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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: right now at 4:00, "pizza gate," the man who brought a gun into a d.c. shop was in court today. michelle: the target, comet ping pong. it was chronicled in fake theories online. alison: it goes back to the presidential election and wild theories about sex trafficking. michelle: we are learning more about edgar welch, custody. jonathan: stephen tschida is outside court where welch is about to appear. what can you tell us? stephen: 28-year-old edgar welch is downstairs. he is about to appear before a judge to face these weapons and assault charges. now, about 10 minutes ago i got the charging documents from prosecutors. they allege that yesterday, welch went to comet ping pong in northwest washington, entered that establishment. an employee says he was in the
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he said he went into the restaurant. he saw welch there with an assault rifle. he said welch pointed the gun at him. he ran out, he fled. other people in the restaurant fled as well. the charging documents allege that welch told investigators he came here to d.c. because of "pizza gate." this is one of these false news stories which allege that hillary clinton was running a child sex ring in this restaurant, in the tunneling beneath the restaurant. we rescue children. now these stories, these false news stories have drawn outrage, even from the what today calling them "corrosive." we heard from the people in the capital critical of this type of false news. >> just because it's printed, that makes it fact? no. no. >> what can you do? >> what can you do?
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stephen: yeah, now, well welch is about to appear before this judge facing these weapons and assault charges. the assault charge stemming from him allegedly waving the rifle. now we do understand according to the documents that he is believed to have fired three times inside the restaurant. no one was injured. now we are going to be heading back in there to get an update on just what goes down in that courtroom and what welch's fate might be stemming from the hearing in a moment. we'll be back with that at tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. to see all of our reporting and the latest in this bizarre saga in chevy chase, head to our website search "comet ping pong." all right. also happening today, abc7 allowed inside the billion-dollar casino just days ahead of m.g.m.'s grand opening in prince george's county. thursday night, that place will be packed. maryland bureau chief brad bell got a sneak peek inside. brad, we have been hearing so
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things that will be in there. what struck you the most when you walked in for the first time? brad: you know what? i got to say, it's really cool. there is nothing like this in our area. you know, from the outside everybody says it looks like a cruise ship. what you are looking at there is just the parking garage. so take a look for yourself. this is likely to be the signature view of the interior of the m.g.m. it's the conservatory, a gathering place and gateway to shops, r it is massive in scale. the m.g.m. people say it is meant to make an impression. >> national harbor is something that truly you need to experience. from the second you walk in the door, it's jaw-dropping. brad: from the conservatory you can step in restaurants created by celebrity chefs. or you can stroll down the re tail area and find even more -- retail areas and find
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-- gathering of celebrated restaurants. there are blackjack and over here craps. as for the slot machines, there are 3,300 of them. >> it's not vegas planted in maryland. it is a true combination of the cultures. it is entertainment. it is fine dining. there are cherry blossoms on the wall. brad: cherry blossoms on t there is actually windows so you can look out and take advantage of some of the incredible view here. when we come back at 5:00, we will show you more of the inside of the casino and also talk about some of the economics, what it means to this area. at national harbor, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: we are all hoping you can get us bruno mars tickets. alison: start working on that. stay with us leading up to the grand opening thursday night.
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special events all right here on abc7 and well, abc7 is also keeping a close eye on a weather system that is headed our way. there is a chance that some of us could see some rain or some sleet. of course, timing is key here. chief meteorologist doug hill has a first look. doug: it looks like everybody will get rain tomorrow and maybe a few areas north and west of washington could see sleet in the morning when it begins. but mostly rain. i will tell you this. as you loo we were in the mid-50's. today's record is spring-like compared to what we will be dealing with on friday and saturday around here. at the moment, we will continue to fall for clouds to slowly increase for the afternoon and evening. overnight lows will drop in the 30's in suburban areas. closer to 40 degrees downtown. as far as the temperatures early on, 34 in fairfax and in georgetown. 37 in largo. 40 in the city tomorrow.
