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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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alison: we begin in stormwatch mode. heavy rain made for a messy day and drive home, but the wet weather is coming to an end. jonathan: meteorologist steve rudin is here with what we can expect. any better tomorrow? steve: it will be better.
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alerts that we had tonight have canceled out ahead of schedule. a few showers right now. around the capital beltway, it's a dry and the skies were clear beginning tomorrow. tomorrow, you will need the sunglasses, i guarantee 100% through the day. the temperatures into the lower 50's. we have a strong cold front that promises to bring the coldest air of the season by the end of the week and for the weekend. more on that coming up in just a few minutes. alison: stay connected whenever there is bad weather on the radar, with the forecast at your finger t ips using the weather app. jonathan: police have arrested a united medical center worker, charged with first-degree sexual abuse. the incident happened sunday morning at the hospital in southeast. no word on the circumstances, just what the victim was a
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with each other at the scene of a house fire. tonight, two prince george's county firefighters have been indicted for a fight last december. as jay korff reports, this was sparked by a turf war between career and volunteer firefighters. jay: last december,an unlikely confrontation at a fire at this home in hyattsville. prosecutors allege that two volunteer firefighters fought a career who was first in charge of the scene. they say that chris kelly from the west lanham hills station not the career firefighter off the porch -- knocked the career firefighter of the porch. they say that jeff miller pulled her off the porch when she tried to enter the home a second time. both men face a number of charges, including assault and misconduct in office. >> this is not a competition. jay: a week after the incident
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>> we must not allow this to adversely impact our services, our department. our communities deserve better. jay: the individuals identified in the that you were removed from emergency operations with the initial incident occurred and will remain so until the cases adjudicated. they regret the shadow cast on the department by this unfortunate incident. ja jonathan: new developments,, it ping-pong is back open for business after a bizarre chain of events -- comet ping-pong is back open after a bizarre chain of events. a man lured by fake news fired off a shot, thinking that sex workers were there. the owner was there talking about his great staff and
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tonight. normally this restaurant closes at 9:30, but there are still people out here come as a very busy night for this restaurant. >> this is a neighborhood business. tim: tonight, customers filed into comet pizza and ping-pong. 48 hours ago, people were running for their lives when they say that edgar welch walked into the restaurant and fired three shots bere >> wonderful, generous people who work closely with each other, the customers. could not be more proud of them. tim: detective say that welch drove here from north carolina because he read a fake news campaign that the clinton campaign was harboring child sex slaves. >> show that you stand against the kind of thing that happened. tim: officers were nearby while customers ate to show their
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campaign like that. tim: an encouraging sign for businesses who have been the target of politically motivated threats. >> we have been completely overwhelmed and incredibly touched by the support of our community here in washington and around the world. tim: we are told that welch surrendered after he did not find evidence to back up the fake news claim. his next court thursday morning. live in northwest washington, tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan: nice to see a busy there, thank you. amid growing criticism, the trump transition says they have cut ties with incoming security visor michael flett. coughlin junior sent a tweet embracing the discredited comparison theory -- conspiracy theory about sex trafficking.
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transition team had requested security clearance for him. alison: protests at texas a&m as the leader of a white nationalist group spoke on campus. richard spencer use the nazi language and imagery at an event in d.c. jay korff is live at the situation unfolding in texas. what are you seeing? jay: richard spencer was met with considerable resistance inside and outside his speaking event in protesters chanted for hours. inside, riot police had to push back protesters who were trying to get into the event that was not sponsored by the public university. during the talk and extensive q&a, he bashed conservatives and liberals alike, slammed diversity, immigration, and capitalism.
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a standoff between supporters of the protesters, but in not escalate past staring. he did repeatedly insist this large showing of protesters is a clear sign that his movement is gaining traction. he called president-elect donald trump "a fascinating phenomenon" and "we want an america that belongs to white men," but he spent most of the time focusing on the notion that white people should do a better job of own. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: back at home ,d.c. is one step closer to the most generous paid family leave policy in the entire country. the d.c. council gave preliminary approval this afternoon, giving more than half a million sick and paid time off, funded by payroll tax
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private benefit starting in 2019. mayor muriel bowser has not decided whether to support the legislation. jonathan: the nightmare of thinking that a criminal could actually be your friend. the police just arrested a man they say has been scheming people out of thousands of dollars by lying, accused of making up stories about being in the medical field to get his hands on money. the police a and one of than $13,000 tuition after telling the victim he could help him enter a nursing program. the police are concerned there are more victims out there. if you have information after seeing this picture, give the police a call. alison: 7 on your side is fighting back against crime to protect your holiday presents. each year, thousands fall victim to these who white packages off porches. this theft was caught on camera in hagerstown.
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guess who he heard from -- the guy who did it. a man posted an apology for what happened, calling it a mistake. the police arrested him. fight back against packed steve sat just click on the 7 on your side page to get to the porch pirates tab. jonathan: searching for a suspect in a montgomery county crime's brief is top he rob base gas station, threatening to kill the clerk. then he showed a gun and demanded a woman's car keys. th it is believed he is linked with three gas station robberies in the recent past. if you have information, the police would like to hear from you. and more women hurt after a shooting in annandale. tom roussey has the investigation going on right now. what do we know about their condition and what happened out there? tom: jonathan, the investigation is still going on, even though this happened six hours ago.
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detectives have been focused on that spot in the front yard of this home. it was outside the home where they say a fight happened earlier. this is video from when we arrived on the scene, and in a driving rain storm the police were called to this home in annandale at about 5:15. there had been a big fight in the front yard, and eventually somebody pulled out a gun and two women were shot, one of them 19, the other 20. expected to survive. another woman had a medical incident and a female juvenile was also injured in the fight. neighbors described hearing two gunshots and one woman heard loud arguing before the gunshots. what did you hear? >> i heard some people fighting. >> i've never heard gunshots around here before.
