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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 7, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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this morning on "world news now," the latest stop on the thank you tour. >> president-elect donald trump was back on the road last night thanking his supporters in the swing state of north carolina. he also laid out plans for the presidency while sharing the stage with his latest cabinet member pick. >> and amid some of the fiercest fighting in syria's torn and devastated aleppo as families return to find what's left of what were once their homes. tense moments on the campus of one of the country's largest schools. hundreds of students protested a white leader of the so-called at right speaking on campus. police in riot gear called in to keep the peace. more details on that story just ahead. get ready to rock out with
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to get, but what is it, really? and, really, why? it is wednesday, december 7th. from abc news, this is "world news now." remember pet rocks? how that was a thing. >> yeah. >> is this the come back of the pet rock? >> it is a mystery. we're all trying to figure it out. and if that is art or worth something, then -- no, >> all right. let's start the half hour off with president-elect donald trump making his way to north carolina last night for a rally to thank supporters. >> trump delivered a far more restrained speech than he did last week in ohio. he even stopped the crowd from booing the media. >> trump will travel to ohio state university tomorrow to meet with some of the victims of the recent attacks there, but first, more details about the event last night.
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announcing his pick for secretary of defense. >> general james "mad dog" mattis, as the next secretary of defense for the united states of america. >> reporter: with mattis by his side. deja vu on twitter and trump tower, tweeting about the deal with the japanese businessman and then an unexpected ap $50 billion in the united states and 50,000 jobs. >> reporter: the same thing as he criticized a government contract with boeing to build new air force one planes, first a tweet, then this. >> well, the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion for air force one program, and i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: questions over whether he got the $4 billion
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statement saying it's under contract for $170 million for the next generation. trump flies in his own plane continuing his thank you tour in key battleground states, but hillary clinton city up by more than 2.5 million in the popular vote, they are calling into question the legitimacy of the electoral college and talking of limiting its power, one suggestion guaranteeing that the electoral college votes are awarded to the winner of the the electoral college meets december 19th to cast votes. in the meantime after north carolina, trump takes the thank you tour to iowa thursday and michigan friday. diane, kendis? >> thank you. the new york police department is adding a voice to the call for federal funding to pay for donald trump's security. a top department official joined house democrats on capitol hill to call for $35 million. they say that will cover security expenses for trump
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be part of a spending bill expected to pass congress this week. a new orleans man finally arrested for manslaughter in the death of former nfl player joe mcknight vm ronald gasser seen in the video the day of the shooting when he was questioned, but not charged. mcknight was shot in a road rage incident, we're told, the local sheriff defending the handling of the case saying they strategically waited for days to make the arrest because they needed to find independent witnesses. m that of former new orleans saints player, will smith, killed earlier in a traffic dispute. his widow took the stand yesterday in the trial. she tearfully described hayes' voice as loud, angry, and evil. he said he feared for his life the night he shot smith. investigators in oakland think an appliance may have started friday night's deadly warehouse fire.