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we will have a look at the next ten days in 11 minutes. jonathan: we'll see you then. now from breaking news from charleston, south carolina. the trial of a police officer charged with killing an unarmed black man has been ruled a mistrial. the jury unable to unanimously agree on a verdict for michael slager after deliberating for more than 22 hours. slager was caught on this cell phone video shooting 50-year-old walter scott as he was running away from the officer. if slager will be retried. this evening, there are questions mounting as the death toll could rise in oakland. a massive fire and a collapse killing dozens during a huge warehouse party. it's the city's deadliest fire. we are in oakland with the investigation that continues tonight. what can you tell us? what happened there? reporter: jonathan, a lot of things are happening here. what is happening right now is
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firefighters. their recovery mission put on hold for hours because of safety concerns for them. so that means family members who were looking for loved ones now have to wait even locker -- longer for information. the number of those killed continues to grow as we learn the identities of the victims, mostly in their 20's and 30's, some even teenagers. dozens still wait to hear about their loved ones. >> i want to go over there. it's my brother. i want to find him. brother. >> i have four friends that are still uncancanaccounted for. reporter: questions of could it have been prevented were mounting. the warehouse had code violation and complaints of people living there illegally. >> you smell cat's urine and feces and rotting food and piles of laundry, you know,
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didn't have hot water. reporter: the building erupted in inferno friday trapping party-goers on the second floor when a makeshift wooden pallets was blocked. >> they are my children. they are my friends, my family, my loves, my future. what else do i have? reporter: the recovery effort resumed here at the site. we have learned, though, that there is a outage scheduled for the area because they need to bring in a large crane to continue the work. jonathan? jonathan: i understand the number of missing, the number continues to fluctuate. do we have have a better idea how many people they believe are still in the building they haven't found yet? reporter: no. we do not have a number of how many people they believe are still inside. the only updates on numbers they are giving us is the number of victims they have
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we know one of those victims is a 17-year-old. they say some more minors could be included the totals that they do find. another victim was an alameda county sheriff deputy's son. jonathan: so terrible. thank you for the report. alison: meanwhile, developing at home, five people in d.c. had to be rescued when a two-alarm fire ripped through two row homes in northwest d.c. this morning. it happened on iowa av firefighters to put out the flames. neighbors say one of the homes is vacant but the other had nine people inside including two children and also two dogs. one firefighter was streeted for minor injuries. michelle: another big move and a big name in the trump transition. the president-lecht says he -- president-elect says he will nominate ben carson as secretary of housing and urban development. carson was originally thought to be the top con touchdowner
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services. the next step is senate confirmation. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is headed to new york to meet with trump. she wanted to discuss a number of issues, including statehood. alison: there is word today that president-elect daughter may soon be a d.c. resident. according to cnn ivanka trump and her husband have been house hunting around town. the couple currently lives i children. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- bei bei's big return to the zoo. michelle: a home invasion. a story here caught on camera. a group of men rush the front door with guns. the victim describes the tense moments. >> thank god my wife had the presence of mind to grab the kids and run and hide in the closet. michelle: the suspect who rang the doorbell looked like someone you would open the
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trust before bursting in next. jonathan: and this week marks 75 years since the japanese attack on pearl harbor. alison: later this month there will be an historic guest. the man who will join president obama still ahead. jonathan: still ahead for us, bryce harper the 2015 n.l. most valuable player already wears it. soon all of major league baseball will as well. the megacontract signed by a big local company.
