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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  December 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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performing here fairly soon. >> ? here i come ? ? you can't hide ? brad: that is the booming vid they debuted for the press. they have gone big and they are not going home. >> this amazing resort will open the doors this evening and will forever change the business and tourism landscape of the region. >> the casino as big as any in vegas literally at the heart of the m than slots and tables. the hotel for instance looming 23 stories over the soaring conservatory. rooms start at $299 for a standard. this is the chairman suite. it's not standard. designer living room, bar, bedroom. this is the bathroom of chairman suite. look at this. take a bath with the view of the capitol. or come over here and take a shower with a view of old town alexandria.
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eateries from a shake shack to gourmet outlets from celebrity chefs like marcus sanelwellson and jose andreas. >> for me, m.g.m. coming to my hometown was great news. when they asked me over three years ago to say do you want to be part of this? i was like yes! brad: he is like yes! he has opened up his first seafood restaurant called simply "fish." we showed you the room, the extraordinary room. they wouldn't tell us exactly room for the night. it's a case if you have to ask, you know, you probably can't afford it. 10:30 tonight is when the garage open. the casino opens at 11:00. there is setting up right now for a v.i.p. reception at 2:00. but -- v.i.p. reception at 7:00. 10:30 is when the garage opens. traffic will be an issue. tom roussey is down the road
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aspect of the story. tom: that is right. they are getting ready for the traffic. you said we are at the unified command center. let's show you what is going on right now. walk down here. we will have when, the photographer walk in room to show you what is happening. they have a lot of people and cameras there now. i am told they have the ability to do a number of things to help traffic improve. the ability to make the green lights last longer but that is not what they prefer to do. they pr flash yellow when needed. so they will make the lights flash yellow to help improve the traffic flow around the casino. they said in 24 hours through this weekend, 24 hours a day they will be in here monitoring the traffic situation. trying to keep things flowing smoothly. the test comes in a few hours. that is when this is going to get underway. we are going to find out how it works.
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center. reporting live at national harbor, tom roussey, abc7 news. jonathan: the calm before the chaos. thank you very much. the you are planning to head to grand opening later tonight, bring your heavy coat. stormwatch7 chief meteorologist doug hill is here now with a look at the temperatures for tonight. they are falling through the floor. doug: they are. when you get close 10:30 to 11:00 tonight at national harbor, at the m.g.m. it is probably going to be about 35 degrees. wind chill in the 20's. both values will continue to drop. take a look at the feels like 22 in winchester and hagerstown. 40 in fredericksburg. 39 is the wind chill now in the nation's capitol. overnight it will be clearing, cold. it will be breezy. air temperatures by morning. 24 to 30 degrees. the gusty northwest winds make it feels like the teens to the lower 20's. tomorrow it won't warm up. the air temperature will get to the mid-to-upper 30's but with the gusty winds it will
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any relief this the weekend or the long-term ten-day outlook? i will share that coming up in 12 minutes. alison: see you then, doug. now the latest in the bizarre shooting at comet ping pong. at a brief hearing today the case against edgar welch was continued. in an interview, though, with the "new york times," welch said he went to the d.c. restaurant with good intentions but went about it wrong way. he was lured by the fake news stories claiming that hillary clinton was running a child sex abuse wring there. jonath transition and president-elect donald trump continued his thank you tour. today he was in ohio. he met with a possible candidate for the next secretary of state. trump is still filling up cabinet. he took time today to meet with the first responders at last week's attack that took place at o.s.u. students were standing up on the ush -- curb. hillary clinton returned to d.c. for first time since her defeat. she was in town to celebrate the career of harry reid who
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alison: sad news with the passing of john glenn. the iconic former astronaut and senator passed away today at the age of 95. as richard reeve reports, his legacy will live on. richard: so much emotion at the loss of john glenn at age 95. many people are flocking to the air and the space museum to see the mercury spacecraft on display here. take a look at the amazing historical footage from 1962. this is when john glenn friendship 7 spacecraft. three times. that had never been done before. it was no easy ride. the spacecraft began wobbling. he had to take over manually flying two circles around the globe. he is at the controls. it's 162 miles above the planet surface. the about made him an american hero. >> that was the first flight in which an astronaut went
