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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 6, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EST

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the plot was to detonate a device at universal city today. l.a.'s mayor said they're not >> when someone says they want to cause harm to angelinos, we pull together and make sure that's nothing more than a threat and show force to make sure anybody who would seek to do harm is met by the great law enforcement officials that we have here. >> mayor garcetti said he plans to ride the city's red line today as a show of support. a former south carolina police officer remains under house arrest this morning after a mistrial against him.
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in this infamous cell phone video shooting walter scott, who was not armed. jurors were unable to reach a verdict in the case, but scott's mother says justice will prevail. >> justice will be served, because the god that i serve, he's able. he told me to wait on the lord, and be of good courage, and god, he is strengthening my heart. retry slager on the murder charges. he still faces a federal trial for violating walter scott's civil rights, a conviction there could mean life in prison. a shooting last night cut short a town's annual christmas parade in sanford, north carolina. two people were hurt, one hospitalized in serious condition, another with a non-life-threatening injury. police say both shootings were related and not random.
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the gun shots. only thing i saw when the guy fell to the floor. got me nervous. i don't know what to do next, then the cops came, telling everybody to move. >> police say one suspect is in custody and they are still investigating. thousands come together to remember the victims of friday's tragic warehouse fire in oakland. monday night's scene came after another emotional day. three more bodies were recovered from the rubble of the building. bringing the death toll to 36. meantime, possible criminal charges could be filed in connection with the fire. >> reporter: diane and ryan, 33 of the 36 victims have been identified, authorities saying they've been able to search at least 75% of the warehouse and they do not expect the number of victims to rise drastically. after days of wondering, dozens of victims identified, most were in their 20s and 30s. some were teenagers and three were international. >> today is the day that more
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going to learn of the loved one's loss. >> reporter: as investigators work to figure out a question, questions of prevention are mounting. authorities announcing a criminal investigation team is on the case, determining if there's liability. the r >> the range of charges could be murder all the way to involuntary manslaughter, and until we know what the evidence shows us, there may be other charges. >> reporter: the building erupted into an inferno friday trapping party goers on the second floor when a makeshift stairway of wooden palettes was blocked. the building was a tinderbox. only two exits in all 10,000 square feets. people living in mobile homes inside the first floor. most of the victims were on the second floor for a concert. local officials say the warehouse, known as an artist collective, had numerous code vilgdss and complaints of people living there illegally. >> you couldn't have more than two people on that staircase before it would just fall down. it was not only dangerous, but
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>> reporter: the search effort will continue, this after they were stopped for hours monday because of structural dangers to investigators. >> dania, thank you. a snowstorm is being blamed for the deaths of two people whose car slid into the path of a pickup truck in michigan. it was part of a storm system that moved across almost all of michigan, causing scattered thousand customers in the western part of the state. the detroit area also experienced rain and slippery roads. a frightening scene played out for the driver of this vehicle speeding along a slick highway in new brunswick, canada. watch as he tries to pass this truck, as a giant piece of eyes -- ice flying off the roof, and smashing the windshield. the driver said his wife was sitting next to him and was covered in shards of glass, but luckily, neither one of them were seriously injured. lawyers for an atlanta
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he declined to speak on his own behalf. when given the chance in court. he has maintained his innocence throughout the trial, but the judge gave him the maximum. >> callously walked away and left that child in a hot car in june, in georgia, in summer, to swelter and die. >> prosecutors had decided not to seek the death penalty and got was appropriate. former presidential candidate jill stein and her green party have filed a federal lawsuit seeking a recount in pennsylvania. stein was outside trump tower yesterday calling for every vote to be counted. recounts are now under way in michigan and wisconsin as well, after stein claimed initial ballots were susceptible to hacking. hillary clinton is leading by 2.6 million in the popular vote, but donald trump's electoral