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jonathan: we have a new holiday warning. a lot of people are expecting packages. this is not the porch pirates. michelle: this time it's who is knocking at the door. alison: a warning comes after a frightening home invasion. a group of men just bursting through with guns drawn. q mccray reports what happens moments before is some innocent. q: one homeowner is eager to talk about this terrifying invasion caught on tape. hoping to prevent it from happening to someone else. >> i answer the door. as soon as i do, he sticks, he grabs the .45 and stick it in my face. q: lawrence barry home surveillance system captured a
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signature. but they came in and assaulted the homeowner. >> thank god my wife had the presence of mind to grab the kids and hide in a closet. q: a shot was fired. no one was hurt. it happens more often than you think. this 2013 new york police department surveillance video shows ups imposter walking away with a $40,000 package. and the gunmen in california pretended they were delivering flowers as part of an elaborate scheme to rob the packages in the -- receive more packages in the holiday season. >> just because ups knocks on the door doesn't mean you have to open it. if you feel uncomfortable, trust the instincts. q: ups recommends if consumers are concerned about the identity ask to see a photo i.d. residents don't have to sign for a delivery unless they order it's a delivery made
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jonathan: that was q mccray reporting. there is something to think about for you. "7 on your side" is also fighting back against the porch pirates. these bad guys swing by and swipe deliveries before you even get a chance to get them. abc7 now is posting video and pictures of the suspects on our website. these are folks we would like to help catch. you can check them out. under the "7 on your side" tab. alison: well, the leader of the standing rock sioux says the tibe is forever grateful now grateful for the obama administration to deny the permit for the dakota access pipeline. this is the scene as the protesters reacted to the news. they were singing in celebration. the pipeline they say threatened tribal drinking water and cultural sites. the federal government blocked the route bringing some of the protesters to tears. >> when it was announced that this was happening, i cried
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prayer might have been heard. alison: the pipeline developer could still prevail in federal court but any development wouldn't happen for months. jonathan: we won but he won't be there in person to collect. bob dylan's voice will be heard instead. when they hand out the nobel prize winners. he won this year's prize in literature. he declined the invitation to the ceremony on december 10. didn't cite any reasons. speech that will be read at the banquet in stockholm. no word who will be doing the reading of what he wrote. japanese prime minister abe will plan to join president obama on a visit to pearl harbor later this month. the announcement comes two days before the 75th anniversary of the attack that drove the u.s. into world war ii against the japanese and
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putting them to work. the company is using driveless cars to tow cars on trailers at a plant in japan. the auto maker hopes the system will put the driverless technology to the test but to reduce cost and boost efficiency. hopefully expaneled it to overseas facilities. meanwhile, keep it old school. driving the traditional way. abc7 on traffic watch. we have a look at the rush evening. jamie sullivan? jamie: this is 66 near the vienna metro. the outbound traffic is seeing quite a bit of volume as you continue closer to the fairfax county parkway. even heading to centreville and manassas and gainesville. this is the volume you will be at. we don't have crashes to report on 66. the big picture look on the beltway. not bad at all. virginia beltway heavy on the outer loop. on the inner loop we are
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out near the toll road. the out theer loop, clear south to 66. it's heavy right now. 395, the congestion for you. about 28 minutes starting out near the 14th veet bridge continuing to the spring -- 14th street bridge to the springfield interchange. live look, 15 miles per hour. you can see how sluggish we are heading north. as you continue to maryland to get closer to bradley boulevard, connecticut avenue. this is the pace for the inner loop. again, the outer loop is heavy as well. keeping a close eye no accidents to report here. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. let's talk about the weather situation. it wasn't too bad today. alison: no. it's pretty nice. but there is a sleet possibility, right? jonathan: there is that. doug: the first time every year i mention sleet or snow -- jonathan: people freak! doug: everybody goes for the tranquilizer. there could be sleet north and west. frederick county, out past leesburg, briefly at the beginning. it's a rain. a cold rain but rain for the area.
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here is what we have. a day where the temperatures in the mid-50's today were pleasant. today's weather will feel spring-like compared to what is coming friday and saturday. the coldest blast of the season so far. tonight we'll see the temperatures drop through the 40's. i think by overnight, temperatures will bottom out probably around 40 degrees or so in the city. maybe closer to freezing freezin outlying area. it's cloudy and dry tomorrow morning. the key is the timing of the rain. we won't miss it to the gulf of mexico. we could have periods where we have moderate, briefly heavier downpours through the day tomorrow. up to an inch of rain by the time it's late tomorrow night. the question is when the leading edge moves in. depending on the computer models, it could be 8:30 or 11:30. that is the general time frame. the morning rush hour is fine. the earliest it could arrive, tail end of the rush. good chance we will see rain for the rush home tomorrow afternoon.
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according to this model. heavier rain to the southwest. that will move overheads. winds out of the northeast. a raw day. highs in the lower 40's. period of rain through the afternoon and the rush hour. it will get out tomorrow night. after that the weather conditions will improve with sunshine returning and a hilder day expected for -- milder day expected for wednesday. rain potential, close to an inch. heavier amounts over an inch, well southwest of the metro area. what is coming here for ten days? give you 100% chance of rain tomorrow. sunny and milder on wednesday. thursday showers in the afternoon. colder at 46. a strong cold front comes in. friday, only 38 degrees for a high. wind chills are closer to 30. a lot of sunshine over the weekend. but still remaining unseasonably chilly. 42 on sunday. mild weather on monday. we will extend tuesday, wednesday, thursday. the temperatures could slide more than that for the end of next week.
