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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> that is generous. it will fix the communityer issues that kept the locals and the tourists out of the 550-foot tall monument. this is not rubenstein's first time restoring american history. we are putting that together for 11:00. reporting live on the national mall, tim barber, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. they closed three lines earlier today. what a mess. this came a few hours after the metro managers were grilled on capitol hill. brad bell is covering metro live from the federal center southwest for us. that was a grilling they got tonight, brad. brad: it seems like it never
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running. we saw anger before that on the hill. one day after it was revealed that the falsified failed safety reports may have contributed to the derailment last july at the east falls church station. a tongue lashing from congress for the metro leadership. >> how many more people have to die before we get you to act in the appropriate brad: they are all on the hot seat. gerry connolly angry not just about the safety but a recent suggestion that metro considered abandoning the silver line extension. >> i'm asking you a question about what you and mr. price were getting at. in threatening virginia's largest investment in metro. >> the leadership of the board chair and d.c. councilman evans criticized. evans defends himself and the leadership as agents of change.
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make sure that the regions are aware of the problem. brad: riders like those frustrated with the service interruption not impressed. the neglect over the years got us brad: paul wiedefeld telling us the one thing that comes out of the session like that is the realization that everybody now trying to make metro better again. brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. you can get text alerts on metro from abc7 news.
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info on your phone. alison: two men are on the run but a man is dead after a homeowner thought back against people he said tried to force their way in a home in culpeper. this happened in the 13400 block of woodland church road. >> they checked for the evidence marker and used a k9 unit. >> someone shot down the road. >> 6:00 thursday evil 18-year-old amber came knocking, asking the homeowner for help with a broken down car. the homeowner decined caring for an adult disabled son. then they returned with 21-year-old jones who forced his way inside. >> jones made entry in the residence and struck the homeowner on the head. >> then there was a violent
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the weapon. >> mr. jones then began to get a nave out of ra drawer in the kitchen. >> there were multiple gunshots. jones wounded once collapsed and later died at the hospital. >> it scared me. it could have happened here. alison: maryland state his searching for three men who told them they were police officers and then they assaulted and robbed her. one of them sprayed pepper spray in the car. another sprayed a towel and held it over the face. a third man punched her in the stomach when she got out of the car. the 38-year-old woman is pregnant. she was driving from new york
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>> horrible. donald trump says he will appoint james mattis as the secretary of state of defense. we spoke to a retired colonel who knew him well and said he will be a great fit. amy aubert, what other reactions are you hearing for the appointment? amy: people have been talking about the decision throughout the day today. take a look at this headline in the "washington post." "trump's best move yet. mattis for defense secretary." the retired colonel says he worked u james mattis in 2006 and 2007. he describes him as an accomplished and a demanding commander saying he asks questions and he pushes people to get things done. he talked of the reputation with the troops mentioning the excitement among the marines about the decision. he knows knowing general mattis his initial reaction is a great choice for the position. >> he is a great commander.
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i think the people who work for him will find it to be fulfilling and demanding. he knows where he wants to go. he will expect people to do their jobs and think hard about what they are doing. >> we chatted about mattis' well-known nicknames. one being the warrior monk. and he relishes that role. i have more on the interview with the retired colonel and reaction to this announcement coming up t >> the wisconsin recount will continue despite the trump supporters asking for it to be stopped immediately. a judge denied that request and said that the lawsuit can continue. two trump pac's sued saying there are no standards to determine which votes should be counted. green party candidate jill stein asked for the recount saying the voting machines mights have been hacked. a similar request is pursued
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it's crisp but it's clear outside today. it's about to get a lot cooler, i understand. alison: yeah. stormwatch7 meteorologist steve rudin is here with a check of the forecast. how is the weekend looking? steve: it is lack nice out if you -- looking nice if you like cooler temperatures. good deal of sunshine to start. then changes by late tomorrow night. outside this evening if you have outdoor plans to grab a bite to eat and go for a walk around georgetown. it will be on the chilly said. 48 at reagan national airport. 45 at a great event from now until january 1. friday zoo lights and check it out from 5:00 to 9:00. temperatures will hold in the middle the 40's. through the early evening hours. you will want to layer up. if you have never been to the zoo lights tonight is a night to check them out. take advantage of the clear skies. like said, grab a hot chocolate and a coffee. stay warm. night time lows are in the 30's. we talk about the rest of the
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in a few minutes. jonathan: thank you. there is still no word on what caused an arlington house to go up in flames. actually start with the tennessee fire. through information coming out of the area. alison: this in gatlinburg there where the death toll now continues to climb. wildfires rip through the city of gatlinburg. at least 13 people are dead. including a woman who died of a character in the fire storm -- woman who died of a heart jonathan: talk about the arlington house fire. still no word on what caused the fire to get started. firefighters got to the scene on the first road south after 8:30 this morning. they were able to knock the fire out pretty quick. but it got to the roof at one point. one person was inside the house. we are told that person got out okay. alison: today the rescuers are still searching for a construction worker trapped in a collapsed building in sioux falls south dakota. a woman and her dog were rescued earlier from the
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the building fell. alison: several other workers were able to get out safely. the building was vacant. but being renovated at the time. you can see there rescuing the dog we just mentioned with the woman. >> cheer from the crowd. that is dramatic. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- "7 on your side" as d.c. workers to not only get the lead out of the city school water but to make sure that the parents know what is happening in those halls. alison: plus, problems for more than half a million vehicles. >> the classic phrase paper or plastic is a thing of the past in a maryland city. i'm kevin lewis with the story still ahead. jonathan: tune in to "good morning washington" monday for a chance to win two tickets to see "rogue 1." we are giving away tickets for the screening at regal majestic.