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overturned. the president-elect is continuing his celebration of that victory, taking his thank you tour to fayetteville, north carolina tonight. trump heads to iowa on thursday, and friday, he'll address supporters in michigan. speaking of the white house, vice president joe biden is playing coy about another bid for the white house. with a slight smile on his face, biden told the reporter that he is running for president in 2020. when asked if he was joking, he said, i'm not committing not to run. okay, there you go. now, biden wou if he ran and won, that would make him the oldest president in u.s. history. >> the old double negative trick. >> there you go. >> crossing the road, not just for chickens anymore. >> here's why very determined salmon in washington state are proving that you don't need feet to make the journey. go, buddy. you can do that. here they are, making their way across a flooded road outside seattle. i want to catch them and eat
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apparently the fish do this regularly. some even wait at the side of the road for a chance to go. if you look at the phone pole, a salmon is leaning up against it, -- >> waiting for the light to turn? >> saying, hurry up, truck, i gotta go. >> are they sticking to the crosswalk? >> i hope so. can we arrest them for jay walking? >> i don't know how that goes. no handcuffs on a fish. coming up, the late night master of comedy is hired to host the academy awards, but last night, he revealed another big job on the horizon. >> nice tease. and it was an unsilent night with the divas making their return to the stage. music's most powerful voices decking the halls and bringing down the house. first, let's take a look at today's forecast. ? ? "world news now" weather, brought to you by pajama
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well, his name may be klay, but you can call him jay, as in raining jumpers like that. now you can call him the guy with the top-scoring game in the nba this season. that's golden state's klay thompson, dropping 60 in just 29 minutes. >> ooh. >> come on. the outburst included eight three-pointers, he had 40 by half-time. the warriors blew out the pacers, 142-106. it's just -- >> on fire. >> on fire. that's what i love about golden state. they celebrate every one of their teammates when they do well. >> yes, when they do well. >> you know, they support each other. >> pretty easy to celebrate people when they're doing well, right? i want to see what happens when he's not doing well. >> they give him a hug. >> but for now he's doing great
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other hand, not so awesome. not such a great game there. >> here's what happened. take a look. the colts and the jets. first half, indianapolis quarterback andrew luck, hit dwayne allen for three touchdowns. commentator jon gruden said there were no jets defenders, quote, in the same zip code. that's right, he just walked into the end zone. half-time, 24-3. colts didn't get better in the second half. indianapolis tacked on 17 more points and thankfully it came to colts, 41, jets, 10. and the coach had some choice words for his team at the press conference that i can't say on air. >> oh, wow, okay. got a little heated there. one of the questions surrounding football at all levels is whether playing the game is really worth the risk, the threat of suffering concussion seemed to get worse and worse. >> it really does. it's so serious, some are suggesting football should be banned at the high school level. more from abc's robin roberts. >> reporter: concussions and
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according to the institute of medicine, 1 in 14 high school football players will suffer at least one concussion. and that risk is 60% higher than the next sport. yet the sport remains the most popular among high school boys, with more than one million taking part in the game. in the latest issue of the medical journal of pediatrics, some leading experts are weighing in on the question of whether or not high school football should be banned. dr. lewis margolis writes that high school banned until we can be assured that it does not have long-term detrimental consequences. he notes, football causes more harm to the brain than any other sport. but another expert does not think banning the sport is the right solution. having a licensed athletic train -- trainer on site, a physician who is knowledgeable about the concussions at every football game and a clear return-to-play policy. >> i think having a discussion
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it at a very appropriate level on that, we are taking the injury seriously. >> such a difficult problem. the other side of this argument, a lot of people have been talking about this, should we ban football at the lower levels? some people say, if you ban it at the lower levels, people don't learn how to tackle properly, and at the higher levels, they're more susceptible injury. it's a tough call either way. >> i wonder if making the rules stricter on how you tackle could change it. if you dive in head first, you're banned from the game. or maybe a few going forward. >> there are penalties for those kinds of hits. >> in girls lacrosse, anyway, there are tons of rules about the technique and how you play, and they're very, very strict. big debate going on in football. not even just in high school, but in pros as well. well, when we come back, a new host at the oscars. and what divas do when they get back together. stick around. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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? skinny ? ? so skinny ? we have big oscar news for "the skinny" today. >> very big. >> next february's show will be hosted by our friend jimmy kimmel. >> kudos to him. good job. love him, by the way. first time hosting the show which honors the movies' best and brightest. but he has big time award show experience. he hosted the emmys twice.