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news at 4:00" -- bei bei, the real star at the zoo. he is back for the biggest fans after surgery. efforts to keep the 15-month-old cub under control. his special diet as the recovery continues. that's ahead. >> from vision to dental health, she handles all things medical. i'm kellye lynn at the home of the virginia school nurse of
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alison: a rare honor for a nurse in virginia named school nurse of the year. kellye lynn visited the elementary school to find out what makes this medical professional so special. >> all right. let's do your thing. kellye: even when she is at school, 10-year-old sugar. >> i have diabetes type i. kellye: soup newsing the project is the -- supervising the project is the school nurse. >> we do case management and care coordination with if doctors so that we can keep the children with complex needs in the classroom. >> some of the many priorities of the virginia school nurse of the year. an honor bestowed by the virginia association of school nurses.
4:26 pm
we turned our conference room to a dental office. >> she is passionate about oral healthcare and to help implement a bus program to bring dental service to area schools. >> it's kind of nice. she is wonderful. kellye: no surprise, lailari received dozens of notes of thanks. like this one from a student who received heimlich maneuver from the school nurse. he writes, "thank you for choking on a hot dog." roy reed has asthma and relies on her for help with the inhaler. >> i am able to trust the nurse that knows a lot. >> i think i have the best job ever. i can't imaginek another job that i would prefer. >> and her students cannot imagine another one either. kellye: in alexandria, kellye lynn, abc7 news. michelle: isn't that wonderful? donald trump's cabinet is filling up fast.
4:27 pm
campaign rival. that's coming up. >> i'm mike carter-conneen at the national zoo where panda lovers are celebrating bei bei being back on public display. coming up, update on the recovery from the energy surgery. alison: new at 5:00 -- >> i don't know what to do with myself. i don't know. i might just cry. i don't know. alison: they were planning to celebrate the 12th anniversary next week. now she is planning his the latest in the investigation into the vicious attack that killed a local gas station clerk. that is tonight at 5:00. jonathan: here now is a look at what "good morning washington" team is working on tomorrow morning. >> thank you. tomorrow on "good morning washington," one of the hottest holiday gifts for kids and almost impossible to get your hands on. why some say the hatchimal does not live up to the hype. >> to be the first to see "rogue one" a "star wars" story in 3d.
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plan. >> this week watch for yours than to win tickets. >> stick with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow at 4:24 a.m. on "good
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since bei bei under went emergency surgery. he is the star attraction at the national zoo giant panda habitat. nice to see him back. michelle: so many people excited for the day. as mike carter-conneen reports the zookeepers are still restricting bei bei's diet as he continues his recovery. mike: panda lovers rushed to the national zoo when they learned bei bei's exhibit would reopen. >> we just came here to see the pandas mostly. mike: november 25, surgeons bamboo blocking his intestine. until today he has been healing from surgery in private. >> he is moving slower than he would presurgery. he is not moving around as much. bei bei might be on public disflavor but he is still in recovery mode spending much of the day like this. napping. >> we are trying to keep him
4:32 pm
healing. >> the mom comes in and out and take care of him when needed. to celebrate bei bei's debut today, 2-year-old tried to feed him animal crackers. but for now his diet is restricted to the soy protein biscuits, apples and sweet potatoes. the little guy still has a big appetite, weighing in at 95 pounds. above average. he has always been heavier like his peers or brother and sister another this age. he is very healthy. mike: the zookeepers and vets are going to reintroduce bamboo to his diet in a few weeks. at the national zoo, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: look at that face! what a ham. so sweet. our temperatures outside are mild today by december
4:33 pm
average. through the evening the clouds will continue to increase and thicken. temperatures drop to 41 in the city by early tomorrow morning. colder in the 30's. everybody is the same for a amount of rain but the timing between 8 o area from south and west. there will be element of the heavier rain at time throughout the day. the raw won't come to an ends until tomorrow night. a stronger front is coming in thursday. a really strong cold front. here is the way it will look in the next few days. 44 with a rainy day tomorrow. sunny and 50 on wednesday. clouds and showers on
