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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 6, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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where they were scheduled to play a match. new research this morning about the dangers of drowsy driving. a triple-a report says missing one to two hours of sleep, doubles a driver's risk of getting into a crash. the study found in a 24-hour period, the crash risk for sleep-deprived drivers increased steadily when compared to drivers who slept the recommended seven hours or more. and mortar store. this one has no check-out lines. it's called amazon go. customers log into the store's network, which senses the items they pick up and charges them as they walk out the door. the store is being tested in seattle by amazon employees and it is set to open to the public early next year. >> i tried that at my convenience store, didn't work out so well.
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three quarterbacks are among the finalists for the heisman prof trophy. lamar jackson, deshaun watson. and last year's fourth place finisher, oklahoma's baker mayfield. his teammate, deedy westbrook and jab ril peppers round out the list. the heisman will be handed out saturday in new york city. >> remember willy wonka and the chocolate fac >> how about a grown-up version. >> a texas man is the holder of one of the gold cans. he didn't know it was valuable until he saw the commercial while watching the football game. he's now in the running, how about that, for season tickets to the team of his choice, and tickets to the next, get this, 51 super bowls.
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>> that's an awesome prize. >> none of his friends tried to steal that for him. like, oh, yeah, let me help you with that. >> how about that. there are only five golden tickets in wonka. there's 37,000 golden cans out there. so a lot of chances to win. >> by the way, you didn't feel so confident for him knowing that he lives in austin, texas. however, he's an oakland raiders fan. >> oh, this year. >> so he's got prospects to see hi coming up on "world news now," we're feeling the force. >> the stars of the rogue one "star wars" film have a plea for viewers. and they're revealing why you will love the movie even if you're not a jedi master. >> ooh, sounds wonderful. and she's back. >> don't go anywhere, we'll tell
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(coughs) cough doesn't sound so good. take mucinex dm. i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. tupperware. the suspect in a bizarre incident in washington, d.c. will be back in court on thursday. he's being held on several charges, including assau >> palacolice say the whole thi started because of a fake news story. >> reporter: police defended on the pizzeria after frantic calls about a man inside with a rifle. >> one of the hosts said, did you see that guy, he had a big gun? >> reporter: he aimed the gun in the direction of an employee, firing three shots. after 45 minutes, 28-year-old
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the restaurant by police and arrested yesterday afternoon. police say welsh drove six hours from salisbury, north carolina, to investigate a story online called pizza-gate. it's a story about sex trafficking linked to hillary clinton. it's an egregious and deliberate lie. the owner says he receiving death threats. >> what happens today is that false and reckless conspiracy theories come with consequences. >> reporter: one story found fake stories could out-perform real ones. >> authorities say the suspect surrendered after he was shown no children were being harmed here. pierre thomas, abc news, washington.
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transition team had been involved in retweeting some fake news stories, this one was retweeted by the son of mike flynn, he's now been selected to serve as national security adviser. so his son, not flynn, his son, tweeted about the pizza-gate conspiracy theories, that is not connected to what this man does, but there have been some questions about retweeting fake news stories. >> there's been so much about the threat of fake news, in terms of keeping the public informed, but in this case, physical threat. >> very scary. coming up, she's back, aunt barbara is here with tupperware tips that are going to make you smile. my cancer started as ovarian cancer and it kept coming back in different places. we went from everything being fine to everything not being fine. i really needed someone who could think outside the box. we did the genomic testing pretty early in christine's course. with our treatments we've had great success for her.
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? ? the holidays are now upon us. the host or hostess in each one of us kicks into high gear this time of year, but holiday food preparation and storage doesn't necessarily have to be a drag. it can actually be a cinch to store that year-old fruit cake, if you know what i'm saying.
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tupperware, aunt barbara. good morning. >> oh, ryan, how wonderful. let's throw a party. i love a party. these are our classic bowls. you get a set of three. our tupperware impressions bowls, and they're perfect for parties, perfect for leftovers, they coming with the seals, they all nest together. really nice. that's a great gift. >> and they can store long-term? i have old food from christmas. >> knock it off. put it in tupperware, sealt you'll have it for a long time. >> now this i love. look at all the stuff that goes with one item. >> you can't have a party without a good chin and dip bowl. what i really love about this, these containers here come off on the sides. they go into the refrigerator, they hook right in here, you get seals with them. and the top, the seal, look, you can use it as a tray. >> what are you doing, four things in one?