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a new city law effective this month bans all stores in the aggressive city from providing customers with disposable plastic bags. >> i had no idea. >> we broke the news at ace hardware where the plastic was still >> it won't affect us. >> other spots like the grocery co-op. >> how are you doing today? >> cheerfully say join the club. of after all, it vollentarily cut the use of plastic bags at the register two years ago. >> i think it is ridiculous we produce so many plastic bags for single use to get flown away. >> takoma pork says the violators will be fined $100
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$200 if they are caught again. >> i'm really pleased. >> it does make a few exceptions. for example, produce bags, garbage and the sandwich bags and the clear plastic bags that protect your clothing at the dry cleaner are all still allowed. >> i don't think the laws are what makes takoma unique. people who live here make takoma park unique. the laws are reflection of the priorities of the people who live >> 90 other cities have similar laws in place. no word if montgomery county or other local governments will follow suit. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: want to see something cute? casual kayak ride in california turned potentially dangerous -- it's an otter. one man after an otter jumped aboard his kayak, john coaster says the otter's boldness shocked him. check it out. >> he rolled on his back.
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head. he turned around and he started sniffing my shoes. >> that is a monster otter. that is a seal with fur. alison: bigger than i expected. jonathan: he is a big fellow. he can jump in a boat. because he can. he had just take an class on what to do if this happened. they teach classes like that in california. if a otter jumps in your boat, this is what you do. >> you can't touch him. i pretended like i would shhh him off the boat with the paddle and he got the message. jonathan: you made a new friend. he was kayaking at elk horn slough. it makes the probability of something like this happening common there. look at the otters there. i didn't know there they are tough as wolverines. alison: you think it was a dir from the other otters?
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go jump in that one. that is funny. >> cute. steve: wow! alison: have you taken that class? what to do if an otter jumps in your boat? steve: no. i am going to consider it after seeing that. i want to be prepared. >> you never know. snootier self-defense -- otter self-defense classes. steve: wow! crazy stuff. tomorrow we are at the national harbor for toys or to o tots. if you are going out tonight to do shopping or grab a bite to eat, the temperatures will fall in the 40's. it will be around 42 by 11:00. if you plan to stay out really late until say 1:00 a.m., i don't know. maybe not so late for some. we will see the temperatures in the upper 30's to 40. definitely you will need a jacket if you have the outdoor plans for this evening. trying to wiggle their way in,
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if you are looking for a snow flake or two or three, you need to head to the extreme western maryland. you won't find a lot out there across western maryland. nothing around here for ten days. 30 to 38 degrees from the overnight low. mainly clear skies. cold side. winds from the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. waking up tomorrow morning, it will be chilly and bri 35 degrees in bethesda. 33 in columbia. you will be in the middle 30's in upper marlboro. we are going to look for the temperatures to stay on the cool side for tomorrow morning. eventually they will rebound moving to the late afternoon hours. clouds, not so much for the day tomorrow. if you are looking for a time period to peck out a christmas tree. you like it sunny and you don't mind it being breezy. tomorrow is the ideal day
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afternoon hours, into the's, a few added clouds off to the west of us. but the sunshine will fade away as we head through the day on sunday. it is not going to be as windy. but the clouds will hang tight as we move through the midday hours. so mostly cloudy skies. maybe a few showers along the mason-dixon line. it will stay dry for the net row area. if you have to get the tree or do the outdoor shopping you will be fine. for tomorrow and the day on sunday. sunny sunday. not as windy. pick of the two. here is your forecast for the day tomorrow. 48 degrees. plenty of sunshine to enjoy. breezy side, winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15. we could see the wind child factor to make it feel five or eight degrees colder. the feels like temperatures tomorrow are around 40. if you really want cold air. are you ready for it?