4:34 pm
of how cold it will get here. look by friday. 38 with the wind chills about freezing. gusty winds. 39 on saturday. 42 on sunday. belief warmup monday. we will turn cooler heading through tuesday, wednesday, thursday. some models suggest it might even be colder than that. that is very latest. michelle: thank you. we have breaking news now we want to get to in the case against bill cosby. in the last ten minutes the jury ruled damaging testimony that cosby g accuser's lawsuit can be used at the criminal trial. cosby gave the deposition in 2006 saying he gave young women drugs or alcohol before sex. but the defense argued he only made the statements after being promised he would not be charged. more than a dozen women have accused the actor and comedian at sexual assault. right now he is just facing charges in pennsylvania. jonathan: for the latest in the trump transition. you can see by the map we put
4:35 pm
the positions are running out in the president-elect trump's cabinet. when it comes to one position, secretary of state. the list of candidate seems to be growing along with those seek court with trump and his v.p. mike pence. we have the round-up. reporter: among those meeting with president-elect at trump tower, al gore. he didn't say if he was under consideration for a position but they had a for common ground. >> i found it interesting conversation. to be continued. i will leave it at that. >> several cabinet positions are still open. >> we are looking forward to another productive week. >> the most attention given to secretary of state. that list now stands at nine candidates including john huntedsman, former ambassador to china appointed by president obama. >> there is an expanded list. i'm honored and thrilled to be on the list. >> huntsman downplayed trump's
4:36 pm
doesn't represent a shift in the u.s.-china policy. there are no questions about dr. ben carson's role in the upcoming trump administration. president-elect trump announced that dr. carson is his pick to head up the housing and the urban developments writing on facebook he is "passionate" about strengthening communities. and jill stein challenging the president-elect to allow efforts at a recount to continue. >> so we are here to assure donald trump that there is if you believe in democracy, if you believe in the credibility of your victory. >> democrats are indicating they may challenge dr. carson over his qualifications to lead housing and urban development but mike huckabee has come to his defense saying he is the only potential secretary who has lived in public housing. lana zack, abc news, washington. jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. son, major league baseball
4:37 pm
under armour striking their first big league deal. this is huge. the baltimore based company signed ten-year pack with major league baseball. b.p. jerseys, game jerseys everything they are wearing on the field is under armor label. michelle: a big league deal. this weekend, abc7 helped host a toys for tots toy drive. jonathan: it was so much fun at the national harbor. the support is as great viewers. myself, alison, and the marines were there as well. the police chief, the fire chief. you name it. everybody from prince george. we had a great time. so many of you came out to make donations. we filled up the boxes bigger with more toys than last year. in addition to that, it was great to meet so many of you out there. thank you for coming out. lindsey mastis, she was there as well. that is the morning team.
4:38 pm
you didn't make it out there saturday. lindsey: we had a great time at national harbor and we met so many people. take a look at this video of all the toys, even bicycles. people were dropping them off by the truckload. the u.s. marines are all part of toys for tots. they were there collecting toys as well. even law enforcement and a couple of presidents. abe and george were helpful. this is a picture with me with a family who received toys in volunteer for toys for tots now. we are still connecting toys. you can send a toy that you order online. we have a list of toys you can buy on amazon. go to back to you. michelle: thank you to everyone who participatedded. next on abc7 -- you hear the crying baby? a riddle here.
4:39 pm
passengers but 135 get off. the answer next. jonathan: help needed at arlington national cemetery. the simple way to get involved
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michelle: a flight from philly to orlando to bring the passenger count from 134 to 135. the crew declared an emergency and landed in charleston, where mom and dad and newbon were met by an ambulance. taken to the hospital. they have a great story to tell. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 ws short of a goal to place a wreath on every grave marker. the easy way to ensure every service man and woman is properly honored and remembered this holiday season. that's coming up. >> how low could this number go?
