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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> myself along with several of the more senior detectives out here have rarely seen an attack so brutal. kimberly: how the police are asking for your help to catch a killer. plus, tragedy in california, where nine are dead after a warehouse fire. in the overwhelming cost of protecting the president-elect. the shocking price tagged and who is being asked to foot the bill. the new starts now. good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. we begin with breaking news from cambridge, massachusetts, where hundreds of firefighters are
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live pictures of a 10-alarm fire that has damaged nearly a dozen buildings, at least two people injured. we don't know how the fire started, but there is a long fight ahead on this cold night. crews from surrounding cities have been called in to help. stay with abc 7 and as we follow this massive fire in cambridge, massachusetts. the temperatures are about to tumble. it is so cold that i have a for me alert josh knight has the first look at the forecast. josh: that's right, ready or not, more of the winter weather is on the way. we start out with a shot from the national harbor, a beautiful afternoon as we collected toys with the marines for toys for tots, thank you to everybody who came out, all your generosity. still time to give.
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feels-like temperature, 29 degrees. just keep in mind that the temperatures are not terrible, but once you factor in the breeze, which will stick around the majority of the night. feels like the 30's. if you are doing something fun, heading to the zoo to check out zoo lights, feeling like the mid 30's. have your coat and probably a hat as well. even in the sunshine today you wanted a hat and gloves. 47 degrees the high looking for more cloud cover. less of a breeze, so a little better. rain will hold off through the day, but sunday night we have showers. the timing of those and the coldest temperature so far of the season towards the end of the week. more on that in about 10 minutes. kimberly: a hypothermia alert will be activated in less than an hour in d.c.
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you are reminded to bundle up and be aware of the exposure dangers. stay connected to the stormwatch 7 team as the temperatures drop. follow us on facebook and twitter, or download the stormwatch app. this just into the newsroom -- one person taken to the hospital after a fire in the alexandria section of fairfax county. this is the 3600 block of logan court. the house, taken to the hospital, but we don't know their condition. a raging fire in alexandria. breaking news right now, we are hearing detectives are calling it one of the most fissures and violent attacks they have ever seen, and now a suspect has been located -- are calling it one of the most vicious and violent attacks they have ever seen an alley suspect has been located.
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sheriff's office. one man has been taken into custody for questioning in the brutal attack, identified as 50-year-old david junior washington of spotsylvania, the arrest about 15 hours after the brutal attack. spotsylvania county sheriff deputies and the forensic unit blocking off the entrance to this sunoco station as crime scenes tape stretches across the parking lot after a man brutally attacked a apparent reason. >> one second he appears perfectly normal, then the next he is attacking the clerk. ryan: that happened this morning on jefferson davis highway near fredericksburg. the 54-year-old clerk did not survive the blows and died on the scene. investigators released this photo of the suspect, captured on store surveillance.
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a horrifying view of what happened, but they are not releasing how the victim was attacked or with what. >> myself and the other senior detectives have rarely seen an attack so vicious and brutal. ryan: detectives have been going to different stores and businesses, telling them about the attack and warning them to be vigilant. >> it just caught me as a shock. ryan: she told detectives that she recognize the suspect's picture and claims that recently stayed here at the travel lodge, directly across the street from the crime scene. >> that was it, and he was kind of hostile talking to me. ryan: there is no word on charges. we are told that the man was taken into custody without incident at a nearby apartment complex in fredericksburg. the officials say the investigation is ongoing. ryan hughes, abc 7 news.
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chief suspect. an active homicide investigation in prince george's county were a man was shot to death in the 4700 block of main street overnight. victim has not been identified. no arrests have been made. stay with abc 7 and for the latest updates. today marks one year since montgomery county police officer noah leotta was hit by a drunk driver. days later he passed away from those injuries. an all-out push to stop drunk drivers. no was law requires anyone convicted of a dui in maryland to install an interlock ignition device in their car -- noah's law requires that. a a tragedy in california, at least nine people have died following a massive fire that broke out at a warehouse in the
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details. alex: a night of fun turns to horror, the sky lit up in red. around11:30 friday night, fire broke out at a party in oakland, dozens of people inside. >> it's a warehouse that was kind of like for artists with several different partitions. alex: the smoke could be seen inside, a chaotic scene. the roof collapsing, the escape route blocked. >> the stairwell was put together through what was described to me as pallets. alex: a majority of the bodies reportedly found on the second
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with dozens dead. >> this is a very rough day for the city of oakland. our hearts go out to our families and first responders who have to deal with this. it's very tough and hits very close to home for a lot of people. alex: rescuers using drones with thermal imaging to locate hotspots. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. kimberly: in tennessee, they are still reeling from the wildfires that killed 13 people and leveled neighborhoods. now questions about whether people had enough warning to evacuate. some residents say they never got the alert on their phones. >> two firemen knocked on the door and told me i had to evacuate now because the wind gust was coming across the mountain so fast they had to get everybody out. kimberly: brenda said she got
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the warning said look for ways to improve them, but they say issues of power outages and reception may have caused the problems. the trunk transition has caused a bit of an international incident. china launched a formal complaint after a phone call between the president-elect and the president of taiwan. china considers taiwan a breakaway province, and the u.s. severed diplomatic ties with the island in 1979. since has spoken with the taiwanese leaders, until yesterday. the transition team has not said if that shows a change in u.s. policy in january. officials in new york what the federal government to pay for security costs for president-elect donald trump. councilmember say that it costs $1 million per day to secure trump and his family and they want the feds to pick up the cost. new york has increase security