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that eke walt wad the soviet union -- equaled what the soviet union had done the year before. >> it was the sheer bravery it took to step in the unknown. no one else had done that and to take the leap is a huge leap of faith. >> he was also a four-term u.s. senator from ohio. but his second great achievement in space at age 77, iii years after the iii year -- 36 years after the historic flight he boarded as an astronaut. president obama said we lost an icon. richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. still ahead here at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- this video. it's tough to watch. the victim is speaking up to hopefully catch the men who
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. alison: "7 on your side." fighting back against crime tonight. police say they busted package thieves who had a truck full of stolen holiday packages. in all 77 of the bocks were recovered. two suspects were arrested last night. ment to police are going back to -- tonight, police are going back to the neighborhood to hand-deliver dozens of stolen boxes. if you want to learn how pirate goes to click on the "7 on your side" tab. jonathan: this is surveillance video of a brutal beating that took place in a parking lot after a club closed down. this guy on the ground getting worked over by three people. the guys who did this are still on the loose. look at this. the three men, they mug the guy at gunpoint. then they beat him. knocking him unconscious and they took everything he had. it happened early on november
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lounge. they took his iphone, debit card, chain and even the airline tickets to go see his family in india. today we showed the video to the victim. it's the first time he had seen it. >> he punches me. okay. dirty shot. jonathan: look at the video. if they look familiar or the car looks familiar, the police want to he there is a reward for their arrest. alison: still ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- >> somebody is passing out champagne at the m.g.m. grand. that must mean the party is getting started. you are invited after the break. jonathan: we're bracing for cold weather. doug will be back with the complete forecast in a minute. stay with us. alison: now a look at what is coming up tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> thanks.
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casino at national harbor opens. tomorrow on "good morning washington," see how it all came together for the grand opening. get a glimpse of the luxury gaming report. >> "rogue one" is about to hit the screen. call in to win tickets. stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" with health matters. these are live pictures from the newsroom where a panel of dental experts are taking your calls. these are dentists. if you have any questions about hygiene, pete yacht rick care, certain procedures, things going on w call the number on the screen. they would love to hear from you. 703-236-9220. as always, you can remain anonymous. alison: holidays will be brighter for dozens of local children thanks to the d.c. police department. today, 100 officers took children shopping at the target in columbia heights. this was the heroes and the helpers event. each child given $100 gift card. they can buy item from the
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limit officers have been known to cover the difference out of their own pocket. >> i enjoy i it. i love to shop. i get to shop with the kids and it's better. alison: the event is in the ninth year and it's funded by target and the d.c. police foundation. jonathan: what a great program. the new m.g.m. casino is promising to bring jobs and entertainment to national harbor for years to come. the grand opening is 11:00 tim barber is inside now as the final preparations are going on. i imagine it's an all out scramble to get it squared away. >> absolutely. they are already starting to pass out champagne and wine. we have different caviar. passion fruit caviar.
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what cocktail would be complete or appetizer without rose petal? this is what they are dealing with. show you this way. i will walk you over here where you would check in. this is the fond lobby. they have a piece of art, which is actually the d.m.v. you have maryland, d.c. and virginia right there in the national harbor in the 300 rooms from the few hundreds a night to several thousand a night. it depends on what the budget is. people are starting to check in. when you walk through the door you are greeted by an incredible chandelier. show it to you. that is above the staircase that goes to conservatory. a bar on the other side. that is a cherry blossom on the wall there.
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we got you a ticket inside for newschannel8 at 10:00 and abc7 news at 11:00. jonathan: so excited about the party. alison: try one of the cocktails. let us know how it is. jonathan: you we don't think he already has? alison: a long road to get m.g.m. approve and built. we have more at 11:00. you can see more on jonathan: it's amazing how fast they put it together. alison: it's luxurious. jonathan: if you are heading out there bring a heavy coat. alison: good call. doug: the winds are going to be gusting and the temperatures are dropping. start out with a beautiful image that chris dun tan compared with us.
