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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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forecast tomorrow. showers end, clearing by dawn. tomorrow you will forget about the clouds. the sun is back tomorrow and we will hit 40. in the afternoon, richard reeve is in mobiletrak7. last time we saw him he was creeping along 2 miles per hour. you made it across the legion bridge, huh, rich? richard: we made it, doug. we maid it. we are excited but we have been in the car for an hour and ten minutes. we are right near the river road exit. that gives you an example of how we are crawling merrily along for the red lights. my goodness gracious. look behind us. it's bad, bad, bad. everybody nice and slow tonight. might as well sit back and relax because it will be a long commute for everybody. back to you. larry: thanks.
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the storm watch 7 app. alison: right now the owners of comet ping pong are getting ready to reopen for the first time since the man with two guns burst in the restaurant over the weekend. stephen tschida is there live. they have seen outpouring of support for the local spot since it was dogged by the fake news stories. >> oh, yeah. we have people lining up to get into comet. you can see there throughout the day, though, people have been coming by to show their support. the sympathy and to express their anger over the fake news story. a steady flow of people stopped off to express
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led to a violent incident inside comet ping-pong sunday. >> love is stronger than hate. >> 28-year-old edgar welch drove allegedly to free fictitious sex saves from comet ping pong. this is after a fake news story between hillary clinton and alleged sex ring. he shot up the place and found >> it's ridiculous. that is what is happening to the country. i'm baffled. i don't know what is going on anymore. >> still not quite open. they will open any minute here. people lined up to get in. last hour i spoke with james, the owner of comet ping pong. i asked him why this happened to his establishment. it's because he exchanged e-mails with john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign
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and that led to all of this controversy. of course, to the very dangerous situation on sunday. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: okay. thank you. in the last hour, president obama delivered his last speech on the nation's counterterrorism strategy. he spoke there at the air force base in tampa. the home of the u.s. special operation command and the u.s. central command. he said he has led a relentless multilateral fight against other extremists and he says the strategy is working to "break their backs." larry: well, alison, president-elect trump is busy working the transition from the trump tower in new york city. but today he spoke with the reporters in the lobby after sending a tweet about canceling plans for a new air force one. jonathan elias is at the "live desk" to explain. jon it's not cheap. president-elect trump started his day with the tweet. this was the one.
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future presidents but costs are out of control. more than $4 billion. cancel order!" then he followed up in person with this. >> the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion. it's for air force one program. it's ridiculous. boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that muc the new plane. the government original contract with boeing was for two or more planes that would go into service around 2024. for about $3 billion. boeing issued a statement this afternoon saying that it is currently under contract for $170 million. it looks forward to working with the air force to transport the president at the best value for taxpayers. boeing's stock took a slight hit right after
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the president-elect doesn't have the power to cancel the contract until he is in office. we will see what happens when he is sworn in, in january. live from the "live desk," i'm jonathan elias, back to you. alison: well, shortly after talking about boeing today the president-elect took a meeting with d.c. mayor muriel bowser. our d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in the big apple with what happened in the morning meeting at trump tower. i know you spoke to the hero. sam: we did, of the top aides and the security hopped on a plane and came here to trump tower to speak to the president-elect. in an interview afterwards the mayor was up. >> fantastic one-on-one with the president-elect. sam: muriel bowser arrived with two top aides to the meeting with president-elect donald trump. she said they discussed education to metro for 40
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>> we talked specifically about metro. we wanted to focus on the federal interests on the district of columbia of which they are many. >> d.c. voted overwhelmingly for hillary clinton, not trump. >> bring up that he got 4% of the vote in the district, why should he be concerned? anything like that? >> no. his focus is on building a government and moving forward. everybody knows what happened on election day in washington, d.c. didn't change who we are as a but it didn't change our responsibilities as a city. that is to welcome the new president and identify ways to work together. sam: so no promises. a get-ait wanted -- get-aitit get-acquainted meeting and the mayor believes it went well. we understand that the mayor
