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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  December 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> now 7 news at noon, on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: team coverage of what to expect when mgm casino at national harbor opens. the covers begins with sam sweeney who is live at the national harbor as he has been all day long. the excitement is building.
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says their mission is to blow your mind. they call it a game changer. it is unbelievable. the doors will open tonight at 11:00 and they will never close again. the governor held a press conference in the state of the art theater and says this place is amazing with a transformational impact on the mission that maryland is open for business. $41 million of revenue will go into the commercial tax base of prince george's county and half of that will go to support childhood education k-12 and community college is here in prince george's county. $323 million has been spent on local and minority owned businesses, let's listen to a little bit of what he had to
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engine of maryland and i daresay the washington region. this facility says that is true. it says the business is that this is the place to come -- it says to businesses that this is the place to come. sam: a live take sure, some vips getting a sneak peek. celebrity owned restaurants and upscale shopping a square foot casino. you can see all of this later tonight when the doors open at 11:00. reporting live inside the beautiful brand-new mgm casino at national harbor, i am sam sweeney. jummy: thank you. one big is earned about the casino -- one big concern about the traffic is the traffic around the national harbor and on the beltway. john gonzalez joins us with
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john: your first gamble will be trying to get to the mgm resort, traffic will be a fair and we have been in mobile trak 7 trying to get you around, what are the different traffic patterns. this is our camera and this is 95 south, regardless coming from virginia or maryland from 95, you will be taking exit 2a , the old national harbor exit but once you get off the ramp is when things look different. officials are concerned, they have opened up a command center to keep a close watch on the traffic cameras. you will see mgm resort, you take the first right and this exit ramp will put you want to harvard view avenue, that is the new road that that harborview road, that is the new row that
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probably be backed up tonight when all of this first to open. you will see in a second, the mgm directly in front of you. that is your best bet at -- or take -- or take exit 3 to get you to the casino from the backend, from the hotel side. that is the 5000 rocks at mgm -- garage at mgm. back to jummy: thank you. mgm just released this time lapse video, condensing the two years of construction into less than 30 seconds. we have complete coverage of the casino including pictures from inside and a list of new restaurants and so much more on our website we will have live coverage of the opening and traffic affect at 11:00.
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else, you better plan on taking a coat. doug hill is here with the arctic blast on the way. doug: a couple of showers this morning, and as we look live, the lower and mid-level cloud decks are moving out and clearing skies will develop across the entire reason this afternoon. 42 now and we warm up a little bit later, maybe a couple spots close to 50. 41 degrees in ray. 43 in college afternoon, a warming temperatures come a little bit but still below average in most areas with plenty of sunshine and a cold front tonight. tomorrow morning when you like up, after the front passes, skies clear and breezy with windshields in the 20's and a few teens. tonight. tomorrow morning, in the teens in most areas and a full day of
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most of the afternoon, no warmer than the mid-to-upper-20's to near 30 degrees. any warmer temperatures, we have that covered in our 10 day outlook? jummy: we hope so, thank you. excited to be part of the covers tonight is jamie, she is telling us what is coming up on the roadways. i bet right now is better than later tonight. >> yes, i ll 10:00 or 11:00, i will be in the traffic. let's hope it's not bad but we will let you know. a clear ride inbound or outbound passing by the vienna metro. quiet inside the beltway. through arlington come if you have to get on the bridge, no problems. volume in both directions kenilworth avenue because of the midday construction but the big picture look not bad.
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to show you, the beltway looks great in both directions. we anticipate this will change but we will get you through all of it. jummy: we will see you all day, thank you. this just in from metro, late-night hours returned from one night -- they say trains will rain on new year's eve until 3:00 in the morning on new year's day with no track maintenance work plan. u.s. park police have released a attacked a woman, groping her in georgetown. look at this composite sketch come it happen october 19 in the georgetown waterfront park just south of the intersection of the whitehurst freeway and wisconsin avenue northwest. the woman escaped and called 911. a delay this news in the case of the men arrested after he says he tried to flee -- free trial sex slave from a pizza restaurant in northwest d.c.