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names and in the end, they decided since i'm already right across the street from where they do the show, i was the closest person to host. we have to shake things up a little on this show. i need you to help me with this guillermo. >> sure, jimmy. >> marijuana will be legal for recreational use in february. i wonder, maybe you can pass some of that out on the red carpet. >> that would be great. >> -- before the show, and then my goal is to somehow get arrested during the hosting of the show. >> kimmel succeeds chris rock as the oscars host. >> and the 89th edition of the oscars is sunday, february 26, right here on abc. during his monologue, he also announced that his wife is expecting their second child. >> all right. >> no word if it's a boy or girl, when that new arrival is expected is also a mystery. but a big congratulations to jimmy kimmel. not every day you announce you're hosting the oscars and that's not your biggest
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him credit. i like the applause. the internet went wild as the victoria's secret angels were on the runway last night. we previewed the show when it was recorded in paris. >> what we had not seen yet was model jasmine tookes in the fantasy bra, it's said to be worth $3 million. she said she sat completely still for three hours while the designer took a mold and then the bra was made from that mold. a custom >> so she gets to take it home? >> i don't know about that. $3 million, probably sitting in a museum somewhere. >> you get paid, and a $3 million bra. >> somewhere in a safe, i hope. meantime, some of the most famous singers in the world were on hand last night to revive vh1's divas. last night's show, "unsilent night," was recorded last friday in brooklyn. >> mariah carey performed the
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a shimmering version of "all i want for christmas is you." ? i just want you for my own ? ? more than you could ever know ? ? make my come true ? ? baby all i want for christmas is you ? >> she's still got it. >> i love it. >> hitting the high note, mariah. the evening came to a close with patti labelle and chaka khan on stage, out aretha franklin's "you make me feel like a natural woman." >> that was followed by "i'm every woman." >> we mention said chris rock earlier. >> yeah. >> even without the oscars, he'll be a busy man next year. rock just announced his first full-scale tour in nine years will begin in february. >> rock is calling the whole thing his total black-out tour.
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the tour starts valentine's day, february 14 ths, in durham, north carolina. and the mummy franchise is coming back to theaters, the last installment was eight years ago, when the mummy, tomb of the dragon emperor made more than $400 million at the box office. >> this isn't your brendan frazier mummy. the upcoming mummy stars tom cruise and in the movie's first trailer, we see him in an airplane, which he crashes while ca there you go. and then this happens. >> welcome. to a new world. of gods. and monsters. >> wow, that's what happens after you carry an egyptian sarcophagus. there you have it. that's the voice of russell crowe who plays dr. henry jekyll in the movie.
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disaster with rid-x. ? ? >> little bit of christmas music to get us ready for some made in america holiday style. so once again, the question is, are your holiday gifts actually made in america? trying to get answers is abc's david muir. >> reporter: the countdown is on until christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, and it's the question we've asked for years now. will anything under the tree be made in america? at the famous plaza hotel in new york, the doorman has seen more shopping bags pass by than the people carrying them. how much is it american made? >> i'd say most is made in china. >> reporter: the viewers have always been a step ahead.
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>> reporter: elaine from michigan. look where she's sitting. says it all. we went to find it, a la-z-boy right off the line, made in america. >> good morning, david. nice to have you. >> we need a chair to watch the news. >> reporter: it's 1927, starting a furniture business in monroe business, two cousins, their idea, a chair that reclines. they called it the la-z-boy. factories in nine states, 7,500 workers, 8,000 pieces of "made in america" and actually comment on it? >> they know that perhaps their neighbors or friends were involved in making the product, it makes a difference. >> reporter: the parts from america, the steel from tennessee and alabama. the springs, indiana and north carolina. the foam, mississippi, and the wood and plywood, louisiana and kentucky. and look at jose, perhaps the most stress-free job on the line, testing the chairs.
3:57 am
surprised we're still made in the united states. >> people say, really? that's built in the united states? >> reporter: while back at the store -- how important do you think made in america is for customers who come in here? >> extremely important. >> reporter: i thought i'd give jose a run for his money. >> reporter: i just need the tv now. >> can you watch your own reruns. >> reporter: the rerun we're proud of, the made in america, for years now asking, just one thing. send us your idea next. >> we're in a lot >> watching the news tonight. >> hopefully they're watching world news tonight. >> made in america! >> we gotta talk to jose and find out how you land that gig. >> looked pretty comfortable in that chair too. >> i test la-z-boys for a living. i think i'd be good at that. if this whole news thing doesn't work out, i'll keep that in mind. >> that's a good job. i like that. let's try it. that feels good. >> yep. >> this is abc "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. good.
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, security is stepped up on the los angeles transit system after a threat to a major train station. we have new details about the alleged target and phone call that kicked off the warning. searching for clues in that deadly oakland warehouse fire. a tearful vigil as more victims are identified and the new pi building before the fire. joe biden is leaving the door open for a future presidential run. hear what he told reporters about 2020. caught on camera. a piece of ice becomes a highway hazard when it flies off a truck. good tuesday morning, i'm ryan smith in for kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo.


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