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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 8, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EST

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this homeowner in north dakota fighting through the pile of snow blocking the back door. near cannon ball, north dakota, protesters at the dakota pipeline rode out the storm in shelters in a nearby casino. this drift almost as high as the second floor balcony, a feel-like temperature of 20 below 0 and frostbite sets in in 30 seconds. >> here's the forecast for the rest of the country. the snowstorm moved east in the great lakes region leaving cold temperatures in the midwest. a rare storm in the pacific northwest, and it's chilly in the south and east today. >> 48 in atlanta. it'll be in the 40s in the east, but colder tomorrow. the midwest won't get above the mid-20s, and it'll be cold even in the northwest with the highs in the 30s.
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the rate went from 78.9 years in 2014 to 78.8 last year after seeing no decline since 1993. on average, women live five years longer than men. cbc analyst did not speculate on the cause of the drop but say they have to wait for thissier's figures to see if the uptick is a new trend or just a a one-time blimp. giraffes extinction according it an advocacy group. the population of giraffes plunged 40%. reasons are increasing population, habitat loss, civil unrest, and illegal hunting. all right, well, you know christmas is almost here and holidays are upon us. it's the season to be hating on the big christmas tree in montreal. >> i didn't see that's where you were going. >> there it is, all 85 feet of
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pathetic and infamous charlie brown christmas tree, so apparently the tree set up was inspired by the rockefeller tree in new york. >> i see it. >> one guy says, quote, the tree looks like it was released from christmas tree rehab and needs spare change for a bus ride home. >> oh -- >> i mean, it's a little -- >> it's beautiful. >> it's big fo tree, but that's okay. very tall. >> it is. >> pretty lights. >> pretty. the blue rights in the corner. >> haters. >> yeah. yeah. >> the tree just got out the rehab. >> check out the grinch. another one. on camera. in st. louis. goes up to the inflatable frosty with a knife and stabs it. who stabs frosty. >> oh, frosty.
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will be caught. we have to add, frosty was repaired and completely inflated. take that, frosty stabber. >> frosty is not talking anymore because he knows stitches get stitches, so -- >> who stabs an inflatable frosty the snowman. >> you don't know what he was saying. >> do you think he went told his friends? i took care of it. >> he's down. snitches get stitches. it's frosty. >> poor frosty, slowly deflating. >> merry christmas. much more ahead on this serious edition of "world news now." >> more sure signs that christmas is coming. hopefully not under attack. we'll show you dazzling light
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the air here in the studio at abc.
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amount of fragrance. no matter the size of the room. air wick?. home is in the air. ? ? i was trying a move. leaving work, work, work is tough for new parents to do, not only emotionally, but financially as well. >> a company made it a lot easier for parents to take paid leave, giving workers four months off. here's rebecca jarvis. >> everyone should have a place to call home. >> reporter: superstore known for ready to assemble furniture. >> at ikea, we believe
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within reach. >> reporter: a new hands on option for both its salary and hourly employees at the company offering up to four months of paid parental leave for both mothers and fathers and adoptive and foster parents to ensure coworkers have the opportunity to bond with their children and connect as a new family. based on their time at ikea, employees can receive eight weeks full pay and another eight for bonding with their new child at 50% pay. in the u.s., some workers are 12 weeks of unpaid leave, but there's no federal mandatory paid leave policy. ikea joining the list of companies in the business and tech world with generous parental leave programs. like netflix offering unlimited paid parental leave for salaried employees for up to a year, and bank of america, entitling full and part-time employee for paid 16 weeks off.
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european countries and finally starting to make its way over here. >> fin land, apparently, best country to work in and raise a family. >> is that right? >> apparently. >> that's cool. >> they get seven weeks before their estimated due date to start their maternity leave. >> that, there alone, is one reason to have a kid. >> you're going to try to get knocked up and move to finland? coming up, getting into the holiday spirit. >> if you're willing to hit the road, holiday light displays. that's next. not sure if it's possible.