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a possible source. meanwhile, 35 of the 36 people killed in the fire have been identified. oakland's mayor said the goal is for the city now to move forward. >> no one ever wants to see a tragedy like this in their community, but when one strikes, it is our responsibility to take aggressive and quick action. >> fire officials said crews will be on scene until the entire warehouse has been the coroner says all 36 victims died from smoke inhalation. to weather now, a blizzard shutting down roads in north dakota and other states in the plains, 19 inches fell in some parts, accompanied by strong winds of 30-50 miles per hour. in the northeast, the snow and icy rain is now tapering off. the midwest is likely to see a new few more inches of snow and very cold temperatures. >> the threat against the transit system in los angeles
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which said the same anonymous caller made similar bogus threats in the past. here's more on the stepped up security. >> reporter: one of l.a.'s most famous spots transformed into a tsa security line. that tip warning of an attack on the red line metrostop yards from universal studios. >> that's scary. >> reporter: the stop gristling with k-9 units and tacti gear. the orange barriers preparing for a metro to open under intense security. the fbi says it got the tip from a foreign intelligence agency. a male speaking in i tenglish called the public safety hotline, say officials, with a specific warning. >> our intelligence was that it was universal city station and it was today. >> reporter: we accompanied the los angeles mayor riding the subway himself, hoping to calm
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massive amounts of people, coordinated, single lone actor. >> reporter: a terrorist threat has three components, specificity, timing, and credibility. the mayor said this threat had two events, specificity, timing, but what it lacked, he said, credibility. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. tension on a college campus. richard spencer's appearance at texas a& some silent. others shouted insults or chanted slogans. spencer gained notoriety last month when video of him shouting "hail trump" to an audience in washington, d.c. went public. texas a&m said spencer was invited to speak by a former student who rented out the space on that campus. in the final months as president, barak obama is defending strategy against terrorism. in florida, he insisted it is
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isis and still maintain american ideals. he said proof of the successes, no major attack in the u.s. during his time in office despite the terrorists' best efforts. the home improvement store, lowe's, in texas got two of the price of one when they hired an air force veteran, they got his service dog, charlotte. he had five knee surgeries, can't bend his left leg, but charlotte helps him. >> he would not take a job without her, butom not take the dog, but now she's a hit and a customer posted this picture of the pair on their to be page, and it went viral. >> gaining a lot of attention this morning. >> i'm surprised that more companies would not have allowed them in there. >> it's a home improvement store. the aisles are wide. lots of space. >> a morale improvement as well. adorable. coming up, we are going inside aleppo for a rare look at
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urban rebel stronghold. see what families who fled the violence find as they return home. the new warning about kids and head phones, the brand new study raising questions about their safety and what you need to know before you let your kids plug in. and remember to find us on facebook, and twitter. >> who won the singing contest? diane or myself? easy answer, it's me.
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it was 75 years ago today that japanese forces attacked pearl harbor leading to the u.s. entry of world war i. by the time the attack was over, more than 2400 americans had been killed and 19 u.s. navy ships sunk or damaged. >> a full day of commemorations taking place at pearl harbor today including a special later this month, shinzo abe will be the first japanese leader to visit pearl harbor since the end of the warment president obama will join him in the visit. turning to the war in syria, the army and allies seem closer than ever to driving the rebels out of the last stronghold in aleppo. >> meanwhile, it's a ghost town with families who remain caught in the middle of the violence, abc is there for us.
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biggest city and commercial center is the symbol of the country's war. epitomizing suffering of people and setting up the pivotal battle that could well decide the outcome of the war. once home to nearly 3 million people, this ancient city today is a shelf its wormer self. despite sounds of war, there's an unsettling silence. in many places, a virtual ghost town. some families are return. >> this is the main gathering area for people who live in this part of town. here they can get food and warm drinks from eight agencies, but they come here to register, to let the local authorities know that they are going home. the arab spring swept through the middle east in 2011, syria protested their government. assad tightened his grip on the country, security forces
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of a civil war. from there, the country desended into chaos. rebels and pro-government forces fighting a civil war were backed by major foreign power, iran, russia, u.s., saudi arabia among others, turning it into an international proxy war, and in the heart of the conflict? aleppo. these images from 2013, filmed by residents city, filmed in cross fire. seens like this nearly every day. since then, the conflict has only worsened. over 450,000 killed. 11 million syria, more than half the population fled their homes, creating one of the worst refugee crisis in modern history. so much destroyed, so much in ruins. today's picture of aleppo embodying a people who suffered so greatly.
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at the top of the staircase. the wall their father built to protect their home did what it was designed to do. keeping many of their precious belongings in tact. the boys overjoyed to rediscover lost treasures. transformer. a tweetie bird. in this small corner of aleppo, a fragile, a sense of normalcy. >> you prepared for coming back, knowing you'd come home one day? happy moments are rare around here. and elsewhere in eastern aleppo tonight as tens of thousands,
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middle of the fighting as fierce as ever. in aleppo, syria. >> unbelievable. this has been going on five europes now, and this is what it's come to. >> alex said it's a juxtaposition because in one area you'll see blocks and blocks and blogs for miles of destruction, and then you realize the university campus, and they celebrated a birthday. they are still trying to have life. >> a little corner there. >> exactly, devastation all around. >> all right. coming up, the pentagon study revealing $125 billion in potential wasteful spending. why military officials are accused of trying to bury their own findings. first, a safety alert about children and headphones. the new report that's raising questions about how dangerous they really are for your kids hekids' hearing. you're watching "world news now."