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tuesday. follow the area shaded in pink. it moves across the mid-atlantic. the coldest air of the season is on the way come late friday and saturday and sunday of next week. highs will only be around 40 to 43 degrees. these are downtown temperatures. so even colder out to the west of us in the mountains. where the daytime highs will be in the lower to the middle 30's. here is your ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. 48 tomorrow. houston on sunday. 53 on monday. we will drop back in the upper 40's milder on wednesday and thursday. as we move into the end of next week, and in the weekend, there is that really cold air. around oh to 42 for a high temperature. this is for the district. inside the capital beltway. nighttime lows in the 20's. winter is here. still, cold air now. but no signs of snow. alison: okay. nobody is complaining about that.
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white christmas? yeah, fine, we're good. alison: we're okay. thank you. well, still to come, something rotten may be brewing in france. jonathan: still ahead, the first world problem causing a stink. plus -- >> i don't think about it. i just keep going. jonathan: what helps keep the centenarian going in her golden years? >> but first, police call it a textbook case of ma not to do behind the wheel. what they want you to lea jonathan: a look at what is
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call today. comcast business. built for business. alison: "7 on your side" with a consume air letter about a recall of ford vehicles. they are recalling 680,000 cars. this is to fix seat belts which might not hold in a crash. recall covers fusions. 2013-2015 lincoln mk's in north america. 2015-2016 ford mondeyos which are overseas. ford knows of two injuries related to the seat belt problem. jonathan: all right. police want one driver's decision in rhode island to be a cautionary tale for everyone getting behind the wheel. look at the tv for this one. this is video from a 20-year-old. that is him. he is doing a selfie now.
5:24 pm
driving like an idiot. doing it while he is leave streaming on facebook for the friends. this is the end result. yeah. at one point he was going 102 miles per hour we'ving in and out of the traffic. he even flips the camera around a couple of times to show his face. knucklehead. police say the driver has a lengthy track record. the video though not so much. it doesn't last long. cut awe just before he hit a garbage truck. ruining the car. putting him in the hospital. listed in cr not even sure what motivates somebody to be that dumb or what they were doing. the kid had issues. alison: so many reckless things going on at one time. it's unbelievable. jonathan: phone, you have toll young people, phones should not even be in the front with you. you can wait to make the call later. selfies, really? alison: i know. facebook live while driving. jonathan: that was destinedded to end this way. nobody else got hurt. which is a shame but not smart. alison: still ahead on "abc7
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love story, which spans 70 years. find out what this, they might be getting, this couple for the very first time. jonathan: lateer for us as the district tries to tackle lead in the water at the city schools, "7 on your side" with a look at how parents are being kept informed about what is happening. >> this attorney is trying to getth obama to pardon a man convicted 93 years ago. i'm sam ford. that story is coming up on
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home.
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end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites.
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so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. jonathan: he led the back to africa movement in the 1920's and he was deported after being convicted of mail fraud. now gar i have's familiarously asking president pardon the civil rights activist posthumously. we spoke to his youngest son who was 5 when his father died. sam: dr. julius garvey, 83. cardiac surgeon from new york is back in d.c. on a campaign to get president obama to clear the name of his father marcus garvey with a posthumous pardon. >> it's important. it shifts a stain on the legacy. >> his first created the
5:29 pm
association a century ago to uplift millions of blacks. the calls for the blacks mistreated in the u.s. to move back to africa and sell shares in the black star line shipping. that said the f.b.i. hoover was mail fraud. he didn't own the ship. he was imprisoned until president coolidge commuted the sentence and deported him to jamaica. >> hoover targeted him. bono saying he was set up. >> if they look at it closely and they focus on the petition you will see this is well warranted. >> he has been dead since 1940, we found he is relevant at howard university. amongst the students here. she laughed when we asked about the conviction. >> i'm was the last question on there.