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jonathan: this was a scary situation. a woman recovering after smashing into a tree. her car flipped in the morning commute. flipped off the road and smashed in the tree. this was in the 80300 block of wood -- 8000 block of
4:46 pm
arrived and cut her out of there. no word yet on the cats or the extent of her injuries. michelle: this week montgomery county residents will get a chance to weigh in on whether to reduce speed limits on some roads. it's in an effort to make some roads safer. it seems like an easy decision but not everyone is on board. abc7's transportation reporter brianne carter explains. brianne: michelle, see the sign behind me? 25 miles per hour in a what you could see is a change of this. you could see it 20 miles per hour instead. it wouldn't be automatic. i wouldn't happen on every road. now this is just the latest in the effort to make the roads safer here in montgomery county and get the drivers to slow down. it's one of the bills set to be presented when the general assembly begins in january. even if it passes, a traffic study would have to be done to
4:47 pm
the lawmakers wanted to see the speed limits drop further but this is the latest compromise. >> this way we won't have to post it, making it 25. it will be the law of the land. that is good fore. >> now in a statement, spokesperson responding to all of this saying we support speed limits that are reasonable and enforcement. these laws would jettison the traffic engineer studies necessary for enhancing the speed limit enforcement. again, for any of the speeds to be reduced from 25 to 20 they would have to do a speed limit. so police say it would be the exception, not the rule. there was a third measure they were expected to put forward that has been scrapped. we have more on that tonight
4:48 pm
carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. vdot has a public hearing tonight to review the interstate 66 widening project plans. in the meeting they will discuss the findings of the environmental assessment that was done. the meeting is tonight in the cafeteria of washington lee high school. that is in arlington if you would like to attend yeah. new developments in the case of the accused charleston, south carolina, church shooter. dylann roof's request to bring back his defense attorney for part of the trial has been he previously wanted to represent himself. the judge, though, in the case said that move was unwise. roof is accused of killing nine people at a historically black church last year. if convicted he could face the death penalty. jonathan: a judge stensed an ohio man -- sentenced an ohio man to 30 years in prison for planning an attack on the u.s. capitol. he pled guilty to three charges including attempted murder of u.s. officials in a plot to attack the capitol in
4:49 pm
after receiving the sentence, cornell yelled in court, "allah is in control, not this judge." all right. moving into something a lot better here. a group that honors veterans needs your help this holiday season. a program they do every year, putting wreaths across america. that is the name of the group. they salute fallen veterans to place a wreath on each headstone at arlington national cemetery. michelle: but this year they don't have enough wreaths. national correspondt the cemetery. they are short there but there is hope that help will come in time, right? kristine: that is right. you know, 27 to 30 people are buried at arlington national cemetery every single day. that is really the main reason for the shortage this year. there are simply more headstones to cover. a lot of peak see, they think it's a -- a lot of people see this and they think it's a government program.
4:50 pm
you. it has been a tradition for a quarter century. started with the owner of a wreath company in maine having a few thousand extra one year. he decided to send them to arlington national cemetery. for volunteers and family members to lay at each headstone. melanie adam lost her son in afghanistan two and a half years ago. melanie: i cry all the time. think about him all kristine: now an official non-profit, wreaths across america has grown. now bringing wreaths in by the truckload. >> there are a lot of people at arlington and other national cemeteries that are forgotten. the families are gone. we want to put the wreath on the marker and say if person's name out loud so they are not forgotten. kristine: this year they are short of donations. more than 50,000 wreath
4:51 pm
cover every grave by december 17. a special salute to those who gave all and the hope that every veteran this year can be honored. >> i don't want someone to come to arlington and say, "what about my son? what about my dad? what about my daughter?" kristine: now i should mention it's not just here at arlington. this program has reached more than a thousand cemeteries across the country. last year they laid more than 900,000 wreaths. more than at -- 240,000, here at arlington. they have expanded the deadline and hope the reach the goal in the next two weeks. live at arlington national cemetery, kristine frazao. back to you. steve: let's hope they reach the goal. it's cool out there now. we are looking at clouds beginning to increase. temperatures are in the 40's this evening. so if you have outdoor plans you want to bunding up. mid-40's tomorrow. grab an umbrella. mostly cloudy skies. period of rain. could see upward of an inch by the time the system moves out
4:52 pm
for the kids likely will be in jeopardy. and then as we move through the late afternoon hours, rush hour commute driving home tomorrow evening will likely be a mess. thank goodness temperatures will be well above freezing so this is an all rain event for the immediate metro area. let's talk about the upcoming weekend. a cold weekend ahead. temperatures on saturday will only be in the upper 30's with the wind chill factors that are going to make it feel even colder than that. rebound to the lower 40's on sunday. keep in mind the average high for this time of year is 48 degrees. so upper 30's, lower 40's not where we should be for this time of year. 44 tomorrow. 50 on wednesday. there is that shot of colder air by friday and saturday. upper 30's. back in the lower 40's on sunday. lower 50's on monday and tuesday. then cooler air for middle of next week. get a check on a busy monday evening rush hour commute with jamie sullivan.