6:19 pm the temperatures are going to drop through the early evening to 38 degrees and the clear skies at 9:00. tomorrow the temperatures range from 25 in fairfax, 24 in manassas. 26 in aspen hill. 23 in largo, waldorf and la plata. you have to add the effect of the winds so that, which is northwesterly at 10 to 15. gusting to 20, 25 miles per hour. chill and the way it will feel going to work or bus stop in the teens and the 20's. radical change. the coldest air mass we have had in the area since last february. plenty of sunshine and the winds will persist. so even though we will hit 39 for a high, wind chills will stay in the 20's. 30 at times in the capital. the highs to 39.
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per hour with the gusts to 25 miles per hour. as far as weekend. we don't have 20 to 25 miles per hour winds. burr we may have winds up to 10 to 15. combine it with a high of 39. that will still keep the wind chills a large portion of the day in the 20's. even with sunshine. lookk ahead to sunday, we start with sun. we have increasing cloudiness. hys of 4 -- highs of 42. a lot of warm air will move in overnight sunday morning. the chance will be for rain. monday. 50 degrees. turn cooler on tuesday. then another strong front comes through on wednesday. highs to 40 with a chance of showers. maybe wet snow mix, mixed in. then we get to thursday. we will get back to sunshine. highs of only 33 degrees. we will extend it out three more days to say we stay in the low 30's for highs friday. in the weekend. a chance of a little cold shower here on saturday. highs to 41. sunshine and 41 again as we
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major warming around here anytime soon. jonathan: all right. thanks very much. got to deal with that. erin: you know what needs to heat up? jonathan: redskins. erin: defense. jonathan: i was going for the whole thing. erin: specifically the defense if they want to make the playoff. josh norman has four words of advice for the defense. listen up.
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealer. erin: two weeks in a row the redskins defense allowed 31 points which puts pressure on the offense to carry the team. if washington is going to end the two-game skid and make a legitimate playoff run the defense has to be better. no team in third down than the skins. cornerback josh norman has been the best player defensively but even he is frustrated. >> get off the field. got to get off the field. that is plain and simple. there is no magic. no kind of conjuring up a spell. that is just what it is. no excuse. we have to lock down. the first and the second down we quick tail.
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happen. erin: baseball's winter meetings wrapped up earlier today without the nationals making a deal for a new closer. the nats have been on the hunt since losing mark melantin to the giants. they have been linked to kenlj janesen but so far they have come up empty. at the verizon center the wizards continue the homestand as they host the nuggets tonight. remember john wall coming off the career night where he put up 52 points? wizards ended up losing to the magic on tuesday. washington allows 107 points per game which is the eighth worst in the nba. so two teams with bad defense. maryland high school football playoffs tonight. damascus versus franklin in the 3a championship game at 7:00. you can see it on the digital channel me tv. tomorrow night also on me tv, it's the maryland 4a championship game.
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one more redskins note. your dan reed was limit -- jordan reed was limited in practice. jay gruden said he looked good but jay said he has no idea if he will play sunday. there is that. jonathan: they need him. erin: it's wait and see. jonathan: all right. alison: thank you. doug, one last look at the cold weather. doug: yep. moving in tonight. we have been telling you for several days the morning will be when you feel it tomorrow morning so for yourself and the kids at the bus stop bundle up. temperature wind chill in teens. 39 tomorrow. 39 on saturday. the breezes will make it feel colder. the clouds will increase sunday with a high of 42. then a rainy, milder day on sunday. steve rudin has an eye on things to tell you about the wakeup forecast and look ahead for ten days at 11:00. alison: "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. jonathan: thank you for being with us. see you at 11:00. have a great night.
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tonight, this country celebrates an american hero. we learned late today, astro gnat and senator john glenn has died. >> godspeed, john glenn. >> the first american astronaut to orbit the earth. tonight, in his own words. also breaking tonight, the winter storms. the driving has turned deadly. the pileups states. the images coming in. up to 70 cars involved in just one chain reaction crash. as we come on, new reporting tonight after two police officers are targeted, both of them shot and now word, the second officer has died. was it excessive force? the student with the knife and the officer who then fired the shot. tonight, some asking, did he have another option? and holiday shoppers, beware tonight. the lawsuit breaking as we come on.


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