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ping-pong sunday after reading eight news articles claiming hillary clinton was trafficking children through that business. she was not and no children were held there. a public defender assigned to his case requested the delay so she can have more time to investigate the case and charges. in an interview with the new york times company north carolina man says he regrets how we handle the situation but he refuses to admit that there was no conspiracy to expose. police want you to see. this unfolded thanksgiving weekend in the northeast d.c. three people, they attack a man outside a store, one with a gun, beating him unconscious and stealing his phone, bank cards, identification. one of the attackers comes back after you think it is over to hit the victim again. they were last seen driving off
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this time from the new verizon center. watch the top right, someone pulls out a gun and opens fire. on a group of people, you see him fleeing, one person was hit but escaped with minor injuries. right now, shocking moments caught on video in nevada when police shot a high school student armed with a knife. it all unfolded in front of dozens of other students >> chaos eddie nevada high school ended as this 14-year-old student swinging a large knife is shot by police. >> shots fired with a student down. >> police say the student failed to follow commands and the officer fired a single shot. >> the officer gave a verbal commands to drop the knife, ultimately firing his service weapon, stopping the threat.
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shooting officer began to provide medical assistance to the student. >> the student's critically injured and the school put on a code gridlock down. it started as a fight between two students. >> there were two juveniles fighting, one had a knife, the other one took off had no weapon. >> according to a classmate, the 14-year-old talked about doing this before. >> he told everybody he would shoot everybody. he finally did >> investigators interviewing witnesses and asking anyone who shot videos like these to come forward. >> the officer involved is on paid leave and the school is open to -- today forced -- for students with counselors and staff available. jummy: a frantic chase near an airport runway, what happened moments earlier that almost
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giving out for a shot at a better life, what happened this morning that a dozen spending the night in the gold to get involved. -- cold to get involved. the quick action that stopped the car fire at a gas station which could have turned into a disaster overnight. from the doug hill, he is back with the timing of the coldest air we have felt since february. with my beautiful family. this goes out to my family in
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jummy: a car catching on fire is bad enough up when the throw in the fact that it was at a gas station come it gets worse. that was in gaithersburg last night. luckily, firefighters arrived quickly and shut off the gas pumps before this situation got worse. the car and the gas pump were damaged but the good news is no one was hurt. donald trump continues to meet with important people coming even ones from with leonardo dicaprio to discuss how to focus on renewable clean energy could create millions of jobs. the actor is a strong advocate for fighting climate change and produced a documentary addressing that issue. one of donald trump's latest nomination could have historic implications. terry branstad if he is approved to be the ambassador to china, the lieutenant governor reynolds could become iowa's first female governor.
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senator and the county treasurer. an anniversary for a moment that shook the world, 25 years ago russia and two other soviet republics declared the soviet union dead. they said they were leaving the ussr to form a new alliance, other republics followed and the soviet union was officially dissolved on the day after christmas in 1991. dozens of people braved the cold through the night closer a chance at affordable housing. suzanne kennedy was there as they got that chance. >> the moment that almost 200 people have waited in the cold for overnight. they are being given numbers to enter the leasing office with the help they will get an affordable housing unit in southeast d.c. the long line started to format 3:00 yesterday afternoon outside the orchard park apartment on
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temperatures either standing or sitting on lawn chairs, some are senior citizens. >> the city should have a better way for us to receive affordable housing because staying out here over 15 to 20 hours is not a good thing for a senior citizen or people with children. >> they are trying to get appointments to apply for housing at the woodberry apartments, many are frustrated that they had to wait in the cold for hours. >> it is extremely cold. i feel like i am getting sick. it is the worst. >> there are only 200 appointments available and by the time some of them get into the rental cold. office and that they will have been waiting more than 18 hours. in southeast washington, suzanne kennedy. jummy: certainly cold overnight. same thing as we continue tonight.