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? ? apple out with the top apps of the year. can you guess which one was number one? >> instagram? >> no, snapchat. >> i still vice president figured if someone can help me, that would be great. >> >> instagram in the top five, though. potential danger of letting your kids use headphones. >> whether they could permanently harm your kids' ears. here's more. >> rock and roll! >> reporter: yes, indeed, but are some headphones potentially hurting our kids?
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chain saw or jackhammer. >> reporter: one in five teens suffer hearing loss, and some doctors blame headphones. >> i've seen kids young as 7 who've had noise induced hearing loss. they are listening to their headphones at full blast. you're talking about listening to a rock concert on a daily basis. >> reporter: wire cutter tech guide tested 30 kids headphones for style, fit, and safety using plastic gear and real live children. >> they are squishy. >> reporter: the report? >> there's no governing report to oversee this stuff. >> reporter: they claim to limit volume at 85 december bills, loud as a blender, but safe according to the world health organization. >> the best are the puro. >> there's a fail safe limiter. but wire cutter claims others went over the 85 db during their tests. the headphones that received the poorest rating?
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yep, my kids used them. >> the limiting part on this is gone. >> reporter: it's gone? >> the kids took it off. >> oh. >> reporter: with the limiter, the audio level is fine. without, as loud as 110 dbs. >> it's too loud, but i did like them. >> reporter: in 15 years, never a complain using a limiter needed. when it's used, safe sound is achieved. issue with volume is a user or co >> i can play justin bieber. >> reporter: please. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> that'll be one reason you want to lose your hearing. they play all bieber all the time. ? too late to say sorry ? ? my mama don't like you ? >> the wire cutter gets a percentage of money from retailers for products sold through the links on their articles. the biggest advice nick took
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just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this. time now for the mix, and we've seen therapy dogs used more and more now, sometimes they visit patients in hospitals. well, another area where we need therapy frequently is at the airport. >> oh, yes. >> craziness, people rushing around, delayed flights. well, now, the that. >> okay. >> this is a therapy pig. >> get out of here. >> that's right. she's a certified therapy pig in san francisco. >> huh. >> and she greets passengers with her snout. she can twirl. she can even stand on her little hind legs. here's the thing. you are rolling the dice. she's there at random times keeping you guessing. >> perfect because whenever i'm
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bloody mary, and i love bacon in the bloody mary. >> no. >> it's perfect when you go there. >> it's not that kind of therapy pig. >> you know what goes great with "the bachelor," alcohol. >> that's good therapy. >> it is. it's starting january 2nd, abc local stations, and that music -- they come up with the perfect wine to go with the newly released wines, rose, red and white, but this is the final rose, the third name, so we brought in our bachelor analysts who tried all of them, just for research, and, jack, what are thoughting on these? $16 a bottle, wow, that's a big bottle. >> they were great, and i'm looking forward to more of them
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season. i'll put it that way. >> did you drink it all, jack? >> a way of driving people to drink, if you know what i mean. >> he does. >> jack, does it make the show more tollerble? >> yes, were lack of technical terms, yes, it does. >> watch all the contestants, we can all commiserate. >> it'll numb us. >> not long now, baby. >> yeah, january 2nd. >> a new product that's gaining attention in nordstrom. they are selling a rock in a a leather pouch. bargain price? $85. >> get out of here. >> what do you do with it? >> what do you do with that? >> nobody has any idea. >> it's a rock in a leather pouch. >> a rock in a pouch. people are asking if it's from the moon? answer we think is no. >> gold in it? >> others returned it because it didn't come with instructions.
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this morning on wormt news now, the country is getting its first big winter blast with temperaturing dipping for millions as blizzard conditions across some states make travel dangerous. accuweather has the forecast ahead. breaking news overnight, an earthquake rocking indonesia, buildings flattened as the death more waiting to be rescued. new in half hour, vice president biden is never saying never. >> taking to late night explaining why a run in 2020 is not farfetched comparing his physical shape to president-elect trump. saluting this year's class of grammy award nominees. who racked up the most nods, who was snubbed, and hear why this year could turn into the battle of the super divas. that's coming up in "the skinny"


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