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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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passes by, the skies will clear. it will turn out to be a nice day with the sunshine and the temperatures approaching 50 degrees. but it will change on friday as the cold air pours in. 36 degrees. that will be the story at pickup time for the kids at the bus stop. 42 degrees in the recess hours toward lunchtime. 346 for dismissal -- 46 for dismissal. we are waiting for the arrival of a cold air mass to drive wind chill in the teens and 20's. when you wake up on friday morning and a cold weekend to friday. we have that and t outlook coming up in 15 minutes. jonathan: see you then. stay ahead of the weather and traffic with the abc7 news app. easy to get. download it now in the app store or google play. just search "wjla." alison: we are now 30 hours away from one of the biggest business openings in the area's recent history. the new m.g.m. casino opens tomorrow night in national harbor. but the casino is just a small part of a business boom that is transforming the area.
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brad? brad: you know what? it has been fascinating. we have been watching. they are doing light testing at the casino tonight. the hotel has been lit up. it's going floor by floor and the colored light on the big patio. another example this is a very big business. when the m.g.m. casino opens tomorrow, maryland's already existing casinos will get to keep more of their slot machine revenue and give less to the state's education trust fund. but m.g.m. is expected to bring in so much new money that the state's overall take will increase and locally prince george's county is expecting a windfall. >> well, at least $35 to $41 million directly to prince george's county. brases prince george's county executive rushern baker says half of the money will go to county public schools. looking beyond m.g.m. he believes the mere presence of
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county. >> m.g.m. along with national harbor and tanger says to the economic community things are happening in prince george's county. brad: there is even talk in high level of the local government federal land across the beltway from m.g.m. could be a favorite site for a new redskins stadium. the m.g.m. official says their focus is on opening the $1.4 billion investment that they, too, expect big things. >> what we are going to the community i think is going to last a long, long time. it's very unique. i think it will have a great impact in the entire area. brad: well, already having a big impact. jobs. 3,500 new jobs here at the m.g.m. alone. but take national harbor. the tanger outlets and m.g.m. together, 10,000 new jobs that didn't exist eight years ago.
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alison: thank you. we have continuing coverage of what to expect once the m.g.m. casino opens at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night. you will find the stories on changes in traffic and a look inside the casino on jonathan: let's talk politics. a busy day in the trump transition team. as the president-elect adds three names to his picks for the cabinet level jobs. which include nominating retired marine corps general john kelly to lead the department of homeland security. general kelly just retired this year. six positions in the cabine nomination including secretary of state. other cabinet level selections today wrestling executive linda mcmahon as head of the small business administration and oklahoma attorney general pruitt prat to -- scott pruitt to lead the environmental agency. alison: "time" named donald trump the person of the year. he had the most influence on
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anniversary celebrate every year. a day of solemn remembrance today across the country as we remember pearl harbor, the day that changed the world. ["taps"] jonathan: the playing of jonathan: the playing of "taps" at the ceremony in pearl harbor honoring thos it was when japan launched a sneak attack and a day later a declaration of war. >> december 7, 1941, adipate which will live in infamy -- a date which will live in infamy. jonathan: that was then president roosevelt reacting to the attack. today, roosevelt's grandson was among those gathered on the national mall to mark the infamous date. our q mccray was there as well. he joins us now live.
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anniversary events here in the d.m.v. we attended the one here at the world war ii memorial. it was a wreath laying ceremony. the survivor, the pearl harbor survivors in attendance couldn't have been more proud. the pearl harbor anniversary commemoration ceremony had everything you would expect. patriotic music. polic pence and senator john mccain. >> many american families were changed that day. q: memorial wreaths and of course survivors. >> ladies and gentlemen, mr. jack hugman. q: hugman traveled here from texas. he wouldn't miss this for the world. how does this event affect you? how do you feel inside? >> well, it gets --
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he remembers the surprise attack like it was yesterday. >> a lot of buddies didn't make it. i'm glad i made it home. q: 2,403 american heroes selflessly gave their lives on a day that will forever live in infamy. the ceremony honors them. can you believe it has been 75 years? >> it's hard to believe. that is another lifetime. q: this proud pearl harbor su to his feet as he rose to the occasion. 75 years ago to thank those thanking him. >> i'm just is proud being here. q: well, what you are looking at are the wreaths. 19 of them were laid today. for hugman and his story, he told me he can't wait to come back to d.c. next year for the 76th anniversary. from the national mall, i'm q mccray, back to you in the studio.