5:30 pm
heroes. >> i am expecting that the president will understand there is injustice stands in office before him. >> at reagan national airport, i'm sam ford. >> while talking about history, yesterday the sons of rosenberg went to the white house to ask to exonerate their mother but they were turned away at the gates because they didn appointment or invitation. the brothers had a petition with 40,000 signatures asking for the exoneration. saying she doesn't need a pardon because she wasn't guilty. they were executed in 13953 after being convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage. >> update on the d.c. safeway we told you about shut down by
5:31 pm
found rodent in the deli area. they brought in a cleaning crew before being allowed to reopen the doors. >> the germs that are so strong they are immune to most or all antibiotics known to man. including the doctors providing the antibiotics too often or the patients not finishing the prescription. they are given it for ten days and they only take it for four or five. >> what do you think people should be concerned about? >> the super bugs. anti-why yotic resistant bacteria the greatest threat in the country. more people die from infections than they do aids. people should start paying attention. jonathan: the scary reality. this sunday "full measure" follows the fight on three
5:32 pm
bab tieria entering the country and -- bacteria entering the country and stopping illegal antibiotics entering the united states. alison: lil hanson refuses to let age define her. take a look. so on her 105th birthday she taught a yoga class to a group of people in their 70's and 80's. she says most of them could have been her own kids. she has been teaching yoga every week for she says she has no plans to stop anytime soon. >> i don't feel any different. i'm just a little more careful than i was years ago. i don't feel old. alison: doesn't she look fantastic? 105. this michigan woman is the president of her bridge team. and her teammates say she is a ringer. jonathan: the best part of
5:33 pm
when they go home and talk to their grand kids yeah, i'm taking yoga. that is fantastic. so motivated. no, that is not the story. my teacher is the motivation. she is 105. alison: man! the whole class. they look so fit and flexible and healthy. they say that is the key when you get older. jonathan: there are people at home going if an so 5-year-old can teach a class -- 105-year-old can teach a class, i can take it. a couple celebrating the 70th anniversary this year. getting for the first time. reporter: a couple married for 70 years have amazing stories to tell. what they didn't have until now was wedding pictures. ferris and margaret of louisiana were married in 1946. but no one had a camera at the ceremony so they never had wedding pictures taken. 70 years later the granddaughter hired a photographer to mark the anniversary with a long overdue photo shoot. complete with a tux and gown,
5:34 pm
champagne toast. jonathan: awesome. alison: beautiful pictures. jonathan: a beautiful couple. alison: i love it. all right. here is a question. are you naughty or nice? jonathan: naughty. alison: or maybe you are hip. that is an option. take a look. hipster santa. he is holding court at the portland pioneer place mall. jonathan: he has a man bun. alison: he does. no red suit. he has the black glasses, blue jean, swelter. he has tattoos and jonathan mentioned the man bun. got to have a man bun. jonathan: santa does not have a man bun. alison: this one does. hipster santa. the second year he has been there. he is popular. i love the tattoos. jonathan: yeah. alison: you just want something edgier, that is where you go. jonathan: i think the 5-year-olds you don't want so much of an edge. alison: you just want presents. jonathan: no man buns. take your turn as santa in the
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the toy drive. it's our opportunity to see the viewers. bring a new unwrapped toy tomorrow between 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. we will be there. a lot of the team members are out there. we will be the ones gathering up toys with the marines on hand. it really will make season bright for kids that would otherwise go without. we hope to see you out there. alison: will you have a been a money? jonathan: i can't grow enough hair to get a man bun. no man bun here. alison: we will get you a wig. jona alison: still to come here at "abc7 news at 5:00". from tragedy springs action. we will tell you what a local mother is doing to honor her daughter while raising money and awareness about the illness that claimed her life. jonathan: plus the looming deadline for thousands of protesters braving blizzard conditions to fight a pipeline. that's ahead. alison: at 6:00, call for train operator testing after a deadly commuter train crash. the disorder federal officials
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steve: the weekend is here. if you are looking at how to dress tomorrow, it will be chilly for the toys for tots campaign. we will all be there. a lot of sunshine. upper 40's. finding the perfect christmas tree. added clouds on sunday. at least it will be dry. temperatures around 47.