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? ? ? on this christmas ? >> what would this christmas be without the over the top outdoor light displays. >> boring. if you're tired about what the neighbors put up every year, hit the road and check out some real block busters. here now, expedia travel expert. >> reporter: i'm here in lincoln center where the holidays are in full swing. today, i'm counting down my favorite cities across the country to experience the most
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>> ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls -- >> reporter: going over the top for the holidays, and this year, be dazzled by exciting new holiday attractions. add disney, intel and disney teamed up for star bright holidays. ? oh christmas tree ? ? oh christmas tree ? look up to witness hundreds of lighted drones taking over the nighttime sky. half a million led lights create a total winter wonderer land with sleigh rides, chestnuts roasting over an open fire, strolling carolors. in louisiana, celebrate new orleans city park celebrating a 30th anniversary with hundreds of thousands of lights throughout 25 acres of the park,
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hop on a two mile train ride through ancient oak trees lit up at night or spin on a whimsical carousel. in branson, missouri, expect big time lights, 5 million dazzling lights, 1,000 deg rated christmas trees, two broadway style productions, and a five-story specific effects christmas tree. of course, no visit to new york around the holidays is complete without a walk down 5th avenue and a spin on the world famous rockefeller christmas tree. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: there's much more to see around the holidays in new york city. like the luminaries light installation at brookfield place. every 30 minutes, see a canopy of hundreds of lighted lanterns set to three holiday songs, and over in brooklyn, if you have
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? ? over 100,000 people come to the neighborhood every year to see family homes transformed into extravagant holiday spectacles. this is certain to put a smile on your face this holiday season. there's still time to get out and explore festive cities across the country. it's a great way to toast the holiday season. back to you. >> okay. couple of nooks. if you come to christmas team, a, don't go off 5th avenue, it's a hot mess, especially now. >> the tree is beautiful, but you'll see a lot of people's backs and shoulders and tops of their heads. >> exactly. also, my little pro-tip is go to the gardens in the philadelphia suburbs, home to channel 6, our powerful action news affiliate down there. some 6,000 seasonal plants along with gardens. >> they light them? >> they do.
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use as directed all right. time for a very exciting edition of "this happened," as we start with an event a little close to home. >> because the producers love us so much here, they thought that viewers would enjoy this. ? likes everyone ? >> grammy nominated hits. >> so we asked -- >> you have to dance to it. >> vote on who you think won the competition. >> and we promised it would be a landslide this year in the elections, and -- oh, those dance moves hurt to watch. and there was a massive land landslide. ladies and gentlemen, your
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>> yes. >> i'm -- do we have the time count on what that was? he's definitely -- >> i thank you -- >> he's lying. 88% in favor of this girl right here, buddy. >> i thank you all for your votes. >> 88%. >> and you both know who you are. >> good try, though. all right, next, we have -- >> i was rob. >> we have more of a soothing performance. >> i need a >> i don't think that's going to help you. however, the viewers need to recover from that. let's listen to rachel smith. this is how she gets her puppy to go to sleep at night. >> do you want me to sing you a song so you can go to sleep? you ready? ? christmas time is here ?
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their favorite time of year ? >> rachel smith has the voice of an angel. jack, you going to be okay? >> oh, sorry. >> that was beautiful. >> next one man's unique idea -- zw how to spread christmas cheer. >> suffering from tonsillitis, so he tied bells to his >> he said if this doesn't get you in the christmas spirit, then i don't know what i can do for you. >> amen. >> amen, brother. with you on that. >> the grinch stealing christmas in seattle is actually a squirrel. >> yes. this little bulb bandit roamed the neighborhood stealing lightbulbs from displays. >> hoping he's using it to deck his halls and not for food,
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this morn on "worlds news now," donald trump, person of the year. >> that coveted "time" magazine cover goes to donald trump and his like ability rating as he goes on tour. that and cabinet picks. chaotic scene at a high school as a student swings a an officer to prevent a tragedy. students filmed the scene in horror. inside the at white, the white nationalist who coined the term emboldened by trump's win finds himself in the national spotlight as his words insight protests on college campuses across america. we'll hear from the man himself. the biggest celebrities and stars of youtube putting


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