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alison: wow! q, thank you. still ahead at 6:00, a deadly wildfire is a criminal case. the two people being charged and why authorities are banned from saying anything about them. jonathan: plus how a father's labor of love landed an ice rink on a baseball field. we'll explain this to you. alison: first, though, saying goodbye in the senate. what senator barbara mikulski said she is sick of seeing as she prepares to step aside
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alison: retiring or recently defeated members of congress are delivering their goodbyes on the senate floor this week. california senator barbara boxer, new hampshire senator kelly ayotte all spoke today. while not her final speech on the senate floor, maryland senator barbara mikulski who is retiring looked back at her 40 years on the hill. and called for a retu civility. >> we could actually work together, put our heads together to try to come up with real solutions for real problems. and we could do that. the other is not just to judge one another. because we have a party label. i'm so darn sick of that. alison: the senate's longest serving woman, mikulski's final speech will take place later this week. jonathan: they got some work done today because president obama is going to sign the largest healthcare overall since the affordable care act.
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century cures act. this will reform the food and the drug administration, provides resources to combat the opioid epidemic and it includes $2 billion for the cancer moon shot which is championed by vice president joe biden. alison: a day after the counsel gave approval for sweeping paid sick leave for families, maryland governor larry hogan is proposing similar legislation. he plans to introduce legislation requiring businesses with employees to offer five days of paid sick leave. smaller businesses are exempt but they could receive tax breaks in they offer paid time off. just ahead, lacing up ice skates on a baseball field. a father's labor of love that moved this backyard rink to a pretty unusual spot. jonathan: the storm watch 7 weather team on alert for a one-two punch from a winter like feeling condition that is going to move through here. how cold it will get and more about the chance of seeing
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alison: but first a look at what is coming up tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> thanks, alison. tomorrow on "good morning washington," we are live as they put the final touches on the m.g.m. national harbor casino. just hours before the huge grand opening. the glamour, the excitement and the concerns about the $1.4 billion luxury resort. >> all this week call in for your chance to be the first to see the all new "star wars" movie. "rogue one: a star wars story" in imax 3d.
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jonathan: we have an update on the wildfires that burned in tennessee. two juveniles ar killed 14 people. and forced the evacuation of an entire town in eastern tennessee. state law forbids investigators from giving any details answer the kids who were arrested. but it is possible this case could be moved to adult court. alison: back at home, residents can weigh in tonight on the calls to slow things down in montgomery county. they are considering two changes. one would drop the speed limit to 25 miles per hour unless
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hour in some places. public hearing will start at 7:00 in the counsel office build -- coupcil office building. jonathan: a boil water advisory in effect for several communities in prince george's county. i wisconsin ordered last night for 10,000 in the gainesville and the market market -- haymarket area. the there was a part main going on now. alison: father's labor of love getting new life. last winter we told you about this backyard ice skating rink here in poolesville. the county ordered it taken down because of the zoning concerns. fast forward to now and the rink is back in business. but it's in a new home. our montgomery county reporter kevin lewis shows us where. this one is interesting, kevin. kevin: yeah. absolutely. mark khan crafted the makeshift synthetic ice rink
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here. his late stepdaughter melanie. who loved hockey. mel's rink, as the rink is affectionately called now finding new life atop a muddy baseball diamond in rockville. it's mel's rink chapter one ended with the sudden demise. >> it's like swimming. everybody should learn how to skate. kevin: mark is writing a sunnier chapter two. his new rink moved to the cold and soggy b the bender jewish community center in rockville. >> it's a passion. it's like if you had a passion for, you know, painting. you are going to paint. if you had a passion for, you know, swimming, you will swim. mine is hockey. >> i think it ads another element -- it adds another element and enriches the after-school program even more. kevin: susan fisher runs the youth rec program until now
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people stop by to ask what is happening here. kevin: montgomery county is planning to construct a synthetic ice rink at this park in poolesville. pending approval, the $300,000 project will be built this summer. khan, however, isn't concerned with the future but rather his uprooted masterpiece with noticeably improved lighting. mark: yep. mel's rink is going to be alive and well. we can't wait. can't wait kevin: mark khan is referring to an open house that is taking place out here at the bender j.c.c. on sunday. it runs from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. it is free. and open to everyone so come on out. we're live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. jonathan: something we are just getting in the newsroom now. georgetown university student has been diagnosed with mumps. the university sent out a letter to the community telling everybody what
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spread through coughing, sneezing and direct contact. symptoms are fever and swelling and grand rapids around the jaw. we have more on the town -- swelling and soreness around the jaw. we have more coming up. doug: a few clouds this evening and we will drop in the lower 40's. later tonight is clouds increase. this is the stormwatch7 future cast. this is a simulation of what may be happening. i reich to point out that the -- i like t placement of the precipitation you can't rely on. but the general theme is there. that is tomorrow morning is the upper air disturbance coming over. there may be a patch of light rain with a possibility of a few wet snowflakes in spots. it continues to indicate the best chance is south of washington area. what that means no impact on driving. you may have wet snowflakes on the windshield. most of the area will remain dry. some will have the sunshine in the morning. everybody is going to get sunshine later in the morning.