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i'm captain justin ledden of springfield, virginia. say hi to my family back home. go hokies. >> thank you for your service. we have breaking ne you can see it right there. crews are fighting a fire. it's sparked by a chlorine leak in plaquemines south of baton rouge. hazardous material are on the scene. people in if area are urged to stay inside and keep the windows closed and stay off the road. the air quality is not good. we will get more information. as soon as we do, we will pass it along. alison: back at home, jonathan. tomorrow night there will be a special event in arlington to
5:40 pm
much more than just a fundraiser. it's a way to honor the precious little girl she lost to brain cancer at 50 years old. >> is it fun? >> alexis was a healthy, active dodd her when her mother started to notice symptoms. but none seemed serious. after a cat scan to rule everything out, sh terrible news. little alexis had a rare form of pediatric brain cancer. >> we were told the day she was diagnosed she had nine to 12 months to live. there is no cure, no survivors. we could do radiation to prolong her life a few months. >> they fought the disease for three years. two weeks shy of her 45th
5:41 pm
>> she was an amazing, energetic stubborn little girl that lit up the room. >> the devastating mother used what strength she had left to help other families by starting a local chapter of the cure starts now to call it team alexis. >> that is what i put my heart and soul into. the pain cancer research. saturday is the annual fundraiser, casino night. she calls her it her favorite night of the year. >> honoring her and smiling, think of the memories of her and the other people coming together. alison: so strong.
5:42 pm
their home every day. they hope it will raise $75,000. it has done a lot of the interviews and that is one of the toughest. i can't tell you how impressed i am at her courage and her strength to keep going. >> the efforts to help other families going through the same thing. i can't imagine that pain. i hope they raise a ton of money. alison: i hope they do. jonathan: coming up for us at >> chose the lead them on and off the field. i can't be on the field. >> a foot injury that hasn't shopped the midshipmen being the team leader. we are introduced to the rising star. >> first, fighting lead in the
5:43 pm
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the
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>> the lead problem is worse than we thought but it's being addressed. chris papst learned bowser administration is continuing to take action to not just make the water safer but to make sure that the parents are
5:46 pm
in the schools. chris: in the sul person it's hot the kids love water. when they are at school at the capitol hill montessori they are told to stay away. >> if it's something i can control i will give them water from the house. they schools tested pos every water source for school, library and rec center. item has results. of the 6,658 water sources tested a third contained lead. 400 had parts 500 per a billion. were the numbers acceptable? the mayor for public safety.
5:47 pm
all. >> donahue told "7 on your side" the city is spending $4.3 million to install filters on all water sources that test above one part per billion. they should be done by end of december. >> we are taking steps no one else in the country is take. >> he also said the city has enacted new policies to ensure parents are better informed. >> records obtained by the item show from 2014 to early 2016, routine water tests found 76 water sources. elevated levels of lead. filters were installed but parents were never told. >> we understand that parents want to know. it shouldn't happen again. >> should not happen again. >> chris papst, abc7 news. jonathan: the test results are on click on the story and you can see what schools and the classrooms tested the highest.
5:48 pm
trump appears to support the dakota access pipeline. this is according to a memo obtained by the "associated press." thousands of protesters as you know have been camped out there for more than five months in north dakota. fighting this plan. they have a deadline of monday to leave the area. critics say it threatening areas from the local tribe. the memo says his support has in the the pipeline. jonathan: in france, makers of canel november 5 -- chanel number 5 have concerns about a train that is through the high powered field. they say it would impact the scent of the flowers and therefore the perfume. the country rail network says it needs trains to ease congestion. so they are lobbying to pick a different route or change the
5:49 pm
alison: i don't think that will happen. time for a check on the roads with jamie sullivan. jamie: it is slow out there. this is the key bridge. you can see rosslyn in the distance. everyone are continuing on m street to georgetown. these lanes just trying to turn are heading to canal. well, there is an issue. canal road, doing utility work. talk about the other minutes from the 11th street bridge south to national harbor. one other thing we are watching is the slowing. no crashes. we have that on 395 as you head outbound. the top side of the beltway, a lot of volume. it look like we may have a crash. wait for a second. yep, a couple of people in the road. we have the police pulling up on scene. we have a crash on the right. be careful.
5:50 pm
they brace for up to three feet of snow in hawaii. jonathan: what? alison: i know! a winter storm warning in effect for the mountains on the big island this weekend. but most is expected above 11,000 feet. anywhere else you are still going to have the beaches and the sunshine. steve: it's not uncommon there. 11,000 feet is high. but you think hawaii and you think of pineapples and palm trees. jonathan: remember ski h shirts? steve: i had one. i did! it's lunchbox weather. we do it a couple times a week. it's fun. this morning molly visited dale city elementary school for the lunch box weather program. while there, she showed kids special behind-the-scenes videos. she conducted weather experiments. what the kids love, they got to see the stormwatch7. it is cool if you have never seen it. running the kid camera was sean.