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of a cold front late this afternoon, temperatures probably in the 20's to about 30 in the morning tomorrow and the wind chills will be in the teens. this cold front means business. live outside at national harbor, 47 degrees. the dew point at 23 which tells us the air is dry. a little bit of shower activity this morning but the front will come through dry a wind gust reported at the airport in winchester at 23 degrees. 16 mile-per-hour gusts at the godfrey airport in leesburg. higher gusts in pennsylvania closer to the front and that is the story late tonight into tomorrow, cold temperatures and gusty winds. it feels like 33 in winchester. 43 in washington.
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northwest. today, skies will brighten in most areas partly if not mostly sunny by mid to late afternoon with highs at about 47. northwesterly winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. when you wake up on friday morning, the air temperature about 26 in aspen hill and ashburn, 24 in manassas. 24 in germantown. largo, 27 degrees and 30 downtown. the effect of the wind blowing the cold air and it will result in windchill much lower. 7:30 tomorrow, windshields of 17 in frederick and manassas. a 21 degrees windchill in the nation's capital. tomorrow through the day, even with a full day of sunshine, windchill at or below freezing in most areas. through tomorrow night, the wind slack a bit and windshields in the low-20's throughout the night.
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ahead, especially for the children at the bus stop early tomorrow morning. the next 10 days, a number of things to watch, do not see any signs of major storms but this afternoon, mid-to-upper ivan 40's with skies becoming sunny and the wind is starting to come up. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, very cold, a high temperature of 39 with less wind and sunshine on saturday. such -- sunday, may rain or snow showers by sunday night a 50% chance of rain monday as we get close to 50 and temperatures go the other way, maybe snow showers on wednesday with highs in the low to mid-30's to round up next week. jummy: feel free to take the snow off. doug: i am just the messenger, we have an eraser. jummy: coming up, and at the chase feet away from a runway. the video as it unfolds and the
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jummy: an amazing moment in indonesia when a man was found alive in a collapsed building. rescuers found the demon 11 hours after the earthquake destroyed much of the building and the town. more than 100 people killed in the 6.5 magnitude earthquake. more incredible video at a san
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chased by police and somehow got onto the ramp, police and other cars and others kept chasing him in circles and he barely gosh being hit by an suv. the chase started in the terminal where the men was jumping security dividers like hurdles before he somehow jumped off a 30 foot wall. onto the road below. only sleep he was on some sort of drugs -- police believe he was on some sort of drugs. for the first time in decades declined, last year was the first year since world war ii that life expectancy dipped without a major disease outbreak. the cdc reported on 2015 death certificate. doug hill will be back with more information on the one-two punch
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jummy: the force is putting on a show in hollywood. that is an excellent fighter -- x-wing fighter parked on hollywood boulevard. it is not picking up a power converter, it is the -- preparing for rogue one: a star wars story. this is before episode for which
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two days before the rest of the country, tomorrow morning giving tickets away all morning long on good morning washington. call in to win tickets to the advance screening at imax 3-d, starting at 4:35 on good morning washington on abc seven. doug: last time i saw on imax 3-d, i was in alaska and there was an earthquake, we thought it was real. 47, dropping to 30 tonight in the city and colder in the suburbs with winds tomorrow and highs of 39. tomorrow, windshields only in the teens and 20's. the weekend, the wind settles down and sunshine with 39 on saturday cloudy and 42 on sunday with a rain or snow shower on sunday night. jummy: thank you for joining us,
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>> whatever you had planned for the next 30 minutes, cancel it, because you're about to watch some folks play for the kind of money that changes lives. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ? ? hey, everybody, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] let's get things rolling and bring out our first contestant. today's contestant won best hugger in high school and is now a 22-year-old harvard grad. perhaps he should have gotten most likely to be a millionaire. from philadelphia, pennsylvania, please welcome joe tabasco. [cheers and applause] >> how's it going? come on! oh! that's a good hug, right? >> yeah, it's...


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