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in. this will build in ahead of a cold front that will make an impact here with the cold temperatures. as a contrast, tomorrow morning we will wake up to the numbers in the low to mid-30's around the area. south of the metro area to the potomac and westward to fredericksburg. stafford will be at 31. 28 in manassas. however, the areas farther west, most areas will be at or below freezing in the morning. these areas are expected to remain dry. 31 in front royal and luray. 31 in culpeper and 30 in warrenton. tomorrow we will climb close to 50 by the afternoon highs across the entire region with plenty of sunshine with a westerly wind. then late tomorrow night the cold front comes through. not with any precipitation. but a change in the wind direction and increase in wind speed and that will drop temperatures. these are the current readings right now. temperature readings across part of the high plains, upper midwest and part of the central plains. all at or below freezing. this cold air mass is headed this way. when it's accompanied by gusty winds, the wind chills will be
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of the week, especially friday and saturday unseasonably cold. the average highs in the upper 40 it. we will be stuck in the 30's. the future wind chills tomorrow at 7:30. wind chill in the city is 34. wind chills in the 120's north -- in the 20's in the north and west. it will feel like 17 in manassas. 22 in the city. it won't warm up that much in remainder of the day. give you a look at the next ten days. 46 tomorrow. 39 on friday and s we will warm up monday. but then another stronger front arrives late tuesday. check these high temperatures. wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. only in the lower 30's. in fact right now thursday it may not get above freezing in the washington area. erin? erin: thank you, doug. after a couple of swing and misses, the nationals finally got a deal done. how washington's latest
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erin: after missing out on a couple of trade targets the washington nationals finally made a deal at baseball's winter meetings today. the nats acquired white sox outfielder adam eaton for three of their top young pitchers. eaton was a gold glover
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he is expected to play in center for washington. earlier this week there was a report that bryce harper wants a ten-year $400 million extension to remain with the nats. but his agent scott bore ris tells a -- scott boris told a different story. scott abraham spoke to him and asked him about the report. >> i have not had any discussions with the nationals on bryce. scott: where does the >> i don't know. when you are a statured player in the game people talk about the future until the contracts are completed. i think in bryce's case it is no different. but there hasn't been a discussion for that. erin: okay. well the redskins are dealing with a number of injuries at this point in the season but the good news is they will get the all-pro left tackle back this week. trent williams was back on the practice field today.
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his four-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. >> the little things you take for granted. going out to practice every day, it gets monotonous in the season. when you can't go you understand what you are missing. it's been hard. it has been tough. you know, extremely hard to deal with. it feels great to be back with my teammate, back on the field. erin: i know his teammates are happy to have him robert griffin iii is set to start for browns this week. jonathan: they need anything they get. they are 0-12? erin: maybe rgiii will help him out. alison: tomorrow we have a tiny taste of winter. doug: a few rain showers south of the metro area. wet flakes mixed in. steve rudin will get guidance and update the forecast and track cold temperatures for the weekend. alison: thank you.
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jonathan: thank you for
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tonight, several breaking stories. the chaos at an american high school. a knife-wielding teenager. the crowd of students. the officer then firing. police at this hour now looking into this video. also tonight, the urgent manhunt right now. two officers shot. one dead, one critical. a college on lockdown. the deadly fires. and just arson charges. did two teenagers intentionally set the fires? 14 people would die. the daeng rouse driving at this hour. the winter blast across several states. snow, ice, freezing rain. and now, the arctic blast hitting tonight. and crossing the line? the woman battling breast cancer, and what the tsa asked her to allow. tonight, the tsa responding. and america strong. we're with the american heroes,


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