5:51 pm
unison by three people. >> i'm alejandro. >> i'm olvedo. >> jared. >> we are going to ask you a question -- why are the daylight hours so much shorter during the winter? steve: i got it! alison: good job. steve: awesome. why are the daylight hours so much shorter in the winter months? you can say why are they so much longer in the summer we can blame what is coming up shortly. the win center solstice. that is when the daylight hours begin to shrink the most. as the shortest day of the year for the daylight hours because of the tilt of the earth. this comes december 22 at 11:49. that is when winter officially begins. the longest days will be in the southern hemisphere around the tropic of capricorn and the south pole. they have daylight hours that go 24 hours a day.
5:52 pm
summer, the earth begins to tilt more. then our daylight hours will become longer. our longest day will be around june 20. alison: another good question. steve: yes! they did a great job. steve: i love that. all three together. jonathan: in unison. good stuff. time for a story. a great story about a young man who was born to lead. alison: that is right. turn it over to robert burton with a look at sports. hey, robert. robert: hey, guys. senior linebacker at navy who was taken -- navy who was taken out of the game early in succeed. scottscott abraham has the risig star. >> technically, daniel gonzalez is out of action. but one look at a navy practice and senior is in the heart of it all. >> coming here and it helps me the most with the injuries. >> before the season he was elected as a team captain. >> i was chose to lead them on and off the field. i can't be on the field but i will be here every day.
5:53 pm
injury. >> it was tough. >> tough. knowing you won't play football again. scott: his career was over. the spirit and his leadership never wavered. the man they call "gonzo" was still helping run the show, now with the he of a scooter. >> anything i can do to help them. i will be there to do it. >> he is still our leader. scott: he is due to graduate next spring. >> his assignment? >> i was selected marine corp ground. i'll start to run again and start rehab. >> a leader on the field and more importantly off. eager to serve. >> we have to give back. it's my obligation and duty to serve this country. >> i'm scott abraham, with our
5:54 pm
jonathan: all right. robert: navy will host temple for the championship. mids going for the tenth win of the season. that is on abc7 at noon. scott abraham will have post-game reaction as well as after the game. the navy team might be underrated.
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th all day breakfast. alison: the man who shot former new york jets running back joe mcknight is no longer behind bars but as we investigators outside of new orleans could still charge the man with murder. >> joe mcknight shot thursday. you can see the first responders trying to help him in the video after what they call road rage incident. >> i approached to see what is going on. that is when i see other people on the scene. trying to do c.p.r. as he was laying there.
5:58 pm
mcknight was standing outside the car when gaser shot him. gun says surrendered. the police making it clear they are still investigating and interviewing witnesses. >> everyone should pause and reflect. and recognize that a rush to judgment does not equal anything. >> police trying to reassure the community. after naacp activist gathered to demand answers earlier i >> that is why we stand here. why was he released? >> this young man from what i can understand begged for his life. >> a day later the family is grieving and still in shock. >> this is a tragic moment right here. >> in a statement mcknight's family says the family is distressed, distraught. the tragedy is something that changes all of our lives dramatically. we are in the process of trying to deal with the degree and what we need to go through legal -- the grief and what we need to go through legally.
5:59 pm
there is no way to rationalize this. according to the police, joe mcknight did not have a gun on or near him at the time of his death. he was shot three times. abc7 news. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00" tonight. but right now at 6:00 -- he is known as mad dog. and the warrior monk. reaction to president-elect trump's pick to be the new secretary of defense. >> i'm mike carter-conneen. today the coming up, the story of ariel rios. alison: plus, a startling announcements from the national park service. we will tell you how many years it will take to fix the washington monument elevator. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: applause and skepticism tonight for one of president-elect donald trump's
6:00 pm
last night mr. trump confirmed retired marine corp general james mattis is his pick for secretary of defense. jonathan: the choice known as mad dog set up a buzz around the nation's capitol and the pentagon. amy aubert live with reaction. amy? amy: i spokedded to a retired colonel who worked under mattis and he said he is excited ab announcement. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis. as our secretary of defense. amy: it kept the conversation going throughout the day. >> a well-read person. >> knowing mattis i thought he would be a great choice. >> retired control says he work under general mattis for


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