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that. we have more on the story coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00". we will look at the activity inside the trump tower as trump comes and goes. reporting live from new york city, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. larry: all right. have fun out there. thanks. vice president elect mike pence will give a speech in d.c. tonight and talk to heritage administration about what the trump administration will focus on, in the first 200 days in office. it will be delivered at alison: fairfax connector drivers and the mechanics protested in the rain today. the union's contract expired december 1. while there is no strike yet, union members want to make sure that the fairfax board of supervisors heard their message. >> we ask the county supervisors to step in and put some pressure on transportation to give these
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>> the protest involved union leaders delivering a petition to the board chairman. it outlined what the union is seeking for mention, wages and the working conditions. larry: "7 on your side" to fight back against the porch pirates. in hagerstown ais taking a unique approach apologizing after police say he stole a package from a house on fountain head road. horace: the man was caught on camera allegedly taking a package off the porch of a resident. this was captured by the home security camera. he scoops up the package and he gets back on the bike and rides away. this is the first post he ever
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posted on his facebook page admitting he is the man in the video and he apologized for what he says is a mistake. this is what book posted. woo, woo, look, this is a big mistake. i was carrying my package earlier today and got it mixed up with mine and i left mine at the last house i raked. i'm sorry for the trouble this has called. people make mistakes. i didn't do it purposely. the police didn't go for that and later they caught him, arrested him and charged him with face. by the way, wayne alter is the president of a big security firm in hagerstown. [laughter] alison: that is why he has the good video. larry: be careful whose porch you are pirating. do your homework first. alison: thank you. horace: you're welcome. larry: fight back against the
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page to get to the porch pirates tab. alison: coming up at 5:00 -- >> fredericksburg 911. what is your emergency? hello? alison: "7 on your side" exposed a deadly problem with a city's 911 policy. find out what the family wants now that the policy has been changed. mic i'm mike carter-conneen outside shepherd park elementary school in northwest washington where it was a wild morning after wildlife invaded the building. coming up, raccoons impacted several families in the neighborhood. >> take a seat at the table in the command center where authorities hope to get a handle on traffic when the m.g.m. casino opens the day after tomorrow. >> we are standing by for the capitol christmas tree
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alison: we are back with the update on the future for arlington cinema and draft house. we told you that the columbia pike main stay was looking in a new business model. after sending out a survey the owner sent out an e-mail last night saying he decided to start running more art house and independent films.
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doses of live comedy and the family films, though, all year round. larry: just across the river the m.g.m. casino is set to open at national harbor this weekend. actually on thursday. with the outlets, shops and hotel what does it mean for traffic? brad bell is live from the national harbor command center with that side of the story. brad? brad: yeah, there is a lot of work, a lot of planning going on. come thursday when the casino is getting ready to open this bustling command center. at this table, the prince george's county police. the virginia state police, maryland state police. they have the place cards ready. in here, they will use the monitors to monitor the traffic all around the area. they will be able to adjust the traffic signals if need be. in the dispatch center, if they have to, they can get a police officer or a tow truck rolling. in just two days the m.g.m. casino will spring to life.
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and dice will be tumbling on the craft tables. tonight many in the surrounding communities are wondering what sort of hand they will be dealt on the roadways. >> i think it will be a lot of traffic. >> i think it will be massive. horrendous. brad: despite all the fears, the police chief hank stawinski says people can calm down. >> we are prepared to manage quite a bit of congestion. brad: the proof he says is in this room national harbor. the unified command center set up by national harbor to monitor traffic cameras and assist police and highway officials to keep cars moving. >> stawinski says for the next week or so he and the command staff will be on duty here.
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of tomorrow? brad: he expects seven to ten days the traffic around m.g.m. will have stabilize. one of the biggest critics patterson says he hopes so. >> you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know even as it stands now the traffic is real, real bad. >> so how much planning has taken place? look at the graphic. this is the m.g.m. traffic operation plan put together by the national harbor and the police. each of the stars for instance, th assigned at an intersection to try to keep things moving. will it all work? that is the hope. we will find out thursday night. at the national harbor, brad bell, abc7 news. larry: thank you for that. wi can't wait. get a sneak peek inside before the casino opens this thursday. see the photo gallery at well, right now, we want to take you live outside. moments ago, five seconds ago,
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tree. he got help from a young lady, young girl, isabella gerrard, a fifth grader from boise, idaho. she wrote a poem "pristine idaho mountains." it took her three weeks to write it. she won the contest and she is there. how exciting for her, on her first trip to the nation's capital she and her family plan to visit the white house and smithsonian before they leave tuned go back to idaho. is the idaho national forest. i cost $600,000 to move it across the country but the corporate sponsors donated most of the money. the tree decorated with 6,000 ornaments made by the children in idaho. l.e.d. lights and 20 pounds of glitter. so there it is. christmas is official on capitol hill. alison: 20 pounds of glitter. it looks beautiful. the crowds had to deal with the rain. doug: unfortunate. the timing didn't work out
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settle down and leftover showers tonight and tomorrow. back to sunshine. we are in a pattern every day you get something different. it will lead to a real legitimate push of the wintertime temperatures that are coming by friday. let's get you started to tell you what to expect tonight. more rain. here are the rainfall totals so far. look at woodbridge, over an inch. 40 degrees. a lot of -- i feel this way myself. i will be cold and nasty it might as well be snowing. is that what the snow people think? i u a couple degrees colder it would snow. but there is snow. it's all rain. cold temperatures. 40 in alexandria. inch on rain. in the district, the children hospital picked up 1.02 inches. chevy chase shy of an inch. here is the rain on the doppler radar. this is indicating the heaviest rain. northeast of rain northeast of baltimore. moderate rain is in yellow. more patches moving southeast of the city. another area fartherdownstream
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in the past 20 to 30 minutes you can see the next batch is coming up through lorton. we are not finished with the rain yet. but the big picture is encouraging. after we get through the next couple of hours we think moderate bands move through. out of the viewing area. behind that patchy rain. late tonight it will come to an end. storm system will continue to develop and move offshore. that will pull the rain with it. there are warning above 2,000 feet. that will improve in the morning. all of us will see better weather here before long. in the future cast, this has trailing edge of the steady rain out of here. overnight a few patchy showers as the storm continues to move offshore. in the morning it should be a pleasant day. temperatures are starting off
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there is a pressure system. clouds are moving in ahead of a cold front. this is a strong cold front. even though it doesn't have the potential to produce very much precipitation at all, maybe a stray shower. maybe rain or snowshower in spots but the cold air will pour in on friday. the winds are gusting to keep wind chills chills in the 20's. at times it could be in the teens. i will be a cold day. the next few days are back to 50. the front 46 on thursday. blustery on friday. 38 as best for a high. it will feel colder. the first seven days shows up
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brief warmup next week. after that, another strong push of cold air from canada arrives thursday, friday next weekend. the next batch will be as cold or colder than what we will get friday, saturday and sunday. wintertime is coming. alison: thank you. still to come, we have a warning tonight. before you start shopping for your kids this holiday season. larry: plus food for thought before ordering for them off the children's menu. alison: but first, next -- q: a local elementary school considers itself a net energy school. it pays no utility bills. where the extra cost to build this place is it worth it? i'm q mccray. i have the story coming up. alison: now a look at what is coming up tomorrow on g.m.w. >> thanks, alison. tomorrow on "good morning washington," holiday spending takes a toll on everyone but there are smart ways to keep cash in your wallet before, during, after the holidays.
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start the new year debt free. >> plus, don't miss your chance to call in and win tickets to see the epic adventure "rogue one" in imax
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alison: arlington's first zero net energy school opened last year. larry: is it paying off on the promise? q mccray visited a school to find out. >> schools in this country use $8 billion a year on energy. q: you can take discovery elementary school out of the equation. it's a zero energy building means it uses the same renewable energy that it creates. >> this is the future. >> the department of energy toured the school to see how it works and checked o energy-saving l.e.d. lights. the air quality sensors in every classroom. it recycles rain water. the kitchen is 100% electric. even the water from the foun tain was bumped here -- town tain was bumped on the campus on what the they call the well field. >> we are probably saving $78,000 a year on this building. >> it costs $34 million to build. which begs the question -- was the extra money spent to
5:26 pm
>> we do not believe that we spent any more on the building than we would have done if we planned efficient building in the first place. >> but arlington public schools did spend $1.5 million on solar panels to power the building to make it self-sufficient. it estimates a ten-year payoff. most schools in the district are more than 50 years old so it considers the money well spent. not to mention students are excelling. >> the students love because of the unique building, learning is fun. >> in arlington, q mccray, abc7 news. larry: to be considered zero net utility building it has to be less or equal to zero in a one-year period. they are still expected to meet the requirement come january. alison: very cool. still ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- out of class. what was inside the school
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the morning? larry: later, "7 on your side" with the new information after a man died when a 911 operator thought his call was a butt dial.
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alison: shoppers head out to find the best bargains on friday but a woman's stop for gas ended up costing her, her car. that carjacks at a silver spring gas station is linked to at least three other robberies. kevin lewis is live on georgia avenue with the developing story. kevin? kevin: the first three armed robberies happened at that b.p. gas station. across the street. at the shell station. the same man is responsible for all of them. 6:00 p.m. black friday, this man walks into a silver spring shell station. orders the clerks at the counter and hands the clerk, an immigrant in his 20's, place three cartons on cigarettes in a back trash bag. the clerk, his hands shaking,
5:31 pm
on the ground praying and crying. >> he told him he was going to kill him. >> this cashier that asked us to blur his face was in the stock room when it happened. the armed robber walked up to a woman fueling her car and demanded the keys. a fellow male customer tried to help but backed off opinion seeing the gun -- upon seeing the gun. the car stolen an this day. >> i wouldn't wish that on anybody. >> customers like michael graham say businesses along the stretch of georgia avenue are ripe for the picking because they're close to the beltway. police don't know who the serial armed robber is but hope the masked photo will generate tips. >> he should be locked up. >> the armed robber was in a hurry.
5:32 pm
he drove off ripping the hose line off of the gas pump. the armed robber stopped the car. removed the nozzle, placed it on the ground. no word if he left any finger prints behind. we're live in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: thank you for that. the death toll from the deadly oakland warehouse is 36. the alameda county sheriff does not expect it to rise. the news comes as we begin to learn the name of the victims who died in the fire, including a another was a college student. these are things that the friends want them to be remembered for. >> the way we respond to each other and the community. there are people who are comfortable in their bubble. >> investigators are now going through every part of the warehouse piecing together just what sparked the deadly fire. alison: new developments today in the death of an exnfl
5:33 pm
road rage incident is behind bars and now charged with manslaughter. the jefferson parish sheriff says he was not arrested because his testimony was the only one they had at the imtoo. mcknight made threatening statements in the incident. larry: "7 on your side" with health matters. a new study finds kid friendly menu chains are packed with sugar. they have 137% more calories than experts recommend. most kid burgers averaging 465 calories. while nutritionists recommend fewer than 300 calories. alison: a wild morning at a d.c. elementary school after wildlife was found wandering the halls there. mike carter-conneen reports a family of raccoons forced
5:34 pm
>> a family of raccoons at the school. oh, my gosh! >> sometime overnight some raccoons found the way inside the shepherd elementary school in northwest d.c. >> we are off rock creek park. we get a lot of raccoons raccoom the forest come in. raccoons, deer, foxes. >> the school contacted the animal control and the students and the staff were off-site until it was safe to return. >> it was exciting. but scary, too. >> i think they were all over. i don spot. >> the principal declined to speak on camera but did confirm when the staff members realized there were ra toons inside the building they followed nowhere call evacuation procedure. parents say at some point children were sent back inside into rooms that staff had determined were wildlife free. >> they have a choice of leaving your child, i'm like no. i'm taking my child with me. >> animal control officer tracked down three raccoons, capturing a mom and one
5:35 pm
even then, many parents desideed to keep the kids at home today. >> she didn't want the raccoons to be ripping up the art projects. that's what she was concerned about. >> off-camera, a few parents expressed frustration about the chaotic day, especially knowing they believe they got inside through a window left open. captured raccoons were later released in undisclosed wooded area. wildlife expert will return to the school and happening again. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. larry: coming up at 5:00 -- >> rock 'n' roll! larry: they may look cute but find out why you might want to avoid buying your little ones certain headphones for the holidays. >> crowds of people came to arlington for a massive installation. i'm amy aubert. i. i will take you inside the ceremony coming up. alison: new at 6:00, the common reasons for delays on metro. what is done to stop those
5:36 pm
>> hi, i'm rebecca. first lieutenant from leonardtown, maryland, with the 313th movement control battalion in kuwait. i'd like to say happy holidays to my mom and dad brothers and sisters. joseph and paula, my brothers joseph, sarah and rachel.
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steve: all right. here it is tuesday. we are almost halfway through the week and we are looking forward to the weekend. a lot going on. it will be cold out there for the christmas parade in leesburg. 5:00, middle 30's. lower 30's by 7:00. just below freezing at 9:00 as the parade comes to an end. hats and gloves and a thick jacket. you will need it. the rest of the weekend on sunday we warm things up a little bit. not as windy on sunday. temperatures will be in the middle 40's.
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stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues
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larry: back with a reminder you still have time to make a difference for a child this holiday season.
5:40 pm
the toy drive runs through december 14. >> before you buy your kids headphones, "7 on your side" with a health alert about their hearing. a new study in the journey of the american medical association that finds one in five teenagers now suffer some sort of hearing loss. a lot of doctors are blaming headphones. >> some of the testing, they got as loud as a chainsaw or a jackhammer. >> i have seen the kids as young noise induced hearing loss. they are listening to their head phones at full blast. you are talking about listening to a rock concert on a daily basis. alison: wow! the magazine "wire cutter" tested 30 for style, fit, safety. they are all supposed to limit volume to 85 decibels. that is as loud as a blender. that is what the world health organization says is safe. the highest rated are the purobt 2200.
5:41 pm
gear and they are wired headphones. larry: okay. she has 20 grammys and probably headphones. but beyonc? is up for nine more when the awards are given out in february. she made grammy history this morning becoming the first artist to be nominated in pop, rock, r&b and rap categories in the same year. all the nominations stem from her album "lemonade." you can see a list of all the nominees at click on spend on average more than nine hours a day doing everything from binge watching the favorite shows to posting on social media. the study by common sense media finds 78 . of parents believe they are good media and technology role models. more than half of the parents questioned say they are aware of the apps the children use and 40% said they know what the child use on social media. alison: there will be a lot of
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year. according to baby center those are the most popular baby name for girl and boys in 2016. emma, olivia, eva and nia round out the top five for the girls. boys is aiden, lucas, liam and noah. larry: a couple of the names look familiar to a certain person. alison: i have two of the top five in my family. i guess that's good. there will be a lot of eva and larry: but none like yours. they're adorable. coming up at 5:00 -- >> i started using the energy. >> how a damascus soccer player was motivated his by mother's battle with cancer. we have the inspiration an story coming up. >> a local city faces wrongful death lawsuit over a failed 911 call. i'm chris papst. coming up, why the lawyer who took the case said the
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alison: fredericksburg city is
5:46 pm
after a butt dial policy. this is after a series of reports found a man called 911, no help was sent and he died. the i-team government watchdog chris papst broke the story earlier this year and has been following it ever since and he joins us now with a new important development. chris? chris: when the family of robert paulis contacted "7 on your side" they were distraught. the loved one was dead and they had no idea what happened. they just wanted answers from fredericksburg city. but now the family wants something where is your emergency? chris: late in the night on april 23, 56-year-old robert called 911 from his fredericksburg apartment. >> hello? chris: when the dispatcher answered she heard nothing except this sound and labeled at it pocket call or butt dial. no callback was made. no help was sent. a few hours later, paulis was found dead.
5:47 pm
for the mistakes. >> next year, this attorney will mark the 50th year practicing law in stafford, virginia. but his plans to retire have been put on hold. >> that case is so egregious it demands legal representation. >> there was one final cry for help. nobody responded. chris: following an extensive i-team investigation, fredericksburg changed its policy in august. now if someone calls 911 and nothing is heard, the leave a message. if the caller cannot be reached, an emergency you -- emergency crew will be send every time. >> we want to make sure this doesn't happen in the future. >> in the court filing he will seek undetermined amount of monetary damages due to what he calls wrongful death by gross negligence of a city of fredericksburg. the i-team reached out to the city's mayor, manager, attorney and the police
5:48 pm
city officials commenting on litigation. >> if it hadn't been for you the case would have been swept under the rug. if no one does anything about the case it's just another case where the government screwed up but no one is held accountable. that is not right. chris: what happens next? they expect the case to move forward in mid-2017. of course, "7 on your side" wi chris papst, abc7 news. larry: time for a check of the roads. james i want to start out how wet it is. on the inner loop you can see the flashing lights in this area. we have standing water flooding being reported in the inner loop before you get to 270. this is a live look near bradley boulevard. you can see how much volume on the inner loop as well as the outer loop traffic. heading outbound on g.w.
5:49 pm
continuing to the capitol street beltway is 35 minutes. it's better than it was an hour and a half ago. it is still heavy. talk about the beltway in the stretch. american legion bridge barely moving. inching along in both directions. we are seeing that heavy volume here near old dominion. if you head further south, take a look. these are the express lanes. yeah. you know, express. that manes we are supposed to -- it means we're supposed to be flying whit everybody bumper-to-bumper this erg. the wet roads so please be careful out there. that is a look at traffic. back to you. alison: jamie, thank you very much. coming up new at 6:00, where a maryland warehouse similar to one that burned in oakland, california, has just been condemned. plus, what happened as president obama took to the stage for a counter terror speech that he said made him sentimental today. something we have all done that research says is as
5:50 pm
larry: tough driving tonight with everyone and the weather. alison: difficult all day long. when is it going to end, doug? doug: we probably have another three hours of the fairly steady rain across most of the area. it will taper off and isolated showers overnight and then that will be that. the system is moving quickly. first thing that jumps off the screen is a bright yellow color. that is the heaviest rain now. that rain is murphing northeast. here is a -- that rain is remain south and east of the beltway and the immediate metro area. if you are in the area of southern maryland along the chesapeake bay, northern neck, you will get plenty more rain in the next couple of hours but look farther west. it is breaking up. we are confident to see the improvement tonight. precipitation is ending in the mountains of western maryland. there are advisories for the freezing rain. that is a big problem farther north to the new york line. the forecast tonight is a few more hours of steady rain.
5:51 pm
ending. a touch of clearing by dawn. for the day tomorrow. bright and sunny throughout the day. highs to 50. strong cold front thursday may give shower or a snowshower in spots late thursday night. highs 46. sunny, breezy and cold. the weekend is chilly with a lot of sun. 39 on saturday. 44 for sunday. alison, larry and erin, back to you. alison: all right, doug. thank you. larry: what do you inspiring story. we have a story of a soccer player who has been motivated bis hi mother's battle with cancer. this week scott abraham takes us to dematha for the rising star. scott: adversity to motivation. >> it translates to me playing hard in the games. i started using the energy. to play better. scott: in the summer of 2015, senior midfielder jimmy was not in a good place.
5:52 pm
"it's not your fault." scott: at time his 42-year-old mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> i didn't know. i don't believe it. scott: she battled through chemotherapy and leaned on him for the strength. >> my best friend and a good guy, boy. scott: the love jimmy has for his mother is a beautiful thing. he is he hasn't had a father figure his entire life. jimmy has had to become the man of the house. it's a role he embraced. >> i don't have a father. i have to help my mother. she is sick and she is unemployed, too. i have to help her in every way i can. >> jimmy's mother is cancer free but it hasn't stopped the 17-year-old from reaching his dreams. >> i just want to be successful. i'm trying my hardest. i'm working every day and
5:53 pm
school, too. i want to make her proud. that is all she wants. >> proving mom comes first. >> i'm scott abraham with the rising star. erin: i have feeling she is very proud. that is a lot for him to handle at such a young age. alison: he seems so strong. so brave. larry: so mature. erin: absolutely. do you know an athlete in the d.m.v. who has overcome adversity? someone going through quite a bit? contact us at rising alison: still to come a change at the top today in arlington. larry: when we come back we
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all right. no more surprises. credit karma. give yourself some credit. snee a week of remembrances are underway at pearl harbor. tomorrow marks the 75th anniversary that marks the
5:57 pm
remembrances are expected all across if country tomorrow. and amy aubert takes us inside the mass of installation for the bishop. amy: more than 1200 people gathering for the ceremony. amy: the bishop appointed in october and now taking possessions of the diocese. >> on this joyful day in the life of our die owe cease i'm aware -- diocese, i'm aware of the many gifts of which i'm thankful. amy: the fourth bishop of the catholic diocese of arlington. >> it's an important milestone. but because we have a tradition and because there is
5:58 pm
believe is tumultuous. >> he points to the energy, leadership and the example. >> he comes with a history of friendship with bishop lavere which brings continuity from one bishop to the next. >> cardinals, bishops, deacons ands the two supreme court justices in attendance on tuesday. mass bringing new beginnings for the catholic diocese of arlington. >> what unites us today thanksgiving to god for the most precious gift of all. the gift of his only begotten son, jesus christ. >> in arlington, amy aubert, abc7 news. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: we begin with the weather because a double threat outside going on right now. rain filled day and the cold temperatures is a combination that prompted hypothermia alert in the direction at 7:00
5:59 pm
starting at 7:00 tonight. chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking all the conditions and what to expect next. >> this is nasty out there. no other way to put it. it's all rain. it will be cold in the 30's. downtown closer to the 40-degree mark. that combination with the high and the rain and the clouds is uncomfortable. hence the alert from the d.c. government. the heaviest stuff is southeast of the district. it's moving to the northeast. we are seeing the back developing toward interstate 81. a few more hours of rain. and then scatter showers are the story tonight. through the 7:00 8:00 hours rain. especially south and east. heavier part of the rain, the temperatures will hold in the low to mid-40's. as we go overnight the rain will come to an end. tomorrow, we will turn partly sunny. it looks good. temperatures are around 50. but don't get used to the temperature range. by friday the bottom will fall
6:00 pm
we give numbers to go along with the forecast in 12 to 13 minutes. alison: we want to show this to everybody. this video in the newsroom that show the problem that the rain can bring tonight. the police are on the scene and they are directing people around it but there are slowdowns there. we have no word when it will reopen. jonathan: if there is rain in ru 7 on the road. richard reeve has been stuck in delay after delay all night long. he drew the short straw. starting on the g.w. parkway on the outer loop of the beltway near great falls. you see the big picture from the traffic watch maps on the right-hand side. the best advice if you can do it, stay home. take it easy. if you got to go outside, please, please be careful. remember you can get the latest news and the traffic and the weather anytime you like in the palm of your hand. download the news app from the


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