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bowl. >> there will be no wine before its time. >> oh, my goodness. >> tell me about this. >> the tupperware corkscrew, if you have a wine lover in your house, this is the cork you put in their stocking. it's so easy to use. all you do it is put it on top of there, you poke it, it goes straight in, all you do is twist and what's happening. the cork is riding up faster than a prom dress and now you've >> i love it. >> and the cork ends up right in there, nice and neat, always perfect every time. >> that cork was going how fast? >> pretty fast. >> okay. the veggies, the fruits, i try to stay around this at parties. >> everyone does. whether they eat it or not. most people don't realize, in the bottom part here, you can fill it with ice. >> to keep it cool. >> it keeps everything chilled.
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shrimp in there, right? and keeping your cocktail sous nice and cool. because in the middle, you get a nice bowl with a seal and you can put your dip in there. you can put candy in here, ice cream toppings, taco toppings, whatever you want. the serving center is here. it's been around for a very long time. it's needed for every party. >> i love how you can use it for so many different things. because i'm stuck in the stone ages. i got one thing here and one thing there. >> no, no, this is versatile. and when you're all done, you dump the ice out of the this is used as a seal. >> storage. >> and it goes right into the fridge. tupperware thinks of everything. >> they do! speaking of which, cupcakes. this is our rectangular cake-taker, but it also holds cupcakes. you can get 18 on there, but guess what, when you're done eating the cupcakes, you take this tray, flip it over, it holds a nine by 13 sheet cake,
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depends on what kind of party you're going to. >> that's a party i want to be at. i love making cupcakes, i make them for the kids. this fits how many cupcakes? >> 18 on that side. but if you flip the tray over, you can get 24. >> they think of everything. tupperware has come so far. >> we're tupperware, it's science and technology. >> i love it. what's your favorite one of all of those? >> i can't have a party without the chip and dip container. you've got to have this, everyone, really. >> well, there's a little something for everyone when it comes to tupperware. >> there certainly is. >> and for more on these and other great tupperware entertaining ideas, you can visit aunt barbara's website, my dot barbara. thanks so much. >> thank you, ryan. what a wonderful son, i like him. >> you are watching "world news
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here.. ? if i had a highway i would run for the hills ? ? if you could find a driveway i'd forever be still ? ? but you give me a million reasons ? ? giving me a million reasons ? ? about a million reasons ? ? i found out ? >> finally, wait is almost over for "star wars" fans. rogue one, "star wars" story hits theaters in ten days. >> the move is from our parent company. here's something that we can expect. >> this is a new approach, a modern approach to the world of
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>> we can promise fans of "star wars" films that they won't be disappointed, because there's a lot in it that's familiar. and we can promise people who don't care about "star wars" at all and have never seen one of the movies, that this is a very cool intergalactic war movie. >> run, hide, plead for mercy, scatter your forces. you give way to an enemy this evil with this much power, you condemn the galaxy to an eternity of submission. >> i think people are going to love the characters. they're ordinary people. they have all their vulnerabilities. and you're just going to invest in them and want them to do well. >> you're really doing this. i want to help. >> it's a great film for those who love the genesis of "star wars," that episode four, because our film happens just before. so it's full of little, like, yeah, homages to that film.
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about. >> like my favorite "star wars" movie is, you see it and you watch and you slowly get pulled in, and you watch and you get pulled in more and more and more. and by the time it comes to the end credits and that classic music kicks in, i hope you'll feel goose bumps all over you. >> goose bumps. >> wow. >> so they say this story focuses on regular people, >> really? so the regular people in minnesota? >> i don't think it's set in minnesota. >> well, there you go. reviews have been overwhelming positive. media loves it, i think you're going to love it too. it's gonna be good stuff. >> that's the news for this half
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this morning on "world news now," los angeles is on alert. >> security has been stepped up overnight in the nation's second largest city after the fbi and local officials determined there was a threat against the transit system. we'll have details just ahead. also breaking overnight, a shooting causes a panic at a christmas parade. families enjoying the start of the holiday season when gun shots a local broadcast capturing those moments. and fighting down under, the strange incident involving a kangaroo, a dog, and a human. we'll show you how this one ends. probably not how you expect. ? ? >> and sorry, nickelback, that's the message from a police department who threatened to punish drunk drivers with having to listen to the canadian melodic rock group. see why they're now apologizing.


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