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victory. there is a renewed call for roentgens owner dan snyder to -- four redskins owner dan snyder to change the name of the team. more than 1800 people signed a petition which demands the name be changed because the group says that it disparages native americans. >> the name is demeaning and disparaging. it is a dictionary-define racial slur. >> we in the d.c. area native the daily use of this word come it is a racial epithet, and it's time that we stop having that in our faces. kimberly: a staff member for the team accepted the petition on behalf of the team. rwf say they delivered a similar petition to the redskins at another time. coming up, a shocking act of
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kimberly: tears replaced cheers at a soccer team in brazil today. a team was on its way to colombia when their charter flight crashed. 71 people di survived. investigators say that it appears the plane ran out of fuel while circling the airport. developing now, the police say a student stabbed his professor to death on the campus of usc yesterday on the last day of classes before final exams. the professor taught psychology. the suspect is in custody, no
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colder temperatures. a hypothermia alert about to go into effect. and josh is back with a look at
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kimberly: give back. today was the annual toys for tots strive at national harbor. the racing presidents were there, as well as members of the abc 7 and news channel 8 broadcast teams, along with our friends at wash fm and police and fire. it was heartwarming to see the boxes filled with teddy bears, toys, and games for those in need. for that, we say --
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kimberly: we are still accepting donations at our station in rosslyn. for more information, go to i saw you are talking about a race tomorrow morning. josh: the jingle bells. kimberly: the bad news is the beginning is uphill? josh: it might help to warm up, getting started on the climb. it will be a chilly run. december, you kind of know what you are getting into. we have a nice night except for the breeze. the actual temperature, 45 degrees. when you factor in the wind, 16 miles per hour, keep in mind that it feels more like the 30's. dress for colder temperatures and a winter-type night. d.c. with breezes at 16 miles per hour, 10 miles per hour leesburg. most of us, the windchill
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sunday morning, d.c. about 35 with the windchill. culpeper 29, 32 leesburg, 31 frederick. a cold start for us, but not too bad considering we are in the beginning of december. here are the numbers for the jingle bell 5k. 7:00 a.m., starts at 8 a.m., about 35. 9:00 a.m., still feels like 30's. will not would feel like mid 40's. dress warmly. autria will be there, too, bundled up. the cloud cover sticks around, so looking for the perfect christmas tree, keep in mind only in the mid 40's the actual temperatures. the good news is it's not quite as breezy. the downside is not as much sunshine. 47 d.c., 49 manassas, further
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annapolis. in the afternoon, the cloud cover sticks around, taking us through sunday. the good news is tomorrow is dry. the rain gets out of here just in time for the monday morning commute. 6:30 a.m., a few showers, but quickly after that we dry out. the next chance of rain tuesday morning. monday, not a problem for most of us. i think tuesday will be more of a washout. of the day. after that, the big talker is the next blast of cold air, the coldest batch of the season, friday to saturday, highs in the 40's. a lot of us will be lucky to get out of the 30's. 47 tomorrow, back into the 50's monday, just a few early showers. a better chance of rain tuesday, chance of rain wednesday, still unsettled thursday. quiet and cold friday and
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rain and maybe some snowflakes, way out there, so keeping a close eye on it. for now, get ready for the rain tuesday. kimberly: these chillier temperatures remind me of what it is like to catch a cold in the fall. robert: your hands are numb. i'm just thinking about how it could get worse. a rough day for navy, a couple
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: championship game in annapolis today, and a rough day for the mids. two players injured on the same
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possible lead to 14. without worth, the mids could not do anything on offense. the seals the deal. templewins 34-10. scott abraham has more from annapolis. scott: it was one of those days for navy where nothing seemed to go right for the midshipmen in the loss to temple and the championship game, their first loss that -- their first loss at home since september. on the same play, the mids lost their starting quarterback and starting slotback for the season. they had foot injuries. >> a lot of emotions. it's kind of hard to do that. i will just have to be that
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we have lost a big games before and came back. we just have to keep it going. >> to temple's credit, they hit us in the mouth. they hit us with the overhand right and we cannot respond. scott: another big game next week for navy, facing army. the midshipmen robert: the women of washington hosted a day in the life of an nfl player football camp for people to see what it is like on the field. they had special guests, along with former redskins receiver santana moss. they were treated like real nfl players, just giving the women a
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our world, we all know if it was not for our women i would not be here today, so when i heard this was an opportunity to show them something they have watched, i wanted to do it. >> they are so thankful. it is so cool. they are all seeing something in themselves. robert: golf, tiger woods continues to impress in the third round. on five, roles and lands in the cup for birdie. tiger shot to wonder --two under 70. he is in 10th place at the moment. and virginia upset at home by west virginia in college basketball, 66-57. fun stuff, the women of washington. kimberly: that was really cool.
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kimberly: it felt mild this morning, and then around noon the temperature dropped. josh: the good news is tomorrow we get a break from th we are dry sunday. sunday night a chance of rain to move in. then we are dry monday, monday night, then another dose of rain tuesday. notice, still over 7.5 inches behind on rainfall they share. the 10-day outlook, tomorrow 47 and cloudy. a chance of rain sunday night and tuesday. the end of the week, highs in
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tonight, breaking news. the party that turned into a deadly inferno. at least nine dead, dozens still unaccounted for. the frantic search for the missing happening right now. >> i hope he's okay. >> the warehouse went up in flames in seconds. just one way out. the only exit, blocked. >> this is a devastating scene. >> tonight, the investigation revealing just how unsafe this building really was. donald trump's diplomatic blunder? the reactions pouring in after his unprecedented call with taiwan. china launching a complaint. so, did the president-elect shatter decades of protocol? the murder mystery at a popular california university. a psychology professor stabbed to death, his student under arrest. the school bus full of cheerleaders slamming into an


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