4:53 pm
me. this is the traffic on 66 heading outbound. you see the volume we have. not because of crashes, just typical. working your way from the beltway closer to the fairfax county parkway. the capital beltway right now is not too bad in maryland traveling through prince george's county. a little bit of slower on the inner loop getting through college park. we definitely have the alexandria heavy traffic on the outer loop. we do have the inner loop and the outer loop as well in virginia. south toward tysons. north on the inner loop getting to maryland. from the 14th street bridge continuing to the mixing bowl. and 5 miles per hour. here is a live look at just how congested we are. so, a slow-go. no big crashes to report though now. jonathan? jonathan: thanks for that. coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- is the end of the world coming? if you talk to some people known as "preppers" and some people after the election, they believe it's coming. >> sometimes people think that i'm some crazy lunatic that
4:54 pm
this man says you just have to have and the surprising cost. you think it's worth it? we'll have
4:55 pm
shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
4:56 pm
john: a number of people in the d.c. area wonder what will happen in the coming months given terror threats, events around the world and a new president taking office. they are stocking up on
4:57 pm
john: in this underground storage room in an undisclosed home, daniel is stocking up. >> this is an $800 medical kit. john: don't call him a survivalist. there is a new name. >> i'm a prepper. john: preppers worry it could turn into mad max movie scene because of election or an attack. >> i have supplies in my home where my family could be sustained for a long period of time. >> he has prere water purifier, iodine tablets. a lot of food. survival seeds for growing a garden. >> i can freeze-dried my own foods. >> even diapers that could be traded for food. >> why do i have half a skid of diapers? they are good for barter. >> he is not a guy living a
4:58 pm
i'm some crazy lunatic that thinks the world will end tomorrow. nothing would be further from the truth. >> he heads his local prepper group where the members share and trade emergency kits. he says everyday people are preparing just in case. >> you would haven't to rely on others to take care of us. >> in days you think is a crazy tripping movement, remember, the government told -- crazy fringe movement, us to tuck away supplies after 9/11 so it might be a good idea to have a few emergency supplies on hand so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. announcer: now, five -- "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: in the last 15 middlesbrough, the man accused of firing a gun inside a local restaurant made his first appearance in court. edgar welch who you see there says he was at the restaurant to investigate stories he had
4:59 pm
ring run out of comet ping pong in northwest. these stories were generated by fake news sites. stephen tschida live outside d.c. superior court and has the newest information in the case. stephen: we want to underline the fake news report. 15 minutes ago, 28-year-old edgar welch appeared before a judge here at d.c. superior court. he was ordered held without bond spending the next court appearance. we an hour ago. they lay out a case against him and detail what went down in comet ping pong yesterday afternoon. now basically it says that welch went in with an assault rifle and a hand gun that he told investigators after he surrendered that he went there because he had read the story about child sex slaves, a ring run by hillary clinton that was circulated during the runup to the election. he said he went there to
5:00 pm
that is why he armed himself. today the white house reacted to the fake news stories, the type of information put out online that allegedly motivated welch to take action yesterday. listen up. >> how people understand what is happening in the world is important to the functioning of our democracy. it is something that the next administration will have to spend time thinking about and working on as well. stephen: one of the pop yesterday said he was in the rear of comet ping pong. he heard three loud bangs and went back inside the restaurant. he confronted welch. welch space shuttle and waved the gun -- welch spun around an wavered the assault rifle at him. he called 911. it's because of this incident that welch faces the assault and the weapon charges. he was held without bond. he will be back in court this week. we will find out more about


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