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, i thought it was maybe a firecracker or something. i don't believe it's gunshot, but it was a gunshot. tom: you may see some lights about a block in the distance. that is annandale high school. the police say that everyone involved has been accounted for. they also say there is no threat to the community at large. everybody involved in the fight and the shooting knew each other. tom roussey, abc 7 news. al president obama tonight gave his final speech about national security in tampa, florida. president obama: they do not tell me that was going to be the last failed to the chief on the road and got me sentimental. alison: president obama said that the u.s. is breaking the back of isis. he targeted some of the policies
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a ban on torture, whichtrump has said he would change. the president also touted his record saying that diplomatic decisions like the nuclear deal with iran will keep the world safe. jonathan: a chance to save billions of taxpayer dollars ignored. this was a bombshell report
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alison: mayor muriel bowser said the president-elect is a d.c. supporter, making that comment after a meeting today with president-elect trump. federal involvement in metro, and the city's relationship with congress. mayor bowser: it was important for me to make sure the new president knows that we are not a federal agency and we are not dependent on the federal government for funds, that we have a $14 billion budget, that we don't get any more from the federal government than any state. alison: the last time they spoke
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not seen this report. jonathan: the pentagon denies that it buried the report, telling abc news that the $125 billion in additional cuts is unrealistic. trump administration has pledged to increase pentagon spending but also to cut waste. alison: now a 7 on your side update -- fredericksburg is facing a wrongful death policy over a al" incident. a man called 911, but the operator heard no noise. if you hours later the man was found dead. fredericksburg changed its policy after 7 on your side got involved. >> if it had not been for you, this case would have been swept under the rug.
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if no one knows anything about this case, it will just be another case where the government screwed up but nobody is held accountable. alison: now if somebody calls 911 and nothing is heard, the dispatcher will call back and leave a message. if the caller cannot be reached then, first responders will be set for a welfare check. jonathan: developing now, investigators are still trying to track down what caused the horrifying fire in oakland. tonight, were that it may be connected with the refrigerator or 36 people were killed in the fire. the leaseholder today apologized to victim families, but said today he would never endanger any tenants. former residents reported unsafe conditions, including fire sparked by faulty electrical cords. alison: this video from north dakota, a blizzard in full force.
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travel. -- were asked not to travel. steve: a live picture from national harbor, the christmas tree is decorated, no snow to speak of, but some much-needed rain today. satellite radar, a few lingering showers right now. all of lifts off to the north and east. northern montgomery county, frederick county, a little shower remains, but should not la hour. in the skies clear. nighttime lows, 36 to 42, the wind out of the northwest at 5 to 10. have the sunglasses ready tomorrow, along with a warm jacket, especially at the bus stop stop upper 30's, near 40 degrees early on. through the afternoon, a nice warm-up, near 50, and sunshine. 11 a.m. through noon time, into
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we move into early tomorrow evening. a much different story for the rush-hour commute. let's talk about the next big blast of cold air, the coldest air of the season. that is set to arrive late thursday into friday. i guarantee with 100% certainty you will feel the difference. we are looking at daytime highs both saturday and sunday that will only be in the 30's. the windchill factors will only be in the middle to upper the 10-day outlook from stormwatch 7, nice tomorrow, near 50, middle 40's thursday. may be a flurry or two as the cold front moves through. upper 30's friday and saturday, the windchill factors about 10 degrees colder. mid 40's sunday, lower 50's monday.
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the year that is arriving at the end of this week. >> i think there will be a lot of traffic. massive, arendt us. alison: some are expecting a traffic nightmare when the mgm grand casino opens this weekend,
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rainy night, speaker paul ryan lighting the capitol christmas tree. 50 pounds of glitter on this tree. all the kids who made the decorations were from idaho. it cost about $50,000 to move the tree here, covered by
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and glamour before the opening of the mgm casino this weekend. there are concerns about traffic. that i, we got an inside look at the unified command center to monitor traffic cameras and help the police keep traffic moving. command staff will be on hand throughout the week, but we have to wait and see what is in the cards when it comes to congestion on the roads. if you want a sneak inside the casino before it opens, we have a photo gallery at erin? erin: night against the magic. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support,
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oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: john wall scored a career-high 52 points for the wizards washington had to win the game, right? wiz playing catch up most of the game, but wall cap they made it almost single-handedly, 18 of his 42 in the first quarter, a career-high. but the fastbreak for the magic, the slamdunk finish. magic win 124-116. so far, the nationals have not
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at the national harbor this year. today they swung and missed a left-handed ace chris sale. the red sox swooped in and made a better offer. the nationals lost their chance to re-sign mark melancon, who signed with the giants with a record-breaking deal. the cubs have reportedly beaten the nationals to the punch on another closer. general manager mike rizzo said there are plenty of options available. >> the water, we are looking at a lot of different avenues to go, and we are very active here in the winter meetings. erin: and say goodbye to the buffalo. wilson ramos and the rays have agreed to atwo-year, $12.5 million deal. ramos was having a career year with the nationals until he tore his acl at the end of the year.
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erin: i know, this and then that. tomorrow hopefully different.
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alison: a final look at the weather? steve: tomorrow, a brighter day. tomorrow evening looks a lot better. 50 the high. with a strong cold front coming from the north and west. the temperatures will fall into the upper 30's friday, but gusty wind will keep the windchill factors during the day in the 20's. that will feel like the coldest day of the season. cold day saturday. warming a little bit sunday, showers likely monday. watching another round late next week. jonathan: he said flurries. jimmy come alive is next.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ryan seacrest. from "why him", zoey duetch. and music from james vincent mcmorrow. and now, back at it -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thanks very much. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show.


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