from 2012 to 2015. >> there is sense a shock of about this. they couldn't imagine how they could lose to donald trump. that is part one. part two is the other shoe has not dropped yet. scott: meaning when and if republicans rout obamacare or
4:39 pm
that is when the democrats are forced to reflect. but sample says not completely revamp. >> of the last seven presidential elections the democratic candidate has received the most votes in six of them. even as i say, a weak candidate like mrs. clinton they were still able to turn out with the most votes. so there is some strength in the party. >> if the democrats are to dominate again he says they need to do what republicans have in the past eight years. build a better farm system of the politic help them win across the board. on capitol hill, i'm scott thuman. alison: all right. on a much different note. wait until you hear the story. when you leave a company after a long time, you have your exit interview of course and survey. well, one man who did this replied all. the all was 2,000 of his coworkers and all his bosses. michael steuben who spent 35 years working for the pennsylvania turnpike liked
4:40 pm
executive managers are out of touch and they were only looking out for themselves. well, p.a. state senator and turnpike commission chairman sean logan replied to his reply all and said this -- "i don't believe we ever met. after reading your exit questionnaire i am grateful that we didn't." jonathan: he was saying that the brass was out of touch. and the brass only confirmed it by saying i never met you. really? alison: now the retiree said he is enj volunteering at the church. jonathan: may he have a happy and long golden years ahead. alison: be honest. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the jailhouse bird that the guy got to pose with. wait. we are cutting off the bird. wait until you see the full picture here. we have a bizarre story for you coming up. alison: stick around for that. still ahead, self-defense at 30,000 feet. the new front line of defense mid-flight.
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alison: some things can't be explained like why this morgue man takes a picture with the parrot. jonathan: who lets this happen? we will try to explain this to you. here is what happened. police say this guy is craig buckner. he brought his parent apply
4:44 pm
him. thinking things would proceed quickly. he originally tet bird on the tree. these are not the normal birds indigenous outside the courthouse. alison: to oregon. jonathan: so when the judge ordered buckner arrested on the spot for violating terms of his release for a prior misdemeanor, the courthouse deputy allowed buckner to get his bird to have the mugshot take within the bird. they must have been really bored that day at jail. alison: yeah. a sweet family photos. that stands out. he is the one with the red parrot on his shoulder. there you go. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> they are defending themselves against attacker on
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. alison: breaking news right now in the manassas food lion murder. today, police found roberta brandon in a house in capitol heights. she is accused of killing jackson after the fight outside the food lion in manassas on november 29. she is now in custody and will
4:48 pm
face a murder charge. jonathan: well, the man who is spending life behind bars for trying to detonate a shoe bomb on a flight in 2001 said he cannot afford the fine leveled against him in court. richard reid asked a federal judge in boston to declare him bankrupt because he thinks he will never afford the $2350,000 fine. the judge gave prosecutors until december 16 to respond to the request to have the fine forgiven. after 9/11 security in the air flight attendant and crew members are on the first line of defense. today our ryan hughes goes inside a self-defense training program teaching the crew how to defend themselves. >> stop. get back. stop, get back. reporter: they are the authority in the air. but today the flight attendants are on the ground using hands, fell bows and knees. striking techniques that fend off an attacker. >> they have to defend themselves against any threat
4:49 pm
>> abc7 invited inside the crew member self-defense training program in chantilly. for sarah, it's personal. she is based out of boston and on september 11 her friends were on board the flight that took off from logan international and crashed in the south tower of the world trade center. she is advocating that the training needs to be mandatory for 1 >> this provides confidence on what we can do to protect ourselves and direct other passengers for what to do. >> 30,000 feet there is no
4:50 pm
>> 11 of the 12 flight attendants here were working on 9/11. they say the training is crucial and they encourage all active crew members to take it. >> we need all the tools are available to make sure the skies are safe. >> in chantilly, ryan hughes, abc7 news. alison: the characters if for bureau of tobacco, alcohol, firearm and explosives renamed after an agent who died on the job. loretta lynch announced the new name wil rios federal building. rios died works as an undercover narcotic agent in south florida. you will hear from rios' son who was 1 year old when his father was killed. jonathan: tonight the red line trains run 15 to 30 minutes in
4:51 pm
to medical center. on the blue line the trains will run every 24 minutes with single tracking between addison and largo town center. good news on the green and yellow, no plan maintenance this weekend. >> more good gnaws if you found a heavy jacket. you will need it. alison: a lot of people want to be outside. shopping. or getting christmas trees. >> checking out the tree in the ma harbor. when you come to drop off the toys, you can't miss the tree. 39 in winchester. 45 in luray. 48 in manassas. it's 52 in fredericksburg. if you have outdoor plans you want to bundle up. it is on the breezy side. let's talk about the toys for tots forecast tomorrow. the sun glass, you will need them. sunshine throughout the day. maybe a few clouds here and there. soldn't amount to a lot. highs will make it in the upper 40's.
4:52 pm
this time of year. some people haven't bought their christmas tree. saturday there is more sunshine but more on the breezy side. upper 40's. sunday a degree or two cooler. added clouds but not as windy. if probably won't mind it being colder. saturday and we will eventually warm up and cool things down. next weekend is one of the coldest days in a long, long time. jamie: we have seen slow traffic. nothing major. run through what you need to know. 26 minutes is the average from the bridge to d.c. 295. the big picture look we have
4:53 pm
not the roughest afternoon commute. kenilworth congested. 66 heading in. the beltway, this is before the american legion bridge. the average is 7 miles per hour. heading north to silver spring is not too bad. 66. stop and go commuting to fairfax. route 28. not bad. look okay. no crashes to report right now. the stretch on 95 as you head south from the beltway closer to the occoquan. this is right near lorton. it will take you 17 minutes. the pace is not terrible. nothing is bumper-to-bumper and no accidents. alison: thank you. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a mystery shopper scam making the rounds. we will show you the two signs
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look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again.
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hmm... the award-winning geico app. download it today. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. jonathan: some job offers to work from home could drain your bank account. consumer reporter john matarese has a holiday season warn something you don't waste your money. john: this is the time of work
4:57 pm
but this woman almost lost thousands of dollars to work as a mystery shopper. stephanie wanted to earn extra money. >> you know the holidays are coming. it is nice to not spend your own money and have some to save. >> she responded to an e-mail about becoming a mystery shopper. >> from the national mystery shopper network. upon the research the website seemed legit. john: she apply and couldn't believe what showed up next. a check for $3,000. >> it had the heat resistant mark on it. you ca get the number off. it looks like a check. >> the instructions said she was to evaluate the local banks earning $350. >> i was supposed to take the check to the bank and cash it to keep my $35. keep the money for the secret shopper. >> how do you know if the assignment is legitimate? you should be asked to check out a store or a restaurant. never a bank or western union money gram.
4:58 pm
buy prepaid gift cards. the check will bounce. you will be sending the own money to a scammer. >> it could be the last money they have or a single mom struggling, the last bit of cash. >> no legitimate company will send you a check for several thousands of dollars before you start announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: a bombshell today from the national park service. down near the bottom of the announcement that repairs from the monumented will get a boost from philanthropist david rubenstein is word the monument won't be open for
4:59 pm
tim barber with details. hi, tim. tim: good evening. this is not the first time this has happened. a few months ago in august people from the national park service were in the elevator and they got stuck up there. it has been shut down ever since. now a famous philanthropist is jumping on board to fix the monument for good. >> it has shut down two dozen times in abc7 learned it will stay shut down until 2019. >> three years with a heck of a long time. why three years? >> we are going to do a number of things while it is closed. modernize the elevator and construct a screening facility. tim: they say the project will cost $230-$3 million. today businessman david rubenstein announced he will donate the money to get the
5:00 pm
>> that is generous. it will fix the communityer issues that kept the locals and the tourists out of the 550-foot tall monument. this is not rubenstein's first time restoring american history. we are putting that together for 11:00. reporting live on the national mall, tim barber, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. they closed three lines earlier today. what a mess. this came a few hours after the metro managers were grilled on capitol hill. brad bell is covering metro live from the federal center southwest for us. that was a grilling they got tonight, brad. brad